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Chapter 841


Darryl frowned, Shen Lang, this idiot, began to bluff again, I am not here to look for you.

He cursed inwardly, Darryl was too lazy to care about Shen Lang, and then looked into the pavilion.

At this moment, Darryl finally saw Zhu Bajie’s face, and his body was shocked. The whole person was stunned.

D*mn it.

Zhu Bajie? Why is he?

At this time, Zhu Bajie was still attentively playing chess with Mu Qingyue, yet he hadn’t noticed Darryl.

A few seconds later, Darryl reacted and took a few steps forward.


Seeing this scene, Liu Qingqing and the surrounding Xingmutan disciples frowned secretly, each with puzzled eyes.

What will Master Darryl do?

He wants to play chess with the distinguished guest?

at the same time. Shen Lang also frowned, his face extremely ugly.

Really, this wind wave is becoming more and more presumptuous, in front of so many brothers. He didn’t even pay attention to his big brother.


At this time, Darryl saw the situation on the chessboard, and finally couldn’t help it. He laughed and said jokingly: “This distinguished guest’s chess skills are not very good.”

Seriously, if it were someone else, Darryl would definitely not say that.

But Zhu Bajie is different. Your own brother can make jokes anyway.


Hearing this, everyone around was taken aback.

Is Master Darryl crazy? This man named Zhu Bajie is a friend of the Holy Lord, even the Master must be respectful when he sees him. He is an ordinary disciple, how dare he point fingers?

More importantly, just now, Master lost several rounds in a row, but didn’t win once. It suffices to explain that this distinguished guest’s chess skills are very superb, but Darryl Shidi said that his chess skills are not good?

Mu Qingyue shook her body even more, and glared at Darryl with his head tilted.

This apprentice is so unruly, so presumptuous in front of distinguished guests.


Zhu Bajie was also taken aback. Immediately he looked up and saw that someone with such a big tone said that his chess skills were not good.

At this sight, Zhu Bajie was stunned.

This… is this Brother Darryl?

I’m not dreaming.

Zhu Bajie couldn’t help but rubbed his eyes and looked again.

That’s right, it’s Brother Darryl, it’s really him!


At this moment, Shen Lang reacted and couldn’t help but scolded: “What are you doing? Get out of here.”

This kid is too self-righteous, dare to speak rudely to the distinguished guests, it is simply looking for death. I really want to anger the distinguished guest, let alone a disciple of him, that is, the entire Xingmu Altar can not afford it.

After all, this distinguished guest, but a friend of the Holy Lord, still has Sunnah in his hand.

However, Darryl ignored him at all, but looked at Zhu Bajie with a smile.

“That’s right, I let you go. Didn’t you hear it?” Shen Lang was completely angry now, yelled, and slammed directly at Darryl!


As a result, as soon as he punched, he heard Zhu Bajie yell, and at the same time a powerful internal force urged Shen Lang back a dozen steps.


Seeing that the distinguished guest was angry, everyone around him inhaled air-conditioning, and at the same time looked suspicious.

what’s going on?

Shouldn’t this distinguished guest be angry with Master Darryl? How did you shook the big brother back?

Mu Qingyue also trembled with her delicate body, somewhat at a loss.

Shen Lang was even more puzzled. With a smile, he cautiously said to Zhu Bajie: “Your Excellency, this…what’s the matter?”

“Little bunny, you’re looking for death!” Zhu Bajie burst into flames, rushed over, and raised his hand to give Shen Lang a big mouth!

“Your Excellency, why is this!”

Shen Lang went around where he was beaten. Sitting on the ground, covering his face, wanting to cry without tears.

At this time, Shen Lang was very wronged. He clearly helped this distinguished guest to speak, but why was he beaten?

At this moment, the others around were also completely dumbfounded.

This…what’s the situation?

“Haha!” At this moment, Zhu Bajie ignored the gazes around him, smiled, and then walked over and gave Darryl a bear hug: “Brother. Why are you here? Do you know it, I will look for it these days How hard you found!”


Hearing this, everyone was stupid.

This, what’s the situation, the friend of the dignified Holy Master actually called an ordinary brother brother? Moreover, this intimate attitude. Obviously the relationship between the two is unusual!

Isn’t the wind master brother born as a fisherman? How do you know such a big man? !

Mu Qingyue was also stunned. From the beginning, she felt that this new apprentice was extraordinary, but she never expected that his personal connections were so shocking.

“Brother, I went to the Apocalypse Continent to find you before, and then…” Zhu Bajie was very happy to see Darryl, and she talked endlessly, talking about the experience of searching for Darryl.

But as soon as he said a few words, he was interrupted by Darryl’s eyes.

“Brother Zhu, I had no other choice but to join Shengzong. They don’t know my true identity.” Darryl leaned over and whispered in Zhu Bajie’s ear, in a very small voice. Only the two of them heard.

Now Castro must send people everywhere to arrest him, so his identity cannot be easily revealed.

After all, the holy sect people are very mixed. If you pass your identity out, it will be troublesome.

Although Zhu Bajie is lustful, he is also a wise man and he can make it through.

“Haha. Let’s not say a lot, wait for our brothers to relive the past!” Zhu Bajie patted Darryl on the shoulder and laughed.

original. Zhu Bajie came to Shengzong, because he didn’t find Darryl, he wanted to stay here for a few days and relax.

At this moment, he suddenly ran into Darryl, and he was really happy to descend from the sky.

“Brother Zhu!”

At this moment, Mu Qingyue reacted, looked at Zhu Bajie, and couldn’t help but gently ask: “You and my apprentice… know?”

Until this time, Mu Qingyue was still a little confused.

It’s incredible that my apprentice turned out to be the brother of this distinguished guest.

Zhu Bajie smiled and explained to Mu Qingyue: “This is a brother I have traveled across the rivers and lakes, and the relationship is very good. I didn’t expect to become a disciple of the Holy Sect now, beauty, and I will take care of him more in the future. “

“Of course! Of course…” Mu Qingyue smiled lightly and nodded quickly.

Although he is the Lord of the Xingmu Altar and has a high status in the Holy Sect, Zhu Bajie is a friend of the Holy Lord.

Darryl Tao is Zhu Bajie’s brother, dare not to take care of it?


Seeing this scene, the others around were also shocked, their eyes focused on Darryl, shining with shock and admiration.

Master Darryl is so amazing, he and the distinguished guest are brothers!

so amazing..

Shen Lang on the side was sweating coldly, lowered his head, didn’t dare to look at Darryl at all, and looked trembling, completely devoid of his previous arrogance. It’s over…this Darryl, the network is so strong. I antagonized him before, isn’t this just dying? !

Chapter 842

At this moment, Zhu Bajie grabbed Darryl’s shoulders, and then said to the Saint Sect disciples: “Okay, OK, you all retreat. I want to tell the old times with my brothers, so you don’t need to be with you anymore. .”

“Okay!” Mu Qingyue nodded, and left with the disciples.

The moment he turned and left, Mu Qingyue couldn’t help but glance at Darryl, with a bit of appreciation in his eyes.

This apprentice, even this distinguished guest named Zhu, is his brother. It really surprises people all the time.

“Brother, what’s the matter?” Watching Mu Qingyue everyone leave, Zhu Bajie couldn’t wait to ask Darryl: “I heard that you didn’t attend the recruitment meeting of the Apocalypse Royal Family, and then fought with the Apocalypse Royal Family. Yeah, you got injured and escaped in the end, why did you become a disciple of the Saint Sect again?”


Darryl sighed lightly, and said with a wry smile: “A word is hard to say.”

In the next few minutes, Darryl explained the passage of this period of time in detail.

That’s it.

After listening to these. Zhu Bajie nodded suddenly, and then asked: “Then what do you plan to do next?”

As he said, Zhu Bajie patted his chest with a serious look: “Brother Darryl, since King Castro has arrested your family and friends. It must be rescued. As long as you have a word, you, Brother Zhu, I will definitely follow you. Go up to the knife mountain, down to the sea of ​​fire, never frown.”


Feeling Zhu Bajie’s sincerity, a warm current suddenly rose in Darryl’s heart, and he was very moved.

Although this Zhu Bajie is very charming and usually smiles and doesn’t have a positive shape, he is absolutely unambiguous in business matters. It is a lifetime honor to be able to meet such a brother.

Thinking about it, Darryl smiled and said: “Brother Zhu, to save people is definitely to save, but I must first cultivate and completely recover my internal strength, and then we will save people.”

Although Zhu Bajie is powerful, but with himself, there are no more than two people. The masters around King Castro are like clouds, confrontation, and there is no possibility of winning at all.

As he was talking, I saw a few female disciples from the Ryukyu altar, passing by from a short distance. One of them was wearing an apricot yellow dress with a slender figure and a beautiful face. It was Lidya, a master sister from the Ryukyu altar.


Suddenly, Zhu Bajie’s gaze immediately locked Lidya, and couldn’t help but exclaim: “This saint sect is really outstanding, and the female disciple is as beautiful as Hua’er.”


Hearing this, Darryl immediately became happy, ridiculous again, and helpless.

This Zhu Bajie is so funny. When he saw a beautiful woman, his eyes became straight. This lustful nature, I am afraid that he will not be able to change it for a lifetime.

At this moment, Lidya and a few disciples of the Lujin Temple also stopped, each with an embarrassed expression.

Zhu Bajie is a friend of the Saint Sect’s Sect Master and a distinguished guest of the Saint Sect. This matter has spread throughout the Saint Sect. Of course Lidya and others know it. But how could Darryl be with Zhu Bajie?

Darryl knew Zhu Bajie, all the disciples of Xingmutan knew about this. But the disciples of Lijintan still don’t know.

At this moment, Lidya and several people were all staring at Darryl. One by one was curious.

“Strange, why is this kid with the distinguished guest?”

“Who knows, it is estimated that Lord Mu altar asked him to entertain this distinguished guest.”

“Look at the proud look of this kid, I must take this opportunity to try to curry favor with this distinguished guest…”

“Is it necessary to say? This kid has no other abilities, and there is a way of flattering, otherwise, Mu Tanzhu will not value him so much.”

While observing from a distance, Lidya and several people were talking in a low voice.

I lost a bet with Darryl before, and the entire Ryukyu altar had to call Dad when they saw him, so Lidya’s voices were very small.

In their view, Darryl and Zhu Bajie were flattering when they were together. Moreover, Darryl is not at the realm of Martial Saint, so it is impossible for him to hear his own remarks.

They didn’t know that Darryl had hidden his strength, and Darryl could hear these arguments clearly.

Zhu Bajie’s strength in crossing the tribulation realm. I heard it naturally.

“That’s it!”

Zhu Bajie frowned and was very upset: “People are so watery, but they speak so mean, Brother Darryl, I will help you teach them!”

Talking. Zhu Bajie was about to walk over.

Even if these female disciples are beautiful, they can’t bear to speak ill of their brother secretly.

“Brother Zhu!” Darryl hurriedly stopped and said with a smile: “This little thing, without your help, I can do it myself.”

When the voice fell, Darryl beckoned at Lidya: “You guys come here.” The voice was not loud, but it had an unquestionable aura.

Lidya and the female disciples looked at each other and then walked over.

When she arrived, Lidyaxiu frowned: “Is there anything wrong?”

honestly. Lidya didn’t bother to pay attention to Darryl, but the distinguished guests were watching and didn’t dare to presume.


The corner of Darryl’s mouth turned up, and his smile revealed a bit of abusiveness: “The previous thing, did you forget the Golden Temple? You don’t say hello when you see me, it’s very unruly.”

When the voice fell, Darryl smiled and looked like an uncle.


Zhu Bajie was stunned, looking at Darryl with surprise on his face.

Isn’t this Darryl brother an ordinary disciple? How to talk to the same female disciple. Like the head elder?


At the same time, the faces of Lidya and the female disciples changed, and they were ashamed and angry.

Before at sea, the two sides bet on the Ryukjin Altar, but all the disciples of the Ryukjin Altar would respectfully yell “Father” when they saw Darryl. Lidya and the entire Ryukyu altar are regarded as a shame and shame. , How could I forget?

At this time, Darryl said so, the meaning was obvious, he wanted to kneel down and call father.

“Hurry up, I want to accompany the distinguished guests for a walk.” Darryl urged with a smile, but Lidya’s face was biting her lip, her delicate body was trembling.

Lidya bit her lip tightly, and was silent for a long time, before bending her knees, she knelt down. He whispered: “Father!” The voice is very small, and if you don’t listen carefully, you can’t hear it at all.

Seriously, kneeling down to Darryl, Lidya felt 10,000 reluctance in her heart. After all, it’s so embarrassing to watch the guests next to you!

However, it is a fact that the Ryukyu Jintan lost the bet. If the people in the arena want to believe in their words, if they turn their faces and don’t admit it, how can they stay in the holy sect in the future?

Puff puff puff…

At the same time. The other female disciples beside them also knelt down towards Darryl, shouting in unison: “Father!” When they shouted out, all of them bowed their heads and were very embarrassed.


Darryl nodded in satisfaction. A smile appeared on his face.

“Oh my God!”

Seeing this scene, Zhu Bajie was shocked and almost jumped up, looking at Darryl in astonishment: “Brother, how did you do it? How did they… call you father?”

When he said the last sentence, Zhu Bajie was shocked, almost incoherent. You know, the Saint Sect is a sect that has been passed down for tens of thousands of years in the Beiying Continent, and has a profound background. Therefore, whether it is the Holy Master or the disciples below , All of them are arrogant.

However, Darryl is just a new disciple, but he can make these female disciples kneel down and call him father, and the attitude is so respectful, which is really incredible.

Chapter 843


Seeing Zhu Bajie’s puzzled look, Darryl was very proud, and explained with a big smile: “Big Brother Zhu, they are disciples of the Lujintan, and I lost the bet before.”

With that, Darryl said the situation at that time.

I go!

After listening, Zhu Bajie sighed in admiration, and gave Darryl a thumbs up: “The whole disciples of the Lucky Altar, I will call you father when I see you. Niu, brother!”

Hearing the compliments, Darryl felt more relaxed in his heart.


This distinguished guest, call his brother?

In a moment, Lidya, who was kneeling next to them, stared at Darryl blankly, shocked in their hearts. At the same time, I realized that I had misunderstood before.

It turned out that this wind wave was not in favor of this distinguished guest. The two knew each other. And the relationship is very close.

In shock, Lidya’s faces flushed, and they were indescribably embarrassed, almost embarrassed.

I lost a bet with this Darryl, and now it’s known to the guests again. What a shame.

“Okay, get up!” At this moment, Darryl raised his hands at Lidya and said lightly.


Lidya quickly stood up, and then directed at Darryl: “Then there is nothing else, let’s go first!”

When the voice fell, Lidya and the others were about to turn around and leave.

The situation is getting worse and worse, and it is no longer ashamed to stay here!

“and many more!”

As soon as he took two steps, Darryl was yelled at.

Lidya’s body shook, and she stopped quickly, feeling very uneasy, watching Darryl cautiously: “Also…are there any other orders?”


Darryl lightly breathed a sigh of relief, looked at Lidya with a smile, and said every word: “You are the great sister of the Ryukyu Jintan. I will go back and make arrangements. Starting tomorrow, three female disciples will be sent to accompany Brother Zhu to have fun. No mistake, you know?”


At this moment, Lidya’s delicate face disappeared instantly.

The other female disciples next to her trembled even more, feeling that her legs were soft, and she couldn’t help taking two steps back.

Send three female disciples every day. Come to accompany distinguished guests?

This…this is too embarrassing, you know, the Saint Zong has strict rules, especially female disciples, who are pure and self-loving. How can they go to accompany distinguished guests like a secular entertainment venue? Actually Lidya got it wrong. Darryl meant to call three female disciples every day to accompany Zhu Bajie to play chess or something, because Darryl knew that Zhu Bajie liked to have fun.

But this word reached Lidya’s ears, and she subconsciously thought that she would find three female disciples every day to accompany Zhu Bajie to do that kind of thing.


At this moment, Darryl smiled and looked at Lidya closely, without any room for discussion: “Father’s fate is like a mountain, dare you to disobey if Dad’s words are like a mountain?”

“I… I get it!” Lidya lowered her head and bit her lip tightly, almost bleeding!

To be honest, Lidya’s heart was extremely humiliated and angry at this time, and she wanted to leave directly, but she didn’t dare.

after all. This distinguished guest is Darryl’s brother. Offending Darryl is equivalent to offending the distinguished guest.

Seeing his promise, Darryl smiled and waved his hand to let Lidya leave.

“Wonderful, brother!”

Seeing Lidya’s backs go away, Zhu Bajie reacted and danced with excitement: “There are three beautiful disciples playing with each other every day, haha, it’s wonderful to think about it.”

When he said this, Zhu Bajie looked at Darryl’s eyes, full of admiration.


Darryl laughed, and put his arms around Zhu Bajie’s shoulders: “Brother, I know that you like beautiful women, so I specially arranged it for you. How about? This arrangement is satisfactory!”

“Satisfied and satisfied!” Zhu Bajie nodded repeatedly, feeling too beautiful in his heart.

When the voice fell, the two looked at each other and laughed.


the other side!

Diyuan Mainland, Donghai City, Liu Family Villa!

The Liu Family Villa at this time. Looking deserted and deserted, in the living room, the old grandma was sitting there, looking out the window in a daze, her face full of wrinkles. He looked haggard, and completely lost the aura of the head of the family back then.

The other members of the Liu family were sitting around, all of them languishing.

Ten years ago, after Darryl was angry and used his relationship to suppress the Liu family, all of the Liu family’s properties went bankrupt, and the days were not as good as each day.

Now, the entire Liu family can only live on their own money. The remaining money in the Liu family’s hands is not much. In this case, life is even more difficult.

Because of this, the old grandmother was so worried that she couldn’t sleep every day, and became more and more haggard day by day.

“Grandma, grandma save me!”

At this moment, a loud scream came from outside, and then Liu Zhiyuan rushed in in a panic, his face full of anxiety, crying in his voice.

I saw him. It was full of footprints, and a face was swollen, very embarrassed.


Immediately afterwards, a dozen people rushed in, all in black suits and black sunglasses, and they were bullying.

The head of the man, dressed in casual clothes, had a gloomy face, especially the two scars on his forehead, which was very scary.

This man was called Chen Hao, about thirty. He was originally a rogue on the streets of Donghai City. He had a few small followers who were not powerful and belonged to the kind who couldn’t make a big storm.

However, ten years ago, Peter, then the strongest underground power in Donghai City, quit this circle and founded Huaguoshan. Chen Hao took this opportunity to rise up all at once.

Today’s Chen Hao, whose industry is involved in various fields in Donghai City, is like one of the best underground figures in Donghai City. No one dared to mess with it. The status is almost equal to that of Yang Jing and Yang Long!

“Baby with forearm.”

At this time, Chen Hao cursed at Liu Zhiyuan, and at the same time waved at the bodyguard next to him: “Keep on hitting me!”

When the voice fell, a dozen bodyguards surrounded him, punching and kicking Liu Zhiyuan.

“Brother Hao. Don’t fight Brother Hao!”

Liu Zhiyuan shouted in pain, rolling all over the ground!

At the same time, Liu Zhiyuan did not forget to shout at the old grandma: “Grandma, save me…”

This…what’s the situation?

No one dare to step forward to stop the Liu family around.

“Stop. Stop it!”

Seeing this scene, the grandmother was too panicked, stood up tremblingly, and looked at Chen Hao and said, “Boss Chen, what’s going on here? Please help!”

Chen Hao smiled slightly and said: “Grandma Liu family, I’m so embarrassed to be rough in front of you, but I can’t help it. Your grandson owes me five million. It has been delayed for half a year, and I have to do it. !”


Liu Zhiyuan owed him five million?

Hearing this, the Liu family present was shocked.

In shock, everyone looked at Liu Zhiyuan, with surprise and anger in their eyes. Everyone knows that Liu Zhiyuan spends money lavishly, but now that his family has fallen, he still hasn’t changed.

Looking at this situation, Liu Zhiyuan must have borrowed money from Chen Hao, squandered around, and finally couldn’t afford it.

In the past few years, the Liu family has been eating their laurels, and their lives have been tight. How can there be money to repay the five million.

Chapter 844

At this time, Chen Hao looked at the grandmother and smiled slightly: “Grandma Liu family, you are in charge. Since you don’t want your grandson to have an accident, you can help him pay back the five million!”

Although there is a smile on his face, his tone is full of threats.

“Boss Chen…Look at the current situation of our Liu family, there is no more than five million.” The old grandma’s face was bitter. At the same time, he did not forget to give Liu Zhiyuan a look.

This grandson, I spoiled him too much before. As a result, he is not only unwilling to live up to it, but also always troubles the family.

No money?

Hearing this, Chen Hao sneered coldly: “Grandma, five million is not a lot, but it is not a small amount. It’s not just a sentence of no money. Since you can’t get the money, don’t blame me!

Who said this, Chen Hao’s expression was cold, and he ordered the bodyguard behind him: “Knock him off!”


At this moment. Liu Zhiyuan’s face was pale, his legs softened, and he slumped directly on the ground, almost urinating in his pants.

After being chopped off and kicked, wouldn’t he become a useless person in the future? How to enjoy this colorful world?

At the same time, the surrounding Liu family couldn’t help but breathe in air-conditioning, and none of them dared to stand up.

This Chen Hao is so powerful in Donghai City, who would dare to provoke him.

Soon, Liu Zhiyuan was firmly pressed to the ground, and one of the bodyguards directly took out a machete from his body.

Feeling the severe cold from the machete, Liu Zhiyuan almost fainted in fright, and he was completely desperate in his panic!

It’s over, how can you live without a hand and a kick?

Very unwilling.

“Boss Chen, wait!”

At this critical moment, the grandmother suddenly thought of something. Hurriedly shouted at Chen Hao: “We have money to pay back.”


Hearing this, Chen Hao raised his hand to signal the bodyguard to stop, and looked at the old grandmother with a smile, waiting for the next step.

At the same time, Liu Zhiyuan and the others around him also stared at the old grandmother.

The old folks in the family are almost gone, how can there be five million. Unless sell a house!


Facing everyone’s gaze, the old grandmother sighed softly and looked at Chen Hao slowly and said: “I have a granddaughter named Lily. She opened an advertising company in Yunzhou City. If you can pay back the five million, you go. Ask her for money.”

Although Lily had been away from Liu’s house for several years, the old lady was well informed and always knew her situation. The grandmother knew that Lily had recently opened an advertising company, which seemed to have made some money.

Speaking of it, Liu Zhiyuan didn’t live up to it, and he did make the grandmother angry, but after all, he was his beloved grandson. In the future, we must count on him to revitalize the Liu family!

And Lily, just a granddaughter, will eventually marry.

“Yes, yes, Lily has money, let her pay it back!” Liu Zhiyuan’s eyes lit up and he nodded in agreement.

When he said this, Liu Zhiyuan’s eyes shined straight, as if invisibly, he grabbed a life-saving straw.

Grandma is still thinking about it, why didn’t I think of Lily?

Chen Hao is not a fool. He quietly looked at the grandmother for a few seconds, then sneered: “Old grandmother Liu family, you are a scam, deliberately lie to me. Then Lily can still afford five million?”

“How can I lie to you at my age?” The grandmother looked serious, afraid that Chen Hao would not believe it. He quickly wrote another address: “This is the address of Lily’s company. When you arrive, you will know if she can afford it.”

Chen Hao looked at the address, pondered, and nodded: “Okay. Then I will believe you once!”

With that, Chen Hao waved his hand and left with his bodyguard.


Lily’s Advertising Company, Yunzhou City.

This Lily’s advertising company is located in a prosperous area and is well-known in Yunzhou City.

Yes, this advertising company is run by Lily.

Years ago. Because Darryl’s “seven-year agreement” did not appear, Lily was discouraged and left with Alexandra to start a new life in Yunzhou.

Originally, Lily wanted to continue the live broadcast, but her face was too ugly, so she had to open an advertising agency.

When Lily was employed in the Liu Family Enterprise, she was responsible for the advertising and packaging of some celebrities, so she opened an advertising company. It can be considered a re-operation of the old business, and it is very handy to operate.

In just two years, Lily managed the company well and made a lot of money.

At this time, it was getting late and the company employees were off work.

Lily cleaned up briefly and walked out of the office. It was not easy for a woman to work hard outside. Lily was the last one to leave the company after get off work every day.

At this time, Lily, in a dark professional uniform, set off the graceful curves, unspeakably charming, but because of her ugly face, she wore a mask.


Just left the company. A black business car suddenly drove over, and a sudden brake stopped on the side of the road!

Then a few men in black suits got out of the car quickly!

“Hello, is this Miss Lily?”

A few people came up. Very politely.

“I am.” Lily nodded, thinking that the other party was looking for her to advertise.

however! Lily was wrong!

As soon as the voice fell, several men looked at each other and then grabbed Lily’s arm. Drag her directly into the car!

“You…” Lily’s body trembled, and she wanted to call for help, but it was too late and she had just been dragged into the car. The car starts quickly!

After driving for about half an hour, the car stopped on a barren hill in the northern suburbs of Yunzhou.

There is a yard on the mountain, which was originally lived in by the forest ranger who took care of the forest, but it was abandoned later on.

Lily was taken to the yard, entered one of the rooms, and saw a gloomy man sitting there.

The man is well-dressed, but his face is a bit gloomy, and it is not a good thing at first sight.

It is Chen Hao!

Seeing this scene, Lily suddenly felt a little uneasy.

However, after two years of working alone, Lily is no longer the timid rich lady. Although he was nervous, his face made a very calm look.


Taking a deep breath, Lily endured the panic in her heart and stared at Chen Hao closely: “Who are you guys, why are you arresting me?”

Chen Hao smiled slightly: “Ms. Lily, don’t panic, take the liberty to invite you over, not to hurt you, but to discuss something with you!”

Then, Chen Hao lit a cigarette and continued: “You have a cousin named Liu Zhiyuan. He owes me five million! How about? You pay him back.”


Upon hearing this, Lily’s face suddenly changed.

“not return!”

In the next second, two cold words came from Lily’s mouth, without the slightest hesitation!

Liu Zhiyuan, Lily knew too well. He was a dude, and he didn’t have enough money to squander. Moreover, Liu Zhiyuan had targeted himself everywhere before, so why should he pay him back?

More importantly, now I am no longer a member of the Liu family, and I have no obligation to help them pay off their debts! The most important thing is that Lily feels uncomfortable when she thinks of the many unfairness she suffered in Liu’s house many years ago.

For so many years, Lily has not forgotten all the grievances Lily has suffered in Liu’s family! Why should I pay this money back for Liu Zhiyuan? !

Chapter 845


Hearing Lily’s words, Chen Hao’s expression instantly cooled down: “Miss Lily, don’t answer so simply, then Liu Zhiyuan is your cousin, if you don’t pay him the five million, he can It’s dead. And, I think your company is very profitable, with a mere five million, which is nothing to you.”

“I said. No!” Lily resolutely said indifferently: “I have nothing to do with the Liu family anymore. Why should I pay the money Liu Zhiyuan owes.”

When the voice fell, Lily looked at Chen Hao: “Hurry up and let me go.”

To be honest, if Lily considered the family affection before, she would definitely pay back the money, but those things the Liu family did. It broke Lily’s heart, and now she didn’t want to get involved with the Liu family at all.


As soon as the voice fell, Chen Hao slapped him over without warning.

With this slap, Chen Hao tried his best. Just listen to Lily’s muffled snort, her body trembled, and the mask on her face was also knocked off.

“Ugly monsters, toast and drink fine wine, I tell you, today, no matter what, you must pay back the money.” Chen Hao looked at Lily and spoke coldly, his tone beyond doubt.

Chen Hao also knew that Liu Zhiyuan owed him the money and asked Lily to pay it back, which was somewhat unreasonable.

But the situation of the Liu family is obvious to all in Donghai City, and the Liu family is really out of money. Therefore, Lily can only pay back the money.

Lily bit her lip tightly, did not respond, and her attitude was very determined. The Liu family didn’t think of themselves as relatives at all. They only thought of themselves when they were desperate. This kind of tribe, even if they broke the sky, they would not pay them back a penny.

At this moment, Chen Hao was completely angry, and rushed forward and said: “Pull out and show her some color.”

When talking about this. Chen Hao was full of contempt.

When I first saw Lily, seeing that her figure was so s3xy, Chen Hao had other thoughts, but at this time, seeing Lily’s ugly face suddenly lost the slightest interest. Now I just want to get the money quickly.

Several subordinates walked over immediately, took Lily out, and tied it to a tree outside.

Afterwards, one of his subordinates took out a whip and looked at Lily coldly: “Miss Lily, it’s just five million yuan, why bother to suffer? You are thinking about it.”

Lily bit her lip tightly and still did not speak.


The cold light flashed in his eyes, no longer hesitating, the whip in his hand slapped Lily severely.

Lily couldn’t help but scream, trying to struggle, but her hands and feet were tied up, and she couldn’t move at all.


At this moment, Chen Hao walked out and looked at Lily with a smile but a smile: “It doesn’t feel good, as long as you promise to pay back, I will send you back immediately.”


Lily took a deep breath, gritted her teeth tightly, her attitude was extremely firm: “No!”

“it is good!”

Chen Hao was so angry. He vomited the cigarette, pointed at Lily and yelled: “Ugly, my mouth is quite hard. Give me a call until she promises to pay the money.”

The voice fell, and his men waved the whip again.

Snapped! Snapped! Snapped!

But Lily gritted her teeth tightly, enduring the pain, her attitude was very firm, she just didn’t pay the money!

Seeing this scene, Chen Hao and the surrounding men were extremely annoyed, and at the same time, they secretly admired them.

A weak woman is so tolerant.

They didn’t know that the things Lily had experienced were far more cruel than they are now. She has survived that year, and now being beaten with a whip is nothing at all.

Time passed by every minute!

I don’t know how many beatings. Lily finally couldn’t hold it anymore, she fainted as soon as her eyes went dark!


The man stopped quickly, then approached and kicked Lily. Suddenly, his face changed drastically, and he took a breath of cold air.

“What’s the matter?” Chen Hao asked with annoyance, frowning.

“Brother Hao!”

The subordinate took a step back, tremblingly, and said: “She…she seems to be out of breath!”

When he said this, his face paled.



Chen Hao was stunned, and quickly walked over to take a look, only to find that Lily was motionless and her chest did not rise or fall.

In the next second, Chen Hao yelled: “Ma De. I asked you to teach her, who told you to beat her to death?”

The grievance on the face of the hand: “I know that she has such a stubborn character.” It is so stubborn that I would rather be beaten to death than pay back.

“Ma De!”

Chen Hao was upset, he cursed again, and then waved his hand: “Quickly, let’s get in the car and go!” When the voice fell, Chen Hao should get in the car first.

At this time, Chen Hao’s mood was extremely bad.

The money didn’t get it, and people were killed. I really got home!

However, there are very few people in the wild mountains and ridges here, and they swiftly take advantage of the darkness!

Without hesitation, several subordinates quickly got into the car, started quickly, and drove down the mountain like flying.


As soon as Chen Hao and his group walked away, they heard a sound of footsteps coming from the woods not far away!

Immediately afterwards, a dozen people walked to Lily’s side, and saw that they were all wearing dark tights with various peculiar shovels and hammers on their backs. At first glance, they looked like expeditions, but their faces were cold. At first glance, he is not a good person.

These more than a dozen people are all cultivators, but their strength is generally not high, and most of them are in the realm of Wuhou.

The headed man with a peaked cap, in his thirties, his eyes flashed like an eagle. Obviously the leader of this group.

At this time, the man in the peaked cap waved his hand: “Let’s take a break first, and then explore the tomb later!”

The tone is not loud, but it is majestic.

“Yes, Hall Master!” The person behind him. One after another responded.

Yes, these people are tomb robbers.

But unlike ordinary tomb robbers, this group of people has their own sect called the Mouse Club.

The mouse will be in the land of the earth. It has been passed on for hundreds of years, although it is also a cultivating sect, but because it often does some “digging graves and digging tombs”, it is contemptuous for the people in the arena, so the influence is not very big. It is not ranked in the martial arts.

The Mouse Club is not very powerful, but it is also highly hierarchical. The head of the club is called the president, and under the president, there are several hall masters. The capped man named Deng Kun is one of the leaders of the mouse club.

Recently, I heard that there were ancient tombs on the barren hills in the northern suburbs of Yunzhou City, so Deng Kun took his hands directly down. I went around the mountain just now and found nothing, so I wanted to take a break.

As a result, while everyone was resting, they couldn’t help but talk in secret.

“I’ve been searching for a long time, and there is no clue. Is there no ancient tomb here?”

“Who knows, it might be a rumor…”

Hearing this, Deng Kun murmured in an angry voice: “If you let you rest, just rest, where is so much nonsense?”

Tomb robbery is a very disgraceful thing. If this trip is in vain and the tomb is not found, it would be even more disgraceful.

The voice fell, and a dozen of his subordinates quickly closed their mouths.


At this moment, someone found something and couldn’t help but breathe in the air, exclaiming: “Hall Master, this… this is a dead man.”


Hearing this, Deng Kun and the others were taken aback, and quickly gathered around.

I saw a slender figure, curled up there, covered in whiplashes, dripping with blood, and motionless.

It is Lily.

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