CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1517 – 1518

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Chapter 1517

And Tina thought about it for a while, thinking that Cody had guessed that she and Peter were together, and a complicated expression flashed in her eyes.

She had already begun to judge in her heart what the consequences would be after telling Cody about her and Peter being together.

In this short period of time, Tina made countless ideas in her heart, but the more she thought about it, the more she realized that after letting Cody know about it, the consequences would be a little unimaginable.

At this moment, he suddenly patted the table, Tina was shocked, and looked up at him.

He looked at her with an expression of hatred for iron and steel, and shook his head repeatedly and said, “Tina, why are you so stupid? Peter is not someone you can wait for results!”

“Waiting for him, it would be better to really consider me. You said we are not the same, but I can try my best to try to be the same with you. It is better than you exhausted your energy and waited for an impossible result. what are you doing?”

The more Cody talked about it, the more worried his expression became, even more than when Tina refused him.

She didn’t know for a moment whether she should be happy that Cody hadn’t guessed that she and Peter were together, or whether she should be worried about Cody’s IQ.

But in the end, Cody was also kind, thinking about her.

Tina smiled and said, “I know it in my heart, thank you.”

She is grateful from the heart.

Some feelings may gradually become qualitative with the passage of time, but some of the leftovers are still the original.

This is something that cannot be denied.

Although she felt that Cody had changed, he still thought of her at this time.

This also made her very moved.

Looking at Cody’s expression, she guessed that he might still want to talk about Peter, and quickly changed the subject: “Are you still used to it when you come back? The next step is to take over the family business and become the CEO of your family business?”

“Are you making fun of me?” Cody snorted: “What’s the situation in our Scott family? You don’t know. It’s good to be back at the top of your life and have a bite to eat.”

“Where is your exaggeration, isn’t your family doing well? Didn’t you cooperate with the big company in Westberg some time ago?”

Although Tina has not set foot in the business, she occasionally hears some news from others.

The Scott family was also the first group of people to go to the sea to do business, but the business is ever-changing. In recent years, some of the Scott family has not kept up, and some have stagnated, relying on the contacts and relationships accumulated in the early years to maintain the status quo.

To be more popular is to eat your own money.

This is also one of the reasons Cody wants to chase Tina.

The Weber family is steadily fighting, and the foundation is very strong. Although progress has been slow in recent years, it is generally much more stable than the Scott family. Another reason is that Tina and Peter have a good relationship, and Peter is now the boss of AdamPic, and he and Karl has friendship, and with Tina’s relationship, she can still help out when the Scott family can’t get along.

Although Cody also had friendship with Peter, he always felt that Tina’s weight in Peter’s heart might be more important.

He shook his head, meaning that he would not continue the topic: “Let’s eat, don’t talk about it.”

After he finished speaking, he picked up his mobile phone and glanced at it. He frowned, and gave a very disgusting “tsk”.

“What’s wrong?” Tina.

Cody directly threw the phone over: “See it yourself.”

Chapter 1518

Tina took the phone with a suspicious look, saw the content on the screen clearly, a flash of surprise flashed in her eyes.

Peter’s picture is on the phone screen.

There is no doubt that the photos were taken secretly, with average clarity, but it is still clear that this is him.

Opposite Cody snorted coldly, and said angrily: “This is the man you are waiting for, take a look, take a good look at him yourself…”

In the photo, Peter was walking out of a flower shop with a bunch of flowers in his hand. The expression on his face was cheerful and he looked very happy.

There are more than one photo. The person who took the photo should have been with Peter for a long time. The photo was taken in six consecutive shots. Peter had photos from when he entered the flower shop to when he left the shop, until he got in the car.

A man who happily bought such a large bouquet of flowers revealed a message-he has to pursue a new love.

In the photo, the fresh flowers in Peter’s hands are very familiar, and they were bought yesterday when Peter came home.

It’s still in the vase in her house.

Tina repeated the photos several times, and the corners of her lips couldn’t help but quietly hooked.

An older man just bought a flower and was so happy.

Is he thirty or thirteen?

But soon, Tina thought that there was a person sitting opposite, and quickly pressed the corners of her lips back.

Tina calmed down her smile, coughed lightly, and said, “Peter, this is really red. Buying a flower can make headlines for entertainment. I haven’t made headlines for this kind of thing.”

Cody is anxious: “Tina, is it time to pay attention to this now? Take a good look, Peter has someone he likes again!”

“Okay, let’s not talk about this. Let’s eat. I have something to do after dinner.” Tina returned the phone to him.

Cody thought that she was a strong face and laughed, so he did not continue to say this.


Just after the meal, Peter called.

Tina glanced at Cody: “Then I’ll leave first and get together again when I have time.”

“Okay.” Cody nodded, and then asked her: “Slow down on the road.”

Tina got into the car before answering Peter’s call.

“Something?” She knew why Peter called, deliberately pretending not to know.

Peter asked her seriously: “What are you doing?”

“I’m watching you, playboy, there is news about your affairs again.” Tina said with a smile.

“The news says that I have a new love again. Do you not know if I have a new love? Also, who is the playboy? Don’t spread rumors, I am very clean and self-conscious.”

Tina: “Oh.”

Peter: “…”

“Just hang up if nothing else,” Tina said.

“Cough.” Peter cleared his throat: “Have you finished dinner with Cody?”

“How about it?” Tina knew that Peter had called to ask about this, or he had called with a pinch.

Peter said, “Western food is not enough. I know of a newly opened Chinese restaurant. Rubin and his wife went to eat. They said it tasted good. Let’s eat together.”

Tina’s slender fingers pressed twice on the steering wheel, and said faintly, “Did I say that I ate Western food?”

Peter: “…”

Tina sneered: “Give you one minute and come out by yourself.”

It doesn’t take a minute at all, and in the next second, there is a car on the opposite side honking.

Tina heard the whistle, raised her eyes and looked ahead, it was Peter’s car.

From Peter’s car, you can see the location of the restaurant where she and Cody had just eaten.

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