The Warmest Romance Chapter 1035 -1036

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Chapter 1035

Xiao Li didn’t know what to say to them. The two little guys waved goodbye to the old lady. Then they took Xiao Li by the hand and left the planetarium.

Watching them step by step towards the outside, Ruan Shishi’s heart hanging in his throat was released.

She breathed a sigh of relief in the dark and turned around. Unexpectedly, her forehead hit a solid chest.

As soon as his forehead ached, Ruan Shishi immediately reached out and rubbed it. Subconsciously, he apologized, “right…”

Then she looked up at the man behind her. When she saw the man clearly, she immediately widened her eyes and stepped back in shock, “you…”

“Why?” Yu Yimo slightly raises her eyebrows and slowly steps towards her. “If you don’t do something bad, you won’t be afraid of ghosts knocking on the door. Ruan Shishi, what are you doing

The man has his own momentum. As soon as he says this, Ruan Shishi’s heart becomes tight and can’t answer.

Hesitated for a moment, her words flickered, casually prevaricated, “what’s sneaky, I’m here to go shopping to buy clothes!”

Yu Yimo frowned slightly. “This is a men’s shop.”

After such a reminder, Ruan Shishi suddenly found that this is a men’s clothing store!

She took a cool breath, a flash of inspiration, “I’m here to buy clothes for yean.”

As the voice fell, Yu Yimo’s face sank for a few minutes. A few seconds later, he held out his hand and grasped Ruan Shishi’s wrist. “It’s a lie. Ruan Shishi, is that how you set an example to be a mother?”

The palm of a man’s hand is very big and hot. Ruan Shishi’s body tightens and subconsciously shrinks back. She frowns. Thinking of the terrible thing that happened last time, she directly pushes Yu Yimo’s hand away.

Her heart gave birth to a burst of anger, “Yu Yimo, are you brain sick! What do you care if I walk in my street? “

Yu Yimo frowned and stared at her with dark eyes, “Ruan Shishi, do you think I didn’t see it?”

Just now, when he came to look for his grandmother, he saw that Ruan Shishi asked her bodyguard to look for sensenshasha, but she hid herself for fear of being seen.

When she did this, she was furtive and was afraid of being seen by her grandmother.

Yu Yimo frowned, “what are you hiding from? I’m afraid that grandma will know that Sansa is your child? “

A man’s words, like a bayonet, hit the red heart accurately and quickly. As soon as Ruan’s heart was tight, she was a little flustered.

Yu Yimo is right. She is really afraid of being known by her grandmother that sensenshasha is her child. In this way, her grandmother will have doubts. She is afraid of showing her flaws.

I didn’t expect that, unfortunately, my grandmother didn’t see it. She turned her head and met Yu Yimo.

Now, I’m afraid she can’t wash it by jumping into the Yellow River.

Catching a woman’s confusion, Yu Yimo stares at her and asks, “what are you afraid of?”

Ruan Shishi clenched her fist and pretended to be calm. “I have nothing to be afraid of.”

Yu Yimo twisted his eyebrows, continued to approach and began to test, “is that right? What’s the connection between Sansha and grandma, so you’re so scared? “

As soon as Ruan Shishi was worried, he took a deep breath, gritted his teeth and said, “Yu Yimo, why do I hide from grandma? Don’t you know? I don’t want to be entangled with Yu family any more. Do you understand? “

Chapter 1036

Her cheeks were red with anger, her eyes were cold, with obvious determination and alienation.

When Yu Yimo heard the speech, his heart was tight, and he could not speak any more, and his doubts gradually dissipated at that moment.

It turns out that Ruan’s poems are so exclusive to him and Yu Jia.

Before he had time to speak, Ruan Shishi had already stepped away.

Looking at the resolute figure of the woman, Yu Yimo’s heart is filled with a complex emotion. His chest is inexplicably stuffy. Until the mobile phone rings, he slowly recovers.

He felt out his cell phone and saw that it was a call from his grandmother’s entourage. He hesitated for a moment and pressed the answer button. “Hello, well, I’ve arrived.”

Walking out of the men’s clothing store, he didn’t walk far along the corridor, passed through the planetarium and arrived at Biyun Pavilion. When he came to the door, he saw the old lady sitting on the sofa with a look of loss.

He took a deep breath and stepped forward, “grandma.”

Hearing this, the old lady raised her head. When she saw him, the bottom of her eyes burst out with light, “silence is coming!”

Yu Yimo’s voice softened a lot by slightly hooking his lips. “Grandma, have you tried the clothes yet?”

The old lady shook her head, reached for his hand and said, “imor, I just met two children. They look like you when you were a child. Do you think I want to have a grandson

Smell speech, Yu Yimo heart a tight, pause a few seconds, open mouth to ask, “with my childhood very similar?”

, as like as two peas, “yes, that eyebrow is exactly the same as yours!”

All of a sudden, Yu Yimo’s heart is complicated. The face of Sensen Shasha passes through his mind. He is silent and does not speak.

Sensen and Shasha are clearly the children of Ruan Shishi and song yean. How can grandma say they are like him? What’s more, at the beginning, he took Sha Sha’s hair and sent it to the identification Department of the hospital for paternity test. From the beginning to the end, he was always at the door, and the report would not go wrong.

At this time, the old lady suddenly opened her mouth, raised her hand and patted the back of his hand gently, “Yimo, when can you let Grandma hold your grandson?”

Yu Yimo is silent.

“Now look at the situation of the company, if there is a good news, then all the bad luck will dissipate.” Grandma said, a deep look at him, euphemistic reminder, “to silence, the succession of things, you should also think about it.”

Yu Yimo subconsciously resisted, but after all, it came from his grandmother. He couldn’t refute, so he had to reply, “grandma, I know.”

The old lady nodded, took her hand and said earnestly, “you just know. You know grandma’s body, too. Don’t let me wait too long.”

Yu Ming nodded and accompanied the old lady gossiping for a while. Then she coaxed her to try on her clothes.

Accompanied the old lady to buy clothes, then had dinner together, this just sent the person away.

On the afternoon of that day, the media platform issued news that Yu Yimo accompanied his wife to go shopping for dinner, and the grandparents and grandchildren were close, and Yu Yimo was filial and sensible.

As soon as the positive manuscript was sent out, the whole network immediately showed more affection for Yu Yimo. In addition, with the old lady sitting in the office, some of the company’s shareholders who complained about Yu Yimo were quiet for a few days.

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