CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1439 – 1440

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Chapter 1439

When Peter saw Tina, his face was also startled.

After the director finished speaking, he left quickly, as if he was afraid that Peter would pull him again and say he would cut the scenes of Tom.

Peter coughed lightly, concealing his embarrassment, trying to make himself look calmer: “You still have the problem of eavesdropping on other people’s speech?”

“I’m walking on you, it’s because you didn’t find me, it’s not that I wanted to eavesdrop.” Tina glanced at Peter, the corner of her mouth was straightened with a sneer.

“Okay, anyway, I told the director, cut out Tom’s footage, if you don’t want to cause trouble, you’d better listen to me.” Peter’s tone was more daunting than when he spoke to the director just now.

Tina refused, “No cut.”

As Peter said, if Tom’s shots are not cut, she will be in some trouble.

The whole network knows that Tina is single now, and Tom is young and promising, handsome and elegant. The two stand together very well. The audience is very likely to pull the two together and pair them up immediately.

In the entertainment industry, things have always been completely invisible, and they can be said to have noses and eyes.

It is inevitable that there will be no more scandals.

The scandal is unnecessary to trouble for Tina.

But after all, she owed Tom a favor.

Tom also said straightforwardly that she wanted to rub her enthusiasm. She admired Tom’s magnanimousness and didn’t dislike it.

“Tina!” Peter became a little angry, and his tone of voice increased a lot.

Tina was stunned.

It’s been a while since Peter called her like this.

Peter has been calling her full name recently.

Tina only shook her mind for a moment, and then recovered her calm: “Although you are the boss, I also signed a contract with the program team. You have no right to interfere.”

Peter’s tone became heavy: “I have no right to interfere? Did you forget that you and I also signed a contract?”

“Whatever you want, you can break the contract if you want. You can go to Karl to pay the penalty.” Tina finished speaking, took two steps forward, and looked back at Peter: “Also, you are coming to me. Saying that is the biggest trouble, please stay away from me in this trouble.”

Tina left after speaking.

Peter felt uncomfortable, lifted his foot, and kicked hard against the wall.


The three-day holiday is soon to come.

Tina has been cooperating with the “Me and My Life” program group for the past few days, but fortunately, it is a relatively relaxing program, and she is not very tired from shooting.

The program crew generally considered that Tina changed the shooting location this time, and may not be able to make time to film “My Life and Me”. On Tina’s last holiday, they gathered together to record the show.

I recorded two episodes at once, and it can last until Tina has finished filming “Lost City”.

During this recording, Cathy did not come, because she was not feeling well and was hospitalized.

Everyone has seen the news about Cathy’s pregnancy before, but Peter and Cathy didn’t mention it, so they didn’t mention it tacitly.

Janie may think this is an opportunity, so she wants to verify the authenticity of the news.

“Cathy’s body doesn’t look good? Did she catch a cold? She seems to have caught a cold easily recently.” Janie is also very skillful in questioning.

But Peter did not eat this set: “Thank you for your concern.”

Janie is a very interesting person. Seeing Peter like this, she didn’t ask any more questions.

The show was recorded until ten o’clock in the evening, and everyone was a little tired.

And Tina had to leave by early morning plane.

Chapter 1440

After the show, Tina went to have supper with Alyssa and the others.

Stephanie was waiting outside, so naturally she went with them.

Not long after Tina and his party sat down, Peter also came.

As soon as Peter came in, Stephanie let out a “tsk”: “Don’t you go home and guard your girlfriend?”

“Little girl knows too much.” Peter unceremoniously patted her head.

Stephanie clutched her head and snorted unconvinced.

Tina didn’t say a word, and looked at the menu with Alyssa.

It was late, everyone just ate something casually, and no one drank.

After eating, Tina looked up and found that she and Peter were the only ones in the box.

Tina looked around and asked Peter, “Where are they? Did they all go to the bathroom?”

“Full of going to the bathroom, Karl and Alyssa seem to have also gone to the bathroom…” Peter actually pushed them away.

“Oh.” Tina lowered her head and continued to eat.

Peter suddenly called her: “Tina.”

“What?” The calm expression was a little cold.

Peter looked at her bright eyebrows and sighed imperceptibly, “Take care of yourself.”

Tina paused with her chopsticks: “The sun has come out from the west.”

Peter said again: “Don’t get too close to Tom, he just wants to take advantage of your heat.”

“Is it over?” Tina said impatiently: “Peter, take care of yourself.”

Tina didn’t want to eat anymore. As soon as she dropped her chopsticks, she took out her mobile phone and called Stephanie.

“Hello? Ms. Tina?”

“Where? Come back quickly, we are ready to go to the airport.”

Tina hung up after speaking.

When she called, Peter kept staring at her. After she finished the call, he was still watching her.

Tina simply raised his eyes and looked straight at Peter.

Peter’s eyes were deep: “Do we all get along like this in the future?”

There was an imperceptible loss in his tone.

“Otherwise?” Tina felt that Peter was inexplicable: “How do you think we should get along?”

At this time, the box door was pushed open and Stephanie walked in.

Tina turned her head and saw that it was not just Stephanie who came in, but Alyssa and Karl also came in behind.

Tina looked confused: “Did you three go to the bathroom in a team?”

Stephanie whispered: “I met on the way…”

Tina glanced at Stephanie, and looked at Alyssa: “Alyssa, I have to go and get together again when I come back.”

“Okay, take care of yourself.” Alyssa walked over and gave Tina a hug.

Peter looked at her, his face calm, but his heart was very irritable.


He wants it too.


Tina and Stephanie were sent away, and the remaining three also planned to go home separately.

As soon as Alyssa got into the car and was wearing the seat belt, she heard someone open the rear door.

Looking back, she found that it was Peter.

Peter sat in the back row: “You don’t drive, you don’t bother to go home. I am alone when I came home. Go to your house for one night. Welcome?”

Karl looked at him indifferently: “Not welcome.”

“Alyssa.” Peter didn’t look at Karl, but turned to look at Alyssa, smiling flatteringly.

Naturally, Alyssa would not be as indifferent as Karl. She smiled at Peter: “Welcome, if Grace knows that you are going to live with us, she must be happy. She still babbled that she hadn’t seen you for a long time.”

Peter patted Karl on the shoulder: “Have you heard, Grace wants to see me.”

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