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Chapter 906

Mu Xixi also showed a slight smile, looked at Darryl, and nodded approvingly. This Darryl… even understood the formation.

Chang’e on one side only felt that his legs were soft, this Darryl actually really understood the formation! Not only does he understand, but he is also very proficient. You must know that even the native grandsons are helpless with this huge stone formation. But it was easily cracked by Darryl.

This Darryl is not simple.

Thinking about it, Chang’e couldn’t conceal the shock in her heart, her eyes were staring at Darryl, her delicate body was trembling.


At this moment, Darryl looked at Chang’e with a smile: “How about? I didn’t talk nonsense, did I?”

Chang’e flushed and did not respond.


At this moment, Tu Xingsun pouted his mouth and let out a hiss, and said angrily: “Boy, it’s just a mistake. Did you come out by luck? What’s so good about it?”

In the heart of Tu Xingsun, Darryl can take everyone out, it is completely lucky, and the battle spell is a skill. There is not much accomplishment at all. After all, this huge stone formation is a high-level formation. I have read the book of formation before, but I can’t crack it. How can he be a young kid who can break the formation?

“Darryl.” At this moment, Chang’e reacted and said lightly at Darryl: “We have safely left the imperial city, and tell me quickly, how can I return my innocence? How can I prove that I didn’t kill your majesty?”

Darryl smiled slightly, looked at Chang’e, and slowly said: “Niangniang, what are you anxious for, I have already figured out how to do it, but before I say it, you have to promise me two conditions!”


Hearing this, Chang’e’s brows furrowed, her beautiful face suddenly revealed a bit of displeasure. This Darryl is really bold and dare to negotiate terms with himself.

“Good boy!”

At this time, Tuxing Sun couldn’t help it. Jumping up and yelling at Darryl: “I don’t think you can see the coffin without tears, the empress is noble, what are you, and you want to negotiate terms with the empress?”

Ha ha.

Feeling Tu Xingsun’s anger, Darryl ignored him. Instead, she looked at Chang’e with a smile: “Manny, don’t you believe me? Since we escaped together, we must have enough trust in each other. Otherwise, you should let Tuxing Sun The three of us return to the cell.”

When he said this, Darryl looked relaxed and comfortable. Darryl was sure that Chang’e didn’t dare to send three more of herself back to the cell.


Sure enough, when she heard this, Chang’e breathed a sigh of relief, bit her lip and nodded: “Okay, what are the two conditions, you can say it.”

Darryl suddenly proposed two conditions, which made Chang’e very annoyed. As a tall girl, who would dare to talk to himself like this?

But when you think about it carefully, the big formation that Tuxing Sun couldn’t break was easily broken by Darryl. From this it can be seen that this person is indeed a little capable.

More importantly, in Chang’e’s heart. Her innocence is more important than her life, let alone two conditions, she would agree to Darryl’s ten.

“That’s right!”

Seeing Chang’e’s promise, Darryl showed a slight smile, and then slowly said: “The first condition is to let them go.” After the voice fell, Darryl pointed to Mu Xixi’s two.

“Good!” Chang’e nodded without hesitation

These two women have nothing to do with the matter of their own slander. More importantly, they are all injured. It is a cumbersome to bring them around, so it is better to let them go.

Soon, under the sign of Chang’e, Tu Xingsun untied the ropes of Mu Xixi’s hands and feet.


At this moment, Song Qian walked over quickly, holding Darryl’s hand tightly: “I don’t want to go. I want to be with you.”

Chang’e, this woman, is too temperamental. The brother-in-law stayed by her side and was in danger. How could he let the brother-in-law commit the danger alone?

Mu Xixi next to him, although he didn’t speak. But there is also a faint worry on the beautiful face.

“It’s okay, you go first, and then I will look for you.” Darryl patted Song Qian’s hand and smiled and comforted.

When saying this, Darryl gave Mu Xixi a relieved look.

“No, brother-in-law…” Song Qian was still saying something, but was interrupted by Mu Xixi.

Mu Xixi came over, took Song Qian’s hand, and said softly: “Trust your brother-in-law. Let’s go first.”

After this period of contact, Mu Xixi deeply felt that Darryl is not a person who speaks big words casually. Since he reassures himself, it shows that there is a way to get out of danger.

Thinking about it, Mu Xixi took Song Qian and walked away.

Song Qian was very reluctant, but she couldn’t help but listen to what Master said, so she reluctantly said goodbye to Darryl. Looking back three steps at a time, it looks pitiful.


Seeing Mu Xixi’s backs, they drifted away until they disappeared in the woods, Darryl secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

“What about the second condition?”

At this time, Chang’e’s red lips lightly opened, and she spoke lightly. There was no slight fluctuation on the face of the country and the city.

Darryl smiled, and said: “This second condition, the troubled lady helped me untie the acupuncture points. The internal force has been sealed for so long, which is too uncomfortable.”

When he said this, Darryl looked like a fool. When he came out of the cave just now, Tu Xing-sun helped Chang’e untie the acupuncture point the first time. You know, Chang’e and Tuxing Sun are both capable of crossing the Tribulation Realm. Darryl’s acupoints were sealed, and it was really dangerous to stay by their side. So Darryl knew. Only by regaining strength is the most secure.

Chang’e frowned and groaned. This Darryl seems to be honest, but in fact it is very cunning. If you help him untie the acupuncture points, what if he runs away by accident?


At this moment, Tu Xingsun couldn’t help but walked out. Pointing at Darryl and exclaimed: “Boy, don’t have to get into it. The lady can take you out. It’s already a good thing. Do you still want to restore your internal strength? Dreaming?”

Talking. Tu Xingsun said to Chang’e: “Manny, this kid is so spooky and weird, and he is very deceitful at first glance. Don’t be fooled by him.”


Hearing this, Darryl couldn’t laugh or cry.

This native grandson, he looks like a big mouse, and he wants to judge the looks of others! really interesting.

Thinking about it, Darryl didn’t bother to talk nonsense with him, and said seriously at Chang’e: “Manny, I restore my internal strength, but also to better help you restore your innocence. Think about it, I haven’t recovered at all. I will go everywhere. No, how can I help you?”

“it is good!”

Chang’e thought for a few seconds, nodded, and looked at Darryl: “I can help you relieve your acupuncture points, but if you want to lie to me, I won’t spare you!”

When the voice fell, Chang’e raised her jade hand, and drew a lightning bolt on Darryl, helping him to unlock the acupuncture points.

At this moment, Tu Xingsun wanted to stop, but it was too late.


As soon as I unlocked the acupuncture path, I felt that in the woods not far away, there was a breath fluctuation, and then, a woman came quickly!

Chapter 907

This woman, in a long black dress, brings out the cold and aloof, graceful curves and exquisite features.

It is Gonggong.


Seeing Gonggong, Darryl’s expression changed, almost crying without tears!

This Gonggong is really lingering. Why is it her again?


With this colleague, Chang’e was also stunned, her eyebrows frowned, and she looked at Gonggong complicatedly.

At this time, Gong Gong arrived and gave a respectful salute to Chang’e: “See Niang Niang!”

While speaking, Gong Gong’s gaze was always on Darryl.


Chang’e reacted. Speaking softly: “Did you follow Yang Jian’s order to catch up with the palace?”

“Niangniang!” Gonggong smiled slightly and replied: “Don’t worry, Niangniang, I am not here to stop Niangniang from leaving.”

Talking. Gong Gong put away his smile and pointed at Darryl: “The purpose of my coming is him!”

Yes, Gonggong came to Darryl.

Gonggong wanted to get Fang Tian’s halberd. Even if Darryl was locked up in the prison, he did not give up this idea. Therefore, Gonggong was always paying attention to the movement of the cell.

Just now, Gonggong went to the cell to check the situation and found that Darryl and others had disappeared. Gonggong was shocked and did not report to Yang Jian, but chased it out alone.


At this moment, Chang’e’s body was shocked. What’s the situation? Gonggong came here specifically for Darryl, what is their relationship?

“Gonggong.” Chang’e asked curiously: “What did you come here for Darryl?”

Gonggong’s eyes flickered, and he smiled softly: “This is a private matter between Darryl and I, so I don’t need to ask more!”


As soon as the voice fell, Darryl couldn’t help laughing. He looked at Gonggong with a playful look: “Gonggong, did you follow me after you fell in love with me? If so, just say it, don’t be embarrassed, maybe I will agree to you. Anyway, I’m a woman. Quite a lot, you don’t have more than one!”

When saying this, Darryl deliberately put on a frivolous appearance.


Gong Gong’s body trembled, his face flushed, and he was extremely ashamed. He stared at Darryl and said coldly: “Darryl, wait a while, I will make you unable to survive or die!”

Gong Gong resisted his anger and said seriously to Chang’e: “Manny, when I take Darryl away, Empress don’t stop me. In return, I will not tell anyone about Empress leaving the prison, including Yang Jian. !”

“No way!”

Two cold words came from Chang’e. Without the slightest hesitation. I still need Darryl’s help to find out the truth about the death of the Great Emperor Houyi, and to restore my innocence. How can I let Gong Gong take him away?


Hearing this, Gong Gong’s expression changed, and his tone became colder: “If this is the case, don’t blame me, Niang Ni.”


At this time, Tu Xingsun came out and stared at Gonggong, “Gonggong, what do you mean? You want to inform Yang Jian?”

“If you don’t inform, can you control it?” Gonggong sneered, his tone of voice had no room for negotiation: “I have said everything that I should say, and I can’t help the mother if she doesn’t cooperate.”

To be honest, Gong Gong was still very afraid of Chang’e. but now. Chang’e is the main suspect in the sudden death of Emperor Houyi, so there is no need to be afraid of her. More importantly, in order to obtain Fang Tian’s halberd, Gonggong had already spared no effort.

“Good! Very good!” Chang’e’s delicate body trembled. Commanded to Tuxing Sun: “Give me the Gonggong!”

When she said this, Chang’e couldn’t conceal her inner anger. Although she had suffered injustice, she was still a maid and her status was noble. What kind of thing is this Gonggong, dare to disrespect yourself?


When the voice fell, Tuxingsun’s internal strength burst out, and he slapped Gonggong with a palm!

“Smelly mouse!” Gonggong’s beautiful face. Showing a bit of disgust, he yelled softly: “Get me a little away, it’s nothing to do with you!”

Because of his ugly appearance, Tuxing Sun was called a “gopher” in the cultivation world of Beiying Continent. Especially in the hearts of these women, they were very unwelcome.

Tu Xingsun didn’t respond, his face was cold. Constantly erupting offense. Very mighty, amazing momentum!

Gong Gong didn’t want to fight with Tu Xing Sun, but faced with a fierce attack from Tu Xing Sun, he had to fight back.

In the blink of an eye, the two were in the air, fighting together.

The two are about the same strength, for a time, no one can do anything.

In a blink of an eye, ten minutes passed, and Tuxing Sun He Gonggong in mid-air was still undecided.

Chang’e was a little anxious now, her beautiful face was full of anxiety and anxiety. Chang’e wanted to take action personally to help the natives and grandchildren work together. But Chang’e held her own identity and held back. As a queen empress, how can I do it casually?


See the scene before me. Darryl was very excited, so let’s hit it. The harder you hit, the better it will be for me.

Muttered in his heart. Darryl still didn’t forget to admire Gonggong’s graceful posture.

At the same time, Darryl also kept an eye on Chang’e next to him, and saw that Chang’e’s attention was all above the air. Darryl suddenly turned his eyes. His body flashed, he walked around behind Chang’e, and shot like lightning.


Darryl made a quick move. Chang’e didn’t have time to react, and was hit on the acupuncture points, her body trembled and she was frightened.

Darryl looked at Chang’e with a smile, picked her up, turned and ran!

“You…. You let me go!” Chang’e’s delicate body trembled, trying to struggle, but the acupuncture points on her body couldn’t move at all, she could only let Darryl hold herself.

“Darryl, you let go of your mother!”

“Darryl, stop for me!”

Tuxing Sun and Gonggong were desperate and wanted to catch up, but Darryl had already ran away holding Chang’e.


the other side!

Earth round the mainland, Emei school.

In the blind dungeon, two graceful figures sat cross-legged in the cell, closing their eyes to rest.

This is a mother and daughter. The mother’s body is charming, and her whole body is filled with the high cold that is thousands of miles away. The daughter is pure and lovely, giving people a vigorous and youthful atmosphere.

It is Monica and Tracy.

Many days ago, Monica’s mother and daughter were captured by Elisa’s design and imprisoned in the prison of the Emei school.

Although the treatment was not bad in the dungeon, the mother and daughter were detained for so many days.


At this moment, Tracy couldn’t help but said, “What shall we do? Are we going to be kept here forever?”


Monica didn’t respond, and sighed secretly.

In the past few days, Monica has thought of a lot of ways to escape, but because his internal strength has not completely recovered, all of them have failed.

What made Monica uneasy even more was that Elisa had completely changed, becoming the same as before. I don’t know what she wants to do with herself and Tracy. Monica has been locked up in the dungeon. I don’t know that Elisa has been trapped in the formation of Beiying Palace.

Han proudly leaned against the wall and let out a breath. It doesn’t matter if you are trapped in the dungeon, but the ice is still small. Now being held in prison, her daughter is depressed every day, and Monica feels distressed.


However, at this moment, I heard a sound of footsteps outside the prison door. The footsteps are very light and light! A few seconds later, with a slight noise, the cell door was gently pushed open a gap, and then a person walked in.

Chapter 908


Hearing the movement, Monica trembled in his heart. Is Elisa here? He and his daughter are locked in a dungeon. Who will come to the dungeon at night?

Han proudly looked at the prison door, and then saw the person coming, suddenly feeling relieved.

At the same time, Tracy was also happy: “Uncle Miaoqing?”

Through the dim light, I saw the man at the door of the prison, a woman with beautiful features and a graceful figure. It feels gentle and graceful.

This woman was called Miaoqing, and she was Monica’s younger sister and one of the elders of the Emei school. In Emei School, apart from Master Miaoyuan, Miaoqing and Monica have the best relationship!

When Monica was forced to leave Emei, Miaoqing was also very distressed.

At this time, seeing Miao Qing, Monica was surprised and delighted. She never thought of it. Sister Miaoqing, taking advantage of the darkness, came quietly to the dungeon.

“Miaoqing, why are you… here?” Monica couldn’t help asking.


Miao Qing did not respond immediately, but knelt down at once. He was ashamed: “Senior Sister Master, I can’t help you. At the Millennium Ceremony, Elisa blatantly slandered your innocence. Junior sister did not stop, and the murderer Senior Sister was forced to leave the mountain gate!”


Han proudly sighed and smiled: “Okay, don’t mention the previous things, it’s all over!”

During the years outside, Monica hadn’t seen everything.


Miaoqing nodded, stood up, glanced outside very vigilantly, then walked over quickly, Bang Han proudly unfastened the chains on her body, her soft face was full of distress, and she said softly: “Palm Sister Mun, Tracy, how are you doing?”

“I’m okay…” Han Auran’s pale face squeezed out a smile, and then asked: “You rushed into the dungeon like this, aren’t you afraid Elisa would know?”

Since Elisa became the leader of the martial arts, his methods have been much harsher than before.

Miao Qing took a deep breath. She smiled and said, “Senior Sister Master, don’t worry, Elisa is trapped in Beiying Continent, otherwise, I won’t have a chance to sneak in!”

With that said, Miaoqing briefly explained the situation. After Elisa was trapped in the imperial palace on the Beiying Continent, the Emei faction was anxious. They put all their thoughts on how to rescue Elisa. On the dungeon side, they relaxed a lot.


Hearing this, Han nodded proudly. It turned out to be like this! No wonder she hadn’t seen Elisa after she was locked up in the dungeon. It turned out that she was trapped in Beiying Continent.

“Sister Master!”

At this moment, Miao Qing spoke cautiously: “Time is running out, you and Tracy go quickly, I will help you cover later!”

When the voice fell, Miao Qing took the lead to go out!

Monica did not hesitate, pulling on Tracy and closely following. Taking advantage of the darkness, the three Monica quickly left the prison.


Monica stopped abruptly on the trail on the back mountain!

She could feel the internal force fluctuations, filling the air! She looked forward subconsciously. At this look, Monica suddenly trembled!

The ice and Miao Qing behind him were also shocked.

I saw a slender figure standing quietly not far away, blocking the way.

A white long dress, standing there, like a night elf, very charming, but with a palpitating cold on his face, it is Annie! Behind Annie, nearly a hundred elite disciples of Emei stood there quietly.

Annie is Elisa’s confidant. After Elisa was trapped in Beiying Mainland, Annie temporarily took charge of Emei.

Just now, Annie was practicing in a secret room not far away. As Elisa’s confidant, Annie has taken a lot of natural treasures during this period, and her strength is already the fourth martial emperor, and her hearing is abnormal!

When the three Monica escaped from the dungeon, Annie heard a strange noise. So he came out to check.

“Monica. I really didn’t expect someone like you to be a shameless woman who would venture to save you?” Annie sneered and said, with a low voice, but a bully.

immediately. Annie’s gaze fell on Miao Qing: “Miao Qing, as the elder of Emei, you violated the rules and rescued the traitor. I announce that you will be driven out of Emei!”


When the voice fell, Miao Qing’s face flushed, her angry body trembled, and she glared at Annie and said: “Annie, you and Elisa. Ambitious, I and the head of the cold are your elders, but you commit the crime, really You are the one who was expelled from Emei!”

Miao Qing became more excited as she spoke. The Han proudly next to him, but has been silent, with a beautiful face without the slightest fluctuation. After so much, who is right and who is wrong. It doesn’t matter anymore.

“You trespassed into the dungeon and let go of the main offender without permission, and still used strong words?” Annie smiled coldly, and then waved his jade hand: “Give it all to me!”


As the words fell, nearly a hundred Emei disciples flew up like a white lotus, and surrounded the three of Monica.

At the same time, Annie tapped the ground with her toes, and Pian Ruo was shocked, hitting Han proudly with a palm!

If Annie had faced Monica before, she would not dare to make trouble, but at this time she clearly felt that Monica’s internal strength had not been fully recovered, so there was no hesitation!

The realm of the four-duan Wuhuang, the speed is really too fast! In a blink of an eye, Annie arrived in front of Monica.

Annie feels right, Monica’s internal strength has not completely recovered. The current strength, at most, can display a realm of Wuhuang, this kind of strength is three levels worse than Phoebe Wong.

In desperation. Monica didn’t make a head-on touch, but raised his jade hand and defended his chest!


This palm hit Monica’s jade arm fiercely! Only a dull sound was heard, Monica then took a few steps back. Jiao body faintly trembled!


Seeing this scene, Tracy was so anxious that he wanted to rush over, but was repeatedly intercepted by several Emei disciples, and couldn’t make it through at all.

“Sister Master!” At the same time. Miao Qing also changed her pretty face, exclaiming, her eyes red: “Sister Sister, how are you…”

“It’s okay…” Han proudly bit his lip and shook his head gently!

“Stains stains, you deserve to be the former boss, it’s quite tolerable!” Annie stood there, looking up and down Miaoqing, nodding repeatedly: “It’s a pity that you did something that embarrassed the Emei Sect and fled again today. Prison, really looking for death!”

When the voice fell, Annie’s figure flashed, slapped her fiercely, and patted Xiang Han proudly again!

Monica’s delicate body was shocked, looking at this palm, getting closer and closer to him, his delicate face was completely desperate at that time!

This speed is too fast, I really can’t avoid it!

“Sister Master!” Miao Qing exclaimed! Sister-in-chief had already received a slap just now, and if this slap fell on her again, she would really lose her life!

At this moment, Miao Qing couldn’t think much, and rushed over, blocking Monica’s face all of a sudden!


Annie’s palm hit Miaoqing’s heart heavily!

There was a dull sound, Miao Qing’s body trembled suddenly, and she fell directly into Han Auran’s arms, vomiting blood from the shocked mouth, and her delicate face was extremely pale.

“Sister Miaoqing!” Monica hugged Miaoqing tightly, tears streaming incessantly.

Chapter 909

“Sister Master!”

Miao Qing exhausted all her strength and shouted proudly to Han: “Go, go, go…”

“Go? Today, three of you, don’t even want to leave!” Annie’s voice was extremely cold, and he slapped it again!

“Go, Sister Master, go!” Seeing this scene, Miao Qing was very anxious and shouted desperately. Exhausted all his energy, pushed Han proudly away!

At this moment, Annie also flew to Miao Qing’s side, grabbing her at the same time!

“Miaoqing, you want to save Monica, a traitor who corrupts the family style, right?” Annie said coldly, with a gloomy look in his eyes: “As the elder of Emei, but letting go of the sect traitor privately, the sin is unforgivable, since you and This b!tch belongs to a group. Then don’t blame me!”


When the voice fell, Annie’s internal force surged, and his right hand slowly shot out, and he saw a cloud-like shape formed under the surging breath.

It is the unique skill “Xiuyun Palm” of the Emei school.

Xiuyun palm. It was created by the ancestor of the Emei School at that time. It is powerful and exquisite. In the Emei School, it is second only to the great ice dragon palm, and can only be practiced by the head. However, after Elisa became the leader of the martial arts, his pattern and vision were not only for the Emei school, but for the entire Jiuzhou mainland. Therefore, Elisa made an exception and passed Xiuyun’s palm to Annie. After all, she was her confidant and needed her to guard Emei when she was away.


Seeing this scene, Han proudly shook his body and was extremely shocked.

Xiuyun’s palm? Elisa actually passed Xiuyun’s palm to Annie?

At the same time, Monica wanted to rush over and help Annie block this palm. However, Annie was too fast for Monica to have time.

Miao Qing also changed her pretty face and wanted to dodge, but was injured and couldn’t react at all.


This palm. I patted Miaoqing’s body hard, and only heard Miaoqing’s muffled hum. The whole person flew out like a kite with a broken wire. It flew for more than 100 meters and landed on the grass with a mouthful of blood. Stain the grass red.

“Sister Miaoqing!”

At this moment, Han arrogantly shook his body, and his whole body collapsed, tears bursting out.

Miao Qing smiled miserably, only to feel that all the vitality of her body was emptied, her beautiful face was instantly pale, and then she slowly closed her eyes and died of breathlessness!


“Uncle Miaoqing!”

Seeing this scene, Monica’s eyes were red, and his heart ached, and the ice behind could not help crying loudly!

Miaoqing is the gentlest among the elders of the Emei school, and he is very caring for the disciples below. Unexpectedly, he died in his own hands today, and he died so miserably.


Monica was crying with tears in his eyes, his mind was blank, and the anger in his heart was burning!

“Annie, Miaoqing is your uncle, you actually killed her, are you still a human? I want to kill your wicked barrier!” Han yelled proudly, his eyes flashing with coldness.

As the voice fell, Monica coldly raised his hand, and a strong internal force wave was released from her surroundings!

I saw a white ice dragon whizzing in the air, hovering beside Han proudly! The loud dragon chant spread throughout the audience!

“Big Ice Dragon Palm.”

The cold words came from Monica’s mouth, and he slapped them out!


The ice dragon roared. Fly directly to Wang Fei!

“Annie, you scum, slaying uncle master, deceiving master and destroying ancestor, you D*mn it!” Han gritted his teeth proudly.


This move was a big ice dragon palm, in the blink of an eye. Has arrived in front of Annie! It’s about to hit him!

At this moment, Annie’s face changed, and she felt a little flustered, but she sneered when she remembered that Monica’s internal strength had not recovered, and when she raised her hand, she saw a protective film condensing in the air!

“Monica, you don’t have to blame me for being indiscriminately.” Annie bit her lip tightly, with a bit of mockery in her eyes: “What shameful things you and Darryl did. Don’t you know? You still gave birth to him. You deserve to die if you put the whole Emei sect to shame. This Miaoqing violates the rules of the door. It is not a pity to die. It is your mother and daughter’s turn next!”


The big ice dragon slapped the protective film with a loud noise, and the protective film suddenly shattered, and the ice dragon also disappeared!

Although blocked, but the huge impact. Annie still took a few steps back.


Annie’s face was pale, staring at Monica closely, and her heart was extremely shocked.

This Han proud internal strength has not fully recovered yet, but the big ice dragon palm that can erupt is still so powerful…

Monica also frowned secretly. This Annie actually blocked her palm, I’m afraid she can’t do without Emei tonight!


The surrounding Emei school disciples were all stupid, looking at Han proudly!

It is indeed the former head, who has been locked up for so long, and has such a powerful strength!

“Han proudly, die!”

At this moment, after Annie quickly adjusted her internal strength, she gave a soft drink and slapped Xianghan proudly!

Monica didn’t have any fear, and also stretched out his hand to touch her hard!


The two faced each other this time, and each took a few steps back!

“Monica, how long can you last?” Annie frowned. With a sneer, he said proudly to Han: “I didn’t have the big ice dragon palm that I used just now, it consumed a lot of internal energy!”

Monica bit his lip tightly and stared at Annie without saying a word. The eyes flashed with anger!

Annie was right. Just now using the big ice dragon palm, Monica’s internal strength was almost exhausted, but Monica didn’t panic at all, just thinking of killing Annie with his own hands. Revenge sister Miaoqing.

“Mother!” At this moment, Tracy ran over and shouted: “I’ll help you!”

However, before rushing to the front, he was drunk proudly by Han.

“Tracy, don’t worry about me. You go first!” Han proudly bit his lip and spit out a few words. At the same time, he turned his head to look at Miaoqing who was lying in a pool of blood.

Monica had already thought about it, and today, no matter what, he must take revenge for Junior Sister Miaoqing.

But Tracy must go, because she is still young and there is still a long way to go in the future.


Hearing this, Tracy’s delicate body trembled, already blindfolded at the time, stopped, and stared at Han proudly!

“Go, let’s go!” Monica was too anxious, and at the same time urged his internal strength to retreat the Emei disciple who rushed up.

His internal energy consumption is too serious, he must be unable to escape, but before he exhausts himself, he can still cover the ice to leave!

“Mother, I want to be with you, if you don’t go, I won’t go, I will die together!” Tracy burst into tears, shook his head desperately, and drew his long sword at the same time, he was about to run over!

“Tracy, if you don’t listen to me, don’t call me mother in the future, and I won’t recognize your daughter!” Monica’s voice became smaller and smaller. But he is very determined and beyond doubt.

Tracy Jiao’s body kept trembling, tears were already streaming down her face.

Finally, Tracy bit his lip, almost bleeding, and cried, “Mother, don’t worry, I will definitely find a way to save you!”

As he said, Tracy’s eyes locked on Annie, and the cold voice sounded like a hell: “Annie, if my mother has a shortcoming, I will let you pay for it!”

After saying this, Tracy’s toes were a little on the ground, and he turned and flew towards the bottom of the mountain. Crying while running, burst into tears.

Chapter 910

“Want to run?”

At this moment, Annie gave a sneer, and said to the surrounding Emei disciples: “Stop the ice for me!”

The moment the voice fell, nearly a hundred Emei disciples chased after him in an instant!

Seeing this scene, Han arrogantly bit his lip, exhausted all his strength, sent out a palm, and walked towards the disciples of Emei!


This palm slap passed, only to hear a thunderous roar! Immediately after that, Han arrogantly trembled. Blood spurted out! The big ice dragon palm just now had exhausted all of her internal energy. At this time, she had a head-to-head confrontation with everyone and could no longer hold it.

However, nearly a hundred disciples of the Emei faction were shocked by this palm. Even Annie took a dozen steps back!

Han proudly made the final shot, gaining time for Tracy. In a blink of an eye, she has disappeared from everyone’s sight.

Annie’s exquisite face was extremely ugly, and she stomped her feet angrily!

“Send a message to all sects and try to capture Tracy. It doesn’t matter whether you live or die!” The cold voice came from Annie’s mouth. She frowned her eyebrows, her pretty face was frosty, and she was indescribably annoyed. Let this little evil kind of escape unexpectedly. But if you run to the ends of the world, you can’t escape the palm of the Emei school.


In a short time, the surrounding Emei school disciples responded one after another, and then quickly descended the mountain to inform the other schools.

After Elisa became the leader of the martial arts, within a short period of time, he established a strong prestige in the arena. It can be said that the entire arena of the Earth Circle Continent looks forward to the leader of the Emei faction.

Therefore, even if Elisa was trapped in the palace of Beiying Continent, he was temporarily absent, but as long as it was an order issued by the Emei Sect, the major sects did not dare to neglect.

“Sister Wang!”

At this moment, a disciple walked over slowly and said in a low voice, “How to deal with this Han proudly?”

At this time, Han proudly, his internal strength was exhausted, and he was caught.

Annie snorted and said without thinking: “Enter the dungeon and guard it strictly!”

When saying these, Annie’s delicate face. It was full of coldness, but my heart was very annoyed.

To be honest, the truth about Annie immediately killed Monica, but Elisa said before that no one can dispose of Monica at will, as Annie, who is the head of the generation, does not have this right, so she can only hold it back.

“Yes!” The disciple nodded, then tied Monica’s five flowers together and brought them into the dungeon.

At this moment, Monica had tears in his eyes, looking into the distance, his beautiful face, there seemed to be no fluctuations, but his heart was extremely worried.


You must live, live well…


The news released by the Emei faction quickly spread to all the big sects.

For a time, all sects sent masters one after another to chase down the ice with all their strength.

At this moment!

There is a mountain forest about 100 miles northwest of the Emei School.

While crying, Tracy ran forward desperately. She was very tired, but did not dare to stop. She knew that once she stopped, she might be overtaken by the Emei faction!

I don’t know how long it took. Tracy fragrant and sweaty, stood there and rested for a while. While resting, I looked at the surrounding environment.


At this look, Tracy was secretly shocked!

How did I come to the realm of Huashan School.

I saw that the mountain peaks in front of me, towering into the clouds, are steep and steep, and it is Huashan, known as the world’s most dangerous mountain.

I don’t know what happened to my mother, she faced so many Annie alone, would something happen.

And Uncle Miaoqing… Uncle Miaoqing is dead…

Thinking about it, a sorrow rose in Tracy’s heart again.


At this moment, there was a sudden sound of footsteps behind him. The footsteps were very dense and fast, obviously there were many people.

Tracy quickly looked back.


Seeing the scene behind him, Tracy couldn’t help taking a breath.

I saw a group of people coming in the direction behind him, one by one holding a weapon, murderous Ling Ran, among these people. There are many familiar figures, Kongtong faction, Beggar Gang, Liehuotang, etc…

Almost gathered elites from all sects.

At this time, these people also saw the ice. One by one was lifted up and shouted one after another.

“Tracy, don’t run away, just grab it with your hands!”

“You have no retreat.”

“Let’s catch it quickly so that we can return to the Emei faction.”

The shouts came one after another, in a cold tone, and no one sympathized with Tracy.


Hearing these words, Tracy’s pretty face changed, and his heart instantly sank to the bottom.

I thought that if I met these masters of various sects, I could ask them to be fair. Helped myself to return to Emei and rescued my mother, but never expected that this group of people would come to arrest myself. Thinking about it, Tracy turned around and ran!


Seeing this scene, the masters of the sects looked at each other one after another, all incomparably annoyed.


“A little girl, still wanting to turn the sky over?”

“Stop talking nonsense, hurry up!”

Under anger one after another. The masters of various sects quickly chased after the ice.

Before Tracy ran all the way, he was already too tired. At this time, he was chased by everyone, tired and nervous. Under panic, Tracy ran directly to the highest mountain of Huashan.


The moment he arrived at the top of the mountain, Tracy’s pretty face changed when he looked at the cliff in front of him, and stopped quickly.

It turned out to be a dead end, is it God’s will? For a time, Tracy couldn’t express despair in his heart!


At this moment, the masters of the sects behind also chased them.


When they arrived, everyone looked at each other and laughed when they saw Tracy’s situation.

“Why didn’t you run away?”

“Tracy, you have no retreat, give up!”

“Yes, how good is it for us to catch it. You don’t have to be exhausted, and we don’t waste energy. Everyone is happy…”


Tracy bit his lips tightly, took a deep breath, and looked around the crowd. Coldly said: “If I die, I won’t go with you!”

When the voice fell, Tracy bit his lips tightly, closed his eyes, and leaped for life. Jumped off the cliff.


Seeing this scene, the masters of all sects were all taken aback, and at the same time they wanted to stop, but it was too late.

Wait until everyone rushes to the cliff. Seeing the clouds and mist below, the figure of Tracy can no longer be seen.

In an instant, everyone stopped and became extremely annoyed.

“This girl is so courageous, she just jumped down!”

“It deserves to be the daughter of Han proud, so strong and admirable.”

“What’s the use of this now? How can we explain to the Emei faction without catching the ice?”

Everyone is anxious about every word of you and my words.

Soon, someone asked to look under the cliff, and many people responded immediately. After all, the terrain of Huashan is complicated. Even if the ice jumps off the cliff, it may be blessed by the heavens.

“and many more!”

At this moment, I don’t know who shouted: “Look, is this the entrance of Lu Bu’s tomb? I remember that we walked out of the tomb from below!”

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