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Chapter 846

“It’s really bad luck.” Deng Kun frowned, cursed in a low voice, and waved his hand: “Get the body out and find a place to bury it.”

For those who often dared to steal the tomb, Deng Kun and others were naturally not afraid of the dead, but suddenly they saw a blood-sparkling woman lying here, and felt a little bit in their heart.

After all, the one who came out to look for the tomb tonight, the tomb has not been found yet, but he encountered a dead person. Too unlucky.

When the voice fell, a few people hurried up, preparing to carry Lily away.

As a result, when they met Lily, several people were stunned: “Hall Master, this… this woman is still breathing.”

Seeing Lily’s face at the same time, several people were even more shocked: “I’m going, it’s so ugly!” “In the middle of the night, I was scared to death!”

Yes it is! Lily was not dead at all.

In the Lingyin Pavilion of the Apocalypse Continent, Lily was misunderstood and killed her fellow sect. After her internal strength was abolished, her body was very weak. Lily was tortured by Chen Hao’s people just now, although Lily gritted her teeth. But in the end he didn’t hold on and passed out.

At that time, Chen Hao and others beat Lily with a whip. Later, Lily fainted, and Chen Hao and others saw that Lily’s chest no longer rises and falls. Feeling flustered, Lily seemed to be dead. But in fact, Lily only breathed weakly.

not dead?

Deng Kun frowned, and looked over, and sure enough, he found that Lily’s pulse was still beating slightly. At the same time, Deng Kun was shocked when he saw that ugly face.

“Hall Master, this… how to deal with it?”

At this time, a subordinate came over and asked carefully.

Deng Kun scratched his head and suddenly made trouble.

Ma De, the tomb hasn’t been found yet, but there is an ugly woman who is about to die.

What is this?

While entangled, the other subordinate’s eyes lit up and he came up with an idea: “Hall Master, this woman is too ugly. We tomb robbers like to grow up to be such a woman. This woman is predestined to our tomb robbers. Save her, go to the ancient tomb and let her slay her. This looks, I’m afraid of seeing a ghost.”

When the voice fell, everyone around him nodded one after another.

“This is a good way!”

“Yes, when I find the tomb in the future, let this woman go in and explore the way…”


Hearing these opinions, Deng Kun smiled and nodded: “Haha, well, that’s it. Such an ugly woman, brought by her side, really ward off evil spirits.”


The voice fell, and the surrounding men burst into laughter.

Immediately afterwards, at Deng Kun’s orders, several people bandaged Lily’s wound, and then fed her with medicine.

Of course, these medicines can barely rescue Lily, but they can’t fully heal her injuries. After all, Lily’s internal strength was abolished, and her dantian was severely injured. Even if there is a treasure of heaven and earth, she cannot be cured. .

In Deng Kun’s eyes, this ugly monster was just a pawn who helped him explore the ancient tomb, as long as he was alive, it didn’t matter if he was healthy.


Soon, in less than two minutes, Lily regained consciousness with a soft moan.

Didn’t you die?

At the moment when she opened her eyes, Lily only felt a splitting headache, and she was also very surprised.

Yes, Lily thought she was dead because she was repeatedly whipped by Chen Hao’s men.


In the next second, seeing Deng Kun and the others around, Lily’s body trembled, and her heart panicked.

Who are these people? The breath on each body is so scary.

Have been to the Apocalypse Continent. Having been a killer in Lingyin Pavilion, Lily’s experience is also very rich. At this time, I can clearly feel that the aura of people like Deng Kun is much stronger than that of Chen Hao who grabbed himself.


A few seconds later, Lily exhaled secretly and looked at Deng Kun: “You…who?”

“The ugly monsters are awake?”

Deng Kun smiled without a smile, and faintly responded: “Don’t be afraid, we are the rats who know how to, rest here, and save you by the way, but this is not for nothing, in the future you will be the people of our rats who will know. , Once something happens, you have to take the lead, understand?”

The mouse will?

Is it also a cultivation sect? Why does the name sound so awkward.

Lily frowned secretly, then nodded, and whispered: “Understood!”

Seriously, Lily didn’t want to join a rat club. But these people in front of them are not easy to provoke at first sight, so let’s act by ear.

Lily believed that as long as she refused, these people in front of her would probably kill herself. after all. No one knows that he is really dead in the wilderness here.


Seeing that she was fairly obedient, Deng Kun nodded in satisfaction, and then looked around: “Okay, everyone is almost resting, and quickly follow me to explore again.”

Talking. Deng Kun led the crowd and walked not far away.

Lily just woke up, there was no pain in her whole body, but she didn’t dare to say anything, and secretly gritted her teeth and followed.


On the other side, the Beiying Continent, Shengzong.

In the Great Hall of the Lucid Altar, Lidya sat quietly, with endless humiliation and boredom on her beautiful face.

Next to him, more than a dozen disciples from the Ryukyu altar, all of them looked on. It is also extremely ugly.

“Master sister!”

At this time, a male disciple stood up, unable to conceal the anger in his heart: “We can’t go on like this. It has been two days. Every day we have three sisters to accompany Zhu Bajie to play with Zhu Bajie. Aggrieved.”

“Then Zhu Bajie is a friend of the Holy Master. Those of us who are disciples can play with him, but the key is, our female disciple of the Holy Sect. How can we play with men.”

“Now other sub-stages are watching our jokes, Master Sister, you have to find a way.”

When the voice fell, everyone around them nodded one after another, and each one looked angry.

It has been two days since Zhu Bajie came to Shengzong.

During these two days, Lidya had to arrange three female disciples every day to accompany Zhu Bajie for recreation. Not only did the entire Ryukyu altar explode, but the entire Saint Sect went crazy.


Lidyaxiu’s eyebrows furrowed, her heart irritated, she shook her head and said, “What can I do? Zhu Bajie is a friend of the Holy Lord, we can’t afford to offend the Golden Altar.

When she said this, Lidya couldn’t express her aggrieved heart.

A few days ago, he tried on a deserted island overseas. On the way back, Master was poisoned by water. Although he was finally rescued by Darryl, Master is still practicing in retreat and recovering. Li Jintan sent three female disciples every day to accompany Zhu Bajie. He didn’t know about it yet.

If you know, Master will be furious.

More importantly, the entire Ryukyu altar is now. Has become a joke of the holy sect.

The brothers are right, you can’t go on like this.

“Master sister!”

At this moment, the other Junior Brother thought of something and leaned forward and said: “Which Zhu Bajie, we must not be able to offend it, but this matter. It was the wind that provoked it, so we only need to deal with him. “

Hearing this, Lidya nodded silently and asked: “What can you do?”


The younger brother took a sigh of relief, pondered, and said word by word: “I want to get it right once and for all. There is only one way, that is to let the wind disappear completely.”


Completely disappeared.

Hearing this, Lidya’s body trembled, startled, and stared at Junior Brother dumbly: “Junior Brother, your idea is too bold. Darryl Tao is a member of our Saint Sect, if we want to do this, It’s the same sect, and he has a lot to do with Zhu Bajie!”

At the same time, the other brothers and sisters around also looked at each other and were inexplicably panicked.

Yes, it’s not a trivial matter to mutilate the same family.

Seeing that Lidya was a little timid, the younger brother smiled and said, “Senior sister, this is the only way. Do you really want to kneel down and call father when you see him in the future? Even if he has a good relationship with the distinguished guest, let’s do it. At the time, just avoid which distinguished guest. As long as we plan carefully, no one knows that we are the one who caused Darryl.”


As soon as you meet, you have to kneel down and call you father. No one can stand it.

Hearing this, Lidya bit her lip tightly, after a struggle in her heart, she finally nodded: “Okay!”

Immediately, Lidya said to everyone: “Since I have decided to completely eradicate this storm, it should not be too late. Everyone should prepare!”

Chapter 847

On the other side, Xingmutan, in the Pear Garden Pavilion.

Darryl was sitting on the stone bench, enjoying the beautiful scenery while basking in the sun.

Just now, Zhu Bajie, accompanied by three female disciples in the Ryukjin Altar, went fishing, and Darryl was not in the mood, so he didn’t follow.


At this moment, a soft cry came. Immediately afterwards, Lidya walked over with a smile on her face.

When she arrived, Lidya looked very respectful and well-behaved: “Did you not accompany Big Brother Zhu today?”

“What’s the matter with you?”

Darryl did not answer, but asked straightforwardly.

At the same time, Darryl murmured secretly in his heart. Every time she saw herself, this piece of Na would stay away from a distance, and she must have taken the initiative to come to her door today.


Lidya groaned, with a very careful look: “I passed by the mountain gate just now and heard the patrol disciple say. A woman came to you just now!”

When she said this, Lidya’s expression was very sincere, but her eyes were secretly paying attention to Darryl’s reaction.

In the past two days, Darryl and Zhu Bajie often talked about the Apocalypse Continent. There are three female disciples in the Ryukyu altar every day. Listening to the side, I also guessed some clues. Afterwards, these female disciples told Lidya about the clues they had obtained. Lidya was a smart person and guessed that Darryl had a friend who was arrested by the Imperial Family of Tianqi. As for the identity of these friends, she has no interest at all!


A woman is looking for me?

Hearing this, Darryl was agitated and almost jumped up, but he was thoughtful and pretended to ask calmly: “Woman? What woman? What is it called?”

Lidya shook her head: “I don’t know about this.”

With that said, Lidya looked at Darryl’s reaction and continued: “Father, are you not a fisherman? Besides, there is only one wife and mother-in-law in the family, and there are no other relatives. Why would there be a woman coming to you?”

This one….

Darryl scratched his head, not knowing how to respond for a while.

Lidya smiled and continued: “What is the woman’s name, I don’t know, but I found out that the patrol disciples doubted her identity, so they took her to the back mountain for interrogation. I think this is not easy. I will report to you as soon as possible.”

I go!

Is there really a woman looking for me?

See Lidya said in such detail. Darryl frowned secretly, his mind suddenly became active.

But, this woman…who would it be? Isn’t it Madam, or Yuruo, Xiaoxi, Elsa… Is this one of them, who escaped from the prison of the apocalypse?

Thinking about it, Darryl looked at Lidya and asked, “Do you know where that woman is in the back mountain?”

“I know!” Lidya nodded and smiled: “Father, want to go and see? I can lead the way!”

“Let’s go!” Darryl couldn’t think much, got up and urged.

Lidya smiled slightly and left Liyuan with Darryl.

Soon, when he reached a cliff in the back mountain, Darryl looked around and frowned secretly.

Where is the woman? There is not a single figure.

“Where are the people?” Muttering in his heart, Darryl couldn’t help asking.


As a result, at this moment, Lidya did not respond, but a smile appeared on her face, and then she urged her internal strength to slap Darryl’s back with a palm!


All this happened too fast, Darryl had no time to react, a dull sound came out, and the whole person was shocked and flew out, falling towards the cliff!


Darryl was taken aback, and at the same time he fell. He stretched out his hand quickly, trying to grab anything that could be grasped. As a result, the cliff was too steep, and the stone was so smooth that there was no place to start.

It’s not too bad, this Lidya is so cruel that she wants to kill herself!

At this time, Darryl finally realized that he was deceived by Lidya, and there was no woman looking for him at all. This was just an excuse to lead him to the edge of the cliff.

Cursing secretly in his heart, Darryl hurriedly urged his dantian, slapped his rotating palm on the cliff, in order to slow down the speed of the fall, and at the same time, he secretly prayed not to be smashed to death.


the other side! The land is round the mainland, Mount Emei.

The former Emei school only accepted female disciples. It’s quite special, so there are few visitors. Except for the disciples of the school, there are very few visitors, and they are very deserted.

And since Elisa became the leader of the martial arts. People come to see you every day.

At this time, there were no empty seats in the Emei Hall, and all the people present were the heads of the various schools of the Earth Yuan Continent.

A few days ago, Elisa ordered all the martial arts to suppress the forces related to Darryl. At this time, the martial arts gathered here and were reporting on the situation!

“Leader Zhou, those forces that have a good relationship with Darryl. Almost eliminated!”

“Leader Zhou, I have also eliminated many of Darryl’s friends!”

At this time, everyone looked at Elisa, and you told me about the progress.

A smile appeared on Elisa’s face, and he nodded in approval and said: “Okay, very good, you guys did a good job. I will give you the antidote for this year’s “Heitian Pill” later.”

“Thank you for the leader!” Everyone cheered up and said in unison. At the same time, looking at Elisa’s gaze. They are also in awe.

After all, the taste of Heitian Dan was really uncomfortable.

“Leader Zhou!”

At this moment, a figure walked into the hall quickly! The expression was a little worried, but it was mixed with a little excitement.

It is the Lord of Tangjiabao, Tang Qingyun!

“Tang Qingyun, today I called everyone here, why are you late?” Elisa said lightly, without the slightest fluctuation on the beautiful face, but the whole body was filled with palpable majesty.


Tang Qingyun secretly swallowed his saliva, and said with trepidation: “Back to the leader, my progress is a little slower. However, the leader of Zhou is relieved, I will do my best to complete the task you explained and eradicate the forces related to Darryl.”

With that said, Tang Qingyun looked at Elisa’s face and said cautiously: “On the way here, I passed through a valley. I found a large collapsed hole with a faint gleam of light. I think there must be treasures in it, so I let Tang The disciples of Jiabao stayed there to guard, but I hurried to report to the leader. That’s why it was too late.”


Hearing this, the other schools around were in an uproar. One by one looked at each other, unable to conceal the inner shock.

The cavernous hole? There are treasures?

Elisa also smiled and said, “Quickly. Everyone, go with this seat to see if there are any treasures.”


“It’s the leader!”

Soon, all sects quickly prepared, and set off with Elisa.

Half an hour later, in a valley. Sure enough, he saw a huge underground cave, and dozens of Tangjiapu disciples around him were on guard.

There really is a big hole!

Seeing this scene, everyone was inexplicably excited. One after another surrounded them.

Walking to the edge of the hole and seeing the scene inside, everyone was secretly surprised.

I saw this cave, which was more than 100 meters deep and fifty or sixty meters wide! Inside is not an ancient tomb, but a huge secret room, revealing the atmosphere of vicissitudes of life, but most of the place has collapsed. Obviously, it should be the place where some ancient sect practiced.

As for what sect, there is no way to verify it.

After all, there have been many sects in the Diyuan Continent for thousands of years, but they have all declined and disappeared.


Seeing this scene, Elisa smiled slightly, there must be something good in this cave!

At this moment, Elisa wanted to go down and take a look, but considering his identity, he still held back!

Tang Qingyun on the side couldn’t hide his excitement. If there was something good in it, he would have done something in front of the leader.

Soon, several Tangjiapu disciples who were exploring in the cave came up.

“Is there anything?” Tang Qingyun quickly stepped forward and asked.

“Master, I found a flute.” One of the disciples responded, and then handed a flute.

The flute?

Tang Qingyun frowned at the end of the flute.

Other masters of the martial arts around, also gathered around.

I saw this flute was green in color, with a halo flowing on it, as if water were flowing, but there was no spiritual fluctuation. There are also three simple words engraved on it: Cui Xiandi.

Chapter 848

“Cuixian flute? It sounds very elegant! But this flute looks so normal.”

“Yes, there is no spiritual fluctuation at all.”

Everyone was talking, one sentence from you, one sentence from me, Tang Qingyun handed the flute to Elisa: “Leader Zhou, look at…”

Elisa took the flute, frowning her eyebrows slightly: “A broken flute, what’s so good about it?”

When talking about this, Elisa subconsciously urged his internal force and injected the flute into it. At the same time, he put the flute to his mouth and played it softly.

When Elisa was in school, he had studied musical instruments for several years.

“Woo…” Suddenly, the quiet and gentle sound of the flute sounded.


At the moment when the flute sounded, I saw a powerful wave, which spread wildly around! In the air, it seems that layers of ripples are formed!

Feeling this wave of fluctuations, the expressions of everyone present changed drastically! They covered their ears one after another, since they heard the sound of the flute. They were dizzy and could not stand steady one by one!

Not only that, everyone’s dantian seems to be suppressed!

This…. The sound of this flute is so terrifying?

This is an ordinary flute. It’s an artifact!

For a while, everyone around, staring at the flute in Elisa’s hand, was shocked!

“This flute is so powerful…”

At this time, Elisa’s body trembled, unable to conceal the excitement in her heart: “Not bad, not bad!”

You should know that a little bit of mistakes will determine the key to victory or defeat, and this flute can suppress other people’s dantian internal strength, which is an absolute good thing!

“Congratulations to the leader, for getting such a divine tool.” At this moment, Tang Qingyun was the first to walk over and shouted respectfully.

When shouting these, Tang Qingyun was full of smiles, but his heart was extremely distressed.

This flute was originally discovered by a disciple of Tangjiapu. Tang Qingyun thought that this flute was just a normal weapon, so he gave it to Elisa first. But Tang Qingyun never expected that this seemingly ordinary flute turned out to be an artifact! If I knew this, I wouldn’t report it to Elisa!

Thinking of this, Tang Qingyun felt a pain!

“Congratulations to the leader. Get the artifact!” The other sect masters around also clasped their fists and congratulated them in unison.


Elisa nodded, her face full of joy and excitement.

With this flute, one’s own strength is bound to rise to the next level.

Thinking about it, Elisa praised Tang Qingyun and said: “Tang Qingyun, this time I got the artifact, you are indispensable, you will be the deputy leader in the future.”

“Thanks to the leader!”

Tang Qingyun was overjoyed and quickly knelt down and said loudly: “Leader rest assured, after Tang Qingyun, I will do my best to organize affairs for the alliance.”

Tang Yunqing smiled, although he missed the divine weapon, it was not bad to sit on the deputy leader.


As he was talking, suddenly, Tang Qingyun sensed the ground beneath his feet, and a violent roar came! The strong vibration almost made people unstable to stand, as if the sky and the earth had collapsed!


Under the violent shaking, the cave next to it collapsed completely, and the dust was filled with smoke!


The expressions of everyone around him changed drastically. One by one looked around, inexplicably panic.

what’s the situation?

Is there an earthquake?

Elisa was also taken aback, and immediately, together with everyone around, looked in the direction of the vibration!

Just to see the southwest, the direction of the Zhongyuan Continent, that distant horizon, the changing circumstances, it is very shocking!

D*mn it!

It’s the direction of Zhongyuan Mainland!

Everyone looked dumbfounded, and then someone couldn’t help muttering to themselves: “I’m going, here…is there another artifact born?”

Ten years ago, the Kaitianaxe was born and shook the world. A few months ago, the tomb of Lu Bu appeared, which once again caused a shock in Kyushu. The situation at that time is still fresh in everyone’s memory!

As soon as the voice fell, someone interrupted directly.

“No, the artifact was born, this is not the case!”

“Yes, besides. The leader just got the artifact, even if he was born with a vision, it’s on our side…”

“Could it be that another ancient tomb was born?”

“It’s not like…”

Everyone’s discussion, one sentence from you, one sentence from me. Elisa did not respond, but looked up at the sky, with a bit of excitement and excitement on her charming face.


A few seconds later, Elisa took a deep breath and said: “Whether it is a divine artifact or an ancient tomb, there must be treasures in this vision. Send my order and all schools can prepare. Follow me to the Central Yuan Continent, no mistake!”

When he said this, Elisa’s beautiful face was a bit firm.

I have already got a dizi artifact, and this treasure from this world is even more determined.

“Follow the orders of the leader!”

When the voice fell, the surrounding masters of the sects responded in unison!

A few minutes later, the various schools quickly assembled and followed Elisa. It is heading toward the Zhongyuan Continent in mighty force.


On the other side, Beiying Continent.

Darryl was attacked by Lidya and fell down a cliff. Darryl only felt that his body was falling rapidly.


The wind whistling in his ears, and seeing the abyss below, Darryl couldn’t think about it, and he constantly urged his internal force, using his palm to slap on the cliff, so as to slow down the strength of the fall.

However, this cliff is so high that it is too deep.

More importantly, Darryl’s internal strength hadn’t completely recovered, and his dantian’s internal strength was quickly exhausted after such continuous use of his palm power.

Seeing that there are still a hundred meters to the end, Darryl’s internal strength is also completely exhausted.

That’s it!

Looking at the woods below the ground that was getting closer and closer, Darryl was about to cry without tears, and suddenly despaired in his heart.

The height of one hundred meters, if it were before, I wouldn’t care about it at all, but this time. There is nothing left of his internal strength, so he will definitely be injured if he falls.


Seeing the ground getting closer and closer, Darryl inadvertently looked at the woods not far away, and was stunned!

I saw a dozen people. Holding various shovels and hammers in his hands, he was digging a hole in the ground, and his heads were sweaty and dry.

Among a dozen people, a man with a peaked cap. Obviously the leader, standing there and constantly directing.


Encountered a bunch of tomb robbers? !

Seeing this scene, Darryl couldn’t help frowning and cursed inwardly.

As the Sect Master of Tianmen, these years. Constantly practicing in various continents, Darryl could see at a glance what this group of people did. This group of people are definitely tomb robbers.

Yes, the group of people that Darryl saw was the group of Deng Kun from the Mouse Club.

The Rat Society mainly makes a living by robbers tombs. If there are ancient tombs, go wherever they are. Ten years ago, after the barrier between the continents of Kyushu disappeared, the disciples of the Rat Society walked to all continents.

On the night before, Deng Kun led his men on a barren mountain near Yunzhou City. After saving Lily, they did not find the tomb, so they left directly and came to the Beiying Continent. Here, the mouse will find an ancient tomb. At this time, some members of the Rat Club were exploring in the ancient tomb, and some members of the Rat Club stayed outside the ancient tomb.

Chapter 849


Just when Darryl was muttering, his body fell quickly, breaking a few branches first, and then he fell to the ground!


Without internal protection, Darryl fell hard this time, his body qi and blood surged, and he felt that all his bones were falling apart, and a mouthful of blood spurted out.

Darryl only felt that there was no pain in the whole body. My eyes turned black and I almost fainted. At the same time, my heart was extremely annoyed.

This Lidya, even designed to harm herself.

This account will be settled with her sooner or later.

The sound of Darryl landing was not very loud, but it also alarmed Deng Kun and the group.


In an instant, Deng Kun’s gaze came over, because it was tens of meters away. The woods in the middle were dense, so Darryl was not seen.

However, Deng Kun is a very cautious person, and immediately asked the next man: “What was the sound just now? Did you hear it?”

Everyone around looked at each other. One after another responded.

“It seems that something has fallen.”

“Yes, I heard it too.”

Hearing this, Deng Kun didn’t hesitate, and waved his hand: “Go and see!” He said, he walked over first.

Several subordinates clasped the hammers in their hands, followed up behind them, and looked vigilant one by one.

Rats dig ancient tombs all year round, and they often encounter beasts in the mountains and forests in the wild, so they are very vigilant.

D*mn it!

Here comes this group of people!

Hearing the sound of footsteps, Darryl was taken aback, his internal strength was exhausted, and if this group of people had a bad idea, he would not resist at all.

Thinking about it, Darryl gritted his teeth and helped the tree beside him to stand up.

“It’s a person!”

“I’ll go and fall like this and not die?”

“Boy stop!”

At this moment, Deng Kun and a group of people came over, and when they saw Darryl, they yelled at them, speeding up at the same time. Surrounded.


It was still discovered!

Darryl felt bitter in his heart, then he looked around and smiled: “My friend, I just passed by and didn’t see anything. Can it be convenient and let me go?” The tomb robber itself is not glorious, and there are many taboos, Darryl That said, I don’t want to be troublesome.

When he finished speaking the last sentence, Darryl looked at Deng Kun.

After Darryl has been in the arena for so many years, he can tell at a glance that Deng Kun is the leader of this group.

“Passing by?”

Deng Kun looked at Darryl up and down, with an unkind expression on his face: “Look at you like this, not ordinary people!”

As he said, Deng Kun waved his hand: “Search him for all the valuable things, and then he was tied up, dug a pit and buried it!”

The person in front of him had reached the martial arts realm. Definitely not ordinary people.

However, since I ran into him digging the grave, no matter what his identity, he couldn’t let him leave alive. You should know that rats have strict rules. When digging a grave, outsiders are never allowed to be present, even if they pass by.


When the voice fell, several people rushed up directly, tied Darryl’s five flowers together, and at the same time collected everything on Darryl’s body.


Are you going to bury me?

At this moment, Darryl was shocked and angry, and these tomb thieves dared to do something to themselves, it was simply Tai Sui Ye who broke ground at the same time. Darryl also struggled desperately.

It’s just that the internal strength was exhausted before, and some fell into serious injuries, and he couldn’t get it out of any strength.


Seeing what was found from Darryl’s body. Deng Kun and everyone around him straightened their eyes and were extremely excited.

The pendant on this kid’s neck is a gleaming golden pagoda, and there are some magic bullets…

There are a lot of good things on this kid.

Seeing this scene, Darryl exhaled secretly, and said to Deng Kun: “Friend, as long as you let me go. These are yours!”

To be honest, if before, this kind of tomb thief, Darryl wouldn’t even look at it.

But now there is no way, he has no internal strength, and he is not the opponent of this group of people at all.

Darryl thought it over. As long as these people are willing to let go of themselves, it doesn’t matter if they give them the things on their bodies first. When your internal strength recovers, you can easily grab it back.

“Let you go?”

Hearing this, Deng Kun smiled slightly, and his eyes flashed with gloomy coldness: “You are too naive, tell you, we are the rats who will dig graves and dig graves. This kind of thing is not visible. You run into it, will I let you go?”

After speaking, Deng Kun waved his hand impatiently: “Hurry up and bury it.”

Several subordinates immediately grabbed Darryl and walked towards the cave not far away.

Looking at the unfathomable depth and gloomy atmosphere of the cave, Darryl suddenly looked desperate.


This is the time. Deng Kun called out: “Hold on!”

Several subordinates were confused and stepped aside.

Darryl also breathed a long sigh of relief, scared in a cold sweat.

At this time, Deng Kun walked over quickly. Grabbing Darryl’s wrist, holding a golden mask that was just found in his hand, his tone was complicated, and he was a little surprised: “This mask. Where did you come from?”

When talking about this, Deng Kun tried his best to restrain the excitement in his heart!

This golden mask has exquisite workmanship and fine carvings. Deng Kun, as the master of the Mouse Club, is so familiar with this thing! This is the personal thing of the famous Tianmen Sect Master.

Although the Rat Club is not in the ranks among the arena of the Earth Garden mainland, the situation of the various sects of the arena is well known.

Especially the Tianmen Sect Master Darryl, these years, led the Tianmen, eliminate the evil arena, the reputation is far-reaching, but Deng Kun is like a thunderous ear.

As a small person, although he has never really seen Darryl, Deng Kun also knows that Darryl has a golden mask, which symbolizes the status and identity of the Tianmen Sect Master.

And this mask in his hand is exactly the token of the Tianmen Sect Master, with nine dragons carved on it. You can’t go wrong!

Sect Master of Tianmen!

Not to mention being a small hall master, but the whole rat club can’t be offended.

At this moment, looking at Deng Kun’s tone, it was obviously different from the previous one. With incomparable surprise and shock, Darryl’s hanging heart finally fell to the ground. Obviously, this Deng Kun knew himself.

In the next second, Darryl’s expression was indifferent, and he faintly said: “This is my thing, my name is Darryl!”


He… Is he really the Sect Master of Tianmen? Darryl?

Hearing this, Deng Kun’s face changed, and his body couldn’t help shaking.


At the same time, the other members of the Mouse Club around them all changed their faces, and they were all shocked.

The next second, he bent his knees and knelt directly on the ground with a thud.

“Yue… Sect Master Yue, he is a small one with eyes but no beads…” Deng Kun was sweating profusely, and he squatted to speak, panicking in his heart.

That’s it!

I robbed Darryl just now and wanted to bury him. Isn’t this seeking death? You know, with the current strength of Tianmen, the rat club can be wiped out in minutes.

Chapter 850

Puff puff puff…

At the same time, the rest of the members of the Mouse Club also reacted, and they all knelt down, their heads down, and they were extremely panicked.

Darryl, Sect Master of Tianmen, the hero of Earth Round Continent, who would dare to provoke this kind of existence?


See this scene. Darryl breathed a sigh of relief and said lightly: “Forget it, those who don’t know don’t blame it, you all get up.”

To be honest, Darryl would never be light-hearted if he encountered this situation in normal times, but this Deng Kun, after knowing his identity, immediately changed his attitude, indicating that he was also very moral.

more important. Now that I have exhausted my internal strength, even if I have to ask a crime, I am still powerless.

“Sect Master Yue understands righteousness, and I, Deng Kun, can’t be grateful enough!” Deng Kun wiped the cold sweat from his face, feeling indescribably grateful.

Fortunately, he recognized the identity of the other party in time.

otherwise. If you really want to bury Darryl, things will be troublesome.

Although there are no other people around, the Heavenly Gate is too powerful and can be easily detected.

Fortunately, Deng Kun hurriedly called two of his subordinates, untied Darryl, helped him sit on the stone beside him, and then respectfully returned the items found before.

From the things returned, Darryl found two elixir to heal his injuries. After taking them, the pain in his body was alleviated a lot.

The pain eased and Darryl’s mood improved a lot. He looked at Deng Kun and asked with a smile: “You are a rat, right?”

“Yes, we are just eating food, a third-rate business, which makes Sect Master Yue laugh!” Deng Kun accompanied the smiling face and responded cautiously.

With that said, Deng Kun turned his head and shouted at his subordinates: “All the things in the tomb are finished, so quickly seal the entrance, we are going to withdraw!”

“Yes, Hall Master!”

The voice fell. The surrounding rat club members quickly packed their things, and at the same time, the people in the ancient tomb also walked out.

At this time, Deng Kun squeezed out a smile and said politely at Darryl: “Sect Master Yue, your injury will not heal for a while. Where are you going? Let us escort you.”

When he said this, Deng Kun was full of sincerity.

Darryl’s magnanimity made him admire very much, and more importantly, if he got closer to Darryl, his position in the rat club would rise steadily in the future.

After all, people like Darryl can’t get acquainted easily.

“This…” Darryl let out a long sigh of relief.


I was framed by Lidya and pushed down the cliff, I’m afraid Zhu Bajie still doesn’t know about it.

The most important thing now is to return to the Holy Sect, meet Zhu Bajie, and then seek revenge on Lidya and Liujintan.

It’s just… his internal strength has been exhausted, and he can’t recover for a while, it’s not suitable to return to the Holy Sect.

Just when Darryl was thinking about this. I saw a woman slowly walking out of the ancient tomb. Although this woman was wearing a sackcloth, she couldn’t hide the charming curves, but she had a very ugly face.

It is Lily!

A day ago, after Lily was rescued by Deng Kun, she followed the people from the Mouse Club to the Beiying Continent to excavate ancient tombs.

With these years of experience, Lily’s character is much tougher than before, but it is the first time to rob an ancient tomb, so she feels very nervous.


As soon as he came out, the person next to him urged with an impatient look: “Hurry up, it’s harp. By the way, is the coffin covered?”

After the mouse will take Lily, let her do all the dirty work.

“I…” Lily bit her lip, lowered her head, and said, “No, I’m afraid…”.

After arriving at the ancient tomb, the coffin must be covered. This kind of thing, no matter how courageous a woman, will be afraid.

Lily’s voice was very small, but Darryl could hear her clearly. At this moment, Darryl only felt a buzz in his brain. Suddenly it was blank.

This… is this Lily’s voice?

Darryl and Lily have lived together for so long, Lily’s voice has already been burned deep in Darryl’s heart. More importantly, in the previous seven-year appointment, Darryl had not been there because of something, causing Lily to leave the East China Sea sadly. In the city, Darryl has always felt guilty about this matter, thinking about how to find Lily all the time!


At this moment. Although Darryl was exhausted, he didn’t know where his strength was, so he stood up all of a sudden, staring at Lily.

“Lily, is that you?” Darryl’s eyes turned red in an instant, and he shouted, his voice hoarse.

Lily, it’s Lily!


Tears flowed freely, and Darryl’s vision was blurred!

Lily.. Lily I want to see in my dreams! It’s my Lily!

Darryl burst into tears, and looked at Lily immediately! Especially seeing her face. Darryl’s heart trembled, unspeakable guilt.

Old…husband? !

Suddenly hearing Darryl’s voice, Lily’s body trembled, and the whole person was stunned.

Did you hear me wrong?

In the next second, meeting Darryl’s gaze, Lily only felt that her heart was trembling, tears bursting into her eyes!

Lily never expected that she would encounter Darryl in this way in Beiying Continent.

At this moment, Lily was excited and complicated.

He is just an ugly monster, and he is no longer worthy of him.

Moreover, in the original seven-year appointment, he did not come, indicating that he had given up the relationship. In this case, he won’t come to recognize each other.

Thinking about it, Lilyendured the excitement in her heart, turned her head, pretending not to know Darryl.

This…what’s the situation?

This time. Deng Kun and everyone around him were stunned, staring at Darryl blankly, with puzzles and doubts in their eyes.

Sect Master Yue knows this woman?

No, such an ugly woman. How could it be related to Sect Master Yue?

Darryl didn’t care about the gaze around him, just stared at Lily closely. Seeing that she turned her head and didn’t look at herself, she felt uncomfortable in her heart, and said loudly, “Lily. I’m husband, Lily…”

Although Lily’s appearance was the same as before, but her voice couldn’t change, and she wouldn’t have heard it wrong. Doesn’t she recognize herself anymore…

however. Lily never looked back, standing there with her back to Darryl.


Seeing that Lily still refused to recognize him, Darryl was suddenly anxious and was about to pass. However, as soon as he stood up and affected his injuries, a mouthful of blood spurted out.

“Sect Master Yue!”

“It’s okay, Sect Master Yue!”

Seeing this scene, Deng Kun and others were taken aback, and at the same time they exclaimed.


At the same time, Lily was also taken aback. She couldn’t help but screamed. At the same time, she walked over quickly and helped Darryl.

“Lily, you are finally willing to recognize me!” Darryl smiled bitterly and couldn’t help asking.

“Don’t talk for now…” Lily was anxious. Seeing that his face was weak and pale, and very distressed, he cried and said, “Are you okay, where are you hurt…”

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