The Warmest Romance Chapter 1045 -1046

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Chapter 1045

Over there, the two gangsters beat each other two to one, but they are still not the opponents of the bodyguards. Seeing that they are defeated, song yun’an pulls Sensen and Shasha to run farther and farther. Ye Wan’er bites her teeth and steps on the accelerator directly.

At this time, if she doesn’t go out again, I’m afraid she won’t have a chance!

At the entrance of the museum is a square with wide terrain. Ye Wan’er’s car stops on the side of the road. As soon as she steps on the accelerator, the car rushes out directly.

She clenched the steering wheel, faster and faster, closer and closer.

Today, even if she did it herself, she must not let the two wild species go back safely!

Over there, song yun’an turned his head and looked at the gangster who was subdued by the bodyguards in the distance. He was relieved. Unconsciously, he slowed down and gasped, “Sensen Shasha, you…”

Before she finished her words, Yu Guang came to the dark shadow rushing towards them. As soon as he looked up, he saw a car crashing towards them.

Sensen Shasha also saw it and was completely shocked. Song Yunan was surprised and immediately reached out to push the two little guys out. She also hurried to hide.

But unexpectedly, before she could escape, the car seemed to have been hit by a headless fly.

“Bang!” A loud bang, her body directly hit by the pop two meters away, and “bang” a deep fall.

At that moment, the world in Song yun’an’s eyes was like pressing the slow key.

Sitting in the car, ye Wan’er didn’t expect to bump into song yun’an. She saw the woman lying on the cold concrete floor with blood spreading slowly under her body. At that moment, her mind was cold.

In an instant, reason rebounded, but her brain was blank. When she saw a passer-by in the distance approaching this time, she suddenly reacted.

She clenched the steering wheel, frantically stepped on the accelerator and sped away.

Over there, on the concrete floor, song yun’an only felt that her body was numb, as if she was hollowed out, and her consciousness around her body became weaker and weaker. In a trance, she saw Sen Sen and Sha Sha lying beside her, crying and shouting, “little aunt Little aunt

Next to passers-by gathered, Sen Sen stood up crying, “uncle and aunt, quickly hit 120!”

Someone called, someone began to call, all around a noisy, song yun’an in front of a black, nothing to see.

Private restaurant.

“This bottle of red wine has been treasured by the owner for many years. Try it.”

With that, Jennifer poured two glasses and sent them to Ruan Shishi and song yean.

Ruan Shishi politely thanks and reaches for the cup. Unexpectedly, as soon as her hand slips, the cup falls off from her hand and falls on the table, spilling liquid all over the floor.


Ruan Shishi quickly stood up the cup, picked up the square towel and wiped it. He was inexplicably flustered.

Just then, her cell phone beside her suddenly rang.

Seeing a string of strange numbers displayed above, Ruan Shishi hesitated for a moment. Before reaching out to pick them up, song yean had already taken the kerchief in her hand, wiped the table for her, and quietly reminded her, “your phone.”

Ruan Shishi picked up her cell phone and pressed the answer button. As soon as she put it in her ear, a voice came from there: “Mom, come to the hospital quickly…”

Chapter 1046

Ruan Shishi was shocked, and his body was tense for a moment, “Sensen, what’s the matter with you?”

Sensen doesn’t cry easily at ordinary times. Now the voice from the other end of the phone is crying, and he also says to go to the hospital. What’s the matter?

“Little aunt Little aunt, she’s in a car accident

Hearing the voice from there, Ruan Shishi’s body became stiff. This sentence seemed to be a thunder, which exploded directly in her ear.

The next second, she suddenly got up, quickly walked out, “tell mom, which hospital are you in?”

“Central Hospital…”

“Look at your sister, don’t run around, I’ll go right away!”

After a few quick commands, Ruan Shishi hung up and looked at Song yean in a panic. “Sensen said that An’an had an accident and was in the central hospital!”

Hearing this, song yean couldn’t help wringing his eyebrows, and his face became serious.

After explaining the situation to Jennifer, they went straight to the hospital.

When they arrived at the door of the emergency room, Sensen and Sasha were sitting on the chair at the door, staring at the emergency room, their clothes stained with blood, and there was a nurse beside them.


Ruan’s nose was sour and he ran to it immediately.

As soon as the two little guys heard the familiar voice, they looked up and saw her. They all rushed towards her.


Listening to their crying voices, Ruan’s heart was almost broken.

Song yean saw Xiao Li standing on one side with gauze wrapped in his hand. He immediately twisted his eyebrows and asked, “what’s the matter?”

Bodyguard Xiao Li reported truthfully, “today, the young lady came out of the museum with the young master and the young lady. Two people rushed out to hurt them, so I started fighting with them. They brought knives and scratched me. The young lady ran to the other side and was hit by a car unexpectedly.”

Hearing the speech, song yean’s face became more and more gloomy. Before he could speak, Xiao Li had already said, “Sir, it’s my dereliction of duty. I’m willing to be punished.”

Song yean frowns slightly, pauses, and says in a deep voice, “go back to heal your wounds first, and ask Xiao Liu to come.”

Xiao Li smell speech, on the face immediately gave birth to a kind of awe look, “yes.”

Song Ye settled down, looked up at the Ruan Shishi who was holding Sensen Shasha, and said in a deep voice, “besides, don’t tell Ruan Shishi about these things first.”


Over there, after Ruan Shishi confirmed that sensenshasha was intact, she raised her eyes to see that the operation had been carried out for more than an hour, and her heart was still hanging in her throat.

Because she is going to work with song yean in Jennifer’s studio today, she entrusts Sensen Shasha to song Yunan. Unexpectedly, such a thing happened.

After taking the two little guys to the ward for a rest, Ruan Shishi stood at the door of the operating room, restless and worried. “Good night, Ann. Will she be ok?”

Song yean stretched out his hand and held Ruan Shishi’s hand tightly. He began to comfort, “Shishi, don’t be afraid, it will be OK.”

Although he said that, he was also worried. His hand hanging on his side was clenched unconsciously, and his palms were sweating.

Song yun’an is his sister. Now that she has an accident, how can he not worry?

I don’t know how long later, Ruan Shishi only felt that her heels were sore, and the light at the door of the emergency room went dark.

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