The Warmest Romance Chapter 1015 -1016

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Chapter 1015

It has been 12 hours since Ruan Shishi disappeared.

Song yun’an couldn’t see it any more, so he stood up and said, “brother, don’t worry too much, you’ve already gone there…”

“How can I not be in a hurry!” Song yean frowned, “if I didn’t have to surprise her, how could she disappear?”

He clenched his fist with remorse.

If he had known this, he could not have left Ruan alone!

“Ann, who do you think it is! Who is the man who took the poem away

The monitoring probe at No.1 entrance of Mingyue square clearly photographed a car that let Ruan Shishi get on the car and take her away. After that, her whereabouts could not be found any more!

Song yun’an was shaken by song ye’an’s head. She inhaled deeply, pushed song ye’an’s hand away and said, “brother, calm down!”

This kind of time, the more anxious, the more prone to accidents!

All of a sudden, song yean had a flash in his mind and thought of something, “did Yu Yimo call back?”

When he couldn’t find Ruan Shishi today, he made a lot of phone calls anxiously. Besides calling Ruan Shishi and his friends, he also made two calls to Yu Yimo.

If yu Yimo wants to take Ruan Shishi away for her birthday, it’s not impossible. After all, it was the same at the swimming pool last time.

But the phone call to Yu Yimo couldn’t get through, and his guess hasn’t been confirmed.

But the more it is, the more it can show that Yu Yimo is problematic!

If it is true that he took Ruan Shishi without saying a word, then he will never finish with him!

Song yean picked up his mobile phone and looked at it. There was no Yu Yimo’s phone. He didn’t even have a message.

He inhaled deeply, turned to look at Song yun’an and said, “try calling him with your mobile phone.”

Maybe Yu Yimo knew that he was calling, so he didn’t answer on purpose.

Song yun’an has some helplessness, but looking at his brother’s anxious appearance, he still does it.

She dialed the number, the phone called, the end of the “doodle -” ring a few times, or no one answered.

After waiting for a long time, song Yunan listens to the continuous “Dudu” voice over there, hangs up and throws his mobile phone directly to the sofa next to him.

“Brother, no one answered.”

Hearing the speech, song yean’s eyebrows are twisted deeper.

A few seconds later, he opened his long legs, picked up his suit and coat, and walked quickly towards the door, “no, I’ll find it myself!”

A big living man just disappeared for 12 hours. He sent his men to contact the police. After waiting for so long, there was no news. He couldn’t wait any longer.

“Brother!” Song yun’an quickly followed, “I’ll go with you…”

Before he finished speaking, song yean turned his head and said in a deep voice, “you stay and look at Sensen Shasha.”

Hearing this, song yun’an suddenly remembers that there are still two kids at home. She sighs and watches song ye’an leave. Her heart is also hanging in her throat for a long time.

Suddenly, there was a slight rustle. As soon as she turned her head, she saw a narrow crack in the door of the next bedroom. Sensen and Sasha were looking at her with their big eyes.

When he was found, Sensen didn’t feel embarrassed. Instead, he stepped out and asked carefully, “little aunt, where’s mom?”

Chapter 1016

Song yun’an’s heart softened and her eyes were sore. She took a deep breath, stepped forward, picked up Sen Sen, and said in a soft voice, “mom has something to deal with. She’ll be back soon. Don’t worry…”

Sen Sen hooked her neck and her eyes turned red. “Little aunt, you lied to me. Is mom missing?”

Suddenly, song yun’an has nothing to say. In the face of his clear eyes, she really can’t bear to lie.

Seeing that Sensen was about to cry, she quickly hugged him and walked to the room, “OK, Sensen, I’ll tune out your favorite astronomical documentary, and after watching one episode, my mother will come back…”

At the same time, in the living room, Sasha heard the vibration of her mobile phone. She walked slowly to the sofa and saw the shining mobile phone. She hesitated and pressed the answer button.

As soon as she put her cell phone to her ear, there came a man’s cold voice, “hello? What’s the matter? “

Sha Sha Leng half a second, some hesitant mouth asked, “handsome uncle?” The voice on

as like as two peas in the same way.

The phone obviously stopped for a moment, and soon, the man’s voice rang out again, “Sasha?”

Sha Sha a listen to, immediately some excitement, “handsome uncle, really is you! I I’m Sasha

On the other side of the phone, Yu Yimo listened to the familiar little milk voice and unconsciously raised his lips, and his voice slowed down.

Today, he was busy all day. He had an important meeting in the morning, golf in the afternoon, tea in the afternoon, and finally dinner in the evening. Twenty minutes ago, he just won this project on the wine table, so he was relieved and picked up his mobile phone to have a look.

Unexpectedly, he received several calls from Song yean, in addition to song Yunan.

What’s the matter with the song brothers and sisters? They call him in turn.

After a busy day, he was tired and had a headache. He didn’t want to reply, but when he thought that today was Ruan Shishi’s birthday, he hesitated and returned a call to song Yunan. Unexpectedly, it was Shasha’s lovely voice.

In an instant, my heart softened, and I felt cured.

Although song yean is annoying, it has to be said that Sensen and Shasha are just like little angels. They are so cute that people can’t refuse them.

His voice softened and he asked patiently, “Sasha, why did you call me all of a sudden?”

“Uncle Shuai…” Sasha’s face wrinkled, and her voice became extremely aggrieved, “Mom, mom, she’s gone…”

This head of Yu Yimo was stunned by the sound. His hand holding the mobile phone tightened, and his body straightened unconsciously, “what do you say?”

Sasha sobbed, her voice vague, “Mom lost Dad, they’ve been looking for her all day, but they haven’t found her. Uncle Shuai, can you help us find mom… “

Even so, Yu Yimo still listens to her. His brow is tightened. When he thinks of the missed calls from Song yean and song Yunan on his mobile phone, he suddenly wants to understand.

If it wasn’t for Ruan Shishi, how could song yean call him without any reason?

Suddenly, he couldn’t sit still, listening to the sobbing voice from the other end of the phone, his heart seemed to be kneaded into a ball by something, some suffocating depression, “Sasha, don’t be afraid, uncle Shuai will help you find your mother!”

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