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Chapter 991


Seeing this scene, Elisa’s body trembled, her delicate face was extremely frightened.

I thought that the situation had been firmly controlled by myself, but never expected that it would be reversed so easily by Shennong.


At this moment, Shennong looked indifferent, and looked at Elisa coldly and said: “Girl doll, now the old man is qualified to negotiate with you, right? Hand over the antidote, and I will let these men of you go.”

Speaking of. When the poisonous insect was released just now, Shennong had thought of putting one on Elisa, but Lily and Elisa were too close, and she gave up for fear of hurting Lily.

But it doesn’t matter. Anyway, Elisa’s subordinates are firmly controlled, and she is not afraid that she will not compromise.

Elisa bit her lip and did not respond, her face was extremely ugly!

Shennong is too lazy to talk nonsense. Slowly walked over: “Why? Do you still have to resist? Give up, you are not the opponent of the old man.” The tone was indifferent, but there was an absolute contempt.

Yes, in the eyes of Shennong, Elisa is even the leader of the martial arts. After all, he is a junior and is not qualified to be his opponent.

“You stop me!”

Seeing Shennong getting closer, Elisa’s body trembled and gave a sweet cry, and then he grabbed Lily and placed a dagger across Lily’s face.

“You take a step forward, and I will draw dozens of knives and a hundred knives on her face!” Elisa bit her lip tightly, her beautiful face was full of madness: “Senior Shennong, I know you The medical skills are the best in the world, even Lily’s ugly face has been cured, but if her face was cut by me with hundreds of knives, thousands of knives, I don’t know if you have any way to help her heal again?”

“Also, do you want to threaten me with the lives of these people? You are wrong. I, Elisa, can have this day by myself. Therefore, their lives and deaths. I never care about it.”

“If you want to kill them, let these poisonous insects bite them down, I don’t care. In short, if you kill them, I will cut Lily’s face and make her ugly forever.”

Elisa almost yelled the last sentence, his delicate face was full of madness, completely losing his mind.


Shennong’s expression changed and he frowned. He didn’t expect that the woman in front of him was so cruel, and he ignored the life of his men in order to achieve the goal.

Moreover, Elisa was right. Although Shennong’s medical skills were unparalleled in the world, she was not a god after all. Elisa really had to cut Lily’s face with hundreds of knives, and the entire face would be completely ruined. No matter how good Shennong’s medical skills were, there was nothing she could do.

More importantly, Shennong is extremely conceited. He once promised Darryl that he would protect Lily’s Zhouquan, if something happened to Lily, how would he explain to him if he met Darryl in the future?

Lily was also frightened, she didn’t dare to move, she didn’t dare to breathe.

She is not afraid of death, but she is afraid of becoming ugly, and she has no face to see Darryl.

After all, I have been separated from Darryl these years because my appearance was ruined and I didn’t have self-confidence. Now my face has finally recovered as before, and I don’t want to go back to the days when I didn’t dare to see people.


Finally, Shennong took a deep breath and looked at Elisa with complicated eyes: “Okay, very good, girl doll, you won!”

honestly. Shennong is respected by the world and has never been so stubborn, but there is no way, Darryl respects and trusts himself so much. Can’t use her wife’s appearance to gamble.

Especially seeing Lily’s nervousness, Shennong couldn’t bear it even more.

After the voice fell, Shennong chanted the spell silently, and the white mist in the hall quickly dissipated, and the poisonous insects on Annie’s body disappeared without a trace.

Seeing this scene, Elisa smiled and said sarcastically: “Hehe…Senior Shennong, really chivalrous and kindhearted.”

At this time, Annie was not waiting for orders. They walked over and tied Zhu Rong, Shennong, and Lily.

“Elisa…you vicious woman, you won’t end well!” At this moment, Lily finally reacted and shouted extremely angrily.

This week, Qin used her appearance to force Senior Shennong to compromise. It’s too despicable and vicious.

Feeling Lily’s anger, Elisa smiled proudly and said: “What will I do. It is not your turn to say, but I tell you, there will be no good results between you and Darryl.”

When he said this, Elisa’s smile was filled with endless coldness.

Darryl missed his life, how could he let him and Lily live together?

When the voice fell, Elisa stopped talking nonsense and waved his hand. Suddenly, Annie led the Emei disciples, and brought the three Lily into the dungeon.

At this moment, on the other side,

Xicang Continent, inside the emperor’s palace.

The brilliant candlelight illuminates the palace, and Darryl is lying on the limp in a gold silk nightgown. Very lazy and cozy.

In front of him, there were a hundred and eight graceful women kneeling neatly, each of which was beautiful, beautiful, graceful, thin and fat. It can be said that each has its own merits, only to see Darryl dazzled.

Yes, these women are just one hundred and eight concubines of Mateo.

At this time, these one hundred and eight concubines. Kneeling there quietly, each of them trembling, their hearts trembling, their heads lowered and they dared not look at each other with Darryl.

“His Majesty!”

At this moment, the little eunuch next to him. Slowly walked over, and said respectfully to Darryl: “It’s not early, your majesty should rest, and the minions will let them undress and wait for bed?”

D*mn it!

Darryl was stunned, and quickly stopped and said: “Slow…slowly, I don’t need them to wait for bedtime, but there are some things, I need to ask.”

With that, Darryl said to the eunuch: “You go out first.”

When he said this, Darryl was calm on the surface, but he was very complicated in his heart.

D*mn, more than a hundred beauties, wait for the bed together, who can stand it.

“Yes, Your Majesty.” The little eunuch stopped speaking and hurriedly withdrew from the hall.


At this time, the many concubines who were kneeling there were also stunned, one by one was very surprised.

This new emperor didn’t let himself go to bed?

You know, there is no man in the world who doesn’t love beauties. Mateo, who had just sat on the emperor’s first night, let these concubines go to bed, but this one in front of him did not act excessively.

This is a true gentleman, a generation of wise gentlemen.

These concubines were still a little nervous at first, and at this time they all secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and at the same time, in their hearts, they also had a good impression of Darryl.

“Everyone, don’t panic.”

At this moment, Darryl smiled and said: “I, I call you all over, not to do what you do, I just want to ask you a question. As long as you answer my question honestly, I will If you let you go, it won’t be difficult for you.”

Chapter 992

Darryl’s expression was extremely serious. He looked at one hundred and twenty concubines and said every word: “You have all slept with Mateo, but have you ever heard him say that the magic weapon opens the sky axe, what is the disadvantage? Or flawed?”

Yes, Darryl called these concubines to the palace, not to occupy them, but from their mouths. Asked a way to deal with Kaitian axe.

After all, the power of Sky Axe is really terrifying.

Darryl knew in his heart that he could shock Mateo during the day. It was completely unexpected and defeated Mateo underestimating the enemy. If both parties went all out and took out weapons, Darryl would not be Mateo’s opponent at all.

During the day, the people who went out to chase Mateo came back and said. Mateo fell off the cliff and would definitely die, but Darryl was not worried and asked them to look at the bottom of the cliff, if Mateo was dead. Bring the Kaitian axe back.

As a result, after everyone went back for inspection, they did not find the Kaitian Axe, let alone Mateo’s body.

Upon receiving this news, Darryl knew that Mateo was not dead. So the imperial decree was put down, and Mateo was searched for.

In order to meet Mateo in the future and be more confident in the fight, Darryl called these concubines and asked some things about Kaitian Axe, hoping to find out the flaws in Kaitian Axe.

After all, things in the world have both advantages and disadvantages, and artifacts are not perfect.


Hearing this, many concubines looked at each other, and then they all shook their heads.

“Your Majesty, Mateo never said anything else when he asked his concubines to attend bedtime.”

“Yes, the concubines don’t know if there are any flaws and shortcomings in the Kaitian Axe.”

“The concubines don’t know.”

Many concubines, you answered me in a word, Darryl suddenly frowned and was very depressed.


This paragraph of Yu is quite cautious, these are his women, and they don’t reveal any secrets.

It seems tonight. I’m going to do it for nothing.

“His Majesty!”

Just when Darryl was extremely depressed, a petite and exquisite figure in the concubine group stood up and said softly: “The concubine remembered it. Three days ago, when the concubine was attending the bed, Mateozeng After saying a word, I don’t know if it’s useful to your Majesty.”

The voice is soft and pleasant, with a beautiful and soft face, and a graceful figure. It is Concubine Yun.

Concubine Yun, Mateo’s favorite among so many concubines.

“Say it!” Darryl was overjoyed and hurriedly urged.

Concubine Yun frowned slightly, thought about it, and replied: “That night, Mateo told his concubine that he had become an emperor and he wanted to expand his territory in the future, and he couldn’t always spoil his concubine at night. The concubine was very curious at the time. Just ask him why.”


Darryl was also taken aback.

Expansion of territory, what does it have to do with spoiling your concubine at night?

At this time, Concubine Yun continued: “At that time, Mateo said. He realized that the real secret of opening the sky axe is that it cannot be used easily during the day. Only at night can it exert its greatest power. Therefore, he will lead the army in the future. If you go to conquer other continents, you can only fight at night, and naturally you won’t be able to spoil women often.”


Upon hearing this, Darryl took a deep breath and fell into contemplation.

Open the axe, only at night, can it exert its greatest power?

Why is this so?

In the next second, Darryl thought of something, his eyes flashed. Yes, every time the Sky Axe explodes its power, like the same round of scorching sun, it contains the power from the world to the sun, but this kind of power from the sun to the sun reaches its limit. It’s not a good thing.

You know, just after Yizhe, if the masculine power of the sky axe reaches a terrifying peak state, Mateo will definitely be out of control. Even, will be backlashed by this masculine force.

The ultimate realm of the cultivation way in this world is the balance of yin and yang.

In yin and yang feng shui, yang during the day.

During the day, the scorching sun was shining, and the sun was positive. Mateo used the sky axe during the day and absorbed too much positive power. Of course, Mateo was not easy to control.

And at night. Everything is silent, and the yin power fills the heaven and the earth. At this time, Mateo casts the heavenly axe and absorbs the yin force of the heaven and the earth, and can restrain the masculine force in the heavenly axe, thereby achieving a state of yin and yang balance.

It turned out to be like this…

Thinking of this, Darryl couldn’t help showing a smile. He is proficient in yin and yang feng shui and immediately figured out the mystery.


It turned out that the shortcomings of Kaitian Axe are here.

No wonder. In the daytime, Mateo never took out the Sky-Opening Axe until he finally ran away.

Great… knowing this secret, and then meeting Mateo later, there will be a way to deal with him.

Excited, Darryl was in a good mood and waved at the concubines: “Okay, it’s okay, you all go back and rest.”

“Yes, the concubines retired.” All the concubines quickly responded, and then they withdrew from the bedroom.

Watching the concubines leave, Darryl also lay down and rested.

Because he knew the secret of Kaitian Axe, Darryl slept particularly soundly this night.

“His Majesty!”

Early the next morning, an eunuch stood outside the palace gate and cautiously called: “Your Majesty, it’s time to get up, Your Majesty…”

Darryl sat up in a daze and rubbed his eyes. I was very upset.


I’m an emperor, so I can’t get a good night’s sleep?

In the next second, Darryl didn’t have a good air: “What are you talking about early in the morning?”

“Your Majesty.” The little eunuch touched a cold sweat, and quickly said: “The envoys of Nanyun came to see him. Now in Ziyang Palace, waiting for your Majesty to summon him.”

Nanyun messenger?

Darryl was stunned and asked: “Who is the envoy headed?”

Nanyun Continent and Xicang Continent seem to be an alliance. Darryl remembered clearly, ten years ago. In order to regain the Panlong Jing, he sneaked into the Nanyun Imperial Palace and pretended to be a little eunuch. At that time, the Xicang Continent sent an envoy to worship the Nanyun Empress on the surface, but in fact wanted to give the Nanyun Continent a disarm. Deliberately posed a problem in the hall. Wear the red rope with ants.

At that time, fortunately, Darryl came forward and easily solved the problem of the envoy of Xi Cang, giving Nan Yun Continent a face, and Xi Cang Continent no longer dared to look down upon Nan Yun Continent. After that, the two sides signed an alliance treaty.

These things have passed more than ten years, but Darryl has a good memory, as if it happened yesterday.

“Return to your Majesty.” The little eunuch replied: “It is the eldest princess of Nanyun Continent who leads the mission.”


Hearing this, Darryl’s heart was shocked, and a cold and charming shadow suddenly appeared in his mind.

Long princess Ora?

How is she?

In the ancient tomb of Lu Bu, Darryl was forced by Ora to teach false mantras, which caused Ora to go into trouble. He was seen by the Queen Nanyun and mistakenly believed that the two had done a man and woman’s affairs in order to preserve the royal family. Facially, Darryl was named a consort on the spot.

At that time, Ora was forced to be helpless and had no choice but to agree, but in his heart, he had always resisted this matter and never regarded Darryl as his own husband.

However, in Darryl’s heart, he always regarded her as his own woman. Therefore, Darryl was very excited when he heard that Ora was here.

Chapter 993

“What is the Nanyun Envoy Group doing?” Darryl asked.

He was already the emperor of Xicang Continent, so naturally he wanted to ask about the purpose of Nanyun Continent.

The little eunuch thought for a while and replied: “My Majesty, as far as the minion knows, Nannan Yunlu sent an envoy this time to sign the alliance again.”

Re-sign the alliance?

Darryl was stunned. It’s not right. Ten years ago, the Southern Cloud Continent and the Xicang Continent had long been an alliance.

“His Majesty!”

Just when Darryl was surprised. The little eunuch explained: “Your Majesty did not know that when Mateo killed the former emperor, the previous covenant was invalidated. After all, there is one courtier and emperor.”

As he said, the little eunuch saw the change in Darryl’s expression, and his tone was cautious: “Furthermore, it is also Mateo’s intention to sign an alliance with Nanyun Continent this time. But he is no longer the emperor, the current Xicang emperor. It’s you… so you have the right. Decide whether to ally with the Southern Cloud Continent.”


Hearing this, Darryl took a deep breath, his eyes gloomy.

After a long time, Nanyun Continent is planning to sign an alliance with Mateo. It’s just that they didn’t expect that Mateo was no longer the emperor. The current emperor of Xi Cang. It’s him Darryl.

At this time, the little eunuch cautiously said: “Your Majesty, the Nanyun Envoys don’t know yet. Your Majesty replaced Mateo’s throne. If your Majesty doesn’t want to ally with the Nanyun Continent, the servant will go and spread the word and let them return the same way.”

“Do not!”

Darryl shook his head, showing a slight smile: “The alliance is a good thing, why should I refuse it?”

Immediately, Darryl smiled and asked: “You just said that people in the Southern Cloud Continent didn’t know that Mateo was no longer the emperor?

“Yes, they don’t know.” The little eunuch scratched his head, and said with shame: “The minion heard that the envoys had arrived, so he hurried to report to his Majesty. Before they had time to inform them, the Xicang Continent had changed its dynasty.”

Darryl nodded: “Okay, I see, you don’t need to notify anymore, let’s go down first.”

The little eunuch hurriedly responded and left the bedroom.

Seeing the little eunuch leaving, Darryl didn’t hesitate, changed his clothes, and went directly to Ziyang Palace.

Darryl didn’t wear a dragon robe, but dressed casually.


On the way to Ziyang Palace. Darryl felt extremely comfortable.

I haven’t seen Ora for a long time, and I really miss it a bit.

Moreover, this woman had always looked down on herself before and felt she was not worthy of her. Now, she is the emperor of the Xicang Continent. This is not what she used to be. Does Ora dare to be arrogant?

Darryl wanted to see what kind of expression Ora would look like after learning that he was the emperor of Xicang Continent.

Soon, I arrived at Ziyang Palace.


The moment he walked in, seeing the scene in front of him, Darryl couldn’t help taking a deep breath, his eyes couldn’t move away suddenly.

I saw a slender and charming figure, facing the door with his back, admiring the calligraphy and painting on the screen.

It is Ora.

At this time, Ora, wearing a purple dress and beaded flowers, is simple yet elegant and noble, especially the S-shaped curve, any man will be crazy about it when he sees it.

I have to say that Ora really exists like a fairy, and I haven’t seen it for a while. It’s becoming more charming and s3xy.


After watching for a few seconds, Darryl reacted and walked over with a smile on his face.

Because he was looking at the calligraphy and painting with his back facing the door, Ora hadn’t realized the arrival of Darryl at this time.

When he arrived, Darryl smiled and said: “Oh, this is not your Royal Highness the princess, long time no see!”

“Your Majesty…”

Suddenly hearing the sound, Ora’s delicate body trembled, and she subconsciously spoke. She thought it was Mateo who had come, but as soon as she uttered a word, she saw Darryl, and her whole body was instantly stunned.


After stunned, Ora’s exquisite and beautiful face was full of surprise: “Why are you?”

As soon as he saw Darryl, Ora couldn’t hide his contempt and disgust.

It was Darryl who harmed his innocence, if it weren’t for him. The emperor would not be so anxious to point herself to marriage.

“Are you surprised?” Darryl said with a smile.

For some reason, Darryl felt very happy when he saw Ora’s surprise.

“Why are you here?” Ora asked coldly with her eyebrows furrowed.

This Ziyang Palace was the place where the emperor met foreign guests. The idlers and others can’t come in casually, not to mention that Darryl is not from the Xicang Continent, but from the Earth Round Continent.

Yes, Ora led the delegation this time to meet Mateo and sign an alliance.

At this time, Ora did not know that Mateo had been beaten away. The new emperor is Darryl. Speaking of which, Ora, as the eldest princess, with high authority and special status, will soon receive news of the change of the throne of the Xicang Continent. However, at that time, Darryl made a fuss in the palace and sought revenge on Mateo. At that time, Ora was carrying the envoy group. On the way here, so I didn’t receive the message.

“Look at what you said.”

Darryl still smiled, his tone relaxed: “If you can come, I can’t come?”

Ora was very impatient, and said with no good air: “I want to meet the Xicang Emperor Mateo, and I have no time to chat with you. If you also meet the emperor, just wait outside.”

At this time, Ora thought that Darryl had also come to see the emperor. As for why Darryl met the emperor of Xicang Continent, Ora didn’t bother to think about it.

Although the grievances between Darryl and Mateo lasted for so many years, Ora had lived in the Southern Cloud Continent for a long time and he didn’t even know it.


At this moment, Darryl wanted to say, I am the new emperor, but as soon as his thoughts turned, he smiled and joked: “It’s not anxious to see the emperor. We haven’t seen each other for a long time. Let’s talk a little longer and reminisce about the past. chant.”

When talking about this. Darryl looked like a dead skinny face.


It seems that Ora really doesn’t know the situation. In this case, I will tease her a little longer.


Ora’s pretty face flushed, and said coldly: “Who wants to tell you about the past. Are we familiar? I have nothing to talk about with you.”

This Darryl is getting more and more serious.

This is the imperial palace of Xi Cang Continent. I have said it myself. When I saw Emperor Xi Cang on business, he refused to leave. It has to be an inch.

It’s really hateful, how can there be such a ra5cal?


Darryl sighed lightly, shook his head and said: “Princess, this is your fault, how do you say it. I am also your cohort, you don’t need to be a husband if you see me, and now you have to drive me away? What’s the truth?”


Hearing these words, Ora’s face turned red all of a sudden, and his angry body trembled, staring at Darryl and shouting: “Shut up and seal you up as a messenger. It’s my sister’s business. I Don’t admit it, you talk nonsense, believe it or not, I killed you.”

Being accused by the queen of marriage and betrothed to Darryl, this matter has always been the knot of Ora’s heart.

And Darryl didn’t open which pot to mention which pot, so he told this matter, how could Ora not be angry?


Darryl looked surprised and exaggerated his expression: “The eldest princess, when the queen gave the marriage, you promised it, but now it’s okay to regret it, and you want to kill me? You’re killing your husband, if you are You really killed me, who would dare to marry you in the future?”

When saying this, Darryl looked serious, but he was too happy in his heart.

At the same time, he couldn’t help but admire the angry Ora.

The goddess is the goddess, and she looks so charming when she is angry.


Ora’s tone was not light, and he snarled: “Glib and tongue, you go to death for me.”

When the voice fell, Ora raised his jade hand and hit Darryl with a palm.

Chapter 994


Seeing Ora who was hit by the palm of his hand, Darryl was startled.

This Ora’s temperament is too strong, just make a few jokes, and just do it directly.

Thinking about it, Darryl hurriedly stepped back, avoiding this palm, and then walked around behind the pillar next to him, shouting at the same time.

“It’s not good, the eldest princess has started to murder the husband.”

honestly. With Darryl’s current strength, he was not afraid of Ora at all.

But that’s her own woman, how can she be willing to do it?

“To shut up!”

Listening to Darryl’s yelling, Ora’s face blushed and he stomped angrily. He was dignified by the princess of the Southern Cloud Continent, but was molested by a rogue Darryl. If this spreads out, how will he see people in the future?

Thinking about it, Ora speeded up. Today, no matter what, we must teach him well.

However, Ora was fast, and Darryl reacted faster, in the blink of an eye. Ora slapped more than a dozen palms, but Darryl easily avoided it without a single palm.


Finally, the movement inside Ziyang Palace attracted the attention of the palace guards, and a dozen or so palace guards rushed in with the sound of footsteps.


At this moment, Ora stood still and pointed to Darryl said: “This person rushed in and spoke disrespectfully to this eldest princess. You quickly take it, and then let your majesty go down.”

When he said this, Ora’s eyes were full of anger, and his tone was extremely arrogant.

In Ora’s heart, even Darryl is a guest here, but his status and status are no match for himself. Darryl was only the Sect Master of Tianmen, a head of the sect, and he, the eldest princess of the Southern Cloud Continent, and the new emperor Mateo of the Xicang Continent, would definitely give himself face and punish Darryl.

At this time, Ora hadn’t realized that the new emperor of Xicang Continent was Darryl in front of her.


More than a dozen palace guards. There was no reaction at all. Instead of taking a shot, they stood there respectfully one by one.


Ora was stunned, and his eyebrows were lightly furrowed.

what happened? These palace guards didn’t understand what they meant?


At this moment, the leading guard knelt down at Darryl and said respectfully: “Your Majesty, do you want to catch this woman?”

These guards have seen the situation just now, and attacked your Majesty. This is a serious crime of beheading. Even the eldest princess of Nanyun Continent could not tolerate it.

what? !

At this moment, the entire Ziyang Palace was silent, and Ora’s body trembled, directly stupid!

At this moment, she felt her legs feel soft, and Jiao Chu couldn’t help taking two steps back.

Ora saw that these imperial guards in front of him were full of respect in front of Darryl at this time, and such respect was not a pretense at all.

How could this be possible, Darryl was just the sect master of Tianmen, even if his strength was very strong, he could only be a rogue in the world, how in a blink of an eye. Became the emperor of Xicang Continent?

“It’s okay!”

At this time, Darryl smiled and waved his hand, and said to the surrounding palace guards: “I’m playing around with the princess, don’t take it seriously, just retreat.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!” A dozen palace guards responded in unison, and then carefully retreated outside.


At this time, Ora reacted and looked at Darryl blankly: “Are you the new emperor of the Xicang Continent? Isn’t the new emperor Mateo?”

Darryl smiled slightly: “Xicang Continent’s custom is to respect the strong. It was indeed Mateo before, but he was beaten away by me. Now the emperor is me. Your Royal Highness, is it surprised?”

“I…” Ora bit his lips tightly, almost bleeding from the bite, his heart struck like a deer, and he didn’t know how to respond.

At this time, Ora was shocked and suffocated.

This Darryl. He acted arrogantly, thinking that he would have nothing to do, at best he would be the master of the heavenly gate, but he did not expect that he would become the emperor.

and also. He clearly became an emperor, but he didn’t wear a dragon robe, and he came in alone to tease himself, obviously deliberately.

That’s disgusting.

Thinking about it, Ora held back his anger and whispered: “I was a bit reckless just now, don’t blame your Majesty.”

Ora was reluctant to admit his mistake to Darryl.

But no way, the other party is now the emperor.

“Your Majesty?” Darryl deliberately took a step closer, looking at Ora at close range. He smiled and said, “Does the eldest princess call it so much?”

At this time, Ora was about to cry in a hurry, she was icy and intelligent, why didn’t she understand what Darryl meant?

It’s just… so many guards outside are listening, how can one call his husband?


Seeing Ora’s entanglement, Darryl sighed and said regretfully: “I heard that the princess is here this time to sign an alliance, but I am not happy at all. I am not in the mood for an alliance.”

While talking, Darryl secretly paid attention to Ora’s expression.

Haha… I made you look down on me before, so today I will take the opportunity to amuse you.

Ora’s delicate body trembled: “Then your majesty meant, is it not allied?”

Before leading the delegation, the Queen of Nanyun repeatedly confessed that the alliance with Xicang Continent this time must be smooth and profitable. There must be no mistakes. You must know that although Nanyun Continent is very strong, Xicang Continent is not weak. Especially in recent years, Mateo led a large army to conquer the east and the west, making the cavalry of Xicang Continent famous in Kyushu.

Under such circumstances, the Southern Cloud Continent desperately wanted to ally with the Xicang Continent, after all, one more powerful friend. It certainly doesn’t hurt.

“If you want an alliance or not, it’s not my decision!” Darryl showed a slight smile, playing with Ora: “It’s your Royal Highness that has the final say, you said, I was sincerely recounting the past with you just now. As for you, just don’t want to talk to me, and you have to do it, so how can I be allied?”

“Moreover, we still have a marriage contract. You don’t say a word from your husband.”

“It really makes me frustrated.”

Speaking of the last, Darryl shook his head with a helpless look!


At this moment, Ora’s beautiful face was completely bloodless!

She bit her lip tightly. If there is no alliance with Xicang Continent this time, there will be no way to explain to the queen when he goes back.

“Your Majesty…” At this moment, Ora bit his lips tightly, walked slowly in front of Darryl, pulled one of his arms, and swayed like a baby.

“Your Majesty, I was wrong…” The voice was so small that I couldn’t hear it if I didn’t listen carefully.

At this time, Ora, she never dreamed that one day she would apologize to this rogue! Unexpectedly, her own dignified Nanyun Continent Princess would be so humbly in front of this gangster!

Darryl gave a hum, and looked at her with a smile: “Didn’t you just say that you want me to die?”

“I was wrong, I really knew it was wrong.” Ora bit his lip tightly, almost biting bleeding: “Husband, I was a little impulsive before. I shouldn’t be disrespectful to you, let alone do it. , You forgive me this time and promise the alliance, okay?”


Darryl showed a slight smile and slowly said: “Just, what did you call me just now? I didn’t hear it.”

Speaking of this, Darryl deliberately moved closer, his expression very playful.

Hearing this, Ora’s body trembled suddenly. She knew that the name that was ashamed to speak out would no longer be called dead today!

Chapter 995

“Husband… Husband.” Ora bit his lip tightly and whispered.

When she shouted these two words, Ora’s face was extremely red. To be honest, she used to look down on Darryl the most, and she was very disgusted even when she saw him. She was even more bitter about marriage.

However, at this moment, in front of Darryl, she had given up all her arrogance and self-esteem!

“Good. I will call me in the future, do you know?” Darryl said with a smile.

Ora nodded repeatedly.

At this moment, looking at Ora in front of him, he was extremely clever, and he couldn’t express his joy.


It feels really good that Ora, who was once extremely arrogant, was conquered by himself like this.

On the other side, the earth is round the continent. Zhongzhou City, Ouyang Family.

It was late at night. The entire Zhongzhou city fell into silence!

However, the Ouyang family’s other courtyard was brightly lit.

At this time, in the hall. Peter, Lorenzo. Cynthia, Kendra, and Raquel gathered together, everyone was extremely silent, with worry on their faces.

Mateo killed Oliver, and Darryl went to Xicang Continent alone to avenge his foster father. He didn’t know what was going on.

Speaking of it, at that time Peter and Lorenzo wanted to go together, but Darryl considered that the Ouyang family’s vitality was badly injured and needed protection, so they had to stay.

At this time, Peter looked around and said: “It’s useless if we are in a hurry here. I think it’s like this. When I take someone to the Xicang Continent, I will help Darryl. Brother Wen stayed and guarded the Ouyang family. “

When he said this, Peter couldn’t stand his temper, and he stood up and called for someone.

“Don’t worry!” Lorenzo grabbed him, very helpless: “I think Darryl has advantages when it comes to going alone. At least it is easy to move by one person, not easy to expose, if you take someone to support, it is easy A plan to disrupt the wind.”

After that, Lorenzo continued: “What’s more, Mateo is now the emperor. With an order, there are thousands of troops and horses, what if you are surrounded? At that time, Darryl will have to find a way to save you.”


Hearing this, Peter was immediately anxious: “Brother Wen, you too underestimated me. Can I be surrounded by Mateo’s army? If I really want to meet his army, I will kill them all.”

Lorenzo shook his head and smiled bitterly. This great saint, after so many years, is still impatient.

“Great Sage, Brother Wen!”

At this moment, Raquel on the side opened his mouth and said: “I think, let’s do it according to Darryl’s arrangement, stay in the family well, strengthen vigilance, and guard against Elisa.”

Some time ago, Elisa issued an order with the martial arts leader. Suppressing all the forces related to Darryl, these Darryl had known about it a long time ago, so before leaving, especially confessing to everyone, we must strictly guard against Elisa.

To be honest, Raquel was also very worried about Darryl, but she had a wise personality and was able to stay sane. She knew that going to Xicang Continent to support Darryl now was a risk. It would be better to wait for the news according to the previous arrangement.

When the voice fell, many people around nodded.

“Not bad!”

“I support the princess’s decision.”

“Yes, let’s take good care of Elisa now, this woman is too insidious.”

Although Emperor Tianqi is dead, everyone is still used to respecting Raquel as a princess.

“Oh no!”

As he was talking, a family disciple rushed in in a panic, and said to Cynthia: “Miss. It’s not good, it’s not good…”

The family disciple was sweating profusely and looked extremely anxious.

“What’s so flustered?” Cynthia’s eyebrows furrowed, she couldn’t help but blamed: “Say something slowly, why are you so anxious?”

Cynthia has a naive personality. But after his father’s death, he became a lot more mature in an instant.

The disciple wiped a sweat and panted: “Miss, we just heard the news, Miss Lily, was caught by Elisa and locked up in Emei’s dungeon.”

what? !

Hearing this, everyone present changed their expressions.

Lily is Darryl’s first wife, and the relationship between the two is very ups and downs. After so many years of ups and downs, everyone who was present knew about Lily’s position in Darryl’s heart.

Lorenzo ugly stood up, frowned and said, “But what you said is true?”

The disciple hurriedly nodded: “It’s true that they were imprisoned with Lily, and there are two men, one is Zhu Rong and the other is Shennong. It is said that these two are friends of the young master.”


Suddenly. The whole hall was in an uproar, and everyone looked at each other in shock.

Zhu Ronghe Shennong? These are all famous and peerless powerhouses, even they have been caught by Elisa’s trap?


At this time, Peter was extremely angry, and slapped him on the table, trembling with anger: “Ma De, Elisa, this vicious woman, even Lily will not let it go.”

With that said, Peter looked at Lorenzo: “Brother Wen, there is no need to discuss, hurry up and call someone to kill Emei and save them.”

Elisa’s heart is cruel, and Lily will definitely suffer more if it drags on.

“it is good!”

This time, Lorenzo did not hesitate at all. After nodding, he directly shouted at the disciple in front of him: “Go, immediately summon everyone in the Longevity Hall. Go to Emei to save people.”

“Gather all the disciples of Huaguo Mountain.” Peter shouted with an angry expression.

“Yes!” The disciple replied, turned and walked out quickly.


The disciple had only heard a loud noise before leaving the hall. From the outside, the door of the Ouyang family was kicked to pieces!

At the same time, a maid walked in quickly, her face pale: “It’s not good. Elisa brought Emei disciples, and the various gates…coming.”

When she said this, the maid almost collapsed on the ground!

Lorenzo and everyone around him changed their expressions, Mad. I was looking for a woman like Elisa to settle accounts, but she took the initiative to come to her door.

Immediately, everyone stood up and walked out of the hall quickly.


When I got outside, Lorenzo and Raquel couldn’t help taking a breath when seeing the scene in front of them!

I saw the masters of various martial arts, gathered together, nearly hundreds of thousands, surrounded the entire Ouyang mansion like iron barrels!

And in front of the masters of various sects, there is quietly suspended a charming figure, wearing a black long dress, blending with the surrounding night, like a night elf, but that beautiful face, with a trace of cold, It is Elisa.


Peter was the first to help, drew out his double axe, and glared at Elisa: “You still have the courage to come to the Ouyang family. I ask you, how do you do to Lily?

Ha ha…

Elisa chuckled, eyes full of contempt: “Peter, what do you think of Lily, you are not qualified to know.”

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