The Warmest Romance Chapter 1115 -1116

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Chapter 1115

At this time, Yu Yimo is sitting at his desk, listening to his subordinates report their work.

Suddenly, the door of the office was pushed open, and Du came in more quickly with a serious face, “Mr. Yu, ye Fengpeng came with people and directly smashed the hall of our company.”

Hearing the sound, Yu Yimo’s eyes suddenly became cold, and a layer of cold was enveloped around his body.

“What do they want to do?”

Du Yue truthfully reported, “I don’t know. They brought the thugs and came here without saying a word. They directly smashed up. Several of our security guards were injured.”

Yu Yimo immediately got up and walked out, “go, go and have a look.”

Take the elevator to the hall. As soon as he gets out of the elevator, he sees a mess outside. Ye Fengpeng takes more than a dozen people to stand in a row, each holding sticks. Ye’s security guard and the front desk stand in a row, standing in front of the elevator.

Yu Yimo’s face sank.

As soon as the video was exposed this morning, he guessed that ye Fengpeng would act, but he didn’t expect that he would take such an extreme way.

In his early years, ye Fengpeng was on the road. He was vicious, and it was reasonable to make such an action.

“Yu Zong!”

When the security guards in front of the elevator see Yu Yimo, it’s like seeing the Savior, and their eyes are shining.

Yu Yimo nodded slightly, and then told the people behind him, “take them to the hospital for examination and bandage the wound.”


“Well, I’ll go now.”

Suddenly, his men hesitated.

Now ye Fengpeng comes with people, and they all have guys in their hands. The people on their side are all office workers, and some of the remaining security guards are injured. Now if they all leave, Yu Yimo is helpless. How can he fight ye Fengpeng?

Yu Yimo knew his consideration, but insisted, “I’ll go now.”

His subordinates heard the speech, so they had to respond and leave with the security guards.

For a moment, in the whole hall, there is only Yu Yimo standing against ye Fengpeng.

Without waiting for ye Fengpeng to speak, Yu Yimo has stepped forward. Suddenly, ye Fengpeng’s men are eager to try and hesitant to do it.

Yu Yimo’s eyes sank slightly, swept those people, and finally looked at ye Fengpeng, “Uncle Ye, what are you doing?”

Ye Fengpeng’s eyes burst out a cold light and said coldly, “Yu Yimo, you’ve done a wonderful job.”

Yu Yimo of course knows the meaning of his words. Before he mentions it, he has already taken the initiative to say, “that video is not sent by me.”

“Do you think I’ll believe it? Our Ye family is finished, I will definitely drag you into the water together! “

Next to Ye Zeyu also echoed, “that is, Yu Yimo, you divorce my sister, and now she is dying, and send out the video, not to leave a way for our Ye family, then we have nothing to worry about! Barefoot is not afraid of wearing shoes. If you want to die, everyone will die together! “

Yu Yimo directly ignores Ye Zeyu, takes two steps forward, looks at ye Fengpeng and says, “Uncle Ye, I’m afraid you’ve made a mistake. It’s not good for Yu that I send out the video. I don’t have to do business at a loss. Besides, now the outside world is staring at us. We’re in a stalemate, and it’s not good for anyone.”

Ye Feng and Peng sneered and said, “Yu Yimo, do you overestimate yourself too much? How do you know that I won’t have more friends when I’m against you? After all, I’m not the only one who can’t stand Yu’s group in Jiangzhou.”

Chapter 1116

Smell speech, Yu Yimo, eyebrows slightly raised, eyes colder.

It seems that ye Fengpeng is prepared to come, if change before, he did not dare to have such courage to come and he is just, but now, he clearly has a backer.

Some uneasiness appeared in my heart, and Yu said in a silent voice, “how do you want to solve it?”

He brought people here to fight for his own interests.

Ye Feng Peng sneered, “these things I can not pursue, but since you and Wan’er divorced, should give her some compensation.”

Yu Yimo asked in a deep voice, “what do you want?”

Ye Fengpeng said without hesitation, “there are two luxury houses in Jiangzhou City, and 15% shares of Yu’s group.”

Hearing the speech, everyone present was surprised.

This can be said to be a big opening for the lion. Let alone the two luxury apartments in the urban area, the 15% shares of Yu’s group already have a heavy weight.

Now, a simple ticket can satisfy his appetite. He even holds 15% of the shares. It shows how ambitious he is.

Yu Yimo’s face sank and said in a cold voice, “don’t even think about it.”

Yu’s shares, in addition to those held by him and Yu Gubei, Yu Qingshan also has some. The rest are in the mobile phones of shareholders, large and small. Ye Fengpeng wants 15% of the shares in a single mouth. His intention is absolutely not so simple.

As soon as he refuses, ye Fengpeng’s face becomes fierce. He looks at his subordinates, but before he can give orders, Yu Yimo’s voice has already sounded, “Uncle Ye, even if you smash the whole Yu family, you won’t give him shares. You take shares so blatantly. If it comes out, Ye’s only afraid it’s a joke of Jiangzhou.”

This word a, leaf maple Peng face color changes to sink cold.

He suddenly regretted that he couldn’t make his intention so obvious at the beginning and fell behind.

He said coldly, “I came here to fight against injustice for my daughter. Yu Yimo, I don’t know how much you owe us.”

With that, he stepped forward, followed by a line of thugs.

Yu Yimo stood in the same place, looking at the approaching crowd, motionless.

The atmosphere became more and more severe. He did not retreat or hide. Ye Zeyu suddenly came forward and waved his hand with a stick.

Yu Yimo raised his hand, blocked it with his elbow, then quickly grasped the other end of the stick and pushed it forward.

Ye Zeyu chest pain, pain exhaled sound, back two steps, this just found the hand of the stick to Yu Yimo’s hand, he was surprised to quickly back, looking at the side of Ye Fengpeng, “Dad!”

Other thugs are also looking at ye Fengpeng, waiting for his order.

The atmosphere is terrible. Yu Yimo is a man with a stick to deal with more than ten people.

There is a big gap in the number of people. I’m afraid it’s not so easy to deal with.

At this moment, a group of people appeared at the gate. There were about twenty or thirty people in the dark. Du Yue led the way and surrounded them from the gate.

Ye Fengpeng’s people immediately turned around and saw the crowd around him, with a look of panic on his face.

These people also hold guys, and they are twice as many as their people. If there is a real fight, they won’t get any advantage.

Ye Fengpeng’s face suddenly became cold. Before he spoke, his subordinates were already flustered.

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