The Warmest Romance Chapter 1139 -1140

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Chapter 1139

Ruan Shishi picked up his mobile phone and couldn’t wait to dial song yean, “Hello, yean, good news! Ann’s fingers will move

On hearing this, song yean was slightly slow for half a second. Then he said with a smile, “it’s really good news. I can go back from Philadelphia the day after tomorrow. You can insist on it again.”

“Well, I have Xiao Li here to help me take sensenshasha. There are not many things. You don’t have to worry.”

“OK, when I get back.”

At the end of their brief communication, Ruan Shishi is still immersed in the joy of song Yunan’s recovery, while song yean at the other end is lost in meditation.

As far as he is concerned, it’s a good thing that his sister’s body is recovering and there are signs of awakening. However, with her improvement, another headache is quietly coming to him.

Once the treatment here is over, they are bound to return home. However, Jiangzhou is in a mess now. Not to mention that Yu’s group has changed its owner, the news of Yu Yimo’s death is a big bomb. He is not sure whether there is a place for Yu Yimo in Ruan Shishi’s heart, but it will definitely affect her mood.

He took Ruan Shishi’s family to foreign countries and left her for the reason of her sister’s treatment. He couldn’t destroy her because of this.

Now, Ruan Shishi doesn’t know anything about what happened in Jiangzhou city in China. He took her to change her mobile phone, and deliberately used some tricks to close the news about Jiangzhou City, so she doesn’t know anything now.

Now, what he can do is to go back to Ruan Shishi as soon as possible. If he can keep her for a while, he can keep her for a while. If he can hold her for a lifetime, he can hold her for a lifetime.

Jiang Zhoucheng’s situation is not clear. He is not sure whether Yu Yimo is alive or dead. He must not let Ruan Shishi move his heart of compassion and let Yu Yimo pull back because of this incident!

Even if yu Yimo really died, he would never allow it, because his women must be full of him!

However, all things can never be hidden in the dark forever, just as paper can never cover fire.

Song yean came back from Philadelphia and began to spend more time with them. Song Yunan’s condition was gradually improving. In less than a month, she slowly recovered consciousness, but she was still very weak. During this period, she woke up for a short time and then fell asleep again.

James explained this situation to them, saying that because the patient was in a coma for a long time, his body function and various organs were in a dormant state, and there was no way to completely recover for a while, but as long as they could wake up, they had won more than half of the victory. The next time song Yunan wakes up, it will be much longer than this time.

In the afternoon, after eating lunch, Ruan Shishi took a rest beside the swing in the back garden of the hospital. Finally, he managed to get permission and boarded the foreign version of wechat. As soon as he opened it, a lot of news came out.

She didn’t have time to look carefully. She found Ms. Liu’s wechat and felt guilty when she saw nearly 100 messages she sent.

For nearly a month, because she lost her mobile phone, she didn’t have wechat login authority on the new mobile phone she bought abroad, and she had been busy taking care of An’an, she basically had no contact with Professor Ruan and Ms. Liu.

Now, she finally managed to log in to her account. When she saw the news from Ms. Liu, she felt guilty.

Chapter 1140

She sent a video to Ms. Liu. Soon, when she picked it up, Ms. Liu’s surprised face appeared on the screen.


Surprised and pleased, Ms. Liu asked, “are you ok! Why has there been no news? Your father and I are worried to death. We thought something happened to you… “

In the face of Ms. Liu’s questioning, Ruan Shishi was moved and wanted to laugh. She hooked the corner of her lips, but her eyes were full of tears. She took a deep breath and said, “Mom,

I’m ok. Don’t worry. I lost my mobile phone when I was flying. After that, I bought a mobile phone card from abroad. I haven’t had time to contact you…”

When Ms. Liu heard this, her eyes burst into tears, and she reproached, “you child, how can you not contact us Do you know how worried your father and I are! “

After a rebuke, she saw Professor Ruan on the screen of her mobile phone. He sat at the back of Ms. Liu and looked at her sobbing appearance. He frowned slightly and accused, “I told you that she’s OK. She’s with song’s son-in-law. What can happen?”

Ms. Liu gave him a white look and said angrily, “I’m not worried! It’s not that you don’t know. Some time ago, Yu’s family was missing and dead, which made me flustered. I was afraid that something might happen to Ruan Shishi… “

Her words blurted out, obviously not through the brain, the words have not finished, suddenly realized something, quickly stopped the voice, some panic looked at the side of Professor Ruan.

Professor Ruan’s face was also gloomy, as if he was blaming her for not speaking properly.

Both sides of the screen fell into a brief silence. Ruan Shishi was a little stunned and thought he had heard the wrong thing. However, looking at the strange expressions on her parents’ faces, she realized what she had learned later.

She gasped, as if casually asked, “Mom, what did you just say about Yu’s family?”

Ms. Liu turned back and looked a little pale. Her lips moved and she wanted to stop talking. She finally swallowed the words that came to her mouth and shook her head Nothing

Ms. Liu has never been good at deceiving people. Ruan Shishi has lived with him for more than 20 years. How can she not see that she is lying.

She slowly realized the seriousness of the matter, frowned slightly, and asked, “what happened?”

In foreign countries these days, she can’t see the news of Jiangzhou, and doesn’t know anything about what happened in the past month. Listen to my mother’s voice just now, is there something wrong with Yu family?

Her mind suddenly flashed across the man’s face, a restless heart, together with the palm of the hand holding the mobile phone are unconsciously out of a layer of sweat.

At this time, Ms. Liu on the other end of the video wanted to hang up. Ruan Shishi gritted her teeth and asked, “is something wrong with Yu family?”

At last, Professor Ruan shook his head helplessly and said to Ms. Liu, “forget it, you’ve said it. You’d better tell her.”

Hearing this, Ms. Liu’s face was filled with an indescribable look of melancholy. After a pause, she said, “in the month when you’re not in Jiangzhou, Yu Yimo’s family has changed greatly. Yu Yimo first disappeared, and then Gu beidaiquan took office and managed Yu’s group. It wasn’t long before the police found Yu Yimo’s body in the countryside, saying that he was killed by wild animals during camping Attack… “

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