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Chapter 986

Pedal! Pedal! Pedal!

Darryl walked towards the dragon chair step by step. He walks very slowly and his steps are very light, but every step seems to be on the hearts of everyone! At this time, Darryl was already like a blood man, with wounds all over his body! From the main hall to the dragon chair, hundreds of steps away, every step Darryl takes, a few drops of blood will fall!

When he reached the throne, Darryl sat down slowly. His face was as calm as water, he raised his hand, and said lightly: “Get up, pass my will, and pursue Mateo with all my strength, no mistake.”

When he said this, Darryl didn’t have any excitement about being an emperor, but indescribably cold.

Mateo, even if you escape to the end of the world, I will take your dog’s life.

“Yes. Your Majesty!” All the civil and military officials responded in unison, and then walked out of the hall one after another to deploy to pursue Mateo.


At this moment, Darryl took a deep breath. Look at Janis.

“Aunt Jiang.” Darryl was ashamed, and said: “Sorry, I’m late, I’ve made you wronged.”

Janis showed a slight smile and gently comforted: “You don’t have to blame yourself, it’s not too late to come, am I not good?”

There was a smile on her face, but Janis was also extremely sad.

Thinking of her husband’s death, Janis felt a pain in her heart.

“Aunt Jiang, you must have suffered a lot during this period of time, so hurry up and rest.” Darryl said with a face of self-blame, and then he said seriously: “Don’t worry, I will definitely catch Mateo. When the time comes, I will Will take revenge on the foster father.”


Janis responded, and then walked out of the hall, accompanied by a few court ladies.

“His Majesty!”

As soon as the front foot left, a eunuch walked over and said respectfully to Darryl: “Mateo has escaped. What should he do with the 108 concubines he left in the harem?”

One hundred and eight concubines?

Hearing this, Darryl’s heart shook, Mateo, ba5tard. Being an emperor is quite enjoyable, and even got one hundred and eight concubines.

He cursed in his heart, and Darryl’s expression was indifferent: “When the dynasty changed before, how did the new emperor deal with the concubines of the previous emperor?”

“Return to your Majesty.” The eunuch thought for a while, and said respectfully: “According to the rules of our Xicang Continent, the new emperor ascends the throne, and the concubines of the former emperor are all sent down by the new emperor.”

As he said, the eunuch continued: “Your Majesty, these concubines are Mateo’s concubines, each of them is a beautiful country, rare beauty, if you kill them, or drive them all out of the palace, it would be a pity. . Moreover, your Majesty needs someone to serve him.”


Hearing this, Darryl nodded and said lightly: “In that case, send it all to my bedroom at night.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!” The eunuch hurriedly responded, and then trot out of the hall.


Darryl issued the imperial decree, and the hundreds of civil and military officials did not dare to slacken their efforts. They sent masters to pursue Mateo with all their strength.

At this moment!

Xicang Continent, among the mountains on the southwest border.

Mateo looked sad and angry. Holding the Sky Open Axe tightly, he kept running forward. At this time, Mateo was exhausted physically and mentally, but he did not dare to stay at his feet.

Because, behind him, there are thousands of masters who are in hot pursuit.

At this time, these masters screamed while pursuing them.

“Mateo, don’t run, just grab it with your hands!”

“You have no retreat.”

“Quickly give up resistance and let us meet your Majesty…”

Loudly shouted one after another, the tone was Ling Ran, no one sympathized with Mateo, or opened up to him.


Hearing these words, Mateo’s eyes flashed with coldness, and his heart was even more angry.

His Majesty? Do these people support Darryl as emperor?

Mad, these white-eyed wolves!

Mateo has been in Xicang Continent for so long, and he is very concerned about the customs here. Knowing it well, I guessed right away that after he fled, the civil and military officials supported Darryl to become the emperor. A day ago, he was still the supreme emperor. In a blink of an eye, he became a fugitive, but his life and death enemy Darryl grabbed his place and became the emperor.

What annoyed Mateo even more was that these people who were chasing after him were respectful and respectful before, but now they have lost their power. Just one by one fell into trouble.

Mateo couldn’t accept this kind of reversal.


Darryl, wait for me, wait for me to get up again, and ask you to settle the account.

Thinking about it, Mateo gritted his teeth and speeded up.

Seeing this scene, many masters are extremely annoyed.

“Still running?”

“Ma De, you are all at the end of the road, and you still refuse to give up? Mateo. Do you think you still have a chance?”

“Stop talking nonsense with him, hurry up!”

Everyone shouted in anger, urging the figure, and continuing to chase Mateo.

In the palace before, Mateo was first injured by Darryl and then severely injured by Clint. He ran all the way. He was already exhausted. At this time, he was chased by everyone. Go to a cliff.


When he arrived at the cliff, Mateo stepped into the air because of the darkness, and had no time to react. He shook his body and fell directly under the cliff!


In the air, Mateo was frightened and angry, holding the Sky Open Axe tightly in one hand. The other hand was constantly waving, trying to grab anything that could be grasped, and as a result, it came across a cliff that was smooth as a mirror.

It’s over, so high. Doesn’t it mean you will fall to death if you fall?

Muttering in his heart, Mateo was indescribably desperate, he could feel that this cliff was at least ten thousand feet high. If he didn’t recover his internal strength, if he didn’t find a way, he would definitely be killed if he landed directly.


At this moment, many masters behind. He rushed to the cliff and looked at each other.

“If you fall so high, you will definitely die!”

“Yes, he was seriously injured and there is absolutely no possibility of surviving.”

“Let’s go, go back to your majesty.”

Everyone was talking, and they returned the same way and headed towards the imperial city.


At this moment, on the other side, the Earth is round the mainland, Mount Emei.

In the main hall, Elisa was sitting on the throne with a cold face, wearing a purple dress, with the breath of the iceberg goddess, and the aura filled with the whole body was even more heartbreaking.

In front of her, Tang Qingyun knelt there, dripping with cold sweat, shaking hands and feet.

“You just said that you saw Lily come back?” Elisa looked at Tang Qingyun coldly, with an extremely cold tone: “You want to bring her to Emei and interrogate Darryl’s whereabouts, but you can’t beat the one beside her. Two men? You are still the Tangjiabao Fortress. You can’t do such a small thing. Why do I want you?”


Tang Qingyun swallowed, her voice trembled, and she was very nervous: “The subordinates really tried their best. The two men next to Lily are really amazing. One is Shennong and the other is Zhu Rong. Which subordinate is an opponent. “


Hearing this, Elisa’s body trembled, staring at Tang Qingyun in a daze, shocked in her heart.

Completely shocked.

Zhu Rong? Shennong?

This…this is the history, the famous strong man, unexpectedly accompany Lily?

How can Lily and He De let two peerless powerhouses guard him?

Thinking about it, Elisa looked at Tang Qingyun and asked coldly: “What are you saying is true?”

“It’s true.” Tang Qingyun nodded repeatedly, and quickly said: “Even if I have the courage, I dare not deceive the leader. Several of my Tangjiapu disciples were burned to death by Shennong and turned to ashes. , No bones were left.”

Tang Qingyun felt very heartbroken when he thought of the few disciples who had died tragically.

Chapter 987

Elisa took a deep breath and started to think.

If Lily had Zhu Rong and Shennong by his side, it would be difficult to handle. Elisa bit her lip tightly and instructed Annie: “Annie, you should prepare immediately, put on a gift, and go to Yunzhou City. Please come to Mount Emei as well as Lily, Shennong and Zhu Rong. Remember. The attitude is certain. Be sincere, no matter what method you use, you must invite them over, you know?”

Elisa thought it over, and first invited Lily, Shennong, and Zhu Rong to Mount Emei. At that time, there were ways to deal with them on his own territory.


Annie nodded, showing a slight smile: “Don’t worry, Senior Sister Master. I know what to do, and I will definitely invite Lily and others to come over, so that Senior Sister Master will not be disappointed.”

On the other side, the border of Xicang Continent.

In the mountains, below the cliffs.


Mateo fell down the cliff. Listening to the whistling wind in his ears, Mateo felt that he was falling faster and faster, seeing that it was almost to the end. Mateo gritted his teeth, swung the axe, and smashed on the mountain wall.


The Kaitian axe was extremely sharp, drew a deep trench on the mountain wall, and slowed down some of the speed of the fall.

Puff through.

Even so, at the moment of landing, the powerful falling force caused Mateo to stagger and retreat, the blood in his body surged, and a mouthful of blood spurted out of his mouth.

Mateo was already badly injured. This time, he couldn’t hold it anymore, his eyes went dark and he fainted.


At this moment, there was a sound of footsteps in the woods not far away, and then a figure slowly walked over.

Standing tall, wearing a white gown, elegant and handsome, it is the elder of Wangyougu, contemplation.

Not bad. The place where Mateo fell is not far from Wangyou Valley. I just came out for a walk today and just happened to ran into Mateo.


Seeing Mateo who was in a coma, he was stunned.


Immediately afterwards, seeing the sky-opening axe dropped next to him, he could not help but take a deep breath of cold air when he watched the blood all over his body boil.

This…. This seems to be the magical tool that shook the world more than ten years ago, opening the heavenly axes.

Could it be that this person is the owner of the Sky Open Axe, Mateo from the Western Cang Continent?

Ten years ago, the vision of heaven and earth, the Kaitian axe was born. After Mateo obtained it, he fled under the siege of the apocalypse army, and later became the prime minister of the West Cang Continent, Megatron Kyushu. No one on the continents knew about these things. of.

It can be said that Mateo, like Darryl, are both influential figures in the mainland of Kyushu.

Thinking about it, calmly walked over slowly, quickly picked up the Open Sky Axe, and then set up Mateo. Hastily returned to Wangyou Valley.

Knowing that Jingguan had brought Mateo back, the entire Wangyou Valley was alarmed, and many disciples quickly rushed to the hall to watch.

As the valley master, Situ Wangqing did not dare to neglect, and personally took care of Mateo’s injuries.

To be honest, seeing the Kaitian axe at that time, Situ Wangqing immediately aroused the idea of ​​taking it for himself, but still resisted it. After all, Mateo killed the Emperor Xi Cang and established himself as an emperor.

This is the emperor of Xicang Continent, and Wangyougu is still in the development stage, and the strength is not enough. How dare to fight Mateo?

Situ Wangqing didn’t know that Mateo at this time was no longer the emperor. On the day of his ascension to the throne, Darryl was forced to escape from the imperial city. Now the emperor of Xicang Continent is Darryl.

Mateo didn’t know how long he was in a coma. When I woke up, I only felt a splitting headache.


The moment he opened his eyes, Mateo was stunned when he saw the surrounding environment.

I saw myself lying on the bed. The room in front of you is clean and tidy, and the scenery outside the window is pleasant, just like a paradise.

Where is this?

Didn’t you fall off the cliff and fainted?

“Woke up?”

Just as Mateo was muttering secretly, a clear and sweet voice sounded from outside, and then a few people walked in. The one headed was Situ Wangqing.

Behind her. Following the contemplation, there were some disciples of Elsa.

“You…” Mateo frowned, and was about to ask where it was. He just uttered two words and saw Elsa. After that, he swallowed abruptly, feeling extremely surprised in his heart. .

Elsa, the lord of Wenzong?

At this moment, Mateo’s face changed, and his heart was nervous again. It’s complicated again.

Elsa is Darryl’s woman, could it be that she was caught by Darryl’s people?

Thinking of this, Mateo felt even more disturbed.

“Don’t panic.”

At this moment, Situ Wangqing smiled lightly and said softly: “You are the new emperor of Xicang Continent, Your Majesty Mateo, this is Wangyou Valley, the place is hidden, and most people can’t find it here.”

After speaking, Situ Wangqing continued: “My name is Situ Wangqing, and I am the Valley Master of Wangyou Valley. I don’t know what happened to your Majesty. He was so embarrassed and seriously injured?”

Forgotten Worry Valley?

Mateo took a deep breath, frowned secretly, but did not speak, but looked at Elsa behind him vigilantly.

At this time, Mateo still didn’t understand what Wangyou Valley was, let alone that Elsa would be here.

“His Majesty!”

Perceived Mateo’s expression change. Situ Wangqing smiled and said with comfort: “This is the elder of Wangyougu, who is quietly watching. It was he who saw you under the cliff and brought you back. The others are my apprentices.”

Immediately afterwards, Situ Wangqing continued: “There are no outsiders here, and our Wangyougu and Your Majesty have no grievances, and naturally will not harm you. So your Majesty need not worry.”


Hearing this, Mateo was very surprised.

Isn’t Elsa the Sect Master Wen? How did you become a disciple of Wangyougu?

Feeling Elsa’s indifference again, seeing himself, without the slightest mood swing, Mateo was even more puzzled. To know. The grievances between himself and Darryl had long been endless. As a woman of Darryl, Elsa should be very hostile when she saw herself.

But why is Elsa in front of him so calm?

At this moment, Mateo thought that he had recognized the wrong person. This was just a woman who was about the same length as Elsa, but soon denied this guess.

After all, there are too many similar people in the world, but the temperament is innate and cannot be imitated.

Mateo clearly felt that the woman in front of her, the goddess aura that did not eat the fireworks on her body, was Elsa, the Sect Master of Wen Zong, and she definitely couldn’t be wrong.

The more I thought about it, the more doubtful he became, but Mateo didn’t show it on his face.


In the next second, Mateo took a deep breath and smiled bitterly at Situ Wangqing: “Gu Master doesn’t need to be so polite, I am no longer the emperor, and now I am a poor homeless man. Now Darryl is the emperor of the Xicang Continent.”

what? !

Hearing this, Situ Wangqing and Jing Guan glanced at each other, and they were both stunned.

Mateo is no longer the emperor? The new emperor is Darryl?

In this case, what are there to worry about? Why don’t you take the Sky Open Axe? !

Chapter 988

Thinking about it, Situ Wangqing’s eyes were hot, and he subconsciously glanced at the Open Sky Axe next to Mateo, unable to conceal the heat in his heart.

Wangyougu is a critical period of development. If you get the axe, wouldn’t it be even more powerful? When the time comes to grow Wangyougu, it will be even easier.


Perceiving Situ Wangqing’s reaction, Mateo’s heart was shocked, and the secret path was not good and broke. Knowing that he had no power, the Valley Master of Wangyougu wanted to snatch the Heavenly Axe.

Thinking about it, Mateoqiang endured the pain in his body and bowed to Situ Wangqing: “Thanks to the Lord Gu for his life-saving grace. If the Lord Gu is not disgusted, I am willing to worship Lord Gu as a teacher and join Wangyou Valley. “

When he said this, Mateo’s surface was sincere, but his eyes flashed with cunning.

Mateocheng Mansion is extremely deep. After sensing Situ Wangqing’s thoughts, he decided to take the lead and express his attitude.

If it were before, Mateo would never be so humble, but there was no way. He was seriously injured and was in someone else’s territory. If he did it, he would have no chance of winning at all.

As long as Situ Wangqing agreed to accept her as a disciple, everyone would be her own, and she would be embarrassed to snatch the Heavenly Axe.


Mateo’s actions made Situ Wangqing a little unpredictable, and his eyebrows frowned. Then he asked with a smile but a smile: “The next generation of patrons who have served as emperors can be regarded as the proud son of the emperor. When there will be a comeback, why do you condescend to join My Forgotten Worry Valley?”

As the master of Wangyou Valley, Situ Wangqing is intelligent and intelligent, and he can tell at a glance that Mateo did not do this from his sincerity.


Mateo sighed lightly and smiled bitterly: “The Lord Gu also saw it. Now I have lost the throne and I am seriously injured. Even if I have plans to make a comeback, my strength alone is limited, and it is too difficult to practice.”

“Since the Lord Gu saved me, it proves that we are destined. As long as the Lord Gu is willing to take me in, I promise Mateo that as long as I regain the throne, I will never forget Forget Worry Valley, let alone your kindness.”

Hearing this, Situ Wangqing thought.

To be honest, Situ Wangqing at this time wanted to kill Mateo immediately and grab the Kaitian Axe directly, but after another thought, if he did this, he would be said to be taking advantage of others.

If Mateo is taken in, Wangyougu will have an extra powerful helper, which is very beneficial to the future development of Wangyougu.

Thinking about it, Situ Wangqing did not immediately agree, but looked at Mateo and asked: “If you seize the throne, how would you deal with Darryl?”

Elsa, Darryl’s woman, had lost her memory by herself, and she was accepted as a disciple. After all, Wangyougu and Darryl are hostile relationships. As the owner of the valley, Situ Wangqing naturally has to consider these.


Mateo grinned. Ruthlessly said: “How could I let him go, as long as he falls in my hands, he will be cut to eight pieces, and my hatred will be vented.”

As he said, Mateo continued with a look of grief and indignation, and continued: “That Darryl, on the surface of benevolence and righteousness, was honored as a hero by the Earth Round Continent. He is actually a despicable villain. Ten years ago, he fought for the territory to help his brothers and destroyed me. Man Sect, later, let his elder brother worship, Zhu Bajie kidnapped my wife Xu Qingyi, and now, he took the throne of me and killed me. I hate this kind of person for being inconsistent with him! “

Some words. The word Zhuji, with anger and anger.

When talking about this, Mateo didn’t forget to pay attention to Elsa’s reaction, and saw that her expression was indifferent, with no reaction at all.


Hear these. Situ Wangqing and the people around could not help but move slightly.

Unexpectedly, Darryl, who is famous in Kyushu, is such a cruel and cruel person.

It doesn’t count to destroy the whole family, but also to eliminate the roots.

Too poisonous!

“it is good.”

In the next second, Situ Wangqing nodded and smiled: “Even so, I promised to take you in. From today on, you will be taking care of your wounds in Wangyougu. When your injury is healed, I Wangyougu will fully support you. Help you regain the throne.”

Since Mateo and Darryl have such a bloody feud, there is no need to worry about them.

“Thank you, Master.” Mateo made a very happy look, and quickly knelt down to applaud his teacher: “Master is here, please be respected by the disciple.”

“Okay, get up!” Situ Wangqing smiled slightly and raised his jade hand.


At this moment, Elsa, who had been silent next to him, was silent. I couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief, frowning and said: “That Darryl is so abominable. People like him have become emperors, and the people of Xicang Continent, have they suffered?”

Elsa lost her memory after taking Wangyoushui. Half a month ago, Jingguan and Situ Wangqing instilled her thoughts. She said that she had gone out to work before and encountered Darryl and lost her memory.

Under such circumstances, Elsa had a very bad impression of Darryl, and now he listened to Mateo distorting the facts and fabricating Darryl’s evil deeds, and she hated Darryl even more in her heart.

Situ forgot feelings and contemplation, smiling but not talking.


Seeing this scene, Mateo frowned again.

What the hell is this, Elsa and Darryl. Isn’t it a good relationship? Why does Elsa treat Darryl like this? Surprised, Mateo finally couldn’t help it. He looked at Elsa and asked, “Senior Sister, are you familiar with Darryl?” He joined Wangyou Valley, so naturally he wanted to call Senior Sister.


Elsa bit her lips tightly. Gently shook his head: “I am not familiar with Darryl, but the master said, I lost my memory because of Darryl…”


Mateo was stunned, then excited.


No wonder Elsa is so wrong. It turns out that I lost my memory.

“Senior sister, don’t worry, since Darryl is our enemy, when I recover my strength, I will help you deal with him.” Mateo said with a smile.


Elsa nodded, feeling very warm in her heart. Originally, she joined Wangyou Valley relatively late, and she had to call seniors and sisters when she saw anyone. Suddenly, she had a junior, who was so kind to herself, and everyone would be in a good mood.

“All right!”

At this moment, Situ Wangqing smiled and said: “Since you talk so speculatively and lightly, during this time, you should take good care of Mateo.”

“Okay!” Elsa responded very cleverly. She is a kind character, so she won’t go against her master’s order.

More importantly, Elsa had a very good impression of this junior.

At this time, Elsa didn’t realize that the new junior brother in front of him was his man’s old enemy. Moreover, grievances are not shared.

Situ Wangqing didn’t say any more, and took Jingguan and the other disciples, and left the room.

“Good sister.”

Mateo just left with a smile on his front foot, and he said to Elsa, “I will trouble you a lot in the future. I can be taken care of by a beautiful sister like a fairy. My Mateo is really a blessing for three students.”

Chapter 989

When he said this, Mateo looked up and down Elsa’s graceful curve, and his heart was agitated.

Darryl, you took everything from me. I will get some back from your woman for this account.


On the other side, Mount Emei.

On the steps under Mount Emei, a few people came to face each other.

The headed one is Annie.

Behind her, Lily, Zhu Rong and Shennong slowly followed.

Zhu Ronghe Shennong. The look was relaxed, while walking, while admiring the scenery on both sides, while Lily’s face was as watery, and her mood was complicated.

Half a day ago, Annie took a gift and made a special trip to visit Yunzhou City. She said she was on behalf of Elisa and invited Lily to visit Mount Emei.

honestly. Lily didn’t want to come, but Alexandra tried his best to persuade her, saying that the martial arts leader of the family had sent someone specially to invite and brought gifts if she refused. It’s too shameful to justify.

Zhu Rong and Shennong did not know the grudge between Elisa and Darryl, but when Lily agreed, they followed.

When Lily Zhurong and others arrived at the square of the Emei Main Hall, Elisa was seen standing at the gate of the main hall from a distance. On both sides behind her, the disciples of Emei and the masters of all major factions were neatly arranged and the stage was very large.


At this moment, feeling the strength of Zhu Rong and Shennong, all Emei disciples present could not help taking a deep breath.


Is this the legendary god of fire Zhu Rong and Shennong? The strength is really strong.

Even Elisa trembled with his delicate body, and a bit of jealousy appeared on his beautiful face. Immediately afterwards, Elisa smiled brightly and greeted him quickly, holding Lily’s hand affectionately: “It’s been a long time since I saw you, and your face has changed back to its original beauty. It’s great.”

After that, Elisa greeted Zhu Rong with a very polite attitude: “These two are the famous Zhu Rong seniors and Shennong seniors, right? My subordinates had a bad attitude towards you before, and they all misunderstood, both of you. There are a lot of seniors. Don’t worry about it.”

Zhu Rong and Shennong looked at each other and waved their hands generously, saying that they were all right.


At this moment, Lily bit her lip and looked at Elisa and said, “You don’t need to be so polite. Just tell me what the hell is going on.”

“Nothing else, just tell you about the past.” Elisa responded with a smile on her face.


Lily took a deep breath and said seriously: “If you don’t say anything, I said, Elisa, why do you have to deal with Darryl? Once you were such good friends, do you have to do it forever? You let your men, go My family investigates Darryl’s whereabouts and sends someone to monitor it. Do you think I am stupid? Don’t you know?”

To be honest, if Lily were alone, she would never say what she was saying straightforwardly. After all, Elisa is now the leader of the martial arts, and his status and status are not what it used to be.

But Lily is not afraid, there are elder brother Zhu Rong and senior Shennong beside him.


Hearing this, Elisa sighed lightly and looked very emotional: “Lily, I know you blame me in your heart, yes, I’ve done a lot of things I’m sorry to Darryl before, but do you think I’m willing to do that? Let me tell you the truth. At that time, I liked Darryl. Because Darryl rejected me, I was hated because of love and did so many absurd things. But now, I want to understand and I have completely repented.”

“Recently, I have been inquiring about Darryl’s whereabouts to redeem his sins. To help him, you think, he provokes Yang Jian in Beiying Continent, and Apocalypse Continent is also chasing him around. Can he handle it alone? I don’t. Can you help him?” At the end, Elisa said pretentiously: “To be honest, I am looking for you to discuss with you how to help Darryl cope with these troubles. As his women and friends, we can’t stand by. Seeing that Darryl is in trouble, he can’t help me with anything, what do you think?”

The words were extremely sincere, but Elisa’s eyes flashed with a smile.


Hear these. The alert on Lily’s face suddenly disappeared, and she gently bit her lip: “Then…how do we help Darryl?”

Lily was kind-hearted, and her heart was soft. Seeing Elisa’s sincerity, her suspicion disappeared.

Lily at this time. I don’t know yet, Elisa’s attitude at this time is all pretended, how could Elisa help Darryl with hatred?

“Don’t worry!”

Elisa showed a slight smile and took Lily’s hand: “We haven’t seen each other for a long time, so let’s talk about the past. It’s been a long time since we sat and chatted like we do now.”

With that said, Elisa ordered Annie next to him: “Quickly, prepare the banquet. Today, I will treat my friends well. There are two seniors.”

“Yes!” Annie responded and hurried to prepare.

At this time, Elisa smiled and invited Lily, Zhu Rong and Shennong to enter the hall.

After a while, the sumptuous banquet was ready, Elisa specially invited Lily to sit next to him and asked how he had been over the years. Xi Han Wen Nuan, very intimate, like a pair of good girlfriends who talk about everything.

Faced with Elisa’s enthusiasm, Lily completely put down her guard.

“Two seniors.”

At this time, Elisa raised his glass with a smile. Looking at Zhu Rong and Shennong Dao: “I have been admiring the prestige of the two seniors for a long time. I am really fortunate to be able to see them today. Come here, I will respect the two seniors. Today, the two seniors must have a good drink.”


Zhu Rong laughed and looked at Elisa approvingly: “The girl’s mouth is quite sweet, well, if you are so sincere, the old man will have a good drink today.” With that, Zhu Rong drank his glass of wine in one go. Very wild and heroic.

When Zhu Rong saw Elisa for the first time, he didn’t know her very well. However, when he saw her apologizing for what happened before, he was sincere and put down his guard. And Zhu Rong is very good wine, Elisa treats her with fine wine, and Zhu Rong feels a little bit more fond of her in his heart.

Shennong, who was next to him, also smiled slightly, picked up his glass, and drank it.

The smile on Elisa’s face saw them all drinking. It’s more charming and moving, but the smile is a little meaningful.


At this time, Elisa asked Lily: “Do you know where Darryl is?”

Yes, Elisa spent so much talking just now to win Lily’s trust, the ultimate goal. Still have to inquire about Darryl’s news and whereabouts.

Lily whispered: “We have also lost contact with Darryl. I don’t know where he is now, I am very worried.”

Hearing this, Elisa’s heart was very suffocated. It took so much effort to win Lily’s trust, but in the end, she didn’t know the whereabouts of Darryl.


See Elisa thoughtfully. Lily couldn’t help asking: “If there is Darryl’s whereabouts, how are you going to help him?”


Zhu Rong and Shennong also subconsciously looked at Elisa, waiting for her answer.

You know, Elisa is now the martial arts leader of the Earth Round Continent, if she helps Darryl vigorously. I believe that no matter how big the trouble is, it can be solved.

This one…

Elisa showed a slight smile and said slowly: “Of course I invited him to Emei first.”

“Then what?” Lily asked afterwards.

Elisa chuckled slightly, with a bit of coldness in his eyes: “When he comes to Emei, I will find a way to let him stay. It is best not to leave Emei Mountain for the rest of my life.”

“If you don’t leave Emei, he won’t cause trouble everywhere, let alone have so many troubles, what do you think?”

At the end of the talk, Elisa still smiled like a flower, but in that smile, there was an extremely uncomfortable coldness.

Yes, Elisa at this time couldn’t help but reveal his true colors.

Anyway, all the questions should be asked, and there is no need to install it.


Lily’s body trembled and looked at Elisa in surprise: “You…you want to keep him in Emei for a lifetime?”

After that, Lily realized something, her pretty face turned pale, and continued: “Speaking of which, you still have to deal with Darryl, right? Elisa, why? Why are you doing this?”

Chapter 990


Elisa sneered, and said with great resentment: “Darryl ruined my life, how can I forgive her so easily? You are right. My ultimate goal is to imprison Darryl for a lifetime, and I will imprison him. In the dungeon, I rely on my charity every day to survive, but before that, I want to ruin him first.”

At the end of the talk, Elisa’s face was covered with frost, and he almost lost her reason.

“Mad, you are a crazy woman.” Lily was annoyed. She got up and was about to leave, but as soon as she stood up, Lily’s body trembled and her eyebrows suddenly frowned.

Lily’s face was pale at this time.

what happened? I was okay just now, why is my body so limp now that I can’t get it out of any strength?

Seeing this scene, Elisa put down the wine glass gracefully and looked at Lily with a smile: “Lily, what’s the matter, are you drunk?”

Lily opened her red lips slightly, just about to speak. It was interrupted by Elisa.

At this time, Elisa’s delicate face was full of joking and triumph: “Lily, do you feel that you are sore and weak, and your internal strength can’t be moved?”


At this moment, Lily’s body was shocked. Her face suddenly changed, and she looked at her in surprise: “How do you know?”

“Hee hee…”

Elisa smiled triumphantly: “Of course I know, because I poisoned your wine glass.”


Lily was shocked and angry, shocked in her heart. This week, Qin was so insidious, smiling on his face to greet him, and secretly insulting him, it was simply too insidious.

“What a sinister and poisonous female doll.” At this moment, Zhu Rong couldn’t help it on the spot, and he shot the crime, glaring at Elisa and cursed: “We trust you so much, but you are poisoned by alcohol. You are an old man. Bully?”

Elisa didn’t panic at all, and looked at Zhu Rong with a smile: “Senior Zhu Rong, don’t be so angry, don’t worry, you and Senior Shennong’s wine glasses were also poisoned by me. You are strong and slow to attack. , But it’s almost there now.”

After finishing the last word, Zhu Rong’s face changed, and his body suddenly froze there.

Zhu Rong clearly felt that his internal strength could not be displayed, and at the same time, his whole body was soft.

At the same time, Shennong, who was next to him, frowned and his face was extremely gloomy.

Same as Zhu Rong. Shennong did not expect that the smiling woman in front of him, who was so beautiful and had such a vicious heart, would actually be poisoned by wine?

It’s just…. What kind of poison is this? I didn’t even notice it at all!

At this time, Elisa’s face grew with a smile, looking at Zhu Rong, and said triumphantly: “Senior, you don’t have to guess, what I use against you is my unique poison, Hei Tian Dan.”

Heitian Pill is a kind of poison that Elisa refined in the Indestructible Scripture, extremely insidious and domineering. The masters of various sects in the Diyuan Continent at the time had to obey Elisa only after taking Heitian Pill.

Speaking of it, when Zhu Rong was drinking just now, he really smelled a special fragrance in the wine, but he didn’t care about it. He thought it was the fragrance in the wine, and never expected that it was poisoned.

“good very good….”

At this moment, Zhu Rong was shocked and angry, staring at Elisa fiercely, his face blue with anger.

He has been in the world for many years, and is respected by the world as the god of fire. I did not expect to be planted in the hands of a younger generation of the world today, and still in the hands of a woman. It is a shame!

“Come on. Tie them all together.” At this time, Elisa gave a chuckle and ordered the Emei disciples around him.


When the voice fell, Annie took the lead and surrounded a dozen Emei disciples.


However, at this moment, Shennong suddenly yelled, and then walked out slowly.


All of a sudden, not only Elisa, but the surrounding masters of various sects were all shocked, staring at Shennong blankly, with an incredible expression on his face.

Heitiandan is such an overbearing poison that Shennong has nothing to do with it?

They didn’t know that the reason Shennong was called the ancestor of medicine was that he had tasted all kinds of herbs and had already achieved a physique that was invincible. Not to mention Heitian pills, even more poisonous medicines, Shennong would be fine.


At this time, Elisa looked at Shennong closely, her body trembling.

Only when Elisa said a word, she was interrupted by Shennong.

“Girl doll, I have to say. You are not only insidious and cunning, but also very good at disguising.” Shennong’s face was cold, looking at Elisa and said: “I, Shennong, I have seen a lot of worlds, and I was deceived by you after all.”

“However, this trick of yours is nothing more than a trick to me. A little black sky pill, the old man is not in his eyes.”

The voice is not loud, but it is arrogant and domineering.


For a while, inside the Emei Hall, there was silence, and you could hear clearly when you dropped a needle.

Everyone present stared at Shennong blankly, not daring to act rashly at all.

This is Yaozu Shennong, who dares to go.


At this moment, Shennong took a deep breath and looked at Elisa coldly: “Girl doll, the old man has limited patience. Hand over the antidote immediately, otherwise, don’t blame me for being polite.”

To be honest, Shennong first heard of Hetian Pill, but based on his pharmacy knowledge, it is not difficult to refine the antidote to Hetian Pill, but the situation is urgent and there is no herbal material in him, so he wants to refine the solution. There is no way to start the medicine, so Elisa can only force Elisa to hand over the antidote.


Three cold words came from Elisa’s mouth. Resolute attitude, without the slightest hesitation.

Previously, Elisa designed that Gary and Tracy were locked in the Houshan Cave. He thought that their brothers and sisters would not be able to help but ruin Darryl. As a result, Gary would rather self-mutilate than touch. The coldness caused one’s own bamboo basket to be empty.

But now, I set up a plan to fool Lily over, and finally succeeded, how could it be possible to let them go easily?

“Senior Zhu Rong, do you think you still have the qualifications to negotiate with me? Your friend Zhu Rong and Lily are all in my hands.” Elisa chuckled at Shennong, and said coldly: “I don’t believe what you dare to do. , Unless you don’t care about the life and death of Zhu Rong and Lily!”

When the voice fell, Elisa gave Annie a wink.


Annie understood her heart, gave a sweet cry, held a long sword firmly, and stabbed Shennong directly.


At the same time, the surrounding sect masters. They all burst out of internal forces, surrounding the Shennong regiment.

“Senior Shennong, be careful.” Seeing this scene, Lily was anxious and couldn’t help exclaiming.

At this time Lily regretted it very much.

Knowing that Elisa is so insidious. I shouldn’t have been invited to Emei. It doesn’t matter if something happens to you, if Zhu Rong and Shennong are hurt, I won’t feel at ease for the rest of my life.

When the words fell, Zhu Rong smiled faintly, and said with comfort: “Don’t panic, younger brothers and sisters, deal with these younger generations. Shennong is more than enough.


As soon as he finished speaking, he saw Shennong slowly raising his hands and chanting a spell in his mouth. In a short time, the atmosphere of the whole hall surged, and a white mist suddenly rose.

Immediately afterwards. Seeing Annie and all the sect masters, their expressions changed drastically, and they screamed again and again.

“Ah! Poisonous scorpion…”

“Snake, what a big snake!”

“Where did so many poisonous insects come from?”

I saw that in the white mist, everyone had a poisonous insect lying on their bodies, some were centipedes, some were poisonous scorpions, and there were colorful snakes. Every poison was glowing with a cold light. , Obviously very toxic.

Shennong is not only exquisite in medicine, but also good at controlling poisonous insects.

For a while, everyone’s faces were pale, and they didn’t dare to move. They all knew that if they acted rashly, the poisonous insects on their bodies would bite them.

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