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Chapter 911

It really is! The girl Tracy jumped off the cliff and into the tomb of Lu Bu!

Under this cliff, isn’t it the entrance to Lu Bu’s ancient tomb? When the masters of the nine continents gather in the ancient tomb of Lu Bu, the entrance of Lu Bu is just below! Just now, Tracy jumped off the cliff and probably fell into the tomb of Lu Bu!

At this moment, the masters of the martial arts who were chasing Frost Bing looked at each other. One of them said: “If the ice falls into the ancient tomb. We don’t need to go down and check it. There are countless institutions and many poisonous insects in the ancient tomb of Lu Bu. If the ice jumps in, it will definitely die!”

As soon as these words came out, the masters of the various martial arts all remembered the danger they had experienced in the ancient tomb, and they couldn’t help fighting a cold war. Then they nodded in agreement. Soon, everyone discussed it and went back the same way.

At this moment, below the cliff!


Tracy jumped off the cliff, only to feel the wind whistling in his ears. Her pretty face was pale, and the sense of falling made her close her eyes tightly, and her heart was desperate.


After falling for dozens of seconds, Tracy suddenly felt that when he was about to fall to the ground, he only felt that there seemed to be an aura on the ground, rising continuously. Under the support of this aura, the speed of his descent slowed down. A lot!

Tracy hurriedly opened his eyes and glanced down, and his whole body was stunned.

I saw that there was a hole in the ground, and at the entrance of the hole, there was a vortex-like airflow. It was in this airflow that the rising spiritual energy slowed down its descending speed.

Not bad!

This is the entrance of Lu Bu’s ancient tomb, and the air current is the spiritual energy contained in the ancient tomb.

Realizing that he could not die, Tracy was surprised and delighted, and fell to the bottom as soon as he saw it. He quickly ran his internal force and slapped a palm on the cliff next to him. Then the force of the counter-shock again slowed down the speed of descent!

The ice originally wanted to fall on the edge of the entrance of the ancient tomb, but the powerful falling force deviated a lot, and the ice fell directly into the ancient tomb before it reacted!


The moment his feet landed, the huge inertia caused Tracy to step back dozens of steps, exclaimed, and finally fell to the ground before finally stopping.

Tracy only felt the qi and blood in his body churning, and it took a while to calm down.


After standing up, Tracy took a deep breath and sighed with emotion in his heart.

I didn’t expect that I jumped off the cliff and didn’t even die. Tracy was overjoyed in his heart, so why not just regain his inner strength in this ancient tomb, and then go out! In this ancient tomb, there are many institutions, and usually no one comes in. Thinking in his heart, Tracy walked to the depths of the ancient tomb. As a result, before taking a few steps, he stomped on his feet and exclaimed, his body was not steady. It fell straight down!

That’s it!

At this time, Tracy, my heart is tense to a few points!

Did you fall into some trap?


Just when Tracy thought he was about to die, he fell into the water and splashed with water.

The ice struggling in the water a few times, quickly surfaced!


The moment he surfaced, seeing the scene in front of him, Tracy’s body trembled and couldn’t help but breathe in cold air!

In front of me was an underground secret room. The secret room was not big, but extremely gloomy. There was a water hole several meters deep in the center. I fell just now and fell into the pool of water.

And on the walls around the secret room, there are some bloody runes painted, vicissitudes of life, and an evil spirit!

Yes, the cave where the ice fell was where Lawrence was imprisoned. Once Elisa was here and got the Indestructible Scripture!


At this moment, Tracy looked around. When the last gaze fell on a wall, Jiao Chu was shocked and couldn’t help exclaiming.

I saw that a person was chained there on one of the walls. The hands and feet are tightly tied with iron chains, each of which has a thin arm, glowing with black light!

I saw this man unkempt, wearing a yellowish-brown Taoist robe, with a long sword stuck in his heart, the Taoist robe was full of blood, maybe it took too long, the blood has turned black.


Seeing this scene, Tracy exhaled gently. Secretly comforted himself.

It turned out to be a dead person. Since he is a dead person, what is there to fear?

At this time, I don’t know that the person in front of him is Lawrence, the famous Tiangong general and the leader of the Yellow Turban Army during the Three Kingdoms period.

And a few months ago, Elisa also happened to fall here. At that time, Lawrence asked Elisa to save him and promised the Immortal Scriptures in return. As a result, after Elisa got the Immortal Scriptures, he went back and stabbed Lawrence to death.

Who is this person?

Although self-comforting, Tracy was still nervous when seeing Lawrence’s tragic situation, and his heart was beating wildly.

What surprised Tracy even more was that the person in front of him had obviously been dead for a while, but there was no sign of decay on his body, as if he had fallen asleep!

After watching for a while, Tracy gradually calmed down, and slowly walked forward, using his military blade, trying to cut off the chains on Zhang’s arms and feet.

At the same time, Tracy said piously: “This senior, although I don’t know who you are, it is destined to meet. I’ll help you bury it.”

The Emei sect believed in Buddhism, and Tracy listened to Buddhist scriptures since he was a child, and had a compassionate heart.


The chain with the angle of opening. It was made of Xuan Tie, it was extremely hard, and the ordinary ice blade couldn’t be opened at all.

Tracy suddenly became anxious, and immediately thought, would this person have the key?

I thought. Tracy began to search for Lawrence’s Taoist robe, and inadvertently, his hand touched Lawrence’s dantian.


At this moment, Tracy quickly retracted his hand like an electric shock. Jiao Chu took a few steps back with a shock, her delicate face was full of surprise.

Tracy clearly felt that in the pubic area of ​​the person in front of him, there was still internal force fluctuations faintly!

There is internal strength, it proves that people are not dead!

“Ho ho…”

Just when Tracy was in doubt, the open horns in front of him suddenly moved his head, and at the same time he exhaled a turbid breath.


In the next second, Lawrence opened his eyes, and his gaze instantly locked on Tracy.


Tracy only felt like he was being withstood by a wild beast, his legs were soft, and he stepped back again, nervously saying, “You… are you a human or a ghost?”

If Elisa was present at this time, she would definitely be surprised, because she stabbed Lawrence with a sword at the time, and deliberately stepped forward to check it, and confirmed that Lawrence died of anger.

“Jiejie…” Lawrence let out a sneer laugh, and muttered to himself: “Sure enough, beautiful women have a snake-hearted heart. The old man went all over the world, but he didn’t expect to be fooled by a female doll! “

As he said, the corners of Lawrence’s mouth curled up, showing a bit of arrogance: “Fortunately, the old man, there is another peerless secret technique, otherwise, I will really hate Jiuquan.”

When he said this, Lawrence looked mad, extremely sad and angry!

The female doll he said was naturally Elisa.

It was true that Lawrence was stabbed with a sword by Elisa at the time. Lawrence did not have the breath of life, but what Elisa didn’t know was that Lawrence had another stunt, called “Break Life and Forget Death”.

As the name suggests, this secret technique is used to save life at critical moments. It is displayed and silently. After receiving a fatal blow, it hides a trace of vitality in the dantian, and then, like a phoenix pannier, it slowly heals and recovers. vitality.

Chapter 912

Seeing Lawrence talking to himself, his expression was very scary, and Tracy touched his throat with a heart, and he didn’t dare to show the atmosphere.

At this moment, Lawrence looked up and down Tracy: “Where is the girl who stabbed me with a sword, who are you?”

Tracy was stunned, the whole person was blinded: “Girl doll, what girl doll? I’m the only one here.”

Isn’t this person mad?

The ice at this time. I don’t know yet, the female doll Lawrence said is Elisa.


Seeing that Tracy looked serious, not like a lie, she opened her brows and furrowed her eyes on the long sword in her hand: “Okay, you said you have nothing to do with that girl doll, then you just took a sword. Standing on the old man What are you doing in front of you? Want to kill me?”

The sound is not loud, but it reveals an oppressive aura.


Tracy’s body trembled and shook his head quickly: “Senior, you have misunderstood. I just wanted to cut off the chains of your hands and feet, and then bury you well…”

Hearing this, Lawrence’s eyes flickered, and then his face lightened a lot, and he applauded: “It turns out that the old man blamed you. It’s really rare to have such kindness at a young age.”

With that said, Lawrence thought of Elisa, gritted his teeth and said with emotion: “I didn’t expect that the same beautiful appearance, but one heart is like a snake, and the other heart is as good as water!”

Tracy clearly felt that the evil spirit on the person in front of him had diminished a lot, but he was still uneasy, and cautiously asked: “Senior, you… who are you?”


Lawrence laughed, his expression showing a bit of desolation and loneliness: “I am a forgotten person in the world, girl doll, have you ever heard of Tian Gong rule Lawrence?”


Hearing this, Tracy turned his head to think. Very confused. Who is Lawrence? There seems to be no such person in the arena.

After all, Tracy was still young and had limited knowledge of history, so he didn’t know Lawrence.

“I haven’t heard of this name!” Tracy said straightforwardly, and saluted Lawrence. He was very embarrassed: “The juniors are ignorant, please don’t blame the seniors!”

Uh …

Lawrence’s expression froze, very embarrassing.

The next second, Lawrence showed a smile and beckoned to Tracy: “The girl is kind-hearted, how can the old man blame you, come, please continue to cut the chain for me.”

When he said this, Lawrence’s face was amiable, but his eyes flashed with a bit of coldness.

Tracy didn’t notice the danger, so he nodded and walked over slowly.


When he was approaching, suddenly, a powerful internal force burst out from Lawrence. This internal force formed a powerful suction force that directly enveloped the ice.

All of this happened so quickly that Frost had no time to react, and this force was too strong, with Frost’s strength, it was completely impossible to resist.

Tracy exclaimed, and his body was involuntarily pulled to Lawrence’s side by this force.

Just when Tracy was about to struggle, he felt a pair of big hands, pinching her neck tightly, opening the corner of her mouth with a smile, pinching the hand on her neck, harder and harder!

In an instant, Tracy felt it was difficult to breathe, and his delicate face turned red!

“Girl doll. Don’t think you look alike, I’m blinded by you.” Lawrence said with a sullen face, coldly said: “You and the girl doll who stabbed me before are in the same group. Right, don’t you want to lie to me, because the inner strength techniques you cultivate are the same.”

After being cheated by Elisa last time, Lawrence became extremely cautious.

The moment Lawrence saw Tracy just now, Lawrence clearly perceives that Tracy’s internal skills are the same as Elisa’s. They are all feminine and only women can practice exercises.

Lawrence didn’t know that Tracy and Elisa were both of the Emei school, and the internal strength exercises were naturally the same, but he concluded that the ice in front of him was sent by Elisa.


Tracy was almost dead, and wanted to struggle. But without the slightest strength, I could only speak weakly: “You have misunderstood, I am really alone, and I don’t know who the female doll you are talking about is…”

Before he finished speaking, Lawrence interrupted him.

“You are less fake.” Lawrence gritted his teeth and said: “If it’s not a group, why do you have the same internal skills? Come on, where is that vicious female doll hiding? Isn’t it just waiting in the dark for the opportunity? ?”

When speaking the last sentence, Lawrence shouted frantically, almost losing his mind!

Throwing sound!

At the same time, the open angle of the hand is tightening.

Tracy was completely out of breath, and shouted anxiously: “Pre… Senior, is the person you are talking about also from the Emei school? What does she look like, Senior… can you describe it? Maybe I can help. You found her!”

When talking about this. Tracy’s eyes were full of urgency, and his heart was full of tears.


Seeing Tracy’s expression, it didn’t look like it was pretended, Lawrence took a deep breath. With endless resentment flashing in his eyes, he said coldly: “That girl is beautiful, older than you, Liu Yemei…”

The next few tens of seconds. Lawrence explained Elisa’s appearance in detail.


After listening to this, Tracy’s body trembled and looked at Lawrence closely. The whole person was stunned.

The female doll he was talking about was Elisa?

Seeing Tracy’s expression, Lawrence sneered: “How is it? You and that hateful female doll, get to know!”

“Yes!” Tracy bit his lip tightly and nodded.

Elisa snatched the head of the Emei faction from his mother, and even designed to catch his mother and daughter and put them in a dungeon. These grievances would never be forgotten by him.

So, how could I not know her?

Thinking about it, Tracy asked curiously: “Senior, the female doll you are talking about is Elisa. What kind of grudge does she have with you?”

“What kind of grudge?”

The corners of Lawrence’s mouth turned up, revealing a bit of coldness, and said fiercely: “The grievances between me and Elisa are endless, this vicious female doll, personally promised, as long as I tell her the truth of immortality, Just help me get out of here, but after I passed the exercises to her, she stabbed me with a sword to kill people.”

As he said, Lawrence’s tone was extremely cold: “Such a cruel female doll, if you don’t kill her, I hate it in my heart. Since you know her, please report to the underworld for the first time!”

The last sentence fell, Lawrence clenched his hands into claws, and suddenly exploded internal force.

Seeing her neck being chopped off, Tracy was terrified and exclaimed: “Senior, you have misunderstood. Although Elisa and I know each other, they are not friends. Like you, she and I have blood and blood…”

When I said this, Tracy was dripping with sweat and his legs were soft.


Hearing this, Lawrence was stunned, but did not let go, and sneered: “Since there is a sea of ​​blood and deep enmity, then you want to cultivate the same inner strength technique? I guess it’s correct, are you a master and sister of a sect?”

Chapter 913

“Yes, Elisa and I are both from the Emei school.” Tracy bit her lip, trying to calm herself down, watching Lawrence slowly said: “She is indeed my senior sister, but she is cruel, first I robbed my mother of the head, and later…”

In the next few minutes, Tracy said everything he had experienced.

After speaking. Thinking of my mother Han proudly living or dying, and Master Miaoqing also dead, Tracy’s grief came from it, tears remained, and he choked at Lawrence: “Senior, I didn’t lie to you, Elisa killed me and my mother like that. It’s miserable, I can’t wait to kill her myself!”


Hearing this, Lawrence couldn’t help but let go of his hand.

did not expect. The experience of this female doll in front of her is worse than her own.

Originally, Lawrence had some suspicions in his heart, but seeing the pitiful and pitiful appearance of ice and tears, the doubts disappeared without a trace. Instead, there is endless sympathy.

Tracy cried for a while, gradually calmed down, and then slowly walked to the surrounding walls, using internal force to completely destroy the curse on the wall. Just now Lawrence said that as long as he breaks the curse on the surrounding walls, he can regain his freedom. Tracy has a clever mind and remembered it in his heart. Seeing Lawrence let him go, in return, Tracy decided to help him.


In an instant, the spell was destroyed, and there were waves of invisible aura, escaping from the wall, and finally disappeared without a trace.


Without the imprisonment of the power of the incantation, the horns opened the inner force and directly smashed the mysterious iron chains on the hands and feet. The decadent and lonely aura of the original body was swept away. Instead, it was a powerful force that arrogantly in the world. Aura.


At this moment, Lawrence moved his hands and feet, and his heart was extremely excited.

More than two thousand years. After being imprisoned for so long, I can finally see the sun again.

In the next second, Lawrence tilted his head to look at Tracy, his eyes full of complexity: “Girl doll, why are you helping me?” The tone was not strong, but it was a scrutiny, which was beyond doubt.


Facing Lawrence’s question, Tracy sighed slightly and said sadly: “Senior, after hearing your experience just now, I think we are all people with miserable destiny.”

With that said, Tracy looked at the broken iron chain on the wall and continued: “Senior has been trapped for so many years and suffered so much. Even if he did something wrong, he would have paid it back a long time ago. Look at the outside world.”

Tracy’s remarks came from the bottom of his heart.

When I saw Lawrence for the first time, I was shocked by his miserable image. After listening to Lawrence’s story, Tracy felt a sense of being connected with life.

Therefore, Tracy did not hesitate, and directly helped Lawrence break the seal spell on the surrounding walls.

Hear these. Lawrence went silent, his expression changing.

A few seconds later, Lawrence looked at Tracy with a slight smile, and applauded: “Okay, haha, okay, girl doll, the old lady was a bit reckless just now, don’t mind you!”

When he said this, Lawrence was kind, and he was not as harsh as before.

To be honest, as the well-known leader of Tiangong during the Three Kingdoms period, Lawrence was originally a cruel man. After being deceived by Elisa before, his heart became darker and he vowed that he would never trust anyone again.

Just now, Lawrence really wanted to kill Tracy. But after listening to Tracy’s story, Lawrence was deeply moved. At this time, he saw that Tracy had broken the spell for himself, and that answer was deeply moving.

At this moment. In Lawrence’s heart, he only felt that the ice in front of him was indescribably cordial.

“Senior.” Tracy looked at the hole above his head and continued: “Senior has regained his freedom, and I must not need my help anymore. We will have some time later!”

When the voice fell, Tracy was about to leave the secret room.

“and many more!”

However, at this moment, Lawrence yelled, his tone expressing urgency.

Tracy turned around and smiled slightly: “Senior, what else can I help?”

Lawrence looked at Tracy tightly. Very surprised: “Girl, you helped me so much, don’t you need to return it?”


Hearing this, Tracy was stunned for a moment, and then smiled: “I help senior to restore his freedom, just a small effort, how can I get anything in return?”

Tracy was taught by Han proudly since he was a child, to walk the rivers and lakes, to punish the evil and promote the good, but also to be helpful. Not asking for anything in return, Tracy has always kept it in his heart.

Tracy’s answer made Lawrence nod his head and applaud again and again.

In the next second, Lawrence sighed and said with emotion: “I really didn’t expect Lawrence to be rebellious all his life. No one has ever convinced me, but today I was convinced by a younger female doll. She was very young, but she was very brave and courageous. It’s really admirable.”

As he said, Lawrence looked serious, and looked at Tracy: “Girl baby, I have a clear grievance with Lawrence. If you help me, I will repay you. In this way, I will tell you the truth of immortality, and “break life What do you think of the secret technique of “forgetting death”?


Tracy was stunned. After a few seconds, he reacted and shook his head: “Senior, as I said just now, helping Senior is just a small effort, you don’t have to give me back!”

As the daughter of Han proudly. Tracy also has a arrogant and cold heart, thinking that the Emei School’s exercises are the best and strongest in the world, and there is no need to practice outsiders’ exercises.

More importantly, the indestructible truth of Lawrence. I was deceived by Elisa before, and Tracy hated Elisa deeply, and naturally didn’t want to practice the same technique as her.


Lawrence is a stubborn temper, the more Tracy doesn’t want it, the more he wants to give it.

“Girl doll!”

at this time. Lawrence’s eyes flickered, and he said with a smile: “You just said that your mother was trapped in Emei. With your strength, it can’t be saved at all, but if you learn my eternal truth, it will be different, not only Rescue your mother, you can even cross the world.”

With that said, Lawrence took two steps forward and continued mysteriously: “Furthermore, I can tell you that before I passed to that person named Elisa, it is not the complete immortal scripture!”

Not bad!

At that time, when Elisa and Lawrence were discussing terms, Lawrence left an eye on Lawrence when she asked for benefits. There were a few dictums that were not passed to Elisa. Therefore, Elisa’s practice of immortality has some flaws.


Hearing this, Tracy’s body was shocked, his eyes flashed with strange light, and his heart was extremely complicated!

Yes, how can I save my mother with my current strength?

As long as you have practiced Lawrence’s “Indestructible Scripture”, you will not be afraid of the Emei Sect and the roundup of masters of various martial arts. More importantly, Elisa’s practice of immortality is not the complete book, and after practicing all of it, can’t he restrain her?

At that time, not only can I rescue my mother, but also help my mother regain the Emei Pie from Elisa’s hands!

Chapter 914


In the next second, Tracy no longer hesitated, and knelt in front of Lawrence. His beautiful face was full of respect: “Disciple Tracy, pay homage to Master!”

As the voice fell, Tracy made three loud knocks.

“Good, good!”

Seeing this scene, Lawrence was very relieved, smiled and raised his hand: “Good apprentice. Get up!”

Immediately, Lawrence couldn’t help the excitement in his heart, and laughed up to the sky: “Haha… I didn’t expect that Lawrence will not only see the sky again, but also accept a good apprentice, haha… Lu Bu, you have been sleepy with me for so long, In the end, still hate Jiuquan?”

After smiling for a few minutes, Lawrence stopped.

No wonder. For whoever it is, he has to vent after being trapped for thousands of years.

Immediately, Lawrence looked at Tracy earnestly: “Good disciple, as a teacher, I now pass on the entire version of your Indestructible Sutra. You have to remember clearly!” After speaking, Lawrence generalized the formula of “Indestructible Sutra”. , Said it without missing a word.

In Lawrence’s eyes, Tracy was just a woman, and there was no threat to him at all.

When reciting the formula, Lawrence looked at Tracy’s eyes, full of love, this apprentice, not only looks beautiful, but also has such a kind heart, who doesn’t like it.

At this moment, Tracy had a twelve-point spirit, and kept the formula firmly in his heart.

Finally, after Lawrence said the last mantra, he said to the cold ice: “Good disciple, this immortal scripture method is extremely subtle and powerful. It cannot be practiced in a day and a half. It should be done step by step. ,Understand?”

“Disciple understand!” Tracy nodded obediently.

Next, accompanied by Lawrence, Tracy sat cross-legged and began to practice.

the other side. Apocalypse continent.

In the Qianyuan Hall, hundreds of civil and military officials stood neatly on both sides of the hall, each with a sacred expression and a solemn atmosphere.

On the dragon chair in the main hall, King Castro sat there wearing a golden dragon robe, with a knife-slashed face, not angry and majestic, and his body was filled with a royal majesty that people dare not dare to profanity.

“Everyone, Aiqing!”

At this time, Castro looked around and said lightly: “What good strategy do you have? Tell me about it all!”

When he said this, King Castro’s face was calm, but his heart was burning with anger.

Those friends of the Ouyang family and Darryl have been in prison for nearly a month. During this month, these people were tortured every day. At the same time, the Apocalypse Royal Family also kept sending out news to attract Darryl. Just waiting for Darryl to rescue them, and then put Darryl to death.

However, no Darryl appeared until now. Castro was very annoyed about this, and today he will summon a hundred officials of civil and military officials to discuss how to deal with it.


The voice fell. Everyone in the hall suddenly broke out into a heated discussion.

“Your Majesty, since that Darryl does not appear, I don’t think we need to wait anymore!”

“Yes, Darryl is very cunning. He expected that if he didn’t show up, Your Majesty wouldn’t do anything to the people in the prison, so he felt confident. In this case, let’s decapitate all those repeat offenders…”

“No, if those people die, Darryl won’t appear at all. Don’t forget, your majesty’s ultimate goal is to elicit Darryl and kill those people is useless.”

“Yes, Darryl is the confidant…”

For a time, everyone expressed their opinions, just one sentence. I argued very fiercely.


Seeing this scene, Castro’s head grew big, he slapped the dragon chair abruptly, and said coldly: “It’s OK, don’t discuss it. Let’s go. There is no feasible way.

? “

The voice fell, and there was no sound in the hall.

Feeling the anger of Castro, the civil and military officials, all of them bowed their heads, and did not dare to show up.


At this moment, Gary slowly walked out, arched his hand at King Castro, respectfully said: “Erchen has a suggestion!”

“Say Ya’er!” Guangping Wang urged with a smile on his face. Simultaneously. Don’t forget to take a cold glance at those civil and military officials.

This group of salarymen, when they express their allegiance, they say that one is better than the other, but at a critical moment, they can’t count on any one, and they have to rely on Ya’er in the end.

Gary breathed a sigh of relief and slowly said, “Since Darryl is not coming, let’s take the initiative to attack.”

As he said, Gary’s eyes showed a hint of coldness, and he continued: “I heard. A few days ago, the Central Yuan Continent’s natural vision was that the sleeping beast Qilin of the Tianquan Sect was awakened. At the time, many schools of I went, Darryl was there, and later, Darryl disappeared.”

“According to my guess, Darryl must have returned to the Diyuan Continent, so the child minister requested an order to go to the Diyuan Continent to investigate Darryl’s whereabouts. As long as he finds him, the child minister must find a way to catch him back.”

At the end of the talk, Gary looked resolute.

Even if Darryl is his own biological father, he left himself and his mother alone at the beginning, and it hurts himself and his mother even more. He has been separated for so many years, so there is no need to talk about affection.


Hearing this, everyone around whispered, watching Gary’s gaze. It also shone with complexity.

The prince actually wants to go out to catch Darryl himself?

Darryl is his biological father.

But these words, civil and military officials, can only think in their hearts, in front of King Castro, who would dare to say them.


Castro nodded. Looking at Gary, he applauded: “Okay, just do what you said!”

When talking about this, Castro was very pleased, although the child was not his own. But he was very compassionate and sensible, and he didn’t really care for him in vain.

At the same time, Castro was a little proud. Darryl, Darryl, even if you are so righteous, there are so many people who are selling their lives for you. But so what? Your own biological son, isn’t he against you?

Thinking about it, King Castro looked at Gary with a smile, and waved his hand: “Go, pay attention to safety!”

“Yes, Father!” Gary replied, then turned and walked out of the hall.

Soon, after getting ready, Gary took tens of thousands of Yulin Army and marched toward the Earth Circle Continent. Originally, Gary wanted to go by himself, but Guangping Wang was worried about his safety, so he sent the Yulin Army to protect him. .

After a long journey, Gary and his army finally arrived at the boundary of the Earth Round Continent.

At this moment, Gary’s mood was very complicated when he stepped onto the land of the Earth Circle Continent.

It stands to reason that the Continent of the Earth is my hometown, but this land is so unfamiliar to me.

Gary scratched his head and thought: He brought tens of thousands of troops to the mainland to investigate the news. It was too eye-catching, and he had to be cautious. By the way, first go to Elisa. She is the leader of the Emei faction and the leader of the Earth Round Continent. More importantly, she also wants to get rid of Darryl. Therefore, Elisa will definitely help.

After making up his mind, Gary let the army rest for a while, and then rushed directly to the Emei faction.

Gary has experienced ups and downs since he was a child, and recently became a prince. He was influenced by the emperor’s skills of the Castro, and his mind and city have long surpassed his peers.

Gary led the army, and after another four hours of flying, finally arrived at Mount Emei.

Chapter 915

The weather today is very nice and the sun is shining, but on Mount Emei, the atmosphere is dignified.

Under Mount Emei, Gary asked the army to camp and wait, and then slowly climbed the mountain alone.


As soon as he arrived at the Emei Mountain Gate, Gary felt something was wrong, and frowned secretly. The Emei School is a famous and authentic school in the Diyuan Continent. It should have been lively and extraordinary. Especially at this point in time, there should be many disciples. Cultivating in the square, but today, the entire Emei Mountain is exceptionally deserted.

Not only that, the disciples who patrolled were all gloomy and dejected one by one.

Emei dispatched something?

Seeing this scene, Gary couldn’t help muttering secretly.


At this moment, the female disciple of the Emei faction patrolling found Gary and immediately surrounded her.

“Who? Breaking into Emei?”

“Hurry up!”

While drinking tenderly, these female disciples all face each other. All are vigilant.

Ever since Elisa was trapped in Beiying Mainland, the spirits of the Emei faction have been tense.

Gary looked calm and smiled slightly: “Don’t panic, I’m not here to cause trouble, I am your friend of the head of Zhou. This time I am coming to Earth Continent, and I will visit it specially.”

A friend in charge?

Upon hearing this, the female disciples looked at each other. One of them bit his lip and replied: “We…we Elisa’s head is not there.” Elisa was trapped in Beiying Mainland. This incident is too shameful. It is about the prestige of the Emei school. How could he take the initiative to say come out.

Not here?

This time it was Gary’s turn to be stunned.

Soon, Gary calmed down and said with a smile: “It doesn’t matter if it’s not there, I will wait for her in there!”

With that said, Gary was about to enter the hall.


Before taking a few steps, it was stopped by a few female disciples. Then, the one headed quickly walked over and looked at Gary and said solemnly: “We have said that, the head is not here, you I want to visit and come again next time.”

The moment he spoke, other disciples also walked over, blocking Gary’s path.


Gary frowned, more puzzled in his heart, and at the same time, there was some fire in his heart.

In the next second, Gary said coldly: “What if I have to go in?” He is a stubborn temperament, these Emei school disciples, the more so, the more he wants to go in and take a look.

Moreover, as the prince of the Apocalypse Continent. The status is honorable, whoever sees it is not respectful, but these female disciples of the Emei school dare to stop themselves.


At the same time, a powerful breath burst out from Gary and swept all around.

Feeling Gary’s aura, the female disciples looked at each other, and were a little shocked in their hearts.

This young man seems to be young, but his strength is amazing.

Do not

However, for the dignity of the Emei school, several female disciples still refused to give up.

For a while, the two sides were deadlocked, the atmosphere was very depressing, and the air was filled with a smell of gunpowder.

“What’s so noisy?”

At this moment, in the direction of the hall, a crisp and cold voice came, and then Annie slowly walked over.

Today’s Annie, wearing a light pink long skirt, reveals her s3xy and tight figure to the fullest, and she is indescribably beautiful and charming.

“Sister Wang!”

“I have seen Sister Wang.”

When I saw Annie and a few female disciples, they quickly stepped aside and spoke respectfully.

Although she is the head of the generation, Annie is Elisa’s confidant. She has a high status in the Emei School, and the methods are as harsh as Elisa, so she is a disciple of the Emei School. I was respectful and afraid of her.


At this moment, Gary’s eyes fell tightly on Annie, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

At this time, Annie walked up to the front, with a pretty face, and coldly said to several disciples: “What’s the matter, what are you arguing about here?” Annie admires vanity, and when Elisa is away, she naturally wants to put on a show. The master’s shelf.

At this time, Annie hadn’t noticed Gary.

“Annie, where is Elisa?” Gary stepped forward and said coldly.


Annie’s expression changed, and she was frightened. She is now the head of the Emei faction. Who dares to call her name directly? Annie turned her head to meet Gary’s gaze, and she suddenly trembled.


In the next second, Annie slowed down and said with a smile to Gary: “It turns out that His Royal Highness has arrived!” As Elisa’s confidant, Annie knew that he knew Gary and his identity.

At this moment, Annie smiled Yanran, and it was in stark contrast with Leng Ao just now.

Gary smiled. Faintly said: “No need to be so polite, I’ll come to Elisa to talk about something.”

When he said these, Gary’s expression was indifferent, but he secretly sneered in his heart.

This princess, with such a strong resilience, will be a difficult master in the future. However, he is the prince, so don’t worry about her.

“Oh, like this…”

Annie’s face changed, and she smiled lightly and said: “If the head is not there, if the prince has something, let’s go into the hall and talk!” After that, Annie made a gesture of please.

At the same time, I didn’t forget to shout at the disciples behind him: “What are you doing in a daze? Why don’t you withdraw quickly? His Royal Highness dared to stop him, I think you don’t want to live anymore.”

what? !

The female disciples retreated one by one in fear, looking at Gary. I was extremely shocked.

This… this boy, is the prince?

In fact, a few years ago, Gary had been to the Emei School. It was the Millennium Ceremony of the Emei School at that time. When Gary passed by Emei, he came up to find Tracy to renew his old age, but Monica just left with Tracy. At that time, Gary was still making trouble in Emei. Many disciples of Emei faction are still fresh in their memories, but after a few years, Gary has become mature.

These disciples would not recognize them.

quickly. Under the leadership of Annie, Gary walked into the hall.

Annie was very attentive, greeted Gary to take a seat, and then ordered his disciples to make tea and pour water.

Gary was not in the mood to drink tea, and as soon as he sat down, he asked Annie, “Annie, where is your head? Also, what happened to the Emei Sect and why is it lifeless?”


Annie sighed, her delicate face was a bit ashamed: “It’s true that we are in charge, we are trapped in the palace of Beiying Continent!”


Hearing this, Gary was taken aback.

The continent of Kyushu has been communicating with each other for more than ten years. As a prince, Gary has a detailed understanding of the conditions of each continent. Especially in this northern continent, it is said that there are masters like clouds, and there are many long-standing existences, such as descendants. The Great, Empress Chang’e, Zhu Rong. Gonggong etc…

It can be said that these masters, just pull one out, and they are all top powerhouses on other continents.

Therefore, Beiying Continent is the strongest among Kyushu. And Elisa was actually trapped in the palace of Beiying Continent, I was afraid it would be difficult to get out.

In shock, Gary looked at Annie closely: “What the hell is going on?”

“It’s not because of that Darryl.” Annie said with resentment and gritted teeth: “The headmaster was deceived by Darryl, and he was led to the palace of Beiying Continent…”

In the next few minutes, Annie will report the situation. Said it in detail.

At the end, Annie said bitterly: “After Darryl lied to the head, he escaped from the palace alone and disappeared without a trace. This ba5tard, I can’t wait to cut her a thousand times.”


Hear these. Gary didn’t lock it tightly, and sighed inwardly.

No wonder Darryl has never come to the Apocalypse Continent. It turns out that he was arrested by Elisa…

“Sister Wang!”

As he was talking, suddenly, a disciple guarding the dungeon walked in quickly, Xiuli’s face was full of anxiety: “Senior Sister Wang, it’s not good, it’s not good!”

The female disciple was panting, and was dripping with sweat.

“What’s the panic.” Annie stared, and said angrily: “Have you not seen me talking to His Royal Highness? There are no rules at all?”

The female disciple was almost crying, too anxious.

“What’s the matter?” Annie took a sip of tea and urged angrily.

The female disciple shuddered, she knelt on the ground, sweating all over, and quickly said: “Senior Sister Wang, it’s not good…it’s not good…just… Just now, Han proudly bit her tongue and killed herself! “

what? !

Annie’s expression changed, and she stood up all at once: “What did you say?! Han proudly bit her tongue and committed suicide?”

Monica, this b!tch, is really looking for trouble! At first, Elisa caught Monica in order to deal with Darryl, but now if Monica died, his plan would be frustrated.

More importantly, Monica had an accident under his supervision. After Elisa blamed him, he couldn’t escape the blame!

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