The Warmest Romance Chapter 1097 -1098

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Chapter 1097

At half past six, the driver arranged by Yu Yimo has already parked the car at the door of the villa.

Ye Wan’er is wearing a white broad dress with a bra. She looks up like a white swan.

On the bus, the driver nodded to her, “madam, sir, there are still some things to deal with. He will wait for you at the gate of the building.”


Half an hour later, the car arrived at the gate of the 70th building.

Ye Wan’er got out of the car and saw the tall and handsome man standing not far away. Her heart beat like thunder and she walked forward quickly.

Yu Yimo is talking to Du Yue. He looks serious. When he hears the woman’s sweet voice, he turns to look at it.

“Brother Mo!”

Ye Wan’er waves at her.

Yu Yimo hesitated for a moment, and then told Du Yue, “let people check and expand the scope. It’s really no good. If you make a heavy announcement, someone will take the initiative to contact you.”

Du Yue nodded and answered, “yes.”

After giving orders, Yu Yimo turns back and looks at Ye Waner coming. He says in a light voice, “go up.”

Ye Wan’er smiles sweetly and shyly. She puts her hand around Yu Yimo’s wrist and says, “let’s go.”

Yu Yimo frowned slightly, but after all, he didn’t push her hand away. Instead, he took her through the gate and Hall of the building and onto the elevator.

The building has a total of 70 floors, and the cloud top restaurant is on the top floor, so they have to take the elevator from the first floor to the 70 floors.

Yunding restaurant has a special elevator directly to the top floor. When they get on the elevator, it’s hard to avoid ambiguity in the closed space. Ye Wan’er leans on Yu Yimo sweetly, looks up at him and says, “brother Mo, I like the rose you sent this morning.”

Yu Yimo said in a light voice, “just like it.”

His voice fell down, and the elevator fell silent again. Ye Wan’er hugged his arm, shook it, and said softly, “brother Mo, I thought you had forgotten our wedding anniversary, but I didn’t expect you to remember it all the time. I’m very moved…”

Said, her chest soft intentionally or unintentionally across the man’s arm.

Yu Yimo frowned slightly, pulled out his hand, took out his mobile phone, and said in a light voice, “what should be done, I’ll give you a message first.”

Finally, when the elevator reaches the top floor, Yu Yimo is relieved to see the door open, and takes Ye Waner to the reserved place to sit down.

The candlelight dinner, the charming night scene, the delicious wine and food, all of them are what ye Wan’er imagined.

She is just like a little woman who has fallen in love with her sweetness. She drinks good wine and dreams. Until she inadvertently raises her eyes and sees a familiar figure in the restaurant, her smile froze.

It’s Ruan Shi!

How come she’s here!

Ye Wan’er raised her eyes and watched Ruan Shishi and song yean walk side by side. She sat down by the window on the other side. In an instant, her breath was a little short.

Originally, everything was as she imagined, but unexpectedly, she met Ruan Shishi here!

“Wan’er, what’s the matter?”

Hearing Yu Yimo’s voice, ye Wan’er came back to herself.

“No It’s OK. “

She regained her mind and continued to eat the steak, but she felt a little uneasy.

Chapter 1098

At the same time, Ruan Shi, who has just been seated there, has made a scan and determined the location of Yu Yimo and ye Waner, and has a number in his mind.

Everything goes on as usual. Before long, a waiter in a tuxedo walks up to ye Wan’er and Yu Yimo and delivers a beautiful cake surrounded by roses. It says “happy third anniversary” in English and comes with an exquisite small gift box.

Ye Wan’er was stunned and surprised to look up at the man opposite, “brother Mo, you…”

Yu Yimo raised his eyes, elegantly put down his wine glass and said in a soft voice, “open it and have a look.”

Ye Wan’er is in full bloom, and her mouth is rising. She reaches for the gift box and opens it. There is a delicate diamond ring. The diamond is very big and shining.

In an instant, she was in full bloom, her worries completely dissipated, and she gave Yu Yimo a sweet smile, “thank you, brother Mo!”

Metaphor with silent hook lips, “you like it.”

When the waiter who brought the cake saw this, he picked up the red wine bottle to add wine for them. Unexpectedly, when he poured the wine for ye Wan’er, the mouth of the bottle was crooked, and the liquid spilled directly on the outside of the wine glass, splashing on ye Wan’er’s body.

Ye Wan’er frowned and complained. But when she raised her eyes and saw the man on the opposite side, she immediately stopped talking. Listening to the waiter’s apology, she pursed her lips and said, “it’s OK. I’ll wipe it.”

White dress sprinkled with red wine, very conspicuous, ye Wan’er picked up a paper towel to wipe a few times, also did not wipe clean.

Yu Yimo said in a slow voice, “go to the bathroom and wipe it.”


Ye Wan’er answered and gave him a sweet smile, “brother Mo, wait for me to come back.”

Then she picked up her bag and went to the bathroom. She looked up at the location of Ruan Shishi and song yean. Now Song yean is the only one left at the table in front of the window. Ruan Shishi’s position is empty.

Ye Wan’er is slightly shocked. She is relieved and walks to the bathroom.

Entering the bathroom, she picked up a paper towel and wiped her clothes with wet water. Before she wiped it a few times, she heard a low voice coming from the bathroom grid.

The girl’s voice was very low, but her voice was a little familiar. With a tight heart, ye Wan’er took a few steps in.

“Xiao Xiaolin, you can rest assured that I will guarantee your safety as long as you are willing to testify…”

Hearing the name “Xiao Xiaolin”, ye Wan’er’s body became stiff and inexplicably nervous.

Isn’t Xiao Xiaolin the woman whom Huo Chuan bribes and turns herself in to the police station instead of her? Isn’t it just the same name, not the same person?

She raised her ears and listened intently to the sound coming from inside.

“I will also be responsible for your sister’s affairs, as long as you are willing to identify the person who instigated you in front of the police!”

Hearing this, ye Wan’er suddenly froze.

Isn’t that the voice of Ruan Shi!

Her brain is running at full speed, and soon she wants to understand everything. It seems that Ruan Shishi has found out that Xiao Xiaolin is a scapegoat!

What to do!

Ye Wan’er panics and steps out. Her steps are in a mess, and her high heels make a sound of hitting the ground. Before she can get to the bathroom door, the door of the compartment inside is pushed open.

Ruan Shishi appeared at the door, with her mobile phone still in her ear. Before she finished the call, she was shocked to see ye Wan’er at the door Why are you here! “

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