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Chapter 1145

Sure enough, after a while, Yu Gubei solemnly said to her, “Xiaoman, I still have some work to deal with…”

By implication, it’s time for her to leave.

Following him for so long, Lu Xiaoman naturally understood what he meant. He nodded his head wisely and left the room.

For a moment, Yu Gubei was the only one left in the big room.

But soon, knock on the door, Shao Zhuo breathlessly push the door in, “young master, still did not find.”

In an instant, the man’s face became gloomy and cold. He clenched the wine glass beside him and said coldly, “do I raise a group of rubbish! I can’t even find a body. “

Shao Zhuo bowed his head and couldn’t say a word.

At the beginning, on the rainy night, they beat Yu Yimo half dead and almost died. In order to give him a taste of despair, he sent his men to throw him into the back of the Castle Peak to let him feel despair.

But who knows, the next day, he sent someone to look for Yu Yimo’s body, and found the place at that time, but he didn’t see the body.

This is the most suspicious place! It’s reasonable to say that Yu Yimo has been beaten like that, plus the tube of medicine that Lord Luo Jiuye injected into him, he can’t escape from Shengtian again!

But why can’t the body be found?

“Young master, is it true? His body was taken away by an animal? “

Yugu north cold hum, “naive! I used an excuse to deceive people, but you still believe it

At the beginning, in order to successfully get the position of acting president of Yu group, he had to let everyone know that Yu Yimo was no longer there, so he found a death row prisoner in prison to replace Yu Yimo’s body.

However, Yu Yimo can’t rest assured if he doesn’t find his real body!

Shao Zhuo pauses, then says, “I continue to send people to look for.”

Smell speech, Yu Gu North this just slightly nod, don’t say what again.

Suddenly, he thought of something. His eyes swept the mobile phone on the table quickly and said in a soft voice, “by the way, has Ruan Shishi returned to China?”

“Yes, I just came back today.”

Suddenly, Yu Gu Bei squinted slightly, and the fundus of his eyes was shining.

If he guesses correctly, this Ruan Shishi will come to him soon.

Sure enough, the next morning, Ruan Shishi went to Yu’s group to interview him.

In the CEO Office of Yu’s group, Ruan Shishi looks at the position that originally belonged to Yu Yimo, and now sits with other men, feeling inexplicable.

Yu Gubei sat on the chair and did not get up. He looked at her with a smile and asked softly, “Miss Ruan, come to me. What can I do for you?”

Ruan Shishi slightly crooked his lips and gave him a smile. He glanced at his overlapping legs and said in a soft voice, “it seems that your legs are OK.”

Yu Gubei smiles and says in a soft voice, “I met a good doctor. After a period of treatment, I recovered.”

Ruan’s poems are full of lips, and his smile is not clear at the bottom of his eyes.

His legs are not good in the morning and not good in the evening, but suddenly get better after Yu Yimo’s disappearance, which is ridiculous.

Obviously, his legs have recovered long ago. The reason why he has been hiding is that he is just waiting for this moment, when Yu Yimo disappears, and he appears in front of everyone perfectly, taking the lead.

Chapter 1146

Last time in the film crew, she accidentally saw his leg move. At that time, she just doubted that Yu Gubei’s leg should have been OK.

Seeing that she didn’t speak for a long time, Yu Gubei asked with a smile, “Miss Ruan, you come to me not only to greet my legs, right?”

Ruan Shishi looked back, nodded, took a deep breath, raised his eyes to Yu Gubei’s amber eyes, and asked directly, “is Yu Yimo really dead?”

Yu Gubei didn’t expect that she would ask so directly. His eyes stopped for a moment, and then he played with the limited edition pen in his hand. Seemingly carelessly, he replied, “Miss Ruan came to me just to ask me this question?”

Ruan Shishi’s face is slightly heavy and her eyes are still staring at his actions. She inhales deeply and says firmly, “Yu Yimo’s situation, you younger brother should know more about it. I don’t believe those uploaded on the Internet, so I might as well come and ask you directly.”

Smell speech, Yu Gu North smile a voice, he slightly shook his head, light voice way, “then you really read me wrong, you don’t know, I and big brother’s relationship is not close, you see on the network that is the truth.”

Ruan Shishi saw that he didn’t enter the oil and salt, and refused to explain what he said. She had a few words in her heart. She said coldly, “then you should be very happy in your heart?”

In an instant, Yu Gubei’s face became cold. He looked straight at the woman sitting on the opposite sofa, and his eyes flashed a sharp cold light.

Then, he said in a cold voice, “my elder brother’s funeral has just been held. It’s not good for you to say that in front of me, is it?”

“Is it?”

Ruan Shishi’s indifferent smile made her face change several times when she looked at the man for a while, which made her coldness deeper.

After just a few conversations, she has seen that Yu Gubei is definitely not a simple character. Even if she is someone else, I’m afraid she can’t get any useful information from him.

She chose to ignore the man’s slightly cold face, got up, leaned slightly towards him, and then asked in a low voice, “I’m sorry, I’m interrupting.”

With that, without waiting for Yu Gu Bei to say anything, she turned around and walked out the door with crisp steps.

The man sitting on the chair’s eyes fell on her back, and there was a shade of sullen light in his eyes.

Before long, someone knocked on the door. Then Shao Zhuo pushed the door and came forward to report the situation. “Young master, Ruan Shishi has gone.”

Hearing the name, Yu Gu Bei frowned slightly.

Before, he thought that this woman was insignificant. She was just a chip he used to contain Yu Yimo. He never regarded her as an opponent. But just now, he could clearly feel the alertness and alertness emanating from her body, and even the sense of trial in her tone.

It’s very dangerous. He just wants to concentrate all his firepower on Yu Yimo. He doesn’t want to spare any energy to deal with other people, but it’s obvious that Ruan’s poetry has become a bit tricky now.

Before he could recover, Shao Zhuo next to him continued, “young master, when Ruan Shishi left just now, he asked me about the cemetery where Yu Yimo was buried.”

Yu Gu BEIMEI’s heart jumped, “did you tell her?”

“Yes.” Shao Zhuo explained, “it’s not a secret. It’s the information that can be obtained by checking the news and asking reporters. I’m worried that if I don’t tell her, it will arouse her suspicion, so I simply said it.”

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