CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1537 – 1538

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Chapter 1537

Karl called Smith and asked him to take someone to pick Alyssa and Grace home.

When Alyssa got into the car, she held Karl’s hand and looked at him with some worry.

“You don’t worry, even if I have turned the Rostenvel upside down, I must find Tina.” Karl solemnly promised her.

“Yeah.” Alyssa believed Karl, because he had always kept his promises, and he would be able to do what he said.

After sending Alyssa and Grace back, Karl returned to Best Day.

The ashtray in front of Peter was full, and some cigarette butts even fell out of the ashtray, and half of the coffee table was covered with dust.

Karl had quit smoking for a long time, and under the supervision of Alyssa, he had lived an old life ahead of time. He couldn’t bear the smell of smoke, and he coughed for a few times before he eased.

Hearing Karl’s coughing, Peter jumped up from the sofa and walked up to him in a stride, “How’s it going? Any update?”

He originally wanted to go out with him to find Tina, but he was stopped by Karl. The Rostenvel was so big, so following out like this, it was useless like a headless fly.

In case there is news, he is waiting here, and he can rush to it as soon as possible.

Looking at Peter’s red eyes, Karl couldn’t bear to say the answer that disappointed him. He could only comfort him: “I have used all the people and relationships that can be used, and there will be an update soon.”

After Karl took over the Adams’ family again, the situation of Adams’ family improved day by day. Today, the Adams’ family is almost a dominant family in Rostenvel and in the vicinity, with money and power. It is very simple to find someone or something.

“How fast is it soon?” Peter lost control, his voice hoarse: “It has been an hour, do you know what can happen in an hour?”

Peter lost his temper, Karl didn’t say anything, just listened silently.

He knew that Peter’s nerves had been strained to the extreme, if he didn’t vent it, he might not be able to hold it.

“After so many years, Tina finally agreed to try again with me. I wanted to public my relationship at the end of the year…”

As Peter was talking, he couldn’t continue.

There was something blocking his throat, sour and astringent, so he couldn’t make a sound.

Although Tina was with him, he could feel that she didn’t trust him as much as before.

And he was the same, without any sense of security.

He always felt that Tina will leave him.

He wakes up every day and feels that he is still in a dream. Only when he sees Tina can he be sure that he is not dreaming, but in real life, and Tina is really his girlfriend.

He took a few deep breaths before he came back to his senses.

He picked up the lighter and wanted to light himself a cigarette.

Karl stopped his hand to light a cigarette and snatched the lighter from his hand.

Peter’s anger came up all at once, and he yelled at Karl: “You won’t let me go out to find, and you won’t even let me smoke? Do you really think I dare not beat you?”

Karl didn’t say anything, but just poured a glass of water for him.

Peter was moved for a moment, and Karl said in time: “Alyssa bought me a lot of insurance. How much you want to lose depends on how you fight.”

All the emotions disappeared in an instant, and he even wanted to spit out the water he had drunk.

But he drank it, and it was too disgusting to vomit.

Chapter 1538

Peter drank halfway through the water, had a sudden thought, and quickly turned around to get his mobile phone.

“What’s the matter?” Karl came over and asked him.

Peter pressed the phone to turn on the screen, his tone was depressed and lost: “I just heard my phone ring.”

“No! I can’t stay here anymore, I’m going out to look for her!” Peter put the phone in his pocket, reached for his jacket, and hurried out.

When he walked to the door, he looked back and found that Karl had followed.

Without waiting for him to ask, Karl said, “You can find her, I will drive.”

Let Peter sit here and wait for the update. Such waiting is tantamount to extreme torture. It would be better to find something to do for him, but Karl was not relieved when he was driving in his current state.


Karl drove the car while calling his men to ask about the situation.

After talking on the phone with his subordinates, Karl turned his head and said to Peter: “The person holding Tina has changed many cars along the way. It will take some time to track it.”

In fact, what the subordinates said on the phone was that the car was lost, and now they can only wait to adjust the surveillance of various roads and cooperate with the police to find a clue.

And if they cooperate with the police, there will be many procedures to go through, and the time may be extended.

Karl measured it from the bottom of his heart, and finally chose to conceal some facts, and told Peter about it.

If it was normal, Peter would definitely hear Karl concealing it, but at this time he was so anxious that he could no longer think rationally as usual, and he had no doubts.

After a while, he laughed at him: “I really didn’t expect that you will be my driver one day in this life.”

Karl said, “As long as the money is in place, I am willing to be your driver.”

At this time, Peter’s cell phone rang again.

Karl stopped speaking, waiting for Peter to answer the phone.

But Peter never answered, as if he hadn’t heard.

Karl frowned, “Peter, your phone.”

“Is it really ringing?” Peter’s expression suddenly became tense: “From before to now, at such a meeting, my mind is buzzing. I always think my phone is ringing. I thought it was my hallucination again.”

The phone rings, it means there is something, whether good news or bad news.

Peter grabbed a handful of his own clothes and wiped the sweat off his hands before connecting to the phone.

He turned on the speakerphone: “Is there any news?”

“We have tracked down three locations now, one in the west of the city, the other is the east, and the other is…”

“Where is it?”

“South Bay Villa.”

Peter looked startled, and then sneered: “You go to West City and East City, South Bay Villa, I will go.”

“South Bay Villa?” Karl looked at him, “Isn’t that your home?”

“Yes.” Peter looked grimly: “In my life, I haven’t met a few people who are more rampant than me, and those who held me ran to my house.”

Karl stepped on the accelerator and drove towards South Bay Villa.

South Bay Villa is a villa area developed by Adams’ in the early years. Its architectural style and garden landscape are among the best in the architectural world. Many villas in the later real-estate developments follow the style of South Bay Villa.

It was also the first pot of gold that Peter and Karl made when they founded AdamPic.

Today’s South Bay villas are also priceless in the upper class.

There are many people who want to buy these villas, but very few people put them for sale.

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