The Warmest Romance Chapter 1091 -1092

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Chapter 1091

Song yean’s voice was as gentle as ever. Although it was a question, it was just a casual question.

Ruan Shishi’s voice tightened, “I I went to the police station

“I wanted to ask Xiao Xiaolin something, but I didn’t expect her to be so strict.”

Song yean nodded slightly and said in a light voice, “well, I met Yu Yimo, didn’t I?”

Hearing the name spit out from his mouth, Ruan Shishi was slightly surprised.

How did he know she met Yu Yimo? How did he know his whereabouts?

With a tight heart, Ruan Shishi suddenly felt cold on her back. She inhaled deeply and looked at Song yean in surprise.

See the man smile as before, don’t give a person the slightest oppressive feeling, he chuckles, “I and officer Zhao know each other for several years, just listen to what he casually said.”

Ruan Shishi was in a strange mood when he heard the speech. He nodded and said nothing else.

However, the strange feeling in her heart could not be dissipated. Unconsciously, she had a sense of distance from Song yean.

Since Song yean knew her whereabouts, why did he ask her where she had gone at the beginning? Is it a trial?

In the end, after dinner, she went straight back to her room.

As soon as she got back to her room, she took a bath, picked up her mobile phone and saw the message Yu Yimo sent her a few minutes ago, “go to Yunding restaurant the day after tomorrow.”

Ruan’s poems were slightly stunned.

She has heard of the Yunding restaurant in Jiangzhou city. It is a newly opened luxury restaurant. On the top of the 70 building, the tallest building in Jiangzhou City, there is a large flat floor with half wrapped transparent French windows, which can get a panoramic view of Jiangzhou city.

Yunding restaurant is the most suitable restaurant for dating in Jiangzhou city. What does Yu Yimo mean when he suddenly says that he wants to take her to Yunding restaurant?

Ruan Shishi’s heart was tight, and a layer of sweat came out of her palm unconsciously. Just when she didn’t know how to reply, her mobile phone vibrated again.

She picked it up and saw that it was Yu Yimo. She hesitated for a moment and pressed the answer button. “The day after tomorrow, I’ll find a reason to take ye Waner to dinner. You’ll come too. We’ll pretend to meet each other and try to test the truth.”

Hearing this, Ruan Shishi was relieved. “Oh, that’s what you mean…”

With these words, she suddenly realized something. Her throat tightened and her voice stopped.

The man over there was also silent for a moment. A few seconds later, a low voice came, as if with a kind of low smile, “what do you think it means?”

His words, like a piece of electricity, through the telephone signal, hit her heart, her body a tight, heart unconsciously accelerated beat up.

Although across the phone, but listening to his tone, she felt as if she had been seen through the general, palpitation and emotion nowhere to hide.

She coughed twice, trying to change the subject. “What’s the detailed plan?”

It’s not convenient to say on the phone that you come out

“Out? Where are you going? “

The man’s voice is low, but soft, “I’m at the gate of xiqiaoyuan, you come out, I’ll tell you about the plan.”

I don’t know why, at that moment, Ruan Shishi’s heart jumped wildly, and an irrepressible impulse filled her heart, which made her want to get up immediately.

Chapter 1092

Unexpectedly, he was at the gate of Xiqiao garden. Did he come to see her?

The heart is like driving through thousands of troops, but she still maintains the surface calm, “what plan, must meet to say?”

The man pauses for a few seconds and says in a slow voice, “it’s better to be cautious if you want to make sure there’s nothing wrong.”

After hesitating for a moment, Ruan Shishi inhaled deeply, looked up at the dim night outside the window, and agreed, “OK.”

Hang up the phone, she put on a coat, through the living room, put on flat shoes, out of the door.

Not far away, she saw a black car parked under the big banyan tree not far away. A man in black was standing beside the car, leaning slightly against the car body. In the dim moonlight, it was like a picture.

Ruan’s heart sank and he stepped forward.

Yu Yimo turns her head at the sound, her dark eyes lock her cheek, her eyes are in deep emotion, looking at her, but a few seconds later, her lips are slightly raised.

When she came closer, he said faintly, “I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

Ruan Shishi’s throat was tight, and her heart beat. His words were like a magic spell, which made her feel dizzy.

He said that he had been waiting for her for a long time, but he received the message from him only 20 minutes ago. Did he arrive long ago?

She hesitated for a moment, smelling the faint wine on him, and asked, “how long have you been waiting?”

“More than an hour.” Yu Yimo replied casually, stood up straight, looked at her and said, “if you want to see me, I’m here.”

Today, Yu Yimo is very straightforward, but he feels his cheek is hot and dry.

She took a deep breath, looked up at him and said, “tell me about the plan.”

Yu Yimo nodded slightly and looked serious. He said, “the day after tomorrow, I’ll take ye Wan’er to Yunding restaurant…”

At the same time, not far away from the balcony of the bedroom on the second floor of the villa, song yean stands there, staring at the scene there, holding the water cup, his finger pulp has gradually turned white.

At a glance, he could see that the man was Yu Yimo, and there would be no other man besides Yu Yimo who could make Ruan Shishi go out to meet at this time.

Song yean’s heart is filled with deep sorrow. With a bit of anxiety, he clenches his teeth and throws his water cup into the garbage can. He looks up at that direction again and doesn’t move.

Over the years, he has a clear conscience for Ruan Shishi and Sensen Shasha, but she is as warm as an iceberg, and Yu Yimo can easily get close to her!

A wave of exasperation filled his heart and could not be dissipated for a long time. Suddenly, he grabbed his mobile phone and walked out

Under the banyan tree, Ruan Shishi listened to Yu Yimo’s plan. She probably understood it. She inhaled deeply, raised her eyes to her deep eyes, and whispered, “I know.”

Yu Yimo’s plan, although not 100% sure, can let ye Wan’er show her feet. As long as they can catch the flaw, they can find out the truth.

This plan is a feasible way for them who have nothing to do now.

“Then the day after tomorrow we’ll do as planned.” After a pause, Ruan Shishi continued, “OK, I’m leaving. You can go back, too.”

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