The Warmest Romance Chapter 1017 – 1018

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Chapter 1017

After a few words of comfort, he hung up and immediately got up and walked out.

He just left for a day, but Ruan Shishi, a woman, had an accident!

He walked out quickly and happened to meet Du Yue who was coming this way.


Yu Yimo, with a cold face, said in a deep voice, “get ready for the car and go back to Jiangzhou!”

Confused, Du Yue kept pace with Yu Yimo and said, “I’m afraid it’s not good to go straight like this, because I just signed a contract with President Xu.”

Yu Yimo’s face was cold, and his voice could not be discussed. “Go now!”

Du Yue saw this, back a tight, immediately did not finish the words to swallow back, “yes!”

With that, he immediately strode to the front and told the driver to drive the car right away.

On the bus, Du Yue finally had time to ask, “president, what’s the matter?”

Yu Yimo has always been calm and self-supporting. He has rarely seen him in such a hurry.

“Go and find out the whereabouts of Ruan’s poems today.”

Leaving this sentence, Yu Yimo immediately takes out his mobile phone and dials Su Yucheng directly.

“Dudu -“

it’s been ringing for a long time, but no one answers.

Suddenly, a surge of impatience came up. He stretched out his right hand, pulled open the necktie and untied the top two buttons.

Since Ruan Shishi was watched by Luo Jiuye last time, he asked Su Yucheng to send someone to protect Ruan Shishi secretly. If something really happened to Ruan Shishi today, Su Yucheng would not know!

A few minutes later, the mobile phone he threw aside suddenly flashed. He picked it up and saw that it was su Yucheng.

Press the answer button, and as soon as the mobile phone gets close to his ear, he hears the sound of the powerful music coming from the other side of the phone. In addition, there is the noise of men and women.

He frowned subconsciously and asked in a deep voice, “where are you?”

Su Yucheng chuckled and half jokingly replied, “heaven on earth.”

For a moment, Yu Yimo’s face became more ugly. “Ruan Shishi has an accident, do you know?”


Su Yucheng seemed a little surprised. Then he seemed to go to the side, and the music was a little lower. “Lao Yu, I didn’t hear what you just said.”

Yu Yimo forced his anger, “Ruan’s poems are gone.”

“Gone? How could it be Su Yucheng naturally said, “for more than half a month, my brothers have been staring at her. Today, she has her birthday. When she is with song yean, I let them take a holiday. How can they disappear?”

Listening to Su Yucheng’s indifferent voice, Yu Yimo’s other hand clenched into a fist. He almost gritted his teeth and called his name, “Su Yucheng!”

“What’s the matter, old Yu? It’s been such a long time. The people of Lord Luo have not come forward. It’s not too much for us to take a day off, is it

Yu Yimo said quietly, “if something happens to her, send your people to look for her immediately!”

Finish saying this sentence, he calls directly “pa!” Hang up!

At the other end of the phone, Su Yucheng looks at the phone being hung up. His uninhibited smile is stiff for a few minutes, and his eyes flash cold light.

He put away his cell phone, turned his head and looked at his subordinates, and his eyes fell on the stereo.

Chapter 1018

Aware of his eyes, his hands immediately understood and quickly turned off the deafening sound.

Su Yucheng took a deep breath and said, “send a few people to find Ruan Shi.”

Several subordinates were confused, “this…”

Su Yucheng face across a trace of fatigue, light said, “go, turn around and come back.”

His hands immediately nodded and walked away.

After they left, he was the only one left in the room. He lit a cigarette and took a deep puff.

Clouds of smoke covered his dark eyes.

It’s all coming to an end.

Two hours later, a black car sped along the road to xiqiaoyuan.

The car stopped not far from xiqiaoyuan. The door was pushed open. A man was thrown down by the people on the car and fell on the side of the road.

People throw down, the next second, the door closed, and then, the car turned around, at one go, speeding away.

Ruan Shishi was lying on the ground, soft all over, but fortunately she was still conscious. Her hair was carelessly stuck on her face, disheartened and embarrassed.

What happened an hour ago was like a nightmare, which passed through her mind again and again. She inhaled deeply. The voice in her mind told her to climb forward, but her legs and hands seemed to be half broken, and she couldn’t use half of her strength.

She raised her eyes and looked at the red mark on her finger pulp. Her nose was sour and her tears welled up.

She bit her teeth, the pain came, let her awake a bit, she inhaled deeply, two arms on the ground, drag the body slowly to climb forward.

One inch, two inches, three inches

Slowly, she looked at the iron door over there, forced to hold a breath, a little bit closer to her dream home.

The light in the living room, for her, is like a small orange lamp in the middle of the night, giving her full of warmth and hope.

The palm of her hand was cut by a stone, and the knees were smeared with blood. She didn’t care about the pain, she just wanted to arrive quickly

Finally, climbing to the iron door, she grabbed the iron door, raised her hand and pressed the doorbell. When she heard the sound coming from the yard, she was relieved.

Song yun’an hears the doorbell and comes out immediately. She looks at the empty door. She is puzzled. But when she lowers her head, she sees the figure on the ground.

She was startled and immediately stepped forward to see that it was Ruan Shishi who was on the ground. She suddenly screamed, “Shishi! You

She opened the door in a panic and looked at Ruan Shishi, who was weak and dying. Her tears were like broken beads, which could not stop.

“You What’s the matter with you Hold on, I’ll take you home… “

Song yun’an is incoherent and tries to help Ruan Shishi into the room. Then he calls song ye’an in a panic and helps Ruan Shishi clean up the wound immediately.

Lying on the bed, Ruan Shishi inhaled deeply and asked weakly, “Sensen and Sasha, they…”

Song yun’an said quickly, “don’t worry, they are all here. In the bedroom on the second floor, I’ve coaxed them to sleep. Don’t worry, lie still…”

After listening to her saying this, Ruan Shishi’s heart was released. But somehow, her tears seemed to flow out of control

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