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Chapter 971

“Good disciple, are you the Sect Master of Tianmen?” Mu Qingyue asked in a low voice, her delicate body trembling.

“Yes!” Darryl smiled bitterly and looked at Mu Qingyue with apologetic expression on his face: “I’m sorry, Master, I was forced to hide my identity before.”

To be honest, before that, Darryl had no sense of mentoring and apprenticeship towards Mu Qingyue, but Mu Qingyue just now. Blocking in front of him, to deal with Xie Liuyun, Darryl recognized this beautiful master.


At this moment, all the disciples of Xingmu Altar crowded around excitedly, among them Senior Sister Liu Qingqing was the most excited.

“Good brother, it turns out you are Darryl, no wonder you know so much.”

“Haha, I didn’t expect that Junior Brother has such a big background.”

“Let me just say, a fisherman, how could it be so powerful. Thanks to the altar master for betting with him, they all lost…”

The disciples of Xingmutan, you can’t conceal your respect and admiration for Darryl.

The disciples of the Ryujin Altar all looked ugly.

Especially Xie Liuyun, looking at Darryl with complicated eyes. The whole person is stupid.


In the next second, Xie Liuyun laughed and said to Darryl: “So you are Tianmen Sect Master Darryl. I ask you, what is your purpose for concealing your identity and joining our Saint Sect?”

As he said, Xie Liuyun’s tone became stern: “Let me guess, you want to secretly learn the secrets of our Saint Sect’s town faction, or you want to investigate the internal information of our Saint Sect, and you fell off the cliff. The play is to spread the situation of the investigation, right?”


Hearing this, Darryl was stunned, unable to laugh or cry.

This Xie Liuyun’s imagination is rich enough. Lao Tzu is the master of Tianmen, and he rarely learns the secrets of your holy sect?


Many other Shengzong disciples believed Xie Liuyun’s words.

Yes, Darryl is the Sect Master of Tianmen, why should he join the Saint Sect? Not stealing what is the secret of the town faction? After all, the secret book of the town faction can only be practiced by the leader.

Aware of these, many Saint Sect disciples, looking at Darryl’s gaze, gradually turned from reverence to suspicion.


Seeing this scene, Xie Liuyun felt very proud and looked around the audience. Loudly said: “This Darryl, mixed with our Saint Sect, is unpredictable. Now, as the master of the Altar Altar, I have ordered him to be taken and taken back to the Holy Master.”

“Yes!” When the voice fell, many Shengzong disciples responded loudly and surrounded Darryl.

The disciples of Xingmutan looked at each other and were very embarrassed.

Not only that, Mu Qingyue also frowned, and did not speak to Darryl anymore.

Because Xie Liuyun is right, this Darryl, as the master of Tianmen, has changed his identity to join the Saint Sect. His purpose is, in the end

What is it?

Although Mu Qingyue admires Darryl very much, in her heart, the interests of Shengzong are always the first. Therefore, in this case, she can only put the emotions in her heart aside.

In the blink of an eye, Darryl was tightly surrounded.

Raquel was nervous, she took Darryl’s hand and whispered: “Darryl, what shall we do?”

With so many people, the two can’t rush out together.

“Stop it!”

At this moment, Chang’e gave a soft drink, her delicate face without the slightest fluctuation. Looking around the audience: “I didn’t ask for any reason, just do it directly, your holy sect, are you acting so recklessly now?”

Originally, Chang’e didn’t want to help Darryl to speak.

But there was no way, he had to rely on Darryl to restore his innocence. If Darryl was captured by the Saint Sect, what would he do?

“Who are you?” Xie Liuyun said with a cold face, looking up and down Chang’e, and said angrily: “This is our Saint Sect’s business, it’s not your turn to tell.”


As soon as the voice fell, I heard a loud shout, and then Tu Xingsun jumped out and pointed at Xie Liuyun angrily: “Do you know who she is? Chang’e, who is famous in the world, dare you to speak like this and find death. “


Because it was dark and Tuxingsun was short, the people like Shengzong hadn’t paid attention to him. At this time, they suddenly saw a little dwarf, and then heard him, the audience was shocked.


Chang’e… Empress?

In a moment, everyone’s eyes. They all looked at Chang’e closely, and they were all speechless in shock.

Xie Liuyun was also stunned. After a few seconds, he reacted and looked at Tuxing Sun: “Your Excellency is…” While speaking, Xie Yunliu’s eyes flashed with suspicion.

You know, Chang’e is high above the empress. The Moon Palace Fairy, whom the world admired, lived in the imperial palace for a long time, how could it be in such a place? Still with Darryl?

The disciples of the saint sect around are also believing.

But before Xie Liuyun finished asking, he was interrupted by Tu Xingsun.

“I can’t change my name or surname, I’ll be Tuxingsun, and I will protect the empress full-time.” Tuxingsun looked at Xie Liuyun and said coldly, “What? Are you questioning the identity of the empress?”

The sound was not loud, but it spread throughout the audience, full of aura.


Hearing this, Xie Liuyun couldn’t help taking a breath. Quickly waved his hand: “I dare not dare.”

Tuxingsun’s appearance was different from ordinary people. Xie Liuyun had guessed it when he appeared just now. At this time, when he heard it out, naturally he no longer doubted it.

And the woman who can be guarded by Tuxing Sun, in the world, who can be besides Chang’e?

At this moment, the surrounding Saint Sect disciples no longer doubted it.


Bit! “

At this time, Chang’e looked around the audience and gently said: “Darryl concealed his identity and joined your Saint Sect. There must be a secret, but it is definitely not what you think. He is the Sect Master of Tianmen, why use this method? Go and learn your holy sect’s town school secrets?”

When she said this, Chang’e’s tone was light, but she felt a kind of unquestionable majesty.

To be honest, if two days ago, Chang’e would definitely not help Darryl to speak, but after two days of contact, Chang’e found that Darryl was not as unbearable as he thought.

More importantly, Chang’e had to rely on Darryl to restore her innocence and would never allow him to have an accident.


Hearing this, Xie Liuyun’s face flushed and was very embarrassed.

Xie Liuyun is not a fool. It can be heard that Chang’e is obviously facing Darryl, but she is an empress after all, with a noble status, how can she refute it.

At the same time, the surrounding Saint Sect disciples also nodded secretly.

Empress Chang’e is right. As the Sect Master of Tianmen, Darryl has an extraordinary status and will never be so despicable. He must have hidden his identity and joined the Saint Sect because he has another secret intention.

However, Mu Qingyue on the side. Looking at Darryl, his eyes were shining with strange brilliance, and his heart was unspeakable astonishment.

What is the charm of this Darryl, even Chang’e helped him speak.


At this moment, Xie Liuyun looked at Darryl. I was very unwilling to open the mouth and said: “For the sake of the empress, I won’t care about you today. Be careful next time.”

To be honest, after learning of Darryl’s true identity, Xie Liuyun did not abandon his previous suspicions, but felt even more resentful in his heart. After all, before betting with Darryl, it was too shameful to lose.

But no way.

Darryl has Chang’e’s help, so I can’t afford it.

Feeling Xie Liuyun’s unhappiness, Darryl smiled lightly and ignored it.

In the next second, Darryl tilted his head to look at Chang’e and nodded gratefully.

To be honest, when Xie Liuyun and the others gathered around just now, Darryl was calm on the surface, but he was panicked in his heart. After all, Raquel was by his side, and it was inevitable to be accidentally injured when he really fought.

Unexpectedly, Chang’e would help at the critical moment.

Chang’e pretended not to see Darryl’s gratitude, and there was not the slightest fluctuation on the beautiful face.


Aware of these, Darryl was very happy.

This Chang’e is really interesting. She is obviously afraid that something will happen to me, but she wants to act as if nothing has happened.

Just when Darryl was secretly funny, Raquel’s delicate body trembled and pinched him severely.


When the pain came, Darryl couldn’t help taking a breath, then stared at Raquel, and said silently, “Raquel, why are you pinching me?”

Chapter 972

Raquel bit her lip tightly, glared at Darryl in shame, and stomped angrily: “Why are you with Chang’e? What is your relationship?”


Darryl couldn’t laugh or cry, and quickly coaxed: “Ho Raquel, don’t get me wrong, I have nothing to do with Chang’e, but I have encountered a lot of trouble with her these days. I will explain the details to you later.”

Hearing this, Raquel stopped speaking.

At this time. Mu Qingyue and Xingmutan’s disciples all gathered around to chat with Darryl.

Darryl had guessed right before, that people like Saint Sect had gone down the mountain to experience, and the experience was over, and they were on their way back to Saint Sect.

After a simple greeting, Darryl followed Mu Qingyue and everyone back to Saint Sect. At the same time invite Chang’e to go with him.

After some deep thought, Chang’e agreed to go with her.

after all. Yang Jian made an order, and the entire Beiying Continent was searching for Chang’e’s whereabouts. It can be said that it is not safe to go anywhere, in this case. Shengzong is an ideal place of refuge.

Soon, after several hours of trekking, Darryl followed Saint Sect and finally arrived at the mountain gate.

As soon as he arrived at the gate, Darryl felt that something was wrong. It stands to reason that at this time in the middle of the night, the gate should be very quiet, with only patrolling disciples still walking, but tonight, all the disciples who did not participate in the experience gathered in front of the hall. On the square, one by one looked solemn and excited.

At the entrance of the hall, a proud figure stood there quietly.

Darryl saw from a distance, this person was dressed in a moon-white robe, about forty years old, immortal wind and bones, and a powerful aura filled his whole body. Even if he was far away, it made people breathless.

Feeling the strength of this person, Darryl’s heart was shocked, and he was extremely shocked.

I go!

His strength is unfathomable, and he can’t even perceive his realm. Who is this person?

At this moment, Mu Qingyue and Xie Liuyun, as well as the many disciples behind them, were extremely excited and delighted to see this person, and then walked over quickly and respectfully saluted.

“Holy Lord!”

“The disciple sees the Holy Lord.”

“Congratulations to the Lord, successfully exiting the customs.”

I go!

Hearing everyone’s voices, Darryl was shocked at the same time.

It turns out that this is the Holy Master of the Holy Sect, no wonder the strength is so terrifying, he is about to reach the Tribulation Realm, and he can’t even perceive it.

“Ha ha…”

At this time, the holy lord smiled slightly and raised his hand: “Don’t pay the courtesy, this seat has just left the customs, and you are returning to the mountain gate after you have gone down the mountain to experience, just wait here.”

As he said, the gaze of the holy master slowly swept across the disciples, and he nodded with satisfaction: “Yes, yes, your strength has improved a lot these days in this retreat. It seems that you have not worked hard.”


As he was talking, the gaze of the holy lord fell on Chang’e’s body, his expression stiffened, and he was shocked.

In the next second, the Holy Lord walked down with surprise and joy, arrived in front of Chang’e, smiled and said: “Chang’e Empress is coming here, my Holy Sect is really brilliant.”

When he said this, the Holy Lord had a smile on his face, and his tone was also somewhat polite.

“Lu Dongbin.” Chang’e smiled lightly, and said: “I really didn’t think about it. I haven’t seen it in a thousand years. You still like to retreat and enlighten the Dao.” The tone is relaxed, obviously the two have known each other for a long time.

D*mn it.

Upon hearing this, Darryl next to him felt that his brain buzzed and his whole person was blinded.

This… the Holy Lord is Lu Dongbin?


For an instant, Darryl was stunned there, shocked in his heart.

Completely shocked.

Lu Dongbin. The Taoist name is Chunyangzi, the great master of Taoism. In historical legends, almost everyone knows the name of Lu Dongbin.

No wonder the entire Shengzong Mountain Gate. There is a kind of immortality, most of the disciples are also free and easy personalities, the original head is Chunyang son Lu Dongbin.

Yes, the holy lord of this fairy-style Dao bone is exactly the famous Chunyang son of Taoism, Lu Dongbin.

Like Zhu Rong on Buzhou Mountain and Shennong, Lu Dongbin is indifferent. I don’t like disputes between the rivers and lakes, but only pursue the enlightenment with concentration, so he founded the Holy Sect, but he strictly forbids his disciples to participate in the disputes between the rivers and lakes.

As a well-known figure in Taoism, Lu Dongbin and Chang’e have some friendship, but Lu Dongbin likes to retreat and cultivates his mind and enlightenment quietly. So it has been a long time since I saw Chang’e.


At this time, Lu Dongbin laughed happily and said to Chang’e: “Chang’e, you are the same, you are still beautiful, beautiful and beautiful.”


After a few words of greeting, Lu Dongbin noticed Darryl, and said in amazement: “This young man, has never seen him before, is he the guard next to the empress?”

Shengzong is very strict in accepting disciples, and Lu Dongbin has a wise eye like a torch. He noticed Darryl at a glance, thinking that he was Chang’e’s entourage. You know, when Darryl was accepted as a disciple by Mu Qingyue, Lu Dongbin was still in retreat and didn’t know it.


In response to Lu Dongbin’s gaze, Darryl was inexplicably flustered, opened his mouth, and was about to respond.

He just said a word when he was interrupted by Xie Liuyun next to him.

“Holy Lord. This kid is called Darryl.” Xie Liuyun slowly said: “It’s the Diyuan Continent, the Sect Master of Tianmen, but he concealed his identity and joined our Saint Sect, the Holy Master. You must check this matter carefully. “

When he said this, Xie Liuyun was serious on the surface, but a bit of viciousness rose in his heart.

Before Darryl had Chang’e to help, Xie Liuyun dared not say anything. But now that the holy lord has left the customs, there is no need to worry about Chang’e at all.


Darryl was immediately frightened.

This Xie Liuyun is too insidious, as soon as he seizes the opportunity, he counts himself.

Sovereign of Tianmen?

Lu Dongbin frowned slightly. Think about it. Could this sect be the one that has developed rapidly in Diyuan Continent in the past ten years and is famous in Kyushu?

At this time, Chang’e came over and said softly: “Headmaster Lu, this Darryl is my friend. I can come to Shengzong today because of him.”


Hearing this, Lu Dongbin showed a slight smile, and applauded Darryl: “Your name is Darryl, right? You are young and promising, yes, yes…”

Although he still doesn’t understand the truth, Lu Dongbin believes in Chang’e. You must know that the person who can let Chang’e speak up is definitely not an ordinary person.

“Don’t dare!” Darryl said modestly.

At this time, Xie Liuyun was anxious, and couldn’t help but speak: “Holy Master Mingjian, this kid concealed his identity and mixed into our Holy Sect. He must have a purpose…”

At this time, Xie Liyun was very unhappy, and couldn’t understand how the Holy Master saw Darryl for the first time, but he admired him so much.

However, Lu Dongbin stopped him before he finished speaking.

“Flowing clouds.” Lu Dongbin said with a cold face, no doubt: “In front of the mother, you are not allowed to be so unruly, step back.”

“Yes!” Seeing that the Holy Master became a little angry, Xie Liuyun didn’t dare to say more, bowed his head and stepped back. However, his eyes glared at Darryl fiercely.

At this time, Lu Dongbin smiled and invited Chang’e into the hall.

Chapter 973


After taking his seat, Lu Dongbin smiled at Chang’e and asked: “My mother is not enjoying the wealth and honor in the palace, why suddenly came to my Saint Sect?”

He practised in seclusion all the year round, and Lu Dongbin rarely asked about outside affairs. At this time, he did not know that the Great Emperor Houyi died suddenly, Yang Jian became emperor, and the entire Beiying Palace was changed.


Chang’e sighed lightly and slowly said: “Your Majesty is dead, Yang Jian has seized the throne, and now he has ordered to chase the palace…” the next few minutes. Chang’e explained the details.

Of course, Chang’e didn’t say anything about Yang Jian likes himself and wanted to occupy himself. After all, this kind of thing is too shameful.


In an instant, the entire hall was in an uproar, everyone’s eyes stared at Darryl blankly, speechless.

“I’m going, Darryl… killed the Great Emperor Houyi?”

“It’s incredible, but Yang Jian is also very hateful. He took the opportunity to usurp power…”

“Unexpectedly, in just one month, so many things happened.”

Everyone said something to me, and Lu Dongbin couldn’t conceal the shock in his heart, and looked at Darryl speechless.

This kid is not easy. He accidentally killed the Great Emperor Hou Yi.

However, Lu Dongbin was an expert of Taoism and had a broad nature. He believed that anything in time was destined in the dark. The so-called everything has its own will, so he was relieved soon.

In the next second, Lu Dongbin breathed out softly and watched Chang’e comfortingly said: “You can’t come back to life after death, so please be sorry.

With that said, Lu Dongbin asked earnestly: “I don’t know what your mother intends to do now?”

“The truth was not clear, Yang Jian decided that Zhu Bajie and I had conspired to kill the husband.” Chang’e bit her lip, her delicate face, her anger could not be concealed: “Now, soldiers are sent to search for the whereabouts of the palace. , With such wolfish ambitions, if it really allows him to secure his position as the emperor, I am afraid that the entire continent will be plunged into dire straits. The palace must be restored to innocence and at the same time regain the imperial power.”

With that said, Chang’e clenched her powder fist and looked at Lu Dongbin, looking forward to it: “Headmaster Lu, you must help me with this matter!”


Lu Dongbin pondered, and nodded silently: “I beg your mother, the deity will naturally help!”

Seeing his promise, Chang’e’s body was shocked, and she was indescribably delighted. To know. Lu Dongbin is a master of Taoism, with his help, naturally there is no need to be afraid of Yang Jian.


However, at this moment, Lu Dongbin spoke again: “This matter is not trivial, so we need to take a long time to discuss it, so during this period of time, I temporarily wronged the mother and lived in my holy sect.”

Having said that, Lu Dongbin directed to Xie Liuyun and others: “You immediately send your disciples to the imperial city to conduct secret investigations. Once there is any movement of True Monarch Erlang, you will immediately report back.”

“Yes, Holy Lord!” Xie Liuyun and others responded in unison, and then quickly walked out of the hall to prepare.

To be honest, although Lu Dongbin is not afraid of Yang Jian, Yang Jian is now in control of the imperial city and he has to be more careful.

“Thank you, Master Lu.” Chang’e smiled and thanked gently.

Lu Dongbin smiled and motioned to be welcome.

In the next second, Lu Dongbin looked around, and finally his eyes fell on Darryl: “Darryl, no matter what you have joined my Saint Sect, you are now a disciple of my Saint Sect. Since you and the empress are so destined, follow Starting today, your mother’s diet and daily life. You will be responsible for it.”

When he said this, Lu Dongbin’s indifferent expression contained a hint of meaning.

Speaking of which, there are thousands of Shengzong disciples, but only Darryl can take care of Chang’e. After all, he indirectly killed Hou Yi and let him take care of Chang’e, which is considered an atonement.

“Okay!” Yue Fan was wise and clever, and naturally understood Lu Dongbin’s meaning, and quickly nodded in response.

To be honest, Hou Yi was killed unintentionally, and Darryl felt very guilty to Chang’e in his heart, and it was nothing to take care of her diet and daily life in Shengzong.

Raquel, who was beside her, bit her lip lightly, and also tacitly agreed.

Raquel loved Darryl deeply, and when he saw that he promised to take care of Chang’e, she was naturally unwilling, but Raquel Bingxue was smart, knowing that Darryl had promised to make atonement. In this case, she could only support it.

“No way!”

But at this time. A soft drink came from outside the hall, and then a graceful woman walked in slowly.

A long yellow dress brings out the charming curves. He looked very polite and beautiful, but it was a bit cold.

It was Raquel’s mother, the empress.

“Darryl, you can’t serve Chang’e.” After entering the hall, Empress Empress opened her mouth to Darryl, with a firm attitude and no rebuttal.


At this moment, the eyes of all the people in the main hall would gather on the empress’s empress, one by one shining with surprise.

She… why did she break in?

Lu Dongbin was stunned, looked at the empress, and said: “This is…”

Just exited. It was the first time that Darryl saw him, so naturally he didn’t know the empress.

When the voice fell, Xie Liuyun strode out and said: “Holy Lord, this is Darryl’s mother-in-law, who belongs to the disciple’s family.”

As he said, Xie Liuyun said coldly at the empress empress: “You are so bold, the Holy Master is meeting a distinguished guest, you are a woman who breaks in so recklessly, are there any rules? Get out.”

When he said this, Xie Liuyun couldn’t hide the contempt in his eyes.

Darryl’s identity is special. I can’t afford it for the time being, but his mother-in-law doesn’t need to take it seriously.

The Empress Empress’s face changed, her body trembling with anger, she shouted at Xie Liuyun, “I am a woman from the Taoist family? Blind your dog’s eyes.”


Suddenly, the entire hall was in an uproar, and everyone was stunned.

This Darryl’s mother-in-law is too courageous to insult the Lord Altar?


Xie Liuyun’s face flushed, and the anger in his heart was suddenly ignited: “Dare to scold this seat, you will die.”

At this time, Xie Liuyun was unclear. He was the master of the Altar Altar and his status was respected. It didn’t matter if he was teased by Darryl before. Now he has to be insulted by his mother-in-law, where should he put his son?

Feeling Xie Liuyun’s anger, the empress empress didn’t panic at all, and sneered: “It’s not fake to say that you are a dog and look down upon others. My palace tells you that I am the empress empress of the Apocalypse Continent, and my status is no lower than Chang’e. “

Talking. The queen glanced at Darryl and continued: “Darryl is the son-in-law of this palace, with a noble status, why should I condescend to serve Chang’e?”

Before that, Raquel followed Shengzong’s disciples and went down the mountain to practice. Empress Empress was staying at the gate of the mountain. Just now, when she learned that the disciple of experience had returned, Empress Empress hurriedly came out to see the situation.

As a result, as soon as he arrived at the hall, he heard Lu Dongbin arranging Darryl to take care of Chang’e.

The queen empress is a tofu heart with a knife mouth. I didn’t admit that Darryl was his son-in-law before, but seeing Raquel insisted all the time, he acquiesced in it. At this time, seeing her son-in-law and being arranged to serve other women, the queen empress was naturally unwilling.

In a hurry, the Queen Empress simply told her true identity.

Anyway, Darryl’s identity was also exposed. It doesn’t matter anymore.


At this time, the entire hall exploded again, and everyone looked at Darryl in shock, unable to speak.

This… Darryl’s mother-in-law turned out to be the empress.

In shock, the disciples of Xingmu Tan looked at Darryl closely one by one, with a strange light shining in their eyes.

It is indeed the Sect Master of Tianmen.

Too awesome, the mother-in-law turned out to be the empress.

Even Chang’e, who was sitting there, stared at Darryl blankly, and his cognition was overturned once again.

Unexpectedly, this Darryl turned out to be a messenger.

And he kept saying that he was a bun.

“Mother Queen!” At this moment, Raquel couldn’t help laughing or crying, and couldn’t help but speak to the Empress Empress: “Darryl is just taking care of Chang’e Empress, nothing else.”

The empress empress stunned her pretty face, and drank and said, “Don’t talk.”

As she said, Empress Empress turned her gaze to Darryl: “Darryl, do you know how much Yueying paid for you? These days when you disappeared, she didn’t think about food and tea every day, so she tried every means to inquire about your news, you What? I fell off the cliff and didn’t die. I don’t even want to come back. I don’t even pass on the oral message. Now I am back, I am going to serve Chang’e again?”

Chapter 974

“Darryl, I tell you, you can only accompany Yueying now, and you are not allowed to approach other women. You can’t serve Chang’e.” The queen said coldly.

I go!

Hearing these, Darryl couldn’t laugh or cry.

This queen, who had never acknowledged the relationship between herself and Raquel, had all kinds of contempt, but now seeing Chang’e, she suddenly changed her attitude.

It’s really speechless.

But then again. It is only natural for a mother to protect her daughter.


At this moment, the whole hall was silent, and even a needle dropped could be heard clearly.

Xie Liuyun looked at the Empress Empress blankly, his face flushed, and he couldn’t say a word. I thought it was just a womanish family who had never seen the world, but I didn’t expect that it turned out to be a high-ranking empress, and I just said that about her. It’s really rude.

“Haha…” At this time, Lu Dongbin on one side also laughed and looked at Darryl said: “Since the empress has said everything, let’s take care of Chang’e Empress.”

Darryl smiled slightly. Nodded and said: “Okay.”

Immediately, Darryl hugged Lu Dongbin with his fists: “Holy Lord, since the Chang’e Empress is taken care of, I am relieved. There are still many things to do on the Earth Round Continent, so I will leave first and ask the Holy Lord for permission. I go down the mountain.”

“That’s right.” Lu Dongbin raised his hand and nodded with a smile.

At this time, Darryl said to Chang’e: “Niang, the descendant of the Great Emperor, I can’t escape the relationship, and I will definitely help you restore your innocence, but I am a bit urgent. I have to go back to Earth Continent first, but don’t worry, wait until you are ready to take it back. When I was in the imperial power, as long as a word, I will definitely come over as soon as possible and give my full assistance.”


Chang’e didn’t respond, just nodded, her beautiful face did not fluctuate at all, but she was very pleased in her heart.

When Darryl said these words, it was not in vain to help him by himself.

immediately. Darryl bid farewell to Mu Qingyue and everyone, and then left with Raquel and Empress Empress.

Darryl took Raquel and Empress Empress, and after a long journey of more than ten hours, the three arrived at Diyuan Continent. After a few more hours, I finally returned to Zhongzhou.

The weather today is not good, the clouds are overcast, and the sky is pattering with light rain.

Because of the rain, the streets were a little calm. Darryl took Raquel and the empress and rushed towards the Ouyang family.

“Darryl, this is your hometown? It looks nothing special…” Empress Empress couldn’t help but said.

As an empress, I have seen many new things, so I am not shocked by the modern city in front of me, especially when I see the deserted streets, I am very disappointed.

Before Darryl spoke, Raquel smiled bitterly: “Mother, is it raining today? If the weather is good, it must be another lively scene.”

Raquel spent a period of time in Diyuan Mainland and naturally understood the situation.

While talking, at this time, the three of them had already come to the Ouyang family.

But it was this moment. The three only felt that something was wrong. Darryl saw that the entire Ouyang family was busy, but everyone was very silent, with sad expressions, the entire Ouyang family gave people a strange calmness.

Not only that, all parts of the Ouyang family are painted with long mantles and white silks, and there is a depressive and heavy atmosphere everywhere.

what happened?

Seeing this scene, Darryl’s heart was inexplicably heavy, frowning, and before thinking about it, he rushed in quickly.

Raquel and Empress Empress looked at each other and quickly followed.


When he arrived in the hall, Darryl’s body shook and he froze there.

I saw that the whole hall was painted with filial piety and wreaths, and Cynthia was wearing a filial attire. Kneeling there, his eyes were red and swollen, and he almost cried.

Next to him, the rest of the Ouyang family, and Peter. Lorenzo, Kendra, Bessie, and the six fairies of Fuyao Palace, all dressed in white, stood there silently in mourning.

In the whole hall, no one spoke, and the atmosphere was extremely depressing and heavy.

And in the north of the hall, there is a coffin, on the platform behind the coffin. Standing a spiritual position card. The spiritual card read: “Duke Ouyang, the spiritual position of Oliver”.


Seeing the words on the spiritual position card, Darryl only felt that there was a blast of thunder in his mind, and his entire head buzzed.


At this moment, seeing Darryl, everyone in the hall was taken aback, and then quickly surrounded them, all with emotions.

“Darryl, are you back?”

“Master. It’s great to see you all right, but the master…”

“Brother, woo…Brother, father is dead, dead…”

Seeing Darryl, everyone was shocked and happy, but thinking of Oliver’s death, it was all incomparable pain, especially Cynthia, screaming and rushing over, suddenly plunged into Darryl’s arms, crying in grief. .

At that time, in the prison of Apocalypse Imperial City, Mateo killed Oliver, and his body was buried hastily on the barren hill behind the imperial city. Later, the Ouyang family and Peter were released by Xing Yao.

Before everyone left the imperial city, they dug up Oliver’s body and brought it back to the Diyuan Continent, ready to be buried again. After all, the fame of Oliver I had made a lot of contributions to the rivers and lakes of the earth circle continent, so the funeral should not be too hasty.

Today is the day when Oliver was officially buried.

Darryl nodded at everyone. Immediately locked the coffin tightly, then with red eyes, walked over step by step and slowly pushed open the coffin lid.


I saw Oliver lying quietly inside. His eyes were closed tightly, very peaceful, but Darryl clearly saw that Oliver’s heart pulse was completely shattered. None of the ribs are intact, all of them are broken…


Suddenly, Darryl knelt there, tears falling down: “How could this happen? Foster father…I’m sorry, I’m late, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

Especially seeing Oliver’s heart pulse completely shattered, Darryl only felt that one of his own hearts was grabbed.

At this moment, Raquel behind was also trembling, and his mind was blank.

Raquel had stayed in the Diyuan Continent for a period of time. Of course, he knew the relationship between Darryl and Oliver. Although they were not biological fathers and sons, Oliver regarded Darryl as his own, and Darryl respected him even more.

But now, Oliver died unexpectedly, and died so miserably. Raquel at this time could imagine how sad Darryl was at this time.

“Darryl.. Don’t be sad…” Raquel walked over and couldn’t help but comforted gently, but she knew that even persuading Darryl would be useless. At this time, Darryl’s eyes were already red, and she was not crying like what she was.

Everyone around them also looked sad, and their eye circles were red.

Darryl lay on the coffin, his voice was crying hoarse, his whole body was trembling!

“Who? Who killed the foster father?” Darryl kept running in tears, looked around and asked, his voice was completely hoarse. And Darryl’s whole body was also filled with anger.

Chapter 975

Terrible anger!

In Darryl’s heart, although Oliver is his adoptive father, he treats himself as his own son, and he wanted to betroth his daughter to him. In the past few years, he has taught him a lot of life principles. Said that Darryl had already regarded him as his biological father.

Darryl had thought that there would be no disputes between the rivers and lakes in the future, and he would stay with his old man. Give him retirement.

However, he never expected that the foster father would die before the quiet day came, and he died so miserably.


At this time, Peter took a deep breath, walked out, gritted his teeth and said: “Darryl, it is Mateo who killed Patriarch Ouyang…” Then, Peter took a look at the situation at the time. Said it.

“Duan! Yu!”

Darryl gritted his teeth, spit out these two words word by word, his eyes breathed fire, burning with anger!


In the next second, Darryl slapped his palm on the table. The table shattered in an instant, and the whole hall was shaken by Darryl’s breath.


The sky outside, as if feeling Darryl’s anger, suddenly dark clouds rolled, followed by a heavy rain!

Ling Yu’s wind and rain blew into the hall, but the anger in Darryl’s heart could not be extinguished!

“Mateo, if you don’t break your corpse forever, I, Darryl, swear not to be a man!” An icy voice came from Darryl’s mouth. As he said, Darryl turned his head to look at Oliver’s corpse, his eyes were extremely bloody red. Tears came again.

“Foster father, I’m late, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

I don’t know how long I have been crying. Darryl noticed what he turned his head hoarsely and asked: “Where is my stepmother? Why isn’t there a light cigarette?”

When asked about this, Darryl’s eyelids throbbed abruptly, and there was a bad premonition in his heart.


Everyone looked at each other, they were extremely ashamed and angry. Then, Lorenzo walked over and patted Darryl on the shoulder: “Mrs. Jiang was captured by Mateo. And the younger sibling, Elsa, was taken away by Clint for interrogation, never again. did not return…”

With that said, Lorenzo looked ashamed, and continued: “Darryl, don’t worry too much, we have already sent someone to inquire about them…”


Hearing these, Darryl’s face was red as blood, and his body was shocked, and then a mouthful of blood spurted out, unable to hold it anymore, and he fainted directly in front of him.

Ten years ago, Master Nangong died, leaving Darryl heartbroken. He vowed not to let this happen again.

But now, foster father Oliver has suffered another accident. Not only that, Aunt Jiang and Elsa are also missing, and the repeated blows, even if Darryl’s mental state is tough, can’t bear it.


Seeing this scene, everyone around was shocked and gathered around.



“Quickly, help him into the room.”

Everyone is more anxious. He helped Darryl into the room with his hands and feet.


At this moment, Yunzhou City is hundreds of miles away from the Ouyang family.

Apartment in Lishui District.

In the living room, Alexandra sat there, staring outside blankly, losing his soul.

Lily has been missing for so many days and there is no news at all. Could something really happen?


At this moment, the door of the living room was pushed open, and three people walked in. The headed figure was graceful, with exquisite features, beautiful and charming, and it was Lily.

The two behind her are Zhu Rong and Shennong.

A day ago, Lily and Shennong, Zhu Rong, after leaving the deep cave under the Buzhou Mountain, in order to avoid Yang Jian’s search, they went straight back to the Diyuan Continent.

Lily made plans and went home to visit Alexandra first. Then go to the Ouyang family to find out about Darryl.

Both Zhu Rong and Shennong trust Darryl very much, and Lily is Darryl’s woman, so I suggest to her. All agree.


Seeing Lily, Alexandra’s body trembled, and quickly stood up and watched Lily’s return to her original face. He was surprised and delighted: “Lily…you…your face is better?”

Alexandra at this time was indescribably excited.

I originally thought that something had happened to my daughter, but I didn’t expect that not only would she come back safe and sound, her face also returned to its previous appearance.

It was a surprise.

In the next second, Alexandra thought of something. Anxiously asked: “Where have you been during this time? Do you know how worried I am? Besides, these two are…”

After that, Alexandra looked at Zhu Rong and Shennong suspiciously.

These two dressed up strangely, wearing ancient-style robes, wouldn’t they be bad guys?

“Mom!” Lily smiled slightly and walked over to introduce: “These two seniors are…”

Just halfway through, I was interrupted.


The door of the living room was kicked open all of a sudden, and then a dozen people rushed in. They are all dressed up and headed by people from the rivers and lakes. They are thin, but their faces are gloomy and cunning.

It is Tang Qingyun.

Those who came with him were all disciples of Tangjiapu.


Suddenly bursting in with so many people, Lily was startled, watching Tang Qingyun nervously: “Who are you? What are you going to do?”

She had never met Tang Qingyun, so naturally she didn’t know him.

As soon as the voice fell, Alexandra also trembled, and said to Tang Qingyun: “Good guy, didn’t we say it? As soon as there is news from Darryl, I will inform you as soon as possible. Why did you suddenly break in? “

Half a month ago, Tang Qingyun found Alexandra and forced her to tell the whereabouts of Darryl. At that time, Alexandra said that he would help inquire about Darryl’s whereabouts.

At this time, when Alexandra said this, his tone was full of dissatisfaction, but he was also unspeakable with trepidation.

after all. These quack people can’t afford to provoke them by themselves.


Lily was shocked and looked at Alexandra in surprise: “Mom, what did you do when I was not at home?”

He and Darryl have gone through so many twists and turns. It is about to be cultivated into Zhengguo soon, but his mother helps these people from the rivers and lakes to deal with Darryl?

What Darryl said was her son-in-law, how could this be?

For a while, Lily was anxious and angry. I was anxious.


Facing her daughter’s questioning, Alexandra’s face flushed and was very embarrassed. He didn’t know how to answer for a while.

“Ha ha..”

At this moment, Tang Qingyun showed a slight smile. Said at Alexandra leisurely: “Mrs. Shen, don’t panic, we just come over and have a look, no other meaning.”

As he said, Tang Qingyun looked up and down Lily, his eyes gleaming: “This Darryl is really beautiful, and the women around him are more beautiful than the other. This is also a rare top quality.”

Half a month ago, after Tang Qingyun approached Alexandra, he sent someone to monitor Alexandra secretly. Seeing that someone was coming from Alexandra’s house today, Tang Qingyun didn’t think much about it, and immediately rushed over with someone.

Tang Qingyun’s gaze made Lily uncomfortable, but she still pretended to be calm: “Who are you, what are you going to do?”

If it had been before, Lily would definitely be out of panic. But now that Senior Shennong and Zhu Rong are nearby, there is no need to be afraid.

“Don’t be afraid of beauties.” Tang Qingyun looked at Lily, and the more it became more tickling, he smiled and said: “I heard that you disappeared some time ago, and it is related to Darryl. Then you must know Darryl’s whereabouts…”

Before Tang Qingyun finished speaking, Lily coldly interrupted.

“do not know.”

Three cold words came from Lily’s mouth without any hesitation.

Although she didn’t know what Tang Qingyun did with Darryl, Lily could feel that these people in front of her were not good people. Looking for Darryl, there will be no good things.

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