The Warmest Romance Chapter 1037 -1038

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Chapter 1037

Taking advantage of these two days, Yu Yimo quickly signed a large project of cooperation with foreign enterprises. Suddenly, the company’s rumors from top to bottom have weakened a lot.

However, the disclosure of confidential documents is a fact. Even if yu Yimo makes more outstanding achievements, he can’t cover up what happened before. Everyone is waiting for him to give an explanation, but Yu Yimo is calm and doesn’t mention the result of handling this matter for several days.

Yu group president office.

Yu Yimo sits at his desk and looks at the curve of the stock market on his tablet. His brows are tight.

Suddenly, the door was pushed open, Du more quickly came in, look a little serious, will hand in the hand of the document, mouth way, “this is the trace of Su Yucheng found.”

Yu Yimo, hearing the speech, immediately looked away and turned over the document.

On Ruan Shishi’s birthday, Su Yucheng entered the bar in his own bar from the morning until he went out in the evening, and then entered the bar two hours later.

This is determined by the monitoring probe that can be found outside the bar. If so, Su Yucheng almost stays in his bar all day, and has no time to commit a crime at all.

Yu Yimo frowned. Before he could ask, Du Yue next to him continued to report, “the records of his subordinates are below.”

Hearing the speech, Yu Yimo continued to turn. The more he looked, the more gloomy his face became.

All of them, Su Yucheng and some of his most effective subordinates, have traces to follow, perfectly avoiding the time of the crime. That is to say, on the surface, Ruan Shishi was kidnapped on her birthday, which has nothing to do with them.

But the most suspicious is this point, the alibi is too perfect, it seems to cover up something.

Yu Yimo takes a deep breath, plays with a black pen in his hand, and flies through all the strange places in his mind.

After thinking for a moment, he looked up at Du Yue, “the monitoring outside the bar can’t explain anything, can you call out the monitoring inside the bar?”

Du Yue truthfully replied, “I’m afraid we can’t do that. Our set won’t work in Su Yucheng.”

Yu Yimo frowned slightly and did not answer.

He and Su Yucheng have known each other for so many years. They are comrades in arms fighting side by side and brothers cutting their heads for changing their lives. They know each other and their strengths and weaknesses.

Maybe it’s easier for someone else to get a surveillance, but it’s su Yucheng. It’s better to open the window to tell the truth than to steal it under his hand.

Yu Yimo inhales deeply, closes the document in his hand, goes to the shredder and throws it in.

After half a second, he said in a deep voice, “prepare the car and go to Su Yucheng.”

Now, it’s better to be frank and clear.

Ruan Shishi was tied up on his birthday, and he found out that it was not Luo Jiuye who kidnapped her. Whether Su Yucheng did it or not, it had something to do with him.

Arriving at Su Yucheng’s bar, Yu Yimo goes directly to the wine cellar.

He had just sat down for less than ten minutes when the door was pushed open. The familiar sound of footsteps came from far and near. Not long after, a voice with a smile came, “old Yu.”

“Why do you want to come here in broad daylight?”

Su Yucheng seemed to be in a good mood. He picked out a bottle of red wine from the wine cabinet, put it on the table, and brought two goblets from the side.

Chapter 1038

Yu Yimo watched him move smoothly to open the wine bottle. He straightened his back slightly and said in a light voice, “today is to talk about business. I don’t drink.”

Su Yucheng smell speech, action, eyebrows with a smile said, “talk to me about business?”

Yu Yimo is still serious and doesn’t mean to joke with him.

Su Yu has a preconceived idea, this just stops the action in the hand, the body backward a lean, languidly cocks up two Lang legs, “what’s the matter? So serious? “

Yu Yimo doesn’t want to play the game either. He directly asks, “where were you last Friday?”

Smell speech, Su Yucheng action, half a second, then quickly hook up lips, “Friday? I can’t remember. What’s the matter? “

Yu Yimo continued unhurriedly, “on the day of Ruan Shishi’s accident, I called you and asked you to send someone to find her.”

After such a reminder, Su Yucheng suddenly realized, “that day! I was in the bar all day, and when I got your call, I went out with my brothers to look for it for an hour or two. Then I heard that she had found it, and I came back. “

He said, straightening his back slowly, looking up at Yu Yimo, picking his eyebrows and asking, “what’s the matter? Lao Yu, do you doubt me? “

Yu Yimo seems to smile rather than smile, “doubt? Not really

“I just want to find out something. The monitor in the bar that day, copy it to me.”

Then he took out a silver USB flash drive and put it on the desktop.

Suddenly, Su Yucheng’s face sank down, he frowned, “Lao Yu, what do you mean? Do you think I tied her up? “

Yu Yimo raised his eyes and looked straight at him. He said solemnly, “I just want to know something inexplicably.”

Su Yucheng frowned, and his eyes were dark. The mood of his eyes changed rapidly and was not clear.

A moment later, he moved his lips and asked, “what do you want to prove?”

Yu Yimo’s face remained unchanged, saying word by word, “prove that you were not the one who kidnapped Ruan Shishi that day.”

Just now Su Yucheng’s reaction has already made him confirm some conjectures in his heart.

As soon as his voice fell, Su Yucheng’s face became a little gloomy. “Lao Yu, I think you are dazed by that woman!”

Yu yimosheng interrupts him, and his tone suddenly rises a lot. “Su Yucheng, the last person you should hide is me.”

Although Su Yucheng is usually careless, as long as he promised to do something, he would certainly do it. Originally he asked him to send someone to protect Ruan Shishi, but Ruan Shishi still had an accident. He said that he gave his men a leave that day, but Su Yucheng would never make such a low-level mistake!

In addition, the card with different materials proves that the kidnapper of Ruan Shishi is not Luo Jiuye, but another group of people.

Finally, he asked people to check the whereabouts of Su Yucheng and his subordinates on that day. Everyone had a perfect alibi, and all the details were handled perfectly, which was the most suspicious point.

Finally, he asked Su Yucheng to monitor the bar that day. Su Yucheng refused to cooperate at all, which gradually confirmed his conjecture.

The two men look at each other and confront each other. After a moment, Yu Yimo looks away and says in a deep voice, “if I guess correctly, you have planned this for a long time. That morning, you deliberately came to the bar to let yourself be photographed by the outside monitor, then left the side door of the bar, then came back, went out of the bar and let the monitor capture you.”

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