The Warmest Romance Chapter 1007 -1008

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Chapter 1007

“Come with me.”

Yu Yimo raises her eyebrows slightly, looks past her, turns around and walks towards the rest room.

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, hesitated for a moment, but still followed.

Entering the lounge, she turned to look behind her. There was no one else, so she asked, “would you like to call director Gao?”

“No Yu Yimo sat on the sofa calmly, “I’m here for you.”

Not only intentionally or unintentionally, he bit the word “special” very clearly. Ruan Shishi, with a tight heart, looked up at him and asked, “what can I do for you?”

It’s a metaphor for a pause and a slow saying, “what happened that day…”

Before he finished speaking, Ruan’s poems had already made clear what he wanted to say.

The last time they met, it was also in this lounge. He solemnly told her not to believe anyone. He suspected that Jiang Huanchen was in collusion with Yu Gubei. A few days later, all the facts proved that he was wrong.

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath and said in a soft voice, “everyone will look away sometimes. I understand.”

Smell speech, metaphor with silent thin lips light pursed, “you are not angry?”

Ruan Shishi inhaled deeply, “this little thing is not worth my anger.”

“If nothing else, I went to work.”

Then she started to walk.

“Wait a minute.” Yu Yimo gets up, walks to her side, suddenly holds her hand, “I have something for you.”

Ruan Shishi was stunned. He took out a delicate black velvet box from his pocket and handed it to her. “Tomorrow I’m going on a business trip. I’ll give you my birthday present in advance.”

Birthday present?

Ruan Shishi was stunned and thought of the date. Then she suddenly reflected that it was her birthday tomorrow! What surprised her even more was that she forgot that Yu Yimo remembered that tomorrow was her birthday!

She looked up and asked, “how do you know…”

Without waiting for her to finish, the man said in a low voice, “try it on.”

Ruan Shishi hesitated for a moment, reached for the box and opened it. A necklace with water drops and sapphire was lying on the black velvet cloth, like a crystal clear tear.

Her heart was tight and her eyes were shining.

It’s a beautiful necklace. She likes it very much.

But half a second later, she suddenly reaction, quickly closed the box, “this is too expensive, I can’t accept.”

Although she doesn’t know jewelry, the price of such gems is certainly not cheap. What’s more, they are made by Yu Yimo.

Yu Yimo said in a deep voice, “you deserve it.”

Hearing this, Ruan Shishi was stunned.

Then, the man reached out and took the necklace out of the box, went around behind Ruan Shishi and put it on for her.

Ruan Shishi felt a chill in his neck, and when he dropped his eyes, he saw the crystal clear gem lying quietly between the clavicles, shining brightly.

Yu Yimo gave her a deep look and whispered, “don’t refuse. You deserve it.”

Originally, Yu Gubei wanted to use lin ning’s business to make an article and make comments to make Yu’s group more chaotic. But who knows that lin ning and Yu’s media ended their cooperation directly, which was unexpected.

The original battle of public opinion turned out to be a black dragon. Yu Gu had no choice but to stop fighting for the time being.

Chapter 1008

In this silent battle, Ruan Shi was a hero.

On the woman’s eyes, Yu Yimo word by word, “wait for me to come back from business.”

When he comes back, I want to talk to her.

Then he reached out to pull the door, intending to leave.

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, subconsciously reached out and grabbed his arm, “wait a minute…”

Before she finished, she suddenly saw the man frown and the hand that she had grasped shrank back.

Aware that it was wrong, Ruan Shishi looked down at Yu Yimo’s arm and asked, “what’s the matter?”

“Nothing.” Yu Yimo’s face recovered as usual, and took her arm out of her hand. “You’re going to take care of the short film. Director Gao, I’ll let him…”

Ruan Shishi didn’t want to listen to him. She looked down and looked at Yu Yimo’s arm again. Then she found that his arm was thicker than the other one. It seemed that something was entangled in it.

She frowned and stretched out her hand. Without saying a word, she pulled up his sleeve and saw his little arm wrapped in white gauze.

“What’s the matter with you?”

Yu Yimo frowned slightly and said coldly, “it’s OK. I accidentally touched it.”

Hearing the words, Ruan Shishi didn’t believe it at all. He looked at him suspiciously, “really?”

With that, she stretched out her hand and directly untied the button on his sleeve. She pulled it up directly. The white gauze almost wrapped around the whole arm. We could see how long the wound was.

Ruan Shishi’s heart tightened in an instant, and her nose was sour. She felt inexplicably distressed. As soon as she opened her mouth, her voice was filled with a strong nasal voice, “have you done anything dangerous?”

Knowing him for so long, how could she not know that sometimes things he encountered were more dangerous than she imagined.

“A little hurt.”

Yu Yimo calmly took back his hand and lowered his eyes to the woman’s red eyes. Suddenly, there was a wave in the fundus of his eyes, “do you love me?”

Hearing the speech, Ruan Shishi immediately adjusted her mood and pretended to be calm and said, “no, it’s just a daily courtesy to the benefactor who saved the life.”

Daishan that time, she did not have time to thank him, strictly speaking, he is indeed her savior.

“Everyday manners?” Yu Yimo chuckles and simply raises his hand to close the door of the rest room again. He turns his head to look at her and says, “since it’s a daily courtesy, what are you envious of?”

Just now, her eyes were red, just like a little rabbit who was bullied by others. When he saw it, his heart was tight, and he was inexplicably thirsty.

Ruan Shishi pretended to be calm and said subconsciously, “I didn’t…”

Before she finished, the next second, her chin was pinched by the man’s slender fingers and lifted up.

For a time, the two people’s eyes were opposite and their eyes were intertwined.

And her eyes, indeed as he said, were red, as if they could cry at any time.

Two people look at each other, one second, two seconds, three seconds

Feeling the ambiguity in the air, Ruan Shishi suddenly felt guilty. He broke away his hand and opened the distance between them. “Take good care of your body.”

With that, she quickly pushed open the door beside her and ran away like a small animal.

The man’s eyes are black and bright, deep not see the bottom, she is really afraid of looking at themselves, slowly sink in.

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