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Chapter 996

As he said, Elisa Yuqi became colder and looked around the audience: “People of the Ouyang family, listen. You are all smart people. I won’t say much nonsense. From now on, you will listen to my words and follow my orders. , There must be no violation, as long as you agree, I will let the Ouyang family go, otherwise. I will step down here tonight.”

When he said this, Elisa’s gaze swept across Peter’s body, with an imposing manner.

Originally, Elisa didn’t want to deal with the Ouyang family so quickly, but the previous plan to frame Gary and Tracy failed, and then he tore his face and grabbed Lily, so there was no need to wait any longer.

Moreover, Elisa got the news that Darryl went to Xicang Continent to find Mateo for revenge. How could such a good opportunity be missed?


Heard this. The Ouyang family and Peter all immediately became angry.

“Want us to surrender to you? Dreaming!”

“We would rather die than compromise with you.”

“Fight as long as you want, less this one.”

The angry shouts of the Ouyang family kept coming, and Elisa’s expression was indifferent. There was no slight fluctuation, and after a few seconds, the eyes suddenly became cold.

“All sects listen to orders!”

An icy voice came from Elisa’s mouth, without the slightest emotion: “Take all these people in front of me!”


When the voice fell, the masters of the various sects responded loudly, shaking the sky, and urging their internal forces. Without a word of nonsense, they rushed directly to the crowd of Ouyang children!


The number of people on the two sides was too far apart, and only a few screams were heard. Many disciples of the Ouyang family fell in a pool of blood before they could resist.


At this moment, Cynthia was furious, her beautiful face was extremely pale, and her delicate body trembled with anger!

Elisa’s face was gloomy and cold: “Those who follow me prosper against me will perish. If the opportunity is given to you, don’t blame me for being cruel!”


When the voice fell, another scream rang out, and more than a dozen disciples of the Ouyang family were brutally murdered!

Seeing this scene, Peter and Lorenzo were all in anger.


With a roar, Peter clenched his double axes, and rushed into the enemy group first.

Lorenzo and everyone followed closely behind.

They know that today the Ouyang family has many bad luck and bad luck. I am afraid it will be destroyed. But before being annihilated, you have to kill a few more enemies. The situation in front of you is useless, and you can only resist desperately!

In the blink of an eye, a fierce battle broke out between the two sides, and the entire Ouyang family was full of blood and blood.


The screams and screams are endless! The whole Ouyang family, the blood seems to have converged into a river!

Once the battle broke out, it was extremely fierce!

Because they want to protect the Ouyang family, the disciples of Huaguoshan and the Palace of Longevity have been stationed here, but even so, facing the siege of various masters, the form is not optimistic!

After all, the disparity in numbers between the two parties is too great. Elisa brought dozens of martial arts masters, the number of which was close to 100,000.

After more than two hours of fierce fighting, Huaguoshan, the Palace of Longevity, and the disciples of the Ouyang family suffered countless deaths and injuries, and completely defeated. Lorenzo, Peter, and Raquel were all tied up by the five flowers and brought to Elisa.

“This seat will give you one last chance!” Elisa’s gaze swept across Peter’s body one by one: “Take my respect. Swear allegiance to the death, this seat will give you a way of life.”


Hearing this, Peter and everyone were extremely indignant. In the previous fierce battle, everyone was injured and their breath was weak, but their expressions were still extremely firm.

Especially Peter, bloody at this time, his face pale, he could fall down at any time, but he was still full of arrogance, staring at Elisa closely and shouting: “Elisa, don’t come to this one. If you want to kill, you must kill. Listen carefully, a vicious woman like you is not qualified to make Lao Tzu loyal.”

When the voice fell, everyone around him also agreed!

“Yes, we are outnumbered. We lost and gave up…”

“Yes, if you want to kill, hurry up and stop talking nonsense…”


Hearing this, Elisa’s expression suddenly changed. As cold as frost, he stared at Peter tightly: “Peter, your mouth is still hard when you die. You are very hard, right? I will take off your bones one by one. See if you are still hard or hard.”

When he said this, Elisa’s eyes were full of murderous aura.

To be honest, among the three Darryl brothers, the most annoying Elisa is Peter. Relying on that he is the head of Huaguoshan, he is arrogant, and no one is in the eye. At the beginning, he was chased by Peter in Lu Bu’s ancient tomb Reluctant to give up, Elisa fell into the underground chamber where Lawrence was detained.

At this time, seeing Peter screaming against himself, Elisa’s body trembled and couldn’t help it at all.


See this scene. Raquel suddenly became anxious and couldn’t help but speak: “As the leader of the Earth Round Continent, you use such a despicable means to besiege the Ouyang family and force others to be loyal, so you are not afraid of the people of the world laughing?”

“Also, right now, the Earth Yuan Continent is in need of unity, but you have caused feuds. If you are a murderer tonight, you will be the ancient sinner of the Earth Yuan Continent.”

Raquel was very clever. Seeing Elisa’s murderous intent on Peter, she hurried to find a topic. Come to divert Elisa’s attention.


Hearing this, Elisa’s face was cold, her angry body trembled, and she took a step forward, raised her hand, and threw it directly at Raquel!

This slap, Elisa tried her best, and contained the jealousy in her heart. In Elisa’s heart, in terms of appearance and aptitude, she couldn’t compare to this Raquel, but Darryl not only accepted her, but also Raquel used to make trouble in the Apocalypse Royal Family, but he was extremely indifferent to himself.

Thinking of this, Elisa was extremely annoyed.


Raquel’s hands and feet were tightly tied, and he couldn’t dodge it at all. With a clear sound, he saw Raquel snorting, her body trembled and she was slapped to the ground directly, and her lips were beaten and bleeding!


Seeing this scene, Peter and Lorenzo everyone were extremely frightened.

madman. Qin is completely crazy this week.

Especially Lorenzo, his eyes are extremely bloody red, and besides the endless anger, there is also some chagrin in his heart.

He can’t forget that the tragic death of his first wife was Elisa’s murderous hand. Later, Lorenzo wanted to go to Emei for revenge more than once, but he was delayed because of various things.

At this time, I regretted that Elisa was so vicious and vicious. At the beginning, I should be desperate to get rid of this woman, and there would be no harm to her and let her do evil.

It’s just that it’s too late to say anything now.

At this time, Elisa’s face was frosty. Before venting her anger, she said coldly to Raquel: “Raquel, originally these are the internal affairs of our Earth Round Continent, you are a former princess of the Apocalypse Continent, but in a calm day, you have to endure hardships with Darryl, then Don’t blame me! Since you like to be nosy so much, I will ask you to be a good person again, and make a good contribution to the rivers and lakes of our continent.”


Hearing this, Raquel frowned.

What does Qin mean this week? What is she going to do?

At this time, Elisa smiled and looked around the audience: “Everyone present, among you, there are still many unmarried people. Who wants to marry this Raquel, please stand up quickly, and I will be your matchmaker. You must know. , This Raquel is a princess, beautiful and temperamental, who wants to marry her?”

Chapter 997

Elisa was all smiles. I thought to myself: Darryl, you were dismissive of me before, now you will give your woman to other men to enjoy, and it will make your heartache to death.


Hearing this, Raquel’s body trembled, shocked and angry.

This week, Qin, are you going to give yourself away? It’s vicious.

At the same time, Peter and Lorenzo were all in anger. Staring at Elisa fiercely, if his eyes could kill people, Elisa would have been riddled with holes.


The surrounding masters of various schools were in an uproar, and all of them were extremely excited.

This Raquel, but the former princess of the Apocalypse Continent, is distinguished, not only beautiful, but also smart, if he marries her. No regrets in this life.


At this time, Tang Qingyun was the first to come out, unable to conceal the excitement in his heart, and said to Elisa: “Subordinates have not yet married, and. I have long admired this former princess of the Apocalypse Continent, and hope that the leader will be fulfilled. .”

When he said this, Tang Qingyun looked up and down Raquel, his eyes became straight.

I thought that following Elisa to encircle and suppress the Ouyang family was just a simple effort, but I didn’t expect that there would be unexpected joy.


You know, in order to recruit Raquel, Emperor Tianqi deliberately held a martial arts contest, which caused a sensation in the entire Kyushu continent.

At that time, in the martial arts contest, countless masters in the Kyushu mainland, after the competition, regretted leaving.

Now, I can get this princess with no effort, which is simply a happy event in the world.

“it is good!”

Elisa nodded with a smile, and waved his jade hand: “This seat is correct. I will let you into the bridal chamber tonight.”

She only wanted someone to defile Raquel for the purpose of making Darryl sad. As for who this person was, it didn’t matter.

“Thank you for the leader.” Tang Qingyun was happy and grateful to Elisa: “From now on, his subordinates must serve the leader wholeheartedly. Even if you go to the mountain of swords, you will be able to go down to the sea.”

Having said this, Tang Qingyun rubbed his hands and walked towards Raquel with a smile: “Your Royal Highness, rest assured, I promise that I will love you and love you for the rest of my life.”

“go away..”

Raquel’s face flushed, her body trembling constantly, she kept drinking: “Go away, don’t touch me…”

At this time, Raquel was extremely sad and indignant. He didn’t expect Elisa to do what he said. He really gave herself to others, and had to go to the bridal chamber tonight. Raquel wanted to struggle, but his hands and feet were killed to death. Tied up, can’t get rid of it at all.

Seeing Tang Qingyun getting closer, Raquel suddenly despaired, tears falling down her face.

Darryl, when are you coming back?

At this moment, the anger of Peter and Lorenzo was completely ignited.

“Tang Qingyun, Fcuk you. If you dare to touch my sister-in-law, I will cut you a thousand dollars.”

“Stop, Tang Qingyun, stop for me.”

The angry shouts of Peter and Lorenzo kept coming, but Tang Qingyun didn’t panic at all, and he didn’t mean to stop, getting closer and closer to Raquel.

To be honest, if before, Tang Qingyun would not dare to be so presumptuous in front of Peter and Lorenzo.

However, with Elisa’s backing, Tang Qingyun was not afraid at all.

“Stop… You are not allowed to touch my sister-in-law.”

At this moment, there was a clear and sweet drink, and I saw that Cynthia didn’t know how to break free from the iron chain on her feet, and she rushed over to block Raquel’s face. Qingxiu’s face was full of anxiety and determination. .

In Cynthia’s heart, Darryl is her own brother, and Raquel is Darryl’s woman and her own sister-in-law.

See Tang Qingyun at this time. To get involved with Raquel, Cynthia couldn’t think about it, and desperately blocked it.

“Get away!” Tang Qingyun frowned and shouted angrily!

A girl film, dare to come out and make trouble. I don’t know how to live or die.

Cynthia ignored her and stared at Elisa: “Elisa, you vicious woman, you killed Brother Wen’s wife and did so many things to sorry brother, now you want to harm me again. Sister-in-law, let me tell you, a woman like you who is like a snake and scorpion will not end well, even if no one kills you. God won’t let you go…”

At the end of the talk, Cynthia Xiuli’s face was full of determination: “As long as I am here today, you don’t want to touch my sister-in-law.”

The father died, the mother was arrested, and the sister was not there, so I had to stand up.

At this moment, Cynthia stood there with a resolute face, her figure was delicate, but she gave people an aura that could not be underestimated.


Tang Qingyun stood there. Complex complexion.

I don’t know why, Cynthia was wounded, there was no threat, but Tang Qingyun felt the justice in her body, but Tang Qingyun didn’t have the courage to take a step forward.


At this moment, Annie slapped her face with a cold face and walked over to slap Cynthia’s face.

“Battle girl, what are you? Dare to talk to the leader like this and find death!” Annie said coldly, and at the same time raised her hand, and slapped Cynthia again, slap more cruel!

“Flap! Flap! Flap!”

The crisp sound keeps ringing!

Cynthia is so weak, where can he stand it? ! At this time, there was blood leaking from the corner of her mouth, and she couldn’t stand still, but she still shouted: “Elisa, you bad woman, you can’t die well, you can’t die well…”

Qin this week. Once slandered her brother, now she still bullies Raquel’s sister-in-law, there is no more hateful woman in the world than her.

Hearing this, Elisa was completely angry, and ordered Annie: “Call me. Hit this cheap girl and shut up.”

“Yes! Leader!”

After getting the order, Annie grabbed Cynthia’s hair and slapped her slap harder and harder!


“Elisa, D*mn you Ma. You instructed your men to beat a little girl who can’t fight back, is it a human?”

“D*mn’s, Elisa, have the ability to charge me. Don’t bully Cynthia…”

Seeing this scene, Peter, Lorenzo, Raquel and others were all frightened and shouted at Elisa one after another.

Especially Peter, his eyes were extremely bloody red, and his whole body was filled with anger, almost exploding with anger.

Cynthia is too pitiful. Her father died in the prison of Apocalypse, her mother was captured by Mateo, and her sister had no news. In this case, she had to mature herself and support the entire Ouyang family with her weak shoulders. It can be said that I am exhausted physically and mentally, and now it is really annoying to be beaten like this by Elisa’s people.

“Ha ha…”

Hearing Peter’s scolding, Elisa sneered: “What are you screaming? The outcome has been decided just now, even if I let you go now, are you your opponents?


Upon hearing this, Peter and Lorenzo all flushed and were speechless.

Yes, Elisa’s masters are like clouds, even if he let go, he is not an opponent.

But… just watch Cynthia get beaten like this?

Finally, Cynthia couldn’t hold it, and was knocked out.

Annie stopped and returned to Elisa: “Leader, don’t talk nonsense with these people, order them all to be killed.”

It’s black near the ink, and Annie has been following Elisa for these years, with ears and eyes, and his heart is extremely vicious.


Elisa nodded silently, these people fell into his own hands, there was really no need to waste his tongue.

In the next second, Elisa was about to order everyone to take action and kill Peter and others on the spot, but Elisa dismissed the idea once his mind changed.

No, killing them like this is too cheap for them.

Thinking about it, Elisa told Annie: “Let everyone in the Ouyang family open their mouths.”

Chapter 998

When Elisa’s voice fell, several Emei disciples stepped forward and pinched the jaws of everyone in the Ouyang family.


At this moment, Peter and everyone instinctively resisted, but their hands and feet were tied, and the roots themselves couldn’t help themselves. After being pinched, they were forced to open their mouths.

Elisa took out a jade bottle. There were black pills in the jade bottle, and Annie stuffed these pills into the mouths of everyone in the Ouyang family. This pill is the Heitian Pill.

Elisa thought it over. It would be too much to kill Peter and these people directly, but after giving them Heitian Pill, there is no antidote, and these people will die very miserably one by one.

Elisa had already counted the time, and each person took five black days pills. Within half a month, the poison will occur, and at that time, Darryl will almost come back, just in time to see the tragic situation of people like Peter.


Let Darryl see it with his own eyes. My relatives and friends died in pain one by one, and I really relieved my hatred after thinking about it.

Elisa did not worry that Darryl could refine the antidote. You must know that the immortal scriptures, but the masterpiece, the Heitian pill in it, only one can know, even if Darryl’s alchemy attainments are more advanced, for a while, There is no cure.


Just a few seconds after taking Heitian Dan, Peter and Lorenzo all trembled, their brows furrowed…

What a powerful poison.

At this moment, whether it was Peter or Lorenzo, both their faces were pale, and their hearts were uncertain. What kind of poison, the power of the medicine was too overbearing, and it directly blocked the internal force and couldn’t move it at all!

Not only that, but the pubic area was completely suppressed!

So overbearing…what the hell is the poison?


Seeing this scene, Elisa was extremely proud and did not talk nonsense. Looking at the people of Peter, he said straightforwardly: “Don’t guess, what I am taking for you is Heitian Pill.”

“This kind of poison, originally taken by one, will lie in the body for a year to attack, but I couldn’t wait that long, so I gave you five pills each.”

“After half a month, the poison on your body will start early. When that happens, one by one will fester and die, how miserable it will be.”

“You said, when Darryl comes back, how sad will it be to see your death? Haha…”

When he said this, Elisa made no secret of the pride in his heart, laughed constantly, and looked at the smile like a flower, which was very charming, but Peter and everyone felt chills in their hearts and couldn’t help fighting a cold war.

Hei Tian Dan?

It happened within half a month, and the body festered to death?

At this moment, Peter’s people were extremely sad and indignant.

Elisa didn’t kill people like himself immediately, but with this method, it was clear that he wanted Darryl to completely collapse.

It’s vicious.

This is exactly a femme-hearted woman. No, not just the snake-hearted, all the vicious words in the world are not enough to describe Elisa’s cruelty.

Feeling the resentful gazes of Peter’s people, Elisa smiled and waved his jade hand at Annie: “The Ouyang family will not live long. Leave them alone, go back to the gate.”

Those people like Peter took Black Heaven Pill and their internal strength was suppressed and it was impossible to recover. They didn’t need to worry about being retaliated. They only needed to return to Emei and wait for a good show.


In a blink of an eye, the masters of various martial arts, led by Elisa, quit the Ouyang family and quickly disappeared into the night.


this moment. The entire Ouyang family was extremely silent.

The night breeze continued to blow, and Peter everyone bowed their heads, and their hearts were colder than the night breeze.

People like myself. All of them were poisoned and lived less than half a month. At that time, when Darryl came back, he would definitely feel extremely uncomfortable when he saw the tragic situation of these people.

How to do?

Just wait for death like this?

For a time, everyone did not speak, the more they thought about it, the worse they were, and the more desperate they became.


On the other side, Wangyougu.

Under Elsa’s care. Mateo recovered from his injuries after three days of recuperation.

At this moment, in the hall of Wangyou Valley, Situ Wangqing sat there with a smile on his face.

In front of her, Mateo and Elsa stood quietly.


At this time, Mateo pointed at Situ Wangqing and bowed his hand politely: “The disciple’s injury is completely healed. Today I came to bid farewell to Master specially. I want to seek revenge from Darryl.”

“Good!” Situ Wangqing nodded: “After you are out of the valley, you should be careful. If you need help, you must notify the teacher as soon as possible.”

Situ Wangqing saw Mateo’s ambition and was determined to regain the throne. Since he was his own disciple, he naturally helped him.

“Thank you, Master, I know.” Mateo replied.


At this moment, Elsa, who was next to him, bit his lip and said softly: “I…I also want to think of Gu, the disciple has no memories of the past, what the outside world is like, I have forgotten, and I really want to go out. Take a look.”

After staying in Wangyou Valley for more than a month, Elsa was so bored that she wanted to go out for a look a long time ago.

“Good too!”

Situ Wangqing thought for a while, smiled and nodded: “In this case, you can walk with Mateo together, and each other can take care of each other.”

When the voice fell, Mateo smiled and answered: “Yes, yes, let’s go with Sister Sister. I know a lot of interesting things, and when that happens, I will take Sister Sister to get better.”


Hearing this, Elsa’s heart was warm, and she answered happily.

With the consent of the master. Mateo and Elsa simply cleaned up, and soon left Wangyou Valley.

Two hours later, Mateo and Elsa came to Xicang Imperial City.


At this moment, when I saw the gate of the city, pedestrians kept coming and going. It was extremely lively and bustling inside, and Elsa was very excited.

Immediately afterwards, Elsa couldn’t help but asked Mateo: “Junior Brother, you really want to break into the palace alone to deal with Darryl. Take the throne back?”

Along the way, Mateo said that he would single-handedly enter the imperial city and seek revenge from Darryl.

“Yes!” Mateo nodded firmly, then took a deep breath, and continued: “But not now, let’s find an inn to rest first, and wait till night, I will take advantage of the night to act and assassinate Darryl. Then, sister, you will Meet me outside.”

As he said, Mateo looked at Elsa with a smile: “As long as I regain the throne, I will definitely repay the senior sister.”

“Junior Brother, don’t have to be so polite.” Elsa smiled and shook his head: “That Darryl is so hateful. To be an emperor must be a faint emperor. I will help you, also for the people of Xicang Continent.

Until this time, in Elsa’s heart, Darryl was still an out-and-out villain, a hypocrite.

After that, Elsa thought of something, and said in a worried voice: “You said before that Darryl had issued the imperial decree and hunted you around. Now that you come to the imperial city on your own initiative, are you not afraid of being discovered?

The tone was soft and worried.

Mateo smiled slightly: “Senior Sister, there is a saying in our hometown, “The most dangerous place is the safest place.” Then Darryl only thought that the farther I would escape, the better, he would never think of it. I’ll take revenge on him so soon.”

“Something makes sense.” Elsa tilted her head to think, smiled, and applauded: “Junior, you are so smart.”

Originally, Elsa had a good impression of Mateo, but now he appreciates it even more. This person is courageous and strategic, and he is really a talent.

Chapter 999

Mateo smiled and said no more, and Elsa entered the imperial city.

At this time, the four gates of the Xicang Imperial City were heavily guarded.

However, Mateo had stayed in Xicang Continent for so many years and was very familiar with the imperial city, so he easily avoided the interrogation of the city gate guard.

After entering the imperial city, Mateo deliberately found an inn in a remote location, and specifically ordered the shop’s second child. Asked for two rooms.

To be honest, in the past few days, Mateo’s gentlemanly demeanor and chic and suave has deeply won Elsa’s favor. Moreover, with Mateo’s strength, he can force Elsa’s innocence. .

But Mateo did not do so.

Mateo had thought about it, to completely win Elsa’s heart, this was better than the person who got her. More interesting.

Mateo knew that Darryl and Elsa had a very good relationship, and if he got Elsa’s heart, Darryl would definitely be heartbroken.

Nothing is more uncomfortable than grabbing love with a sword.

“Junior Brother!”

When entering the inn. Elsa looked at the lively and bustling street in front of her, feeling very emotional: “This imperial city is really big, so lively.”

Mateo smiled slightly: “The night view of the imperial city is more beautiful, you will know it at night.”

After speaking, Mateo patiently said: “Senior Sister, we are all tired after walking all the way. Let’s take a rest first. At night, I will start to act. When I successfully regain the throne, I will accompany you to experience the prosperity of the imperial city.”

When he said this, Mateo couldn’t conceal the expectation in his eyes.

Speaking of which, Mateo wished to break into the palace now, kill Darryl, and retake the throne, but he still resisted this impulse.

Before Darryl had guessed well, he could only display his true strength at night when he opened the sky axe. Mateo was cautious and naturally wouldn’t take risks.


Elsa responded and said with a smile: “Junior Brother, I wish you success in advance. Don’t worry, I will cooperate with you when you act.”

With that, the two entered the inn. Rest in their respective rooms.

And when Mateo and Elsa entered the inn, a man with a complicated gaze at the street corner not far away, took a deep look at the inn, and swiftly moved towards the imperial palace.

This man was called Hong Fei, the deputy commander of the imperial city guard.

Today, Hong Fei was in charge of patrolling the imperial city. He thought it would be the same as usual. Nothing special happened, but he didn’t expect to see Mateo accidentally.

This Mateo is very courageous. His Majesty has laid a net of heaven and earth and is arresting him everywhere. He even dared to come back.

Thinking about it, Hong Fei speeded up.

Speaking of it, if it were a general fugitive, Hong Fei could not help but do it, but Mateo was different. The sky-opening axe in his hand was too terrifying. Hong Fei had self-knowledge and naturally did not dare to act rashly.

At this moment.

In the palace hall, Darryl was lying lazily on the dragon seat, looking through a book of palace books boredly.

Originally, Darryl wanted to take Janis with him. He went back to Earth Continent first, but Mateo didn’t catch it. Darryl couldn’t sleep well and could not leave without worry.

Darryl thought it over, and as long as he caught Mateo, he would take him to the Ouyang family, and kill him in front of the foster father’s spiritual position, to comfort the foster father’s spirit in heaven.

“His Majesty!”

At this moment, Hong Fei ran in sweating profusely and shouted: “Your Majesty, the minister has an urgent matter…”

“Hong Fei.” Darryl frowned, and said in a bad tone: “As the commander of the imperial city defender, shouldn’t you patrol today? Is there something to start? Also, what kind of style is this scorching fire? ?”

“His Majesty!”

Hong Fei wiped his sweat and quickly said: “Your Majesty calms down, the minister is indeed in a hurry, the minister…when he was patrolling, he saw Mateo.”


Darryl was startled. He stood up all of a sudden and looked at Hong Fei closely: “Are you right?”

He made several imperial decree and tried his best to arrest Mateo. In this case, Mateo should escape. How can you have the guts to come back?

“Your Majesty, the minister will never read it wrong, it is Mateo.” Hong Fei knelt there, cautiously said: “Moreover, there is a woman with him, and the two seem to have a good relationship.”


Hearing this, Darryl was stunned, and he was even more puzzled.

In the next second, Darryl couldn’t help asking: “What does that woman look like?”

“Very beautiful and very temperamental.” Hong Fei responded without thinking. Then after thinking about it, he gave a rough idea of ​​what it looked like.

I go!

After listening to this, Darryl was not calm at all, because the appearance of the woman Hong Fei said was clearly Elsa.

Qing Yan and Mateo are still talking and laughing together?

No… this is impossible.

The grudge between herself and Mateo, Qing Yan is the most clear, even if she is caught by Mateo, she can’t help but it is impossible to talk or laugh with Mateo.

I thought. Without hesitation, Darryl ordered Hong Fei: “Immediately summon all the defenders of the imperial city and surround the inn with no fly away.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!” Hong Fei did not dare to disobey, and he responded and hurried to prepare.

As soon as the front foot left, Darryl immediately changed his clothes and walked out.

At this time, Darryl’s eyes were extremely cold.

Mateo, let you run three days ago, this time you won’t have that good luck.

In the inn room.

Mateo sat cross-legged on the bed, closed his eyes and rested, quietly waiting for the night to come.

Mateo had thought about it. At night, he would sneak into the imperial palace and assassinate Darryl. If there is no guard by Darryl’s side, he would fight alone, and Darryl would not be his opponent at all.

Huh! Huh! Huh! …

at this time. There was a sound of footsteps on the street outside.


Mateo was very alert, got out of bed immediately and opened the window to look outside.


At this look, Mateo’s expression changed. At the same time, I couldn’t help taking a breath of air-conditioning!

I saw nearly 10,000 black cavalry in the imperial city, swarming! Surround the entire inn like iron buckets!

These black cavalry, uniform black armor, armed with long spears. Murderous!

The Black Cavalry is the elite of the Xicang Continent. It was once called the Wolf Cavalry. Later Mateo became the prime minister and was renamed the Black Cavalry. Over the years, Mateo led this black cavalry army, conquering everything and making a great reputation.

At this time, as soon as the black cavalry appeared, the temperature of the air around the entire inn dropped suddenly! Pedestrians around, one by one evaded far away, the atmosphere did not dare to breathe!

And in the midair in front of the Black Cavalry, there was a man quietly suspended in a golden dragon robe, with a powerful aura and awe-inspiring!

It is Darryl!


When the enemy meets, they are extremely jealous. Seeing Darryl, Mateo’s pupils contracted, and the anger in his heart rose, and at the same time he was extremely surprised.

He was already very cautious, how did Darryl know that he was here?


At this moment, Darryl, who was floating in the air, also locked onto Mateo who was standing on the window sill. When the two eyes touched, a strong smell of gunpowder filled the air.

At this moment, the door of Yu Yu’s room in the middle of the inn was gently pushed open, and then Elsa slowly walked in.

“Junior Brother.” Elsa’s delicate face was full of doubts: “Outside the street, suddenly a lot of soldiers came, what’s the matter?”

Chapter 1000


At this time, Darryl’s body shook and his brain hummed! His eyes were blurred with tears, and he looked at Elsa without blinking!

Light smoke, really light smoke! She is really with Mateo.

When Hong Fei told the report before, Darryl still didn’t believe it. At this time, seeing that it was Elsa, he was surprised and delighted.

In the next second, Darryl couldn’t stand his excitement, and shouted at Elsa: “Qianyan, is that you? Some time ago. I was dragged by many things, so I didn’t have time to go to the Imperial City of Apocalypse to rescue you. I’m sorry. , Made you suffer, now I see you all right, I am very happy, great…”

Darryl saw that, hadn’t seen it for a while, Elsa’s complexion looked good, but he was a little thinner than before, and his heart was suddenly very distressed.


Elsa was puzzled, her eyebrows frowned. Then he asked Mateo: “Junior Brother, who is this person? How do you know my name?”

After taking Wangyou Water, Elsa completely forgot everything he used to, and naturally couldn’t recognize Darryl.


Mateo took a deep breath and slowly said, “Senior Sister, this person is Darryl. The person who caused you to lose your memory.”

When he said this, Mateo looked serious, but he was a little bit inexplicably worried.

Elsa and Darryl have such a good relationship. Now that they meet each other suddenly, will Elsa remember anything?


Elsa’s body trembled, staring at Darryl in mid-air, with some vigilance in her eyes.

It turned out that this person was Darryl.

To be honest, this man was very handsome, dressed in dragon robes, and looked like a king over the world, and he didn’t look like a sinister and cunning person.

However, both Master and Junior Brother said that Darryl was dangerous, so he had better be careful.

Thinking about it, Elsa reacted and asked Mateo: “Why does he want to say these things to me? It seems that he is very familiar…”

Mateo interrupted before she finished speaking.

“Senior Sister, you forgot how the Master explained before leaving. This Darryl is the most cunning, very sweet to lie to women. Don’t be fooled. Don’t believe what he says.” Mateo is very serious. ‘S opening said.


Hearing this, Elsa nodded.

In Wangyou Valley, Situ Wangqing instilled thoughts into Elsa, which made Elsa’s impression of Darryl’s instincts very poor. At this time, when Mateo said this, he immediately became alert to Darryl.

what’s the situation?

Seeing that Elsa always ignored herself. Instead of talking in a low voice with Mateo, Darryl frowned, almost confused.

What’s wrong with Elsa? How can you not look at yourself?

At this time, Darryl didn’t know that Elsa had lost his memory, and now he and Mateo were still senior sisters and brothers.

Yes, Qing Yan must have been controlled by Mateo.

Thinking about it, Darryl was too lazy to talk nonsense, and glared at Mateo: “Mateo, you dare to come back. It’s a man. Come out and fight me, life and death depends on heaven!”

If it had been before, Darryl would definitely not take the initiative to challenge Mateo. After all, Mateo’s Open Sky Axe is too terrifying.

But knowing the secret of Sky Axe, Darryl no longer had any worries. After all, it was daytime, Mateo didn’t dare to push the power of Sky Axe to the extreme.

Ha ha…

Mateo chuckled and looked at Darryl: “Joke, if you let me out, I’ll go out? What are you? Even if you become the emperor, in my eyes, it’s just a waste of money.”

Mateo is also considered a generation of heroes. He knew in his heart that the situation in front of him was very unfavorable for him. Naturally will not go out to die.

Moreover, Mateo could tell that Darryl was worried about Elsa’s safety and would not rush in.

Mateo thought it over, and later figured out a way to make Elsa attract Darryl’s attention, and took the opportunity to escape.


Hearing this, Darryl’s face was pale, and his heart was full of anger.

At this time, Darryl didn’t want to talk nonsense, and wanted to rush in immediately and take Mateo down, but he was afraid of hurting Elsa by mistake, so he resisted this impulse.

With a fire in his heart, Darryl couldn’t help cursing: “Mateo, you can be regarded as a person with a head and face, but today you are like a tortoise with a shrunken head, hiding in the inn and not coming out, don’t you feel embarrassed?”

D*mn, scold you if you don’t come out, if you don’t believe you can bear it.


Mateo’s face suddenly became extremely cold, and his eyes flashed with anger.

Mateo has been in Xicang Continent for so many years. High-ranking, prestigious, when has been scolded like this?

However, thinking that Darryl’s purpose was to lead himself out, Mateo quickly calmed down. He chuckled and said lightly: “Darryl, don’t come to this one. I just checked into this inn, and I haven’t rested yet, so I won’t go out. Come in if you can.”

When Darryl scolded, Mateo strengthened his guess. Darryl didn’t dare to rush in because he was afraid of hurting Elsa.

Knowing this, Mateo was completely confident.

Mateo thought it through, before dark. I must not go out, because using the sky axe during the day is very detrimental to myself and it is easy to be backlashed.

He dragged Darryl, as long as he dragged it until it was dark, there would be no scruples.


Seeing Mateo always refused to come out, and at the same time mocking himself, Darryl’s expression was extremely ugly, almost furious.

This segment of Yu is too cunning, and it still doesn’t come out. It just delays time and waits for the night to come.

and also. He knew that he cared about Elsa’s safety and didn’t dare to rush in, so he was so unscrupulous.

No, he must be forced out before it gets dark.

More importantly, the longer the delay, the more dangerous the light smoke will be.

At this time, Darryl thought that Elsa was controlled by Mateo.


Seeing Darryl’s face gloomy, Mateo couldn’t express his joy. He sat lazily in front of the window sill, poured a glass of wine, took a beautiful sip, and then sneered at Darryl: “I still admired you once. , I think you can be regarded as a good man, a passionate man, now it seems that it is nothing more than that.”

“With so many people, I surrounded me, but I didn’t dare to rush in. With this courage, I think you should stop being an emperor. It’s too shameful.”

With that, Mateo drank wine slowly. It’s very pleasant.

Darryl’s face was gloomy and did not respond.

After stalemate for a few seconds, Mateo chuckled: “Darryl, it’s boring to spend like this. Why don’t you do this, three nights at night. Let’s fight life and death on the top of the palace to completely resolve our grievances.”

When he said this, Mateo looked indifferent, but his heart was extremely urgent.

As long as Darryl agreed, he would win. You must know that the mystery of opening the axe has been completely controlled by himself. As long as at night, he perfectly controls the power of the Sky Axe, no one is an opponent.


At this moment, the eyes of the audience. All gathered on Darryl.

Mateo was too mad. In the face of desperation, not only did he not panic, he even took the initiative to challenge His Majesty.

“at night?”

Darryl didn’t care about the gazes of everyone around him. He stared at Mateo and sneered: “There is no common hatred between the two of us. Everyone wants each other to die sooner. If that’s the case, why wait until night?”

Darryl is not a fool, he can see Mateo’s purpose all at once, how can he let him succeed?

Mateo sneered.


Darryl showed a slight smile and started to slander: “I have to say, you are quite tolerant. I robbed you of the throne, and you can still be so calm. By the way, I have summoned all of your 108 concubines. Yes, each has its own merits, and they are all very good, but it is a pity that they have all been given to the beggars in the imperial city.”

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