CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1445 – 1446

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Chapter 1445

“Peter enters and exits the paternity test agency.”

“Blast! CEO AdamPic is suspected of being green!”

“Cathy out, Rail Stone Hammer!”


The countless marketing accounts who had been quiet for a few days seemed to have made an appointment suddenly, and they collectively exploded the information of Peter and Cathy.

Under the news, there are really pictures of Peter entering and leaving the paternity test agency. It is true that the child in Cathy’s belly is not Peter’s.

The Internet became lively for a while.

Such a big show of cheating and cuckolding to challenge ethics and morals is the favorite of the people who gossip.

Big celebrities from all walks of life sent tweets to trolls.

Suddenly, Peter’s trending searches went from “hot” to “boiling” to “explosive”.

The heat stays high.

People who had had a feast with Cathy in the past also posted with the connotation Cathy: “If you want to be ignorant, you can’t do anything.”

There are even anonymous netizens who have posted photos of Cathy’s previous wine company.

The latest tweet of AdamPic’s official Twitter is full of comfort from netizens who gossip. The number of comments has increased from 2,000 to 20,000 at the beginning, but there is a continuing upward trend.

Peter’s Twitter comments were directly slaughtered.

“CEO Grant, you have turned green.”

“Is CEO Grant okay?”

“Big guy will capsize and get cuckold.”

“It’s okay, throw away this green hat, there is still a large forest waiting for you.”

“Why don’t you clarify? Wasn’t it still awesome before? Still let Miss Weber stop work.”

“Open your eyes and see what woman you found.”

“Heh, retribution…”

Most people are cynical, and some feel that Peter is pitiful.


The second half of the filming of “Lost City” was very hard. Tina spent two days at home for a vacation, and was about to go on vacation.

Stephanie booked her flight ticket for the evening, so she bought clothes at the mall in the afternoon.

After all, if you want to go on vacation, you must buy beautiful clothes, and it is early summer, and you need to wear beautiful skirts in summer.

“Lost City” was filmed for two or three months, and she hadn’t bought new clothes for two or three months, and she herself was a difficult consumer, so naturally she would not stop buying one.

Stephanie was in a good family situation, and her consumption level was similar. They spent an afternoon strolling with Tina. The two of them were thinking about going on vacation, buying clothes, and buying red eyes, and didn’t have time to look at their mobile phones.

Until Jodi called Tina.

Tina picked up Jodi’s call, his voice was sweet and charming: “Auntie.”

The two of them bought almost the same, and Stephanie whispered: “Find a place to have a drink, just over there…”

Stephanie said and pointed to a distant shop.

Tina nodded and signaled Stephanie to go first, and she would follow.

“Tina, aren’t you busy? I’m afraid it will disturb you…” Jodi’s tone was relaxed at first, but Tina knew her well, and suddenly heard something wrong.

From Jodi’s tone, she heard the thoughts of her heart.

“The movie I made has finished. I haven’t been very busy recently. Has something happened? Auntie?” Tina stopped and quietly waited for Jodi’s response.

With her understanding of Jodi, it must be a big deal for Jodi to speak in this tone.

Jodi sighed, “Peter has something wrong, but no one answers me when I call him. Can you please try to help Mom and see if you can contact him?”

Tina sank for no reason, and quickly responded: “Of course, I will call Peter right away.”

Chapter 1446

Tina comforted Jodi again, and then hung up the phone.

Listening to Jodi’s tone, Mr. Grant’s matter seemed a bit serious, and he wouldn’t play missing under normal circumstances.

Wasn’t he all right the other day?

How could something happen suddenly?

Tina dialed Peter’s phone uneasy.

The call was connected, but no one answered until the call was automatically hung up, Peter did not answer.

Tina was relieved instead.

He just doesn’t answer the phone, it’s not really missing. If it doesn’t work, you can locate Peter and find out where he is.

What happened?

Tina opened Twitter and received countless “@” as soon as she went online.

——@ActorTinaV, Tina, come and watch this dog man’s joke!

——@ActorTinaV, your boss got cheated, come and watch the show.

——@ActorTinaV, Miss Weber, don’t you relieve yourself?


Many netizens have exposed “@” Tina under Cathy’s Twitter in the marketing account, and some netizens have “@ActorTinaV under Peter’s Twitter…

Tina went to see the trending search list again.

The previous hot topics on Twitter were almost dominated by Cathy and Peter.

Tina carefully recalled in the bottom of her heart, this was probably the hottest moment in Peter’s life.

Although the man Peter is very old, he is still a little arrogant. He is somewhat arrogant and has some problems with being public, but because of this kind of thing…

Tina’s complexion was solemn and after reading the ins and outs, her brows became more frowning.

In life, as long as you have a big brain, nothing is impossible.

Cathy tried her best to be with Peter, but even secretly engaged with others…

“Ms. Tina? What are you doing?”

Stephanie didn’t see Tina in the restaurant for a long time, so she walked out. Seeing Tina standing in the middle of the road looking at her phone, she trot over and said, “What’s wrong?”

“Your cousin has an accident. The ticket for the evening will be refunded first. You will help me send these things back, and I will invite you to dinner next time.” Tina confessed to Stephanie while passing the bag in her hand to Stephanie’s Hands.

Before Stephanie could react, Tina turned around and left, hurriedly walking. Stephanie couldn’t catch up with Tina, so she had to give up.

When Tina went to the rental, the phone rang.

She picked it up and found that it was Peter’s number. Her heart was tight, and she picked it up urgently: “Peter, where are you?”

“At home.” Peter’s voice sounded very calm. There was no noise on his end, and he should sound in a very quiet space.

Tina’s anger surged for a while, and the volume went up: “Auntie is so anxious, you are staying at home, you immediately call her, I will come over immediately, and you will stay at home honestly!”

Peter was silent for a moment: “I will go to the company later.”

Tina sneered: “You won’t wait for me!”

“Wait, you can wait as long as you want, or whatever you want.” Peter seemed to compromise, even with a hint of teasing in his tone.

Tina didn’t talk nonsense with him, hung up the phone and urged the driver: “Sir, please drive faster.”

Soon, the car stopped at the gate of the community where Tina lived.

The last time she ran into Peter at a nearby barbecue restaurant, she knew that he had lived here recently.

Fortunately, she had asked Peter’s house number before.

But this is a high-end community. You need to swipe your card on every floor. Tina was thinking about finding the property when she heard someone calling her from behind.


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