The Warmest Romance Chapter 1043 -1044

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Chapter 1043

In any case, she must keep her present position. She is Yu Yimo’s wife. She is Yu Yimo’s wife. She is now and she will be in the future!

That Ruan Shishi is not worthy to fight with her at all!

But now Ruan Shishi holds two trumps, Sensen and Sasha! Moreover, the old lady has always wanted to cherish her grandson. If she finds out the identity of these two children, she will certainly take them back to Yu’s family and recognize their ancestors. At that time, her position will be in danger!

At the thought of this, ye Wan’er felt chilly. Originally, she hadn’t figured out how to retaliate against Ruan Shishi, but now something like this happened again. Isn’t it clear that she is forcing her to do it!

Her chest was infuriated, but she couldn’t hold it down. She took a deep breath, took out her mobile phone, and dialed directly, “Hey, go and check for me, where are the two children of Ruan Shishi!”

She must get rid of them before the old lady finds them!

Soon, her mobile phone “Ding Dong” rang and received a message.

She points to open to see, brow tightening, a moment later, reported an address, let the driver go immediately.

At the same time, Ruan Shishi is on her way to Jennifer’s studio. Now that she has arranged things for the crew, the only thing left is for her.

Originally, she promised to shoot a new series of clothing show pictures for Jennifer. In addition, she didn’t shoot a set of location scenes. Now, because of the travel problem, I’m afraid she can’t shoot any more.

“What’s the matter?”

Song yean was driving in the driver’s seat and noticed that the woman beside him was in a low mood. He immediately asked.

Ruan Shishi looked back, took a deep breath and said, “it’s OK. I just feel sorry for Jennifer.”

Originally promised her to shoot the location, now she didn’t plan to leave, naturally feel guilty.

“Never mind, she’ll understand.”

Song yean smiles, reaches out a hand and pats the back of her hand comfortingly.

Ruan Shishi nodded and said nothing.

Arriving at Jennifer’s studio, assistant Xiao AI receives them and settles them in the teahouse downstairs. After a while, Jennifer comes slowly.

She was wearing a long flowing white dress with straight black hair to her waist, and she had a quiet temperament.

As soon as she entered the door, she saw Ruan Shishi and song yean, and unconsciously raised her lips, “it seems that she has come to say goodbye to me.”

When Ruan Shishi heard that, she moved her lips and pulled out a bitter smile. “It seems that nothing can hide from you.”

Jennifer smiles, sits down across from them and whispers, “ready to go?”

Song yean stretched out his hand to hold Ruan Shishi’s hand and said in a soft voice, “I’m ready to leave Jiangzhou. I don’t know when I’ll be back.”

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, “so that set didn’t have time to shoot the location, I’m afraid…”

Before she finished speaking, Jennifer already shook her head with a smile and said in a slow voice, “don’t worry. I’ll leave you the pictures of that series of ready-made clothes. I think you’ll come back soon.”

Her tone is calm and her smile is calm, which gives people a sense of stability. Ruan Shishi smiles and says in a soft voice, “if I have a chance in the future, I will take it.”

Jennifer took a sip of tea and whispered, “there must be a chance. Don’t worry.”

Chapter 1044

On one side, song yean said at the right time, “since we meet today, it’s better to have dinner together, which can be regarded as practice for us.”

Hearing the words, Jennifer raised her eyes to song yean. Her smile deepened at the bottom of her eyes. “OK, I’ll listen to you.”

There is a good private restaurant next to Jennifer’s studio. After chatting for a while, they went there directly.

At the same time, at the gate of Jiangzhou Museum, a car stopped by the side of the road, waiting for an opportunity to move.

Ye Wan’er is sitting in the driver’s seat. Although the air conditioner is on in the car, the palm of her hand is still sweating.

She had earphones in her ears, from which came the report of her staff, “that woman is ready to come out with two children, and she will be at the door in about ten minutes.”

Ye Wan’er inhaled deeply, a cold light flashed at the bottom of her eyes. She inhaled deeply and asked for greetings from her subordinates on the other side, “are you ready?”

A few seconds later, there came a reply, “ready.”

Hearing this, ye Wan’er raised her eyes and looked at the van parked beside the museum.

Today, when she came back from her old house, she couldn’t wait for people to check the whereabouts of Ruan Shishi and the two wild species. Her subordinates reported that Ruan Shishi had taken Sensen Shasha to the Jiangzhou Museum, so she immediately sent someone over to wait for the opportunity.

As long as we get rid of these two wild seeds first, we can also get rid of her eyesore!

She specially asked three outlaws to kidnap Sensen and Shasha later, pretending to blackmail Ruan Shishi for money, so that Ruan Shishi could taste her power!

As long as there are no mistakes in all links, everything will go smoothly!

Such a thought, ye Wan’er heart gave birth to a burst of pleasure.

Just then, at the entrance of the museum, song yun’an leads Sensen and Shasha out. Ye Wan’er takes a close look, and her face suddenly sinks.

Unexpectedly, song yun’an was the one with the two wild seeds! She is so useless that she is regarded as Ruan Shishi!

Ye Wan’er scolded secretly, and soon came back to her. Whether it was Ruan Shishi or song yun’an, it didn’t affect her plan. Anyway, her goal today is those two wild species!

Ye Wan’er hums coldly. She stares at the two little guys who lead song yun’an to jump and jump. Her eyes are cold. She tells the people on the other side of the phone, “get ready to do it.”

Her voice dropped, and soon the door of the van parked at the entrance of the museum opened, and two men in black, wearing hats and masks, rushed out and went straight to Sansa.

Song yun’an is looking down to talk to Sensen and Sasha. She doesn’t pay any attention to that side. She looks up at the two gangsters. When she sees the man, she is in a panic and protects Sensen and Sasha.

At this time, bodyguard Xiao Li ran from behind them and directly kicked the front gangster.

Looking at the entanglement between Xiao Chen and the two gangsters, song yun’an is surprised and immediately pulls Sensen and Shasha to the other side. “Sensen Shasha, follow me!”

Sensen and Shasha are also scared, clenching song Yunan’s hand and running to the side quickly.

Sitting in the car, ye Wan’er looks at the scene. Her face is gloomy and almost dripping water. She grits her teeth angrily.

Unexpectedly, the two wild species are still with bodyguards. Where are the opponents of the bodyguards?

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