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The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing Wolf is an interesting story of success, struggle, failure and love, intertwined perfectly. The tale revolves around a person who is disowned by his family and lives an awful life with his in-laws.

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The novel “Ultimate Husband” articulates the story of a person who is destined to face trials after trials without having anyone to hold his back. It all starts as he makes an investment in an oil company. Hailing from a well-settled family, he was living a lavish life. Soon, the investment turns out to be a failed attempt and he gets kicked out of his house for bearing such a big loss.

He used to be the center of attraction among his friends and family but now every person he trusted, turned their back towards him. He was left alone to bear the humiliation and disgrace. This was the moment when he came to know the bitter reality of relationships. Before this, he never knew if wealth was so important to retain relationships. But now, he had no expectations from anyone, he knew he had to endure this pain alone.

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After being disowned by his family, he was helpless and homeless. Soon, he decides to be a live-in son-in-law. He thought it was the only option to collect the broken pieces of his heart but he was wrong. Now, he steps into a life that is more like hell. His mother-in-law and wife treat him as a servant and he has to do all home chores.

The hero of the story gets ridiculed and humiliated by the love of his life. She treats him as something useless and she never misses a chance to humiliate him. At one moment, she even slapped him right onto his face for mistakenly waking her up in the middle of the night.

Although, it was difficult for the ultimate husband to bear the humiliation but he had no other option. He accepts all these trials and tribulations as his fate and chooses to stay silent.

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The mother-in-law was also not happy with him. She asks her daughter to leave him and start her life with someone who deserves her. They all knew that this marriage wasn’t working well. Even after three years of their marriage, they never shared any private moment.

The hero wasn’t even able to feel the touch of her fingers. This relationship was more like a deal between a servant and his boss. The story of this Chinese novel takes a turn when the male lead character receives a text message from his former clan. He comes to know that the investment he made years ago has now turned into a profitable one. He’s no more a servant but has become a millionaire now.

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The whole scenario changes and everything tends to be in his favor. As the mother-in-law comes to know about his wealth he regrets what she did to him. She starts begging him not to divorce her daughter.

Friends who once turned their back now look at him with admiration and his own family is also guilty for their behavior. But will he avenge his suffering or forgive them all? Will he keep the relationships that only took advantage of him? How will his wife react when he will step down off an expensive car? To get answers to all these questions, you can read the full novel here.

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