The Warmest Romance Chapter 1095 -1096

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Chapter 1095

Facing the man in front of her, she really did not do well.

In his five years, she didn’t want to be burned like this, and she didn’t want to live up to his sincere feelings. She bit her lip and nodded slightly, “OK.”

After all, song yean is the most suitable man for her,

Yu Yimo is more like a gust of wind, charming but unable to grasp.

Song yean’s eyes sparked with surprise, “really?”

Ruan Shishi hooked his lips and nodded his head seriously.

This time, when she made clear about An’an, she said goodbye to Jiangzhou and began a new life. She also accepted song yean.


Song yean happily picked her up and turned around.

Ruan Shishi exclaimed in surprise. Then he couldn’t help laughing and patted him on the shoulder

Song yean put her down with a smile, and the shadow between her eyebrows and eyes dissipated.

Suddenly, Ruan Shishi thought of something, “by the way, let’s go to Yunding restaurant for dinner the day after tomorrow?”

It seems too deliberate for her to go to Yunding restaurant alone. In order not to let ye Wan’er doubt anything, she’d better go with song ye’an.

Song yean was in a good mood. He agreed without hesitation, “good!”

After confirmation, Ruan Shi slowly made up his mind.

This time, after meeting ye Wan’er in Yunding restaurant the day after tomorrow, she must make sure that the person who bumped An’an is her!

Only in this way, her efforts have not been in vain.

In a flash of time, the appointed day arrived as scheduled.

In the early morning, ye Wan’er got up to wash as usual.

In the past two days, she has been listening to Huo Chuan’s words. She has not been able to walk out of her home. One is to buffer her fear of being kidnapped a few days ago, and the other is to be afraid of any more trouble.

She wiped her face and went to the dresser. As soon as she looked up, she saw the calendar on the table. Today on the calendar, she drew a red circle with red pen, and a red love was also marked beside it.

Today is her and Yu Yimo’s wedding anniversary. It’s three years since they got their license.

The more she thought about it, the more upset she was. She pushed the skincare product beside her. She was inexplicably angry.

When it comes to the wedding anniversary, she can’t help thinking of the star tears necklace. Originally, she thought that Yu Yimo was specially made for her, but unexpectedly it was given to Ruan Shishi!

The more she thought about it, the more angry she was. Thinking that she could not go out at this time, she was even more agitated.

At this moment, there was a knock at the door, and then the servant’s voice came, “madam, are you awake?”

Ye Wan’er said, “what’s the matter?”

“Sir, I have something for you. Would you like to go downstairs and have a look?”

Hearing the servant’s words, ye Wan’er immediately stood up and ran to the door to open it. “What gift?”

Yu Yimo even gave her a gift?

The servant said with a low brow, “downstairs, you can go and have a look for yourself.”

After hearing this, ye Wan’er couldn’t suppress her expectation any more and quickly went downstairs.

With the guidance of the servant to the yard, she saw a large red flower group, enchanting roses do not know how many, almost covered the whole yard.

Ye Wan’er was stunned, a little surprised.

Chapter 1096

“Sir, it’s really good for his wife. I heard from the delivery man that this is a rose from Bulgaria by air!”

“Yes! It’s the first time I’ve seen so many roses


The servant next to you and me said that ye Wan’er was happy with the flowers in her heart. She held out her hand to brush the delicate flowers, and her smile deepened.

Unexpectedly, Yu Yimo still remembers their wedding anniversary. She thought he would forget it again!

For a moment, vanity inflated to the extreme, she slightly raised her chin, saw an obvious pink card in the middle of the bouquet, and happily went to pick it up.

“Yunding restaurant, see you at seven in the evening.”

The signature is metaphorical.

Ye Wan’er haughtily raised the corner of her mouth, the original irritability also disappeared without a trace, holding the card turned and walked into the villa.

In this way, Yu Yimo must still have her heart!

She took her cell phone, took several pictures of the flowers in the yard, and then took some pictures of herself. Then she sent them out on social media with a copy, “happy third wedding anniversary!”

Let anyone see, she and Yu Yimo’s love is stronger than Jin Jian, love and harmony, envy others.

In a few minutes, the little sisters and good friends in the circle came to send their blessings one after another, and the rainbow farted into the sky.

Ye Wan’er is in a good mood, humming a little song to take a bath and burn incense to prepare for her evening appointment.

While taking a bath, she called her little sister, “that Ruan Shishi is nothing more than that. Hum, she’s nothing! I’m Yu Yimo’s real lady, OK? “

The little sister’s approval came from the other end of the phone, “yes! How can she compare with you! How can we compare… “

Suddenly, the mobile phone vibrates, and the voice of the little sister stops suddenly. Ye Wan’er is stunned. She finds that the phone is coming in, and the voice call of wechat hangs up automatically.

When ye Wan’er saw the remark “huochuan” on the screen, she frowned and hesitated for a while, but she still answered the phone, “hello?”

Huo Chuan’s cold, hoarse voice came from the other end, “Miss, I see the picture you sent.”

she dialed the foam in the bathtub without a care, “huh? What’s up? I can’t go out these days. Can’t I send photos? “

“The flower is sent by Yu Yimo?” he asked

Ye Wan’er frowned impatiently. “Of course, who else would it be?”

Originally she was in a good mood, did not expect Huo Chuan to make a phone call to sweep her fun!

“What else did he say?”


“Are you going out today?”

In an instant, ye Wan’er got angry and said, “Huo Chuan, do you care too much! Today is my wedding anniversary. Can’t I go out for dinner? “

Huo Chuan over there was silent for a moment, and still said coldly, “Miss, you’d better not go out today, even if it’s arranged by Yu Yimo.”

“I’m going to have a meal, not to do anything! And I’m safe with brother Moore! “

With that, she hung up without thinking.

After that, ye Waner regretted not listening to Huo Chuan.

If you start from the beginning, that day, she will never keep the appointment, never.

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