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Chapter 976


At this moment, Tang Qingyun’s expression changed all of a sudden. You must know that although he did not have a high reputation in the rivers and lakes, he was also the fortress of Tangjiabao, the leader of a faction, and was treated so indifferently by Lily. , Where to put face?

For a time. The atmosphere in the living room became serious in an instant.

Finally, Tang Qingyun laughed and said: “Well, since the beauty is not cooperating, then don’t blame me for being polite. The disciples took her away and took her to Mount Emei, where she was handed over to Meng Zhou for interrogation.”


The voice fell. More than a dozen disciples from Tangjiapu gathered around at once.


At this moment, a violent shout came, and immediately after that, Zhu Rong’s body flashed. Blocked in front of Lily.

In the next second, Zhu Rong glared at Tang Qingyun and shouted angrily: “Where are the jumbles from the rivers and lakes? Roll out for the old man.” The voice was loud and angry.

Darryl is his brother, and his woman is his younger sibling. Seeing Lily being bullied by Tang Qingyun now, how could she sit back and ignore it?


Tang Qingyun’s face was pale, too lazy to talk nonsense, pointing at Zhu Rong and said, “Do you dare to take care of things that don’t know whether you live or die?”

With that, Tang Qingyun yelled at the disciples around him: “Take him down too, and take him away.”

While shouting angrily, Tang Qingyun glared at Zhu Rong, his eyes full of disdain and contempt.

In Tang Qingyun’s eyes, although the man in front of him was a little strange in his red robe, he was not at all threatening.

Tang Qingyun still didn’t know that Zhu Rong at this time concealed his breath, his true strength was beyond his imagination, and Zhu Rong’s origin was even more extraordinary.

When the words fell, several Tangjiapu disciples rushed directly towards Zhu Rong.


At this moment, Zhu Rong was too lazy to talk nonsense. Slowly raised his hand, a ball of flame tumbling in his palm. At the same time, the air around him was instantly distorted by the high temperature!

Zhu Rong raised his arms casually and threw the flames over.

It seems random, but everyone around is shocked!


I only saw several Tangjiapu disciples rushing over, screaming sternly one by one, the flames ignited them all!

The screams were screaming and screaming, and finally the voice gradually subsided. These Tangjiapu disciples, not one left, were all burned to fly ashes!


Seeing this scene, not only Tang Qingyun, but the remaining Tang Jiabao disciples and Alexandra couldn’t help but breathe in air-conditioning. They were completely stupid, unable to say a word, it was surprisingly silent!


The strength of this person is terrifying.

“With this strength, come out to do evil? Waste!” Zhu Rong squeezed out a word coldly, standing proudly with his hand. Unspeakable wild and unruly.

At this moment, Tang Qingyun reacted, staring at Zhu Rong blankly, and stubbornly asked: “Rush offend, don’t blame senior, dare to ask senior’s name?”

“Zhu Rong!” Zhu Rong responded indifferently.


Hearing this, Tang Qingyun trembled suddenly, almost sitting on the ground without a butt.

Fire…. Vulcan Zhurong?

This person is Vulcan Zhu Rong?

Suddenly, Tang Qingyun and several people were scared and sweated.

“She is my younger brother and sister, you dare to be so rude, you will end up in death.” At this time, Zhu Rong Leng coldly swept Tang Qingyun a few, and said coldly, beyond doubt.


Tang Qingyun swallowed, squeezed out a smile, respectfully said: “Senior Zhu Rong, misunderstandings are all misunderstandings, we are all in the world. How dare you bully a woman? Excuse me…”

With that, Tang Qingyun greeted the remaining disciples and left in a dingy manner.


When Tang Qingyun walked away completely, Alexandra calmed down, but her delicate body was still trembling.

She is an ordinary person. Suddenly I saw the strength of the people in the arena, especially the Tangjiapu disciples who were burned to ashes, and my heart was shocked.

In the next second, Alexandra looked at Lily and couldn’t help but asked softly: “Lily, what is going on here, who are these two seniors…”

“Mom!” Lily smiled and said with comfort: “Don’t be nervous, this is Darryl’s eldest brother. His name is Zhu Rong. This is Senior Shennong and a friend of Darryl. I can restore my appearance. This senior Shennong.”


Hearing this, Alexandra’s body trembled, completely stupid.

Shennong? Zhu Rong?

These are all famous people in history, one is Darryl’s eldest brother, and the other is Darryl’s friend?


the other side. Ouyang family.


I don’t know how long he was in a coma, and Darryl finally woke up.


As soon as he opened his eyes, he heard a gentle voice. Darryl tilted his head to look and saw Bessie sitting by the bed, affectionate and gentle, with worry in his eyes.

Darryl sat up and smiled bitterly: “How long have I been in a coma?”

“Seven or eight hours, it’s already dark outside.” Bessie took his hand, and stopped talking: “The funeral of the foster father is also over, Darryl, don’t feel too uncomfortable. Look at you like this, I It hurts so much.”

The funeral is over?

Hearing this, Darryl’s heart again felt sorrow and grief, and at the same time secretly comforted himself.

The funeral is just a form. The most important thing now is to find a way to find Aunt Jiang and Elsa, and at the same time seek revenge on Mateo as soon as possible.

Thinking about it, Darryl looked at Bessie. I feel distressed: “Yu Ruo, I have wronged you during this period of time.”

Darryl clearly saw that Bessie had lost a lot of weight after not seeing him for a while. Obviously, after being caught by Castro, he suffered a lot in the prison.

Not only Bessie, but also Kendra, some fairies, and Peter. Darryl felt guilty.

“Girl Yuruo!”

As he was talking, an Ouyang family disciple shouted outside, with a very polite tone: “Is the young master awake?”

“Wake up!” Without waiting for Bessie’s response, Darryl said, “If you have something to do, come in and talk.”

As soon as the voice fell, the disciple opened the door and walked in. Respectfully said: “Master, there are two women visiting, saying that they want to see Master.”


Darryl was stunned and asked: “Who?”

Could it be that Elisa knew that he was back, so he came to trouble him.

“Master Hui, they are two stars.” The disciple had a complicated expression and quickly responded: “One is Ramona and the other is Tang Lan.”

Are they?

Hearing this, Darryl’s eyes flashed, and he quickly got out of bed: “Go, go and see!” The voice fell, and he walked out quickly.

Darryl’s mood at this time was very complicated.

Ramona and Tang Lan, one of their classmates and their own teacher, both joined their own entertainment companies. Over the years, the two of them have become famous, and they are both super first-line stars! Have countless fans!

The two of them became popular and their careers became more busy. How could they suddenly come to find themselves?

Chapter 977

Darryl went out and came to the hall, and saw Ramona and Tang Lan, already waiting there.


At this moment, seeing Ramona and Tang Lan, Darryl couldn’t help taking a deep breath, secretly admiring him.

I have to say that Ramona and Tang Lan, as expected to be natural stars, have not seen each other for a few years, and they have become even more beautiful.

Today, Ramona wears a hip skirt, which will have a perfect and s3xy figure. It is vividly revealed, that almost S-shaped curve, any man will find it difficult to calm down.

Let’s look at Tang Lan again, in a long red dress, very charming and charming, yet dignified and elegant.


Seeing Darryl coming in, Ramona and Tang Lan smiled and quickly got up and greeted them.

“Ramona, Teacher Tang, why did you come to me when you have time today?” Darryl smiled. Opened the mouth. Although the funeral of the foster father had just ended, Darryl felt very heavy, but he reluctantly smiled and said hello.

“Brother Darryl, Teacher Tang and I are in trouble.” Ramona bit his lip and said.

Tang Lan next to him. Then nodded.

In the next second, Ramona breathed a sigh of relief and continued: “Darryl, your Hill Entertainment Company was suppressed by the forces of the rivers and lakes before. After it closed down, we found another entertainment company, but the owner of this entertainment company. , He believes, but plots against us. What’s even worse is that he made an unreasonable request. After being rejected by us, he used the relationship and directly blocked me and Teacher Tang.. Now in the entire entertainment industry, no one is looking for me and Teacher Tang. ..”

As he said, Ramona was aggrieved: “Then he believes, as long as I and Teacher Tang agree to stay with him for one night, we will lift the ban.

When talking about the last sentence, Ramona’s face was extremely blushing, and his eyes flashed with anger.

Tang Lan next to her was also trembling.

Ten days ago, the boss of the new company, He Datong, invited Ramona and Tang Lan to have a meal in the hotel. After drinking, Ramona and Tang Lan fell in love with medicine and took them to his villa. Fortunately, they were halfway through the road. . After meeting Sikong Yanran and her four senior brothers, she was not humiliated.

But the matter didn’t end, He Channel failed to succeed, and became angry, and directly used the relationship to block Ramona and Tang Lan.

Under this situation, Ramona and Tang Lan were completely desperate. Today they received news that the Ouyang family was holding a funeral and Darryl had returned. Ramona and Tang Lan quickly came to Darryl for help.

Hearing these, Darryl’s expression instantly became gloomy.

Before, after Elisa sat on the leader of the martial arts, he instructed all sects to eradicate any forces related to Darryl, and Darryl knew about these things. But Darryl didn’t expect that the suppression this time would have caused him such a heavy loss, and even Shanqiu Entertainment would be forced to close down.

Darryl smiled slightly and said to Ramona: “Don’t panic, I’ll take care of this.”

With that, Darryl did not forget to give Tang Lan a comforting look, indicating that he was not afraid.

Jingle Bell.

As he was talking, suddenly Ramona’s cell phone rang. It was a message from He channel.

Darryl signaled Ramona to open the message, and he saw the message read: Ramona Meiren, have you and Tang Lan thought about it? I will have a dinner at Zhongzhou Hotel tonight. If you and Tang Lan think about it, come together. After attending the banquet, we will communicate in the room. As long as you satisfy me, I will lift your ban, and I will give you the best resources in the future. Lost, it won’t come again.


When they saw the message, Ramona and Tang Lan both blushed and became angry.

Ramona took Darryl’s arm and said anxiously: “What should I do, Brother Darryl…”

Tang Lan, who was next to him, also looked at Darryl nervously. At this time, neither she nor Ramona paid attention.


Darryl breathed a sigh of relief and smiled and said: “It’s okay, I will accompany you to the dinner tonight, to see how this channel is.”

After all, Ramona and Tang Lan have made a lot of money for themselves before, so of course they have to help them.


At eight o’clock in the evening, the Zhongzhou Hotel was full of bright lights.

Zhongzhou Hotel. It is the hotel with the highest standard in Donghai City. It is located in the city center. It is brightly lit at night and is particularly beautiful.

Tonight, He Datong, the president of Chenxing Entertainment, will hold a banquet here.

original. The strongest in the entertainment industry is the Hill Entertainment under the name of Darryl. However, after being suppressed and bankrupted by Elisa, Chenxing Entertainment took the opportunity to rise and became the leading company in the entertainment industry in just one year.

At this time, the hotel’s banquet hall has been refurbished, showing its magnificence everywhere, which can be said to be magnificent.

Those who came to participate in this banquet celebration today can be said to be the business celebrities from the entire Zhongzhou City and the CEOs of various entertainment companies. And some popular stars.

It can be said that the specifications and grades of this banquet are first-class and top-notch.

At half past seven, the banquet was about to begin, Darryl, Ramona, and Tang Lan rushed to the hotel and entered the lobby.


Darryl’s three appearances immediately attracted the attention of many people around him.

Of course, most of them are watching Ramona and Tang Lan.

Tonight, Ramona and Tang Lan both put on s3xy evening dresses, which are extremely charming.

but. There were also many eyes focused on Darryl.

“Let me go, Ramona and Tang Lan, they are indeed smashing stars, so beautiful.”

“I heard that the two of them were blocked and haven’t appeared in front of the public for a long time. Why did they suddenly come here?”

“Who knows, and who is the man next to them?”

“I don’t know, the driver!”

Speaking of it, Darryl was famous in the business world, but for the past ten years, Darryl has been busy with the affairs of the world and no longer cares about the business world. After a long time, people in the business world have forgotten Darryl.

More importantly, with the continuous improvement of Darryl’s cultivation strength, his current temperament is not comparable to what he used to be. Therefore, some people who have seen Darryl before will not be able to recognize him when they see Darryl again.

“Ouch. Ramona and Tang Lan are here!”

As soon as the three Darryl entered the hall, there was an uncomfortable voice in front of them, and the tone was triumphant and abusive!

Hearing the sound, he saw a man in a suit and leather shoes walking over, accompanied by a bodyguard.

The man is about forty. Very stylish, with a gentleman’s beard, very gentleman, just like He believes.

But Darryl felt that this person’s eyes were full of gloom and cunning. What kind of channel. Obviously a hypocrite. In fact, everyone has a unique temperament. For example, people who are in the society have the temperament of being a little gangster, and they are scornful everywhere. For example, big bosses in business also have unique temperaments and are generally more stable. What kind of channel. The temperament on his body is very uncomfortable, and he looks like a hypocrite.

At this time, He Xinxing walked to the front and smiled at Ramona’s mouth and said: “Beauty Ramona, Belle Tang Lan, I am very happy that you can come.”

As he said, He Channel deliberately took a step closer, lowered his voice, and continued: “It can be seen that both of them are smart people. Now in the entertainment industry, it can be said that I have the final say. As long as you are willing to cooperate, you can get the best. Resources, when the banquet is over, we will go to rest. I specially booked a room with a big bed, enough for the three of us, hehe…”

Speaking of the last, He Tongxiang laughed wretchedly, and at the same time, his eyes kept moving back and forth on Ramona and Tang Lan.

And when he said this, He Channel didn’t even look at Darryl.

Like everyone else, He Xinxing also believed that Darryl should be the driver of Ramona and he didn’t need to take it seriously.

Chapter 978


Ramona’s and Tang Lan’s expressions were blushing at the words of He believed, and their bodies were also faintly trembling.

This is the banquet hall. It’s disgusting that He Tongxiang said such brazen words.

Seeing that the two of Ramona were not talking, He replied, turning his eyes, and said with a smile: “Why? I’m sorry for the two of you? Well, I will prepare an extra room later, and I will communicate with the two beauties separately. This will not be embarrassing. .Haha…”

When the voice fell, He Xiangjing laughed presumptuously.

The two beauties finally compromised, can you be upset?


Finally, Ramona’s delicate body trembled and couldn’t help but speak. At this moment, Darryl stood in front of her.

“Which channel are you? The president of Chenxing Entertainment?” Darryl asked him coldly, looking directly at the channel.

He Tongxiang’s expression changed suddenly, and he looked at Darryl. His eyes were gloomy.

D*mn’s, even a driver dare to talk about it?

Also, is there a filial piety belt on his arm? Is your brain sick?

He stared at Darryl and shouted angrily: “Know who I am, dare to interrupt, believe me or not. Just let you lose your job? You don’t have the qualifications to speak here, just go away.”


As soon as the voice fell, Darryl slapped He Tong’s face without warning.

With this slap, Darryl didn’t use his internal strength, otherwise, I’m afraid that the head of the channel would be pulled off. After all, Darryl is now close to Crossing Tribulation Realm, and a slap is not something ordinary people can withstand.

Even so, this slap made He Qingdao let out a muffled hum. The whole body was fanned hard, flying a few meters away, hitting several wine stands, and finally falling on the ground.


Seeing this scene, everyone around drove over, looking at Darryl in surprise, all stupid.

Who is this person? Dare to act on Mr. He.

Are you looking for death?

Darryl didn’t care about the gaze around him, and stared at He Dao closely. There was a dazzling light in his gloomy eyes.

To be honest, Darryl didn’t want to do it as soon as he came up, it was a bit savage.

But the death of his foster father made Darryl very depressed. In addition, this kind of foul language was so unpleasant, Darryl couldn’t help it immediately.

Anyway, this kind of scum, it doesn’t matter if you owe it to clean up.


At this time, He Xinxiang covered his face and yelled at Darryl: “Little boy, you dare to hit me, I told you to lie down today!”

With that said, He Xinxing shouted at the surroundings: “Come on, come on!”

At this time, He Channel was so angry that he was beaten by a driver as the president of his own dignified entertainment company. If this matter spreads out, how can he be in the entertainment industry in the future?


Suddenly, hearing He Channel’s call, a man in a black suit, with a dozen hotel security guards, walked quickly.

The man in a black suit is the manager of Zhongzhou Hotel, Zhang Tao!

When he got to the front, Zhang Tao saw the slap print on the face of He Chengxing. Startled: “Boss He, what’s the matter?”

“Manager Zhang, your Zhongzhou Hotel is also a first-class place, why do you put everyone in?” He Tongxiang was extremely annoyed and shouted.

He said, pointing at Darryl and roaring loudly: “Lao Tzu was beaten by this little boy. Kneel him down and kowtow to Lao Tzu to apologize.”


Hearing this, Zhang Tao was stunned, and then became extremely angry.

He Tongdao, a senior guest of the hotel, was beaten unexpectedly. If something really happened, it was the responsibility of the hotel. As a manager, how could he take care of it?

The next second, Zhang Tao looked at Darryl coldly, and shouted angrily: “Boy, have you heard what Boss He said? Hurry up and apologize, or else…”

The voice fell, and there were more than 20 security guards behind him. They put their hands on their backs one after another, and then pulled out the swinging sticks one by one.


Seeing this scene, the surrounding guests hurriedly retreated far away. At the same time, one by one pointed at Darryl. Talk in a low voice.

“This kid has never seen the world at first sight, so he dared to provoke any belief.”

“Now that the hotel manager is alarmed, I’m afraid this kid will suffer…”

“Follow him, this kid deserves it!”

During the discussion, no one sympathized with Darryl and thought that he was self-inflicted. After all, Hetong is now a bigwig in the entertainment industry, and not everyone can afford it.


Seeing that the situation was not good, both Ramona and Tang Lan were nervous.

immediately. Ramona pulled Darryl quietly, and said worriedly: “Darryl, what should I do?”

With so many people on the other side, Darryl has only one person, can it work?

At the same time, Tang Lan was also biting her lip, almost bleeding from her bite, her body trembled, and she was unspeakably uneasy.

They all know that Darryl is very strong. But there are too many people on the other side, and these security guards are not weak in cultivation strength.

“It’s okay!” Darryl smiled slightly and comforted.

Immediately, Darryl looked directly at Zhang Tao and said lightly: “What if I don’t apologize?”

Seeing that Darryl was still not convinced, He yelled angrily: “Manager Zhang, what can I do with him? Kneel him down and beat him to death!”


Zhang Tao no longer hesitated, and slammed his hand: “Give me up until he kneels and kowtows to boss He to admit his mistake.


When the voice fell, more than a dozen security guards, clutching the swinging stick in their hands, approached Darryl.

Looking at the dozen or so security guards who rushed over, Darryl gave a light smile and gently raised his hand.


A strong breath erupted from Darryl’s body, like a hurricane. Swept around! Darryl approached the aura of Crossing Tribulation Realm, and suppressed everyone around him, almost out of breath, extremely flustered!

A dozen security guards also changed their faces, and quickly stopped.

“I don’t want to die. Just come up.” Darryl looked calmly, glanced at the security guards, and said coldly. The sound was not loud, but it spread throughout the audience.

Under the suppression of Darryl’s aura, more than a dozen security guards. The complexion is uglier than the other!


At this moment, the entire hotel lobby was deadly silent.

Strong, too strong!

All the business elites present are not fools. You can guess it all at once, the person in front of you is not easy.


At this moment, Zhang Tao reacted and looked at Darryl and asked cautiously: “Dare to ask Mr. Name.”

“Darryl!” Darryl said lightly.


Heard this! The audience was shocked.

Darryl? He is Darryl, the hero who once resisted the Apocalypse army, Tianmen Sect Master?

All of a sudden, Zhang Tao felt that he couldn’t stand still!

Not only that, He Tongxiang and the other people around were also shocked, staring blankly at Darryl and speechless.

You know, Darryl’s name is too loud in the Earth Circle Continent. Almost everyone in all walks of life is not aware of it, but he did not expect that such a big person, such a low-key, would actually accompany two stars. Come to the banquet.

Who can believe this if you don’t see it with your own eyes?

Chapter 979


Finally, He Channel reacted and looked at Darryl in shock and anger: “So you are the Sect Master of Tianmen, I ask you, we have no grievances and no enemies, why do you beat me as soon as we meet?”

After that, He Channel looked around and shouted: “Even mainland heroes, you can’t beat people for no reason, is there any reason?” When he said this, He Channel looked right and confident.

Seriously, I knew that the other party was Darryl. He Datong was panicked, but when he thought that he had not had a holiday with him, he was immediately emboldened.

Even if you are the Sect Master of Tianmen, you have to be reasonable.


When the voice fell, heated discussion broke out in the audience.

“Yes, Boss He is right.”

“As the Tianmen Sect Master, go and beat an ordinary person who hasn’t practiced. Isn’t this bullying?”

“It’s too lawless to be so arbitrary.”

Everyone, every one of my comments is saying that Darryl’s is wrong. Although he had made contributions to the Earth Round Continent and was worthy of respect, it was not right for Darryl to talk about it for no reason.

Darryl ignored everyone’s discussion, but looked at He Channel with a smile.

“Why hit you?” Darryl sneered, and said straightforwardly: “He believes. As the CEO of an entertainment company, you use your power to oppress female stars and threaten them by banning them. You want them to compromise… Scum, shouldn’t it be beaten?”


The voice fell, and the whole hall was in an uproar. Many people saw Ramona behind Darryl and suddenly understood something.

It turns out.. Darryl came here to give Ramona and Tang Lan his head.


He Channel flushed and opened his mouth, unable to speak for a while.

To be honest, in this matter, I was indeed at a loss.


At this moment, He Tongxiang suddenly thought of something, and bit his neck to argue: “Sect Master Yue, is there any evidence for what you said? If so, please take it out and let everyone see.”

When he said this, He Xiangjing’s eyes flashed with cunning.

Yes, during this period, He Channel has been using phone calls and text messages to threaten Ramona, but the content is not visible. He expected that Ramona and Tang Lan would not dare to take it out. After all, they were female stars and wanted to face.


At this moment, the gazes of everyone around them suddenly gathered on Ramona and Tang Lan. Waiting for the two of them to come up with evidence.

However, Ramona and Tang Lan bit their lips tightly, their faces blushing.

The two of them did have evidence in their hands. The message that Ho Channel had sent before was that there were too many foul language in the message. How could they show it to everyone?

You know, celebrities are public figures, and they are most concerned about reputation. Once negative news comes out, even if it is not your own problem, it will not be good to continue to develop in the entertainment industry.


Seeing this scene, Darryl frowned, cursing secretly in his heart.

This how to believe is too despicable. I expected that Ramona would not dare to publish the evidence, so I began to feel confident.

It’s really invincible if you are the cheapest.

Seeing Ramona’s two hesitations, he didn’t produce evidence, He Dao’s expression was triumphant: “I can’t get the evidence, what else does Sect Master Yue want to say?”


Darryl took a deep breath and looked at He Channel coldly: “He Channel, don’t tell me about the evidence, you block Ramona and Tang Lan, this is a fact.

He Tongxiang shrugged, with a sly look, and smiled: “Sect Master Yue, don’t blame me. When the two of them signed our company, I arranged a new movie for them, but they refused and refused to obey the company’s arrangement. , I won’t block them, who will I block?”

“You are lying!”

As soon as the voice fell, Ramona was so angry that he said directly: “That movie, you can’t play it at all, inside…”

Halfway through, Ramona’s body was trembling, her delicate face was full of shame and anger, and she couldn’t continue.

Before He Channel, he did arrange a movie for Ramona and Tang Lan, but there were too many inappropriate plots in it. Both Ramona and Tang Lan

How can she be a woman who is clean and self-loving?

And He Tongxiang said this deliberately, which is obviously an excuse.

Darryl’s thoughts were quick, and seeing Ramona and Tang Lan’s reaction, he guessed the whole story at once.

“Ha ha…”

At this moment, He Tongxiang showed a slight smile. Looking at Darryl said: “Sect Master Yue, let’s talk about it, you are just because Ramona two were blocked by me, you can’t stand it, come and help them out, I can understand. But. This is a business in our entertainment industry. , Sect Master Yue is concerned about the rivers and lakes, so don’t mix things with our entertainment circle.”

After that, He Tongxiang made a very big look: “Moreover, I am not a caregiver. Sect Master Yue has made contributions to our mainland. I slap you on it, it’s nothing, forget it.”

When the voice fell, many people around nodded in praise.

“Boss He is magnificent.”

“With such a minded mind, it is no wonder Chenxing Entertainment. It can become the largest company in the entertainment industry.”

“I admire it.”

D*mn it?

Hearing this, Darryl was angry and funny again.

This kind of belief is not only insidious, but also very cunning, not talking about black and white, and not forgetting to put gold on his face.

“So, don’t you plan to give me an explanation about Ramona and Tang Lan?” Darryl narrowed his eyes, looked at He Channel, and said coldly.

“Sect Master Yue!”

He Qingtong put on a very innocent look, and smiled bitterly: “You don’t know something. Ramona and Tang Lan rejected the company’s arrangement and violated the contract. I blocked them and didn’t make them pay the liquidated damages. It is already very good, you What do you want me to do?”

As he said, He Datong sighed and continued: “Sect Master Yue, you are a bigwig in the rivers and lakes, and you don’t understand the situation in the entertainment industry. I still say that, you don’t interfere, okay?”

Some words are extremely sincere.

I have to say that He Xinxiang is too treacherous. This trick is to retreat as an advance, and it works very well. Everyone around him can’t stand it anymore.

“Darryl, even if you are the Sect Master of Tianmen, you can’t interfere in other people’s affairs.”

“That’s right, but a master of the Jianghu school, he can take care of everything he wants?”

“Boss He was slapped by you and he didn’t care about it. But you are pressing harder and harder. It’s too much.”

For a time, many people accused Darryl loudly.


Facing the situation in front of him, Darryl was extremely depressed, and a fire suddenly burst into his heart.

Originally it was not a channel, but now it’s done. As if I was wrong.

Real D*mn is interesting.

“Ha ha!”

Seeing this scene, why don’t you be proud of it, haha, even if you are the Sect Master of Tianmen? Cultivation strength is strong, but in the human world. Fight with me, you are still too tender.

Thinking about it, Hetong smiled at Darryl and said, “Sect Master Yue, let’s not mention this matter. Since you are here, we will have a few drinks.”

immediately. He Xinxing turned his words, with a bit of cunning in his eyes, and continued: “However, Sect Master Yue couldn’t bear to see Ramona and Tang Lan be banned. If you have to help, you can ask me, as long as Sect Master Yue Be willing to beg me, maybe I will agree to lift their ban.”

When he said these, He Xinxiang was full of pride.

Although He Channel is the owner of an entertainment company, he often pays attention to affairs in the arena.

To be honest, if He Tongdao knew that the other party was Darryl a year ago, he would definitely not dare to do so. After all, Darryl, as the Sect Master of Tianmen, had a reputation on the Earth Round Continent.

But in the past year, after Elisa became the leader of the martial arts, he suppressed Darryl in all aspects and achieved great results. It can be said that Darryl’s reputation is not as loud as before.

In this case, He Tongdao is naturally not afraid of Darryl. He could see that people like Darryl talked about credibility the most, and they held their own identity. As long as they were not too much, Darryl would not treat himself like that.

“You asked me to beg you?” Darryl was stunned, as if he had heard it wrong, squinting at He Channel.

“Not bad!”

He Channel nodded and smiled.

Chapter 980

In the heart of He Channel, there is indescribable joy and excitement. Haha…

In front of him is the well-known Tianmen Sect Master on the mainland. In the world, how many people can let him subdue his plea?

If Darryl was really pleading in front of so many people, he wouldn’t have lived in vain in his entire life.


Darryl frowned and was extremely annoyed.

What a channel, just reversed black and white. Now you still have to make an inch? As the Sect Master of Tianmen, I have never convinced anyone. How can I let myself be pleaded with him? !

To be honest, Darryl wanted to rush over and give He Channel a severe lesson, but he still held it back. After all, so many people around were watching. He was already very reckless after slapped He Channel just now. . Everyone around should say that they are bullying others.

More importantly, for so many years, Tianmen has punished evil and promoted good, and has accumulated a good reputation. It’s not easy. Can’t go wrong.

If it had been a few years ago, Darryl would definitely not have worried so much, but now, Darryl has become more calm and has to worry about these.

“It’s so lively, what are you doing?”

Just when Darryl was secretly depressed, a magnetic voice came.


Everyone looked over, and saw a young man walking in slowly.

The man is very handsome, with sharp facial features. He is the kind of man who is fascinated by girls at the first sight. Wearing a casual suit, he is indescribably chic and suave.

In an instant, many girls in the hall couldn’t help covering their mouths, their eyes shining with stars.

What a handsome man!

He Xiangtong’s eyes lit up, and he hurriedly greeted him with a smile: “Peng, why did you come out of the VIP room? I dealt with a small matter and went up immediately.”

“Peng President?”

“Oh my god, is this Mr. Peng from Shenglong Group?”

“Shenglong Group covers all industries in the field of science and technology. It is said that there are branches all over the mainland of Kyushu. I didn’t expect the owner to be so young and handsome.”

The people around couldn’t help but exclaim again and again.

However, Darryl showed a slight smile. He didn’t expect to meet an acquaintance here.

Yes, the young man is Peng Kai, the president of Shenglong Group.

Ten years ago, the Liu family suffered an economic crisis. The entire Liu family was embarrassed by Lily. It was Darryl who confessed to Peng Kai. In the name of Shenglong Technology, 51% of the shares in the Liu family were purchased and transferred to Lily’s name. Lily’s status rose, and she suddenly became the helm of the Liu family.

However, because Lily was softhearted, the shares were taken back by the grandmother.

Peng Kai nodded at He Channel, his handsome face was full of calmness, without the slightest fluctuation.

And just now He believed that he was very proud and confident, standing next to Peng Kai, respectfully, completely devoid of the arrogance and arrogance he had before.

Outsiders think that the boss of Star Star Entertainment believes, but in fact. The real boss is Peng Kai.

Two years ago, Starstar Entertainment was only a small company with insufficient financial resources and the capital chain was often broken. Later, Peng Kai took a fancy to the company’s prospects and injected capital and became a major shareholder.

It can be said that Peng Kai is the real boss of Chenxing Entertainment, and Hetong is just a spokesperson. It can be said that without Peng Kai’s backing support, it is impossible to develop Chenxing Entertainment into a large company in the entertainment industry in just two years.

At this moment, Peng Kai was surprised and delighted when he saw Darryl.

“Brother Darryl?” Peng Kai walked over quickly and yelled respectfully.

Darryl smiled and nodded.

“Hetong, what’s the matter?” Peng Kai frowned when he noticed that Darryl’s expression was a little wrong. He turned his head and asked.

Peng Kai can be the business tycoon whom everyone admires today. He has a very keen instinct, and he immediately noticed something is wrong.

He Channel hurried over and explained the situation.

At the end of the talk, Ho Channel lowered his voice. Pointing at Peng Kai: “Peng President, just two female stars, it’s not a big deal.”

When he said this, He Dao had a relaxed face. He Tongdao could tell that Peng Kai knew Darryl, but then again, whoever did not know Darryl.


At this moment, Peng Kai’s face suddenly changed. Very angry.

Mad, how can you believe this idiot, dare to fight against Brother Darryl?


In the next second, Peng Kai suddenly raised his hand, and slapped He Channel’s face with a slap. With this slap, he almost used all his strength. He Channel covered his face, his face swelling high.

“Mr. Peng!” He Datong yelled, almost didn’t cry: “Darryl is the Sect Master of Tianmen, but I didn’t provoke him. But I slapped him, I didn’t say anything, and he wanted to help two Female star, I just let him beg me, yes!”


After another slap, Peng Kai yelled: “Yes? You special code to tell me that you are right? What are you? You want Brother Darryl to beg you?”

Peng Kai trembled all over, staring at He Datong and said: “He Datong, from now on, Chenxing Entertainment has nothing to do with you. At the same time, I announced that Chenxing Entertainment will be assigned to the name of Brother Darryl.”

What? !

At this moment, the whole hall was silent!

He channel is completely stupid! He knew that before Darryl founded Tianmen, he had a lot of industries in the business world and knew a lot of business leaders, but that was old. He Tongdao never dreamed that Mr. Peng, who he relied on, would be so respectful to Darryl. And, without saying anything, he gave Chenxing Entertainment to Darryl.

Ramona and Tang Lan are also stupid!

Ramona and Tang Lan saw that the business tycoon in front of them almost monopolized all the science and technology industries of the mainland, Peng Kai. Standing in front of Darryl at this time, his face was respectful!

I thought that between Darryl and He Channel, there would be no end in the end, but I didn’t expect it. The situation turned around so fast.

The people around also looked at Darryl blankly, and were speechless.

Just now, He Datong relied on his identity as the CEO of his entertainment company to force Darryl to intercede. But in a blink of an eye, Darryl became the boss, and Hetong had nothing.

It’s incredible.

Is this Darryl’s contacts? That’s amazing, worthy of being the Heavenly Gate Sect Master, the hero who once saved the Earth Round Continent.

Puff through.

At this moment, He Datong was sweating coldly and knelt in front of Darryl: “I was wrong, Sect Master Yue, I was blinded by lard just now, and offended you, your sir is a lot, go around me this time.”

However, Darryl didn’t even look at him. In this world, some people can forgive, some people can’t.

Feeling Darryl’s indifference, He Tongdao completely slumped to the ground, wanting to cry without tears.

He channel at this time is very regretful. If I knew this a long time ago, I shouldn’t get carried away and provoke Darryl, but now it’s too late to say anything.

“Brother Darryl!”

At this moment, Peng Kai respectfully said to Darryl: “It’s been a long time since I saw you, we must take advantage of this dinner tonight, and we must have a few drinks.”

“Next time.” Darryl waved his hand: “By the way, you should find someone else to run Star Star Entertainment. I don’t have time to run it. Also, Ramona and Tang Lan, take care of them.”

Over the years, there have been endless disputes, so how can I have time to run the company?

“Good!” Peng Kai nodded quickly.

Darryl said no more, and after leaving Peng Kai, he strode out of the hall.


When he got outside, Darryl looked at the brightly lit Zhongzhou City, his mood was not relaxed at all, but rather heavy.

At this moment, Darryl thought of Oliver.

There should be nothing wrong with the Earth Round Continent for the time being, and it is time for me to find Mateo and avenge my foster father.

Even if you fight for this life, you must avenge your adoptive father, even if you fight for your own life!

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