The Warmest Romance Chapter 1101 -1102

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Chapter 1101

Ye Wan’er was excited and shook her hand. “Ruan Shishi already knows that Xiao Xiaolin is the scapegoat! She also said that she got an audio recording of the phone call between you and Xiao Xiaolin! “

“Now what should we do? Huo Chuan, what if yu Yimo knew that I was the one who hit song Yunan? “

“Don’t worry…”

Listening to the voice on the other end of the phone, ye Wan’er inadvertently raises her head. Yu Guang sweeps a shadow not far away and immediately looks up.

She shivered when she saw the man standing there.

“Brother mo…”

Yu Yimo’s face was cold, his eyes were sharp, and his face was gloomy, as if he wanted to kill.

She hung up in a hurry, frozen in place, speechless.

Yu Yimo raises her feet and strides towards her. She is scared by the powerful momentum.

He went to the bed, approached her, looked at her condescensively, “did you really do it?”

Ye Wan’er shook her head. “Brother Mo, it’s not me…”

The anger in his eyes came like a tornado. “Who else can you be?”

He has heard her say it with his own ears. Can there be any fake!

It turned out that from the beginning, she was lying to him!

Ye Wan’er had no choice but to talk incoherently. “Brother Mo, brother Mo, it’s not really me It’s Huo Chuan, it’s all him! “

Yu Yimo’s eyes are dark and terrible. At this moment, his mobile phone suddenly rings. He takes it out to see that it’s Du Yue. He doesn’t hesitate to answer it.

Du more breathless, but with a little hard to hide the excitement, “Yu Zong, found a black box, photographed the scene at that time! It’s probably ye Wan’er! “

In an instant, Yu Yimo’s face became more heavy and angry.

He gave a cold command, “send it to me.”

Hang up the phone, soon, his mobile phone “Ding Dong” a sound, received Du more video files.

He glanced at ye Wan’er, who was already full of tears, bit her teeth and pressed the play button.

The video is shot from the perspective of a car, which was parked in the square in front of the museum at that time. The black box installed on the front of the car captured a picture of the speeding car passing by at that time.

The speed is very fast, but it is not difficult to see that the car is a woman, at first glance fuzzy, but carefully distinguish, hair and facial features and ye Wan’er have seven or eight points similar.

Yu Yimo’s hand holding the mobile phone suddenly tightens, his face is gloomy, and he is about to drip water. He watches the video back and forth twice, and finally turns his head to see ye Wan’er, who is crying and out of breath, and throws the mobile phone on the sofa.

“See for yourself!”

The man’s voice is deep, with the momentum of wind and rain coming. Ye Wan’er clenches her teeth, hands trembling slightly, and takes up the mobile phone. Seeing the picture above, she cools more than half.

Did not expect, or left traces.

At that time, Huo Chuan said that he had wiped out the monitoring of all probes nearby, but unexpectedly, they would go to find the black box installed on the car parked in the square!

Now, even if she does not admit it, there is no reason to make it up.

She inhaled deeply and looked up at Yu Yimo. Tears rolled in her eyes. “Brother Mo, I admit It’s really me. I love you so much. Really, I can’t tolerate sand in my eyes. I’m afraid that other people will affect our feelings. I’m afraid of losing you! “

Chapter 1102

She said, stretched out her hand to pull Yu Yimo’s clothes, but was mercilessly thrown away by him.

“Ye Wan’er, do you think I can’t see it? It’s not song yun’an you want to bump into, but Sensen and Sasha! They are just children. Do you have to be so cruel! “

“You are so kind to them. I’m really afraid, brother mo. I’m afraid of losing you…”

Ye Wan’er gets up, grabs Yu Yimo’s arm and apologizes tearfully, “sorry, brother Mo, forgive me this time, I will never do such a thing again…”

Yu Yimo tightens her eyebrows and pushes her hand away again.

In the past, he couldn’t see ye Wan’er’s tears, but now when he watched her cry, he was still irritable.

Since when, that pure and kind neighbor’s little sister has become a vicious woman with a heart like a snake and scorpion, and even attacked two four or five-year-old children!

Once upon a time, in order to keep his promise to her, he married her without hesitation, regardless of the opposition of his family. But now, there is no emotion between them, and there are problems again and again. Now he has no need to maintain the marriage.

He inhaled deeply, indifference brewing in the fundus of his eyes, he pushed away ye Wan’er’s hand again, and said in a deep voice, “Wan’er, let’s divorce.”

Voice down, ye Wan’er Leng in situ, the whole person is muddled.

A few seconds later, she reacted and approached Yu Yimo in a panic, reaching out to pull his clothes, “brother Mo, don’t! Don’t divorce… “

This marriage that she has stuck to for three years is her final bottom line. She can’t let go, she can’t!

“Brother Mo, I’m wrong. I’m really wrong. Don’t divorce me!”

Ye Wan’er completely flustered, voice with trill, has always been proud of her at this moment has put all their dignity away.

Yu Yimo doesn’t want to stay here for a moment. He inhales deeply, “when the divorce agreement is ready, I’ll send someone to deliver it.”

With that, he turned and walked straight to the door.

“Brother Mo!”

Ye Wan’er grasps Yu Yimo’s arm and refuses to let go.

Yu Yimo pushes her hand away with a little force. Unexpectedly, ye Waner’s body is tilted. The whole person staggers back two steps and falls to the ground.

“Brother Mo, I don’t want a divorce! No divorce… “

She looked up and saw that the man was about to leave. She held out her hand and hugged the man’s leg. Hysterically, she said, “brother Mo, I won’t divorce!”

Now, if they were divorced, she would have nothing! Originally, she thought that as long as Mrs. Yu was her, she would one day let her love her wholeheartedly, but now, once divorced, all her expectations and hopes would be broken!

Unable to lift his feet, Yu Yimo turns to look at the woman who holds his legs tightly. Some impatience and complexity emerge in his eyes.

“Ye Wan’er, do you have to make it like this?”

“Brother Mo, forgive me this time. I know you still have me in your heart. I promise I won’t do it again next time. Give me another chance…”

Hearing the words, Yu Yimo’s eyebrows are beating. All his patience is running out at this moment. His eyes are full of complexity and obscurity.

He inhaled deeply. Instead of walking away, he squatted down and looked down at the woman with tears on her face. He inhaled deeply. “Wan’er, do you remember my promise to you? I said I would marry you.”

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