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Chapter 531

“Heh…promising youth! Old descendants, son of Earl Jacob, no wonder, no wonder…” The old lady smiled deeply, nodded clearly, and looked admiringly.

Burton Liam raised his eyebrows slightly, it seemed that the old lady had already done an in-depth investigation of Brook Mike.

Brook Mike frowned and didn’t say a word. As a lawyer, he always didn’t like others to check his details.

“A lawyer?” This question was filled with contempt.

“Yes!” Brook Mike nodded.

The old lady folded, lifted her lips, smiled, but it was full of ridicule.

“Don’t waste your efforts! This Allen Emily is a member of our Burton, and death is our Burton ghost!!! She wants to get a divorce, but there is no door!! And…” The old lady turned her head again and glanced deeply at Brook Mike, and Burton Liam on the side.

“You are the first one who dares to touch my most precious grandson!” Mrs. Burton lifted her lips and smiled, “I hit him, just to teach him a lesson so that he can be wise. As for, others beat him… Heh! Our Burton family, not so easy to bully…”

In the last sentence, she said very lightly, but it was full of meaning, with extremely cold temperatures.

Unable to help, Brook Mike shuddered.

The old lady did not forget to glance at Liam who was aside, “For a woman, brothers are fighting against each other, it is not worthy for our Burton people!!!”

As soon as the words fell, she gave a cold snort, turned, and left the ward door.

Brook Mike trembled slightly, and crossed his crossbow body, only to feel that his whole body was so cold that it was goosebumps.

“Your old ginger is hot! Burton Lucas tortured Emily into this way, and I didn’t see her saying that the beast-a man worthy of the Burton, has trained you!”

Burton Liam didn’t care, frowned, and walked to Emily on the bed.

As for the so-called “Royal Family”, if he can, he wants to get rid of this cold-blooded shackle!!!

The so-called relatives, but so!!!

On the bed, Allen Emily has been falling asleep, her beautiful eyebrows are dazzling, her expression is painful, the pain in her whole body has not stopped at all, and she has tortured her from time to time in her dreams.

“He-ma, the surname Burton doesn’t have a good thing! They are all generally bloodless birds-beasts!” Brook Mike cursed openly while looking at Emily in pain.

Burton Liam raised his eyes and glanced at him faintly.

“Except you!” Brook Mike added hurriedly.

Burton Liam shook his head, “I just want to say, birds and beasts have flesh and blood!”

Brook Mike twitched his lips, “Hurry up on your side, we are divorced in this marriage! If this continues, Emily must be tortured to death by them!!”

“En…” Burton Liam helped the unconscious Emily on the bed wipe her sweaty forehead, and responded to Brook Mike.

The guilt in his heart made his chest extremely uncomfortable.

If it weren’t for him, Emily wouldn’t have to suffer such inhuman torture.

“The company has developed new products and needs the latest server to improve it. The board of directors plans to introduce foreign servers, but the cost is still a big problem. Therefore, this time the breakthrough is still on the server!”

As Burton Liam spoke, he gently pulled Emily’s bedding, and carefully removed her pale little hand.

Heart, sternly…

The nails were all broken, horribly white, and thick bloodshot eyes.

Covering it with a hot towel, carefully wiping…

“What are you going to do?” Brook Mike approached Brook Mike on the bed, dangling his eyebrows, carefully helping her wipe her sweat.

“It’s a coincidence! The BEC server happened to be developed by me leading a team of elite troops! Two years ago, I think I can have a newer and more practical server born in my hands! Don’t forget my old Good job!” Burton Liam smiled, but he was a bit sad.

Brook Mike was a little surprised, “It will take at least a year to develop a new server. It’s only now. There is not enough time! Unless you…have already started it?”

Liam nodded faintly, “The Association started a year ago. At that time, I was just out of hobbies! I think, soon, we can complete the task!”

“Okay! I think Burton Lucas must have done something this time! Even if it didn’t, we would have to force him to have it!!” While Brook Mike spoke, Moran’s pupils were quite cold.

“You take care of Emily first, I’ll go out and make a phone call!” Burton Liam confessed and left the ward door.


Amelia was wearing a thin nightgown, lying on the sofa, waiting for someone to return home.

The quartz clock had pointed to eleven o’clock, and he… still did not go home.

They haven’t seen each other for two days, right?

She thought a little!!!

Strange! Didn’t she say she wants to forget him?

The little head was buried in her knees, eyes hanging down, thinking about something.

The pupil was a little gloomy, and her spirit seemed to be particularly sluggish.

“Sister Mia…”

Amelia opened her lips and softly called the busy Sister Mia, her voice did not sound a trace of anger.

“En? Miss, what’s the matter?” Aunt Mia hurriedly walked over.

“Burton Liam… he, isn’t he coming back?” Amelia didn’t lift her head, just whispered to Mia on the side, as if talking to herself.

The little finger is on the sofa, writing something silly…

It seems to be the name of a certain man!

“Miss, I think you should go to bed first! Master hasn’t called back today!” Aunt Mia looked at Amelia on the sofa, and she understood what was going on.

Amelia did not answer, just lowered her eyes and shook her head.

He is not there, she doesn’t want to sleep.

“Miss, be obedient! Young Master will feel distressed when he comes back to see you like this!” Aunt Mia worriedly urged her.

Amelia bit her lip did not speak and was lying on the sofa, motionless.

Will he feel bad?

If so, that would be great!!!

“Dangling, Dangling…” swiftly, in the quiet hall, a rapid telephone ringing rang.

Amelia was slightly startled, her dark pupils lighted up a bit.

“Miss, are you going to listen? It should be the young master’s call!” Aunt Mia asked her.

Amelia raised her eyes and glanced at Sister Mia.

Amelia’s eyes rolled around, and shook her head, “You should go!”

She heard the phone suddenly, Liam must feel strange, right?!

Better not to go!

“That’s good…” Aunt Mia nodded and left to answer the phone.

“Sister Mia, is she asleep?” On the phone, Burton Liam asked Sister Mia in a low voice.

“No! Master, if you don’t come back, why the young lady won’t sleep! Now she’s still waiting for you in the hall, and don’t listen to how I persuade you! I think you should come back earlier!” Mia said truthfully.

“En…” On the other end of the phone, Burton Liam replied with a solemn voice, “Sister Mia, let the young lady listen to the call!”

“Okay! Then wait a moment…” After speaking, Mia put down the phone and went to the hall.

It’s a long time…

Sister Mia came out, “Miss, it’s the young master’s call. He said he wants you to listen to it!”

Amelia was startled, her heart trembled for a second.

“Okay…” Amelia responded softly.

Then, got up and went to answer the phone.

“Hey…” Picking up the phone, Amelia’s voice was slightly softer.

It seems that there is still a little complicated sentiment.

“Why are you still awake?” His voice was thick and soft, and it felt a little tired.

Not questioning, but worried questioning.

“En…” Amelia shrank her body, curled up on the recliner, held the microphone, pressed against her face, and responded softly.

It seems like… she hasn’t heard his voice for a long time.

Feels great…

Heart, warm!

It seemed that he was really by her side.

“Go to bed! You have to get up early for class tomorrow!” He calmly persuaded her with petting.

“En…” Amelia still only responded lightly to him, as if, forever, what he said was nothing but ordinary.

The corners of the lips overflowed with a slight smile unconsciously.

“Tomorrow weekend, I… wait for you to come back!” After a long time, Amelia said again.

Here, Burton Liam was slightly stunned for a second, and the next moment, a trace of warmth and sweetness, cut his heart.

The corners of the tight lips raised involuntarily, “Maybe I will be back later tonight. You behave and go to bed first, okay?”

Burton Liam persuaded his voice, unconsciously softened a bit.

“Are you… busy these days?” Amelia hesitated for a long time, took a breath, finally summoned the courage to ask, and the voice was still very low.

“Well… a little bit! I’m in the hospital now!” On the other end, the answering voice became more relaxed.

“What’s wrong with you? Why did you go to the hospital?”

Amelia’s small hand holding the microphone tightened, her eyebrows frowned, and she asked worriedly.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine!” Liam calmed her out, “It’s Emily!”


“She? What’s the matter?” Amelia never liked to ask about others, but she remembered the last time Sister Emily came to see Burton Liam.

Sometimes she feels…

She is very poor!!!

Like her, she has been bullied and tortured by her family!

She must be uncomfortable, right?!

“She… had a baby, but she had a miscarriage…” Burton Liam’s voice was a bit heavier.

Amelia was startled for a second, “Burton Lucas did it, right?!”

“En…” Burton Liam nodded, a little apologetic.

On the phone, Amelia could feel it clearly, she knew that he must be particularly uncomfortable!

“You must be sad?” Amelia asked him in a low voice, tentatively.

After a long while, there was silence over there…

Only the sound of heavy breathing was somewhat depressed.

“Little guy, are you comforting me now?”

After a long time, he uttered a dull voice, pretending to be relaxed.

“Should be? I won’t comfort people!” Amelia confessed honestly.

Burton Liam pulled his lips and smiled softly, “I’m already fine!”

Amelia tilted her head, the corners of her pretty lips, and she mentioned it unconsciously, “Then… you go ahead!”

Burton Liam was a little surprised, she seems to be very good today.

“Don’t wait for me, go to bed obediently!” He exhorted again uneasy.

“Okay…I will!” Amelia nodded heavily.

Chapter 532

After a while, hung up the phone.

Then, she returned to the hall.

“Miss, are you still asleep?” Sister Mia was a little surprised.

“En!” Amelia smiled and nodded, turned on the TV, put the animation of “Teenage Cook Turtles” into the DV, and then, lying on the sofa, began to watch it with relish.

Her spirit seemed to lift again.

“Miss, the young master will have to curse when he comes back! It’s already ten-half!” Mia had no choice but to move Burton Liam out to suppress her.

“Sister Mia, go to sleep! It was Burton Liam who asked me to wait for him…” Amelia watched intently at the few immutable turtles on the screen and lied to Sister Mia at will.

“Really?” Aunt Mia glanced at her suspiciously, “Well then! I’ll go to bed first, you remember to cover the little quilt, don’t catch a cold!” Said Aunt Mia, she didn’t forget to help her. Take care of the little bedding covering her body.

Amelia didn’t pay attention to her, just let her tidy up for herself, her eyes fell on the screen for an instant, staring in a daze.

In a good mood, her spirit of watching animation is also focused!

At night, he came back after one o’clock.

And she, in good spirits, was still watching the animation, Amelia thought, probably these days, she slept too much.

The silver car lights illuminate the dim hall, and Amelia suddenly withdrew from the world of animation.

In the next moment, bare feet ran straight to the French window.

The little hand opened the curtains, and the corners of her lips raised unconsciously.

He is back!

After a while, the entrance door rang and the door opened.

With a small body standing in front of him, Liam was startled.

Stunned for a second, then, a tired handsome face suddenly sank for a few minutes.

One leaned over, picked up the small body, wrapped her in his arms, and stared at her.

“Didn’t you say that you will sleep well?” There was no expression on his face, and his voice seemed to be a little bit unhappy.

The little guy looked at him and didn’t speak.

There was a bit of innocence in the straight stunned eyes.

Suddenly, he couldn’t help but soften a bit.

Place the small body on the sofa, “You are barefoot on such a cold day?”

Liam’s eyebrows couldn’t help but tremble, a little angry.

Amelia nestled in the sofa, glanced at her bare feet, raised her eyes slightly, and glanced at him with a cold expression, then shrank her little jade feet and buried them obediently in the little quilt.

Liam was a little helpless.

He probed his hand, wrapped the quilt tightly around her petite body, and pressed it with a little force.

Then, with a stretched arm, he hugged her sideways and walked upstairs.

“Go to bed earlier…” He lowered his eyes, looked at her in his arms, and exclaimed.

“You’ll be back sooner later…” She pulled his collar and rubbed it.

Burton Liam laughed, she was always so unique when she answered.

The bargaining skills are deep!

“These days will be very busy, the company has very important work, and…Emily is a bit serious, and may need my care!” When he said the last sentence, Burton Liam gave a careful look at her in his arms.

“Oh…” Amelia replied softly, nodding, her face didn’t change much.

“Little guy…” Burton Liam lowered his eyes and called her.

“En?” Amelia raised her eyes and glanced at him suspiciously.

“What happened that…night…I’m sorry!!”

He muffled his voice and apologized, somewhat embarrassed.

Amelia was taken aback for a moment, then shook her head lightly.

There is still not much wave in the eyes, “Nothing…”

Then, she raised her eyes and looked at him accusingly, “It’s just that my pajamas are broken!”

Later, Amelia returned to her mind and thought about it. They seemed to have done a lot of things like that, but they felt very different!!!

Moreover, her pajamas were torn…

This is unforgivable!

Burton Liam couldn’t help but laugh out loud. It seems that this guy has reversed the point again!

“Pay you?” Burton Liam asked her softly.

“Really?” Amelia had a grieved little face, suddenly bright.

“En! I’ll have time in some time, so let’s go shopping together, okay?” He asked her with a petting smile.

“Okay…” Amelia nodded, a faint smile overflowing from the corner of her lips.

“Well… I’ll buy another mobile phone by the way! I’ll pick one that suits you, cute, okay?” He continued to ask.

Amelia secretly glanced at him, curled her lips, “I said I would quit it…”

She seems to be struggling with her own heart!

Burton Liam raised his eyebrows, stared at her, and retorted, “It’s like giving up me?”

Amelia lowered her eyes and stopped speaking.

Put the petite girl on the waterbed, press the quilt, and then look at her solemnly, “You know? You can quit a lot of things… For example, animation, apple juice, and… some kind of strange behavior, and the mobile phone… But the only thing you can’t give up is me!”

Amelia tilted her head and stared at him, “Why?”

“Because you are not allowed! And…” He leaned over, kissed her forehead, curled his lips, and smiled wickedly.

“I will stick to you every day, making you want to quit, it’s difficult!”

His smile was different from the past petting smile and also different from the gentle chuckle…

Rather, a naughty evil smile!

Very playful, very sunny, but also very real.

Amelia stopped talking, her heartfelt warm, but she didn’t show it.

She wants to try, learn from the adults, and keep her little thoughts in her heart…

Adam Mason said that to grasp a man’s heart, she must maintain a sense of mystery and don’t let him see her too thoroughly. Only then will he be interested in studying and be deeply fascinated by her. Extricate her.

Adam Mason is a man, and his emotional life is extremely rich, so she believes his words!

The next day, at breakfast time, Burton Liam was there.

What’s more surprising is that Sister Mia is also there!

Isn’t it the weekend today?

Amelia blinked suspiciously with the agile pupil, puzzled.

“I’m a little busy today. I’m going to pick up Brook Mike’s class to take care of Emily in the morning. I may have to go to the company in the afternoon. So, I will let Sister Mia stay with you!” Explained to her in a hurry.

“Oh…” Amelia nodded clearly.

“Remember to review your homework well, and I will come back to check it in the evening!” Liam said straightly.

The eyes staring at him jumped up with a guilty conscience, and then, looking down, seriously drinking the black rice porridge in front of her.

For homework…

How long has he not checked, how long has she not reviewed!!!

Bad! Today she has to think about how to pass the test at night!!!

Burton Liam left home and went directly to the hospital.

When he arrived at the hospital, Brook Mike was already so tired that he fell on his stomach, fell on Emily’s hand, and fell asleep in a dizzy light.

“Hey! Go back!” Burton Liam pushed him.

Brook Mike woke up, glanced at the woman who was still sleeping on the bed with bloodshot eyes, and sighed.

Then, he gave a few words carefully, “I’ll come back this afternoon!”

After finishing speaking, dragging his exhausted body, shaking God to leave.

Long time…

The golden sunlight, through the glass windows, sifted warmly into the pale ward.

On the bed, Allen Emily woke up slightly with a gray face.

The swollen eyes opened, a little laborious.

Her eyebrows frowned in pain.

Liam was slightly startled, “Emily… take your time, don’t panic…”

He leaned over and calmed her in a low voice.

A drop of clear tears overflowed into the slightly opened pupils without warning.

For a moment, Burton Liam was a little at a loss.

“You… why are you here?” Suddenly, a faint questioning voice sounded low.

Her voice was still hoarse.

Finally, her eyes opened, however, her pupils lost their previous vitality and became a little dull.

“Speak less, your throat will hurt!” Burton Liam was brought over by warm water, handed her lips, and carefully fed her a drink.

Emily shook her head, tears followed.

“I want to talk…” Her voice choked, so hoarse that it made his heart twitch.

“Liam…I, I don’t want to say, I’m afraid…I won’t have a chance in the future…”

Her tears have been dripping, looking at him, her eyes are full of sadness.

“Fool, don’t talk nonsense…” Burton Liam said with a blushing eye.

Allen Emily trembling little hand poked out from the bedding.

A little bit, hold his warm palm…

The little hand, buried in his palm, is so warm and warm!!!

“Liam…I, can I not see the doctor…” Her sorrowful misty eyes were full of begging.

“No!” He vetoed it without hesitation, although he couldn’t figure out what she was thinking.

Allen Emily shook her head and whimpered sadly, “I’m fine, I’m going back to that ivory tower, I’m afraid… I’m so afraid…”

When she said this, she seemed to think of those terrible scenes again, her small body trembling constantly, and the panic in her eyes was a little frightening.

“Don’t be afraid! Emily!!!” He probed his hand and took her trembling small body into his arms with pity.

His heart is full of distress and guilt.

“Trust me, okay? I’ll get you out of the sea of suffering soon! Give me some time…give me some time…”

He held her tightly, buried him on her weak shoulder, and muttered choked.

He is working very hard for his singleness, for the freedom of the little guy, and…For the most tragic marriage of Emily!!!

“I believe in you… I believe in you…” Emily whimpered, nodded, and answered him hoarsely.

She, buried in his arms, cried for a long time…

However, she never asked about the child in her stomach!

She knew she was pregnant a long time ago, but she never said…

The moment she knew she was pregnant, she vomited.

In fact, before the pregnancy reaction, she knew that she was vomiting so fiercely because she was completely sick in her heart!!!

It’s disgusting and terrible!

She was pregnant with that devil’s child!!!

So, she didn’t say it and never thought of taking it away…

Because, she wants to… let the devil’s child die on his hands!!!

She wants that demon to remember his cruelty for a lifetime!!!

If he is still a man of flesh and blood or a bird-beast…

“Liam…” Emily covered his shoulders, calling him weakly.

“Well, I’m here!” He held her big palm tightly.

“You… Amore, right?” Her voice choked, and her questioning tone was a bit sad.

Liam froze for a second, then fell silent.

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