The Warmest Romance Chapter 1001 -1002

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Chapter 1001

Yu Gubei said calmly, “it’s unnecessary for Yu’s group to rob my artists. It’s just an artist. If you tell me well, I may agree, but now I have to force my artists to play, I naturally don’t agree.”

He forced lin ning, but in the end he said that they forced lin ning. I have to say that he is really good at reversing black and white.

“I’m going to take people away. If yu’s group refuses, I won’t rob them. It’s better for everyone to judge.”

With a big wave of his hand, he immediately got down from the RV and two reporters holding cameras took pictures of them.

Ruan Shishi was stunned. Obviously, he didn’t expect that Yu Gubei would come here.

If the reporter takes a picture and is exaggerated by the media with ulterior motives, I’m afraid the online wind review will be even more unfavorable to Yu group.

Yu Yimo naturally also can see his idea, his eyes sank, next to the bodyguard immediately received instructions, quickly came forward to subdue the two reporters.

In an instant, the atmosphere became tense and tense.

Yu Yimo steps forward and looks at Yu Gubei coldly. The air around him is cold. “There’s no need to do that.”

“People, since you want to, return you.”

Then he turned to lin ning.

Lin ning hesitated for a moment, knowing that the atmosphere would be more difficult to end if it didn’t pass. She looked at Ruan’s poems and walked over.

Yu Gubei has a smile of the winner on his face. He turns his head slightly. Shao Zhuo behind him immediately understands and pushes his wheelchair away.

All the staff, together with Yu Yimo, Ruan Shishi and director Gao, watched them leave, but could not speak.

When the RV left, the atmosphere was terrible.

This time, in front of the outside world, Yu Yimo was defeated by Yu Gubei. This time, he fell and hit him in the face in front of Quan Jiangzhou.

How could he not be angry.

The man stood there, like a sculpture. Finally, he turned around, his eyes were cold, and swept the crowd. Finally, he looked at director Gao and Ruan Shishi, and said coldly, “two directors, come with me.”

Leaving this sentence behind, he walked straight ahead. Ruan Shishi and director Gao looked at each other and stepped forward.

The atmosphere is a little depressing. When you arrive at a separate lounge beside you, Yu Yimo sits in front of the sofa, looks up at them and says, “sit down.”

When Yu Yimo speaks like this, Ruan Shishi and director Gao are naturally hard to say. They go to Yu Yimo and sit down.

“Who picked lin ning?”

Mentioning lin ning, Ruan’s heart was tight and he didn’t know what to say.

At this time, when something happened to lin ning, he was stabbed by Yu Gubei as a knife. Yu Yimo couldn’t swallow it.

She took a deep breath, gritted her teeth and said, “I picked it.”

Wen Yan, Yu Yimo’s brow tightened. After a pause, he said coldly, “where did you choose?”

Lin ning, it is very likely that Yu Gu’s north side deliberately arranged a knife. Unexpectedly, he let them touch it.

Now the most suspicious is the person who recruited lin ning.

As soon as Ruan Shishi raised her eyes, she looked at the man’s suspicious eyes. She took a deep breath and said, “I really recruited lin ning. It’s also strange that I didn’t understand in advance…”

Chapter 1002

Yu Yimo frowned and said, “how did you get it?”

If Ruan Shishi really didn’t know it, it might be that someone else was playing tricks in the dark.

Hearing this, Ruan’s hands tightened, which made it difficult.

Lin ning was introduced to her by Jiang Huanchen. If she said it, wouldn’t she pour all the dirty water on Jiang Huanchen? But she didn’t think he would do it.

She thought in her heart, moved her lips, and answered to Yu Yimo’s inquiring eyes word by word, “it’s not convenient to say.”

In a word, Yu Yimo’s face was a little gloomy.

Director Gao, sitting next to him, was also stunned. He did not expect that Ruan Shishi would say so. After all, she was not only unable to assist in the investigation, but also deepened her suspicion.

It’s not worth the loss.

Except for who she’s trying to cover.

Seeing the cold atmosphere, the room became more and more silent. Director Gao chuckled twice and quickly advised, “Mr. Yu, what we should most think about now is to suppress those remarks that are not conducive to Yu’s group.”

Yu Yimo did not stretch his frown. He looked straight at Ruan Shishi. After a pause, he looked away and said in a light voice, “well, director Gao, there’s something I want you to do…”

With that, he turned to look at director Gao and assigned him tasks.

Director Gao responded and quickly got up and left the lounge.

Before the door was closed, Du Yue suddenly stepped in and came to Yu Yimo’s side. He was close to his ear and said something. Suddenly, the man’s eyes sank and his eyes were cold.

Soon, Du Yue left and the door closed. For a moment, there were only two of them left in the room.

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, stood up and said, “Mr. Yu, I have other things to do…”

As soon as she stepped forward, she suddenly froze when she heard the voice of the man behind her.

“Lin ning was introduced to you by Jiang Huanchen?”

She took a deep breath and her heart beat disorderly.

How did Yu Yimo know about this? Did Du Yue just come in and tell him about it?

She clenched her fist and hesitated for a moment. Then she turned to Yu Yimo and whispered, “yes, but it has nothing to do with him.”

At least in her opinion, Jiang Huanchen is not a person who can do that kind of thing.

Smell speech, metaphor with silent Mou bottom flash a glimmer of dark light, slightly frown, “what evidence do you have?”

In his opinion, all things have evidence to rely on, she can’t get evidence, and why can she so sure to help others get rid of the suspicion.

Ruan’s throat was tight and he couldn’t speak.

She has no evidence. She just doesn’t think it’s necessary for Jiang Huanchen to do that.

She clenched her fist, bit her lip and said, “I don’t think he’s like that.”

Smell speech, the man cold hum a voice, suddenly step close to her, in an instant, the distance between the two taut, sniff the distance, she can feel the cold from the man.

Then, the man’s low voice sounded in her ear, “then why should I believe you?”

Now Yu’s group is on the cusp of the storm, any adverse remarks to the group may cause incalculable consequences, he must be cautious, and can not easily believe what anyone says.

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