The Warmest Romance Chapter 1153 -1154

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Chapter 1153

At this time, ye Wan’er asked in a dumb voice, “Dad, where is brother Mo? I don’t believe he’s dead, not at all! “

On hearing her mention of “Yu Yimo”, ye Fengpeng’s face suddenly changed. He was silent for a moment. Then he said in a cold voice, “the news has been broadcast. What else can you doubt? You have attended his funeral. What else do you want to do? “

Ye Wan’er’s eyes were red and swollen with tears. She said hysterically, “it’s impossible. Brother Mo can’t die like this!”

Although she has divorced Yu Yimo now, that man has always been her dream when she was a girl. He is the man who firmly occupies her heart and the existence that she can’t easily forget and erase.

Therefore, she absolutely did not believe that Yu Yimo died like this.

Suddenly, ye Wan’er thought of something, quickly came forward, reached for ye Fengpeng’s arm and begged, “Dad! You tell me the truth. Did Yu Gubei hide brother Mo! Now you have such a good relationship with Yu Gubei that he must tell you everything, right? “

Smelling speech, ye Fengpeng’s face sank, his brow lowered, and threw away her hand, “what nonsense? Yu and I are just business partners. How can he tell me everything? “

Ye Wan’er immediately retorted and said, “Dad, you still don’t admit it. Now it’s said that you and your brother are Yu Gubei’s people. Without you, Yu Gubei can’t occupy the whole Yu group so easily!”

“Pa!” A clear voice fell, ye Wan’er’s cheek received a solid slap, her face was hit side to side, the whole person leng in situ, for a long time did not come back.

Ye Zeyu was also surprised. Although he knew that ye Fengpeng had no patience and trust for his sister, he never hit her.

“Dad, you hit me!”

Ye Wan’er looked back in amazement, “did I say something wrong? Do you think people don’t know what you and your brother do? “

She became angry and angry. For a moment, she spoke freely. She glared at ye Fengpeng and ye Zeyu in front of her, and then said, “if you didn’t help Gu Bei secretly, how could brother Mo disappear? If you didn’t help Yu Gubei, how could you easily get those big lists with our Ye’s ability? For your own benefit, you have not considered my feelings at all! “

The leaf maple Peng hears speech, the gas of keep panting thick air, he hangs in the hand of the body side slightly tremble, suppress to want to throw out the anger of the second slap.

His eyes rolled with anger, and he said in a cruel voice, “what a loser! Laozi is for our Ye family. How about you? There are only some affections in my mind, and I can’t see that people are not interested in you at all. I don’t want to be shameful. We Ye family are all money losers

He said this method in a fit of anger. He didn’t consider the weight of the words at all. He didn’t realize that ye Zeyu was pale, and he reached out to try to stop him

But it’s too late.

Ye Waner steps back and looks at ye Fengpeng in amazement. It seems that she didn’t expect that such vicious words came from her own father.

The room was quiet for a moment, and then, ye Wan’er suddenly turned around, grabbed the vase fragments scattered on the ground, and put the sharp blade directly between her neck. She didn’t think much, but just stabbed it hard. Suddenly, blood came out.

Chapter 1154

She looked solemn and stirring, “since brother Mo is dead, I’ll be dead, too!”

With that, she held the fragment’s hand and stabbed it in harder.

Suddenly, ye Zeyu stepped forward, raised her hand, waved her hand, and said in a loud voice, “Dad! You can really watch her commit suicide! “

Ye Fengpeng has been angry for a long time. He turns to the servant who has been scared by him. He orders coldly, “past several people, tie her up for me! Don’t let her go out without my orders

All of a sudden, the servants next to her came forward to subdue ye Wan’er with Ye Zeyu, and then tied her to the bed.

Tossed for a long time, the second floor bedroom slowly restored calm, ye Fengpeng angry downstairs, face blue.

Ye Zeyu followed him, as if thinking about something. After a moment, he looked up at ye Fengpeng and said in a soft voice, “Dad, when mom comes back, what can we say?”

Although ye Fengpeng treats ye Wan’er in an ordinary way, and even has no family affection for her, she is her own flesh and blood. In addition, Mrs. Ye has some preference for her, so they tie her up like a beast. When Mrs. Ye comes back, they will not like it.

Ye Fengpeng thought for a moment and said coldly, “what else can I say? The interests of our Ye family must come first. What are ye Wan’er’s love stories? “

“But it’s hard for mom to explain…” Ye Zeyu said with some difficulty. After a while, he suddenly thought of something, “by the way, Dad, we can say that ye Wan’er is not very good here now…”

Then he held out his hand, pointed to his head, and then said, “and she’s suicidal recently. I think she may have some psychological problems.”

Ye Feng Peng Wen Yan, silent for a moment, then nodded, agreed, “you’re right, so, you go to contact a psychologist, your mother there I go to say.”

Ye Zeyu immediately nodded.

Ye Fengpeng also breathes a sigh of relief. With this reason, from now on, he can control Ye Waner’s behavior and save a lot of trouble.

After all, she speaks freely, regardless of the consequences, in case of any important occasion to leak some of their family’s private affairs, then he is really finished!

After thinking about it for a long time, he thought about the pros and cons. Then he was a little satisfied with Ye Zeyu’s method. He looked up and saw Ye Zeyu standing on the balcony talking on the phone. He walked over without hesitation.

He stepped forward and asked, “Zeyu, are you calling a psychologist?”

On hearing this, ye Zeyu held his mobile phone hand slightly and turned to look at him, “no It’s Yu Zong’s call. “

As he spoke, Gu Bei’s voice suddenly came, “psychiatrist? What can I do with a psychologist? “

On this side of the phone, ye Zeyu and ye Fengpeng were stunned. After a few seconds of pause, they said in a low voice, “my sister is not in a particularly good mental state recently. My father and I want her to see a psychologist.”

At the same time, Yu Gu’s eyes on the other side flashed, and something flashed in his mind. Then, he raised his lips slightly and said in a soft voice, “well, that’s just right. I have a familiar psychologist with rich experience. I can make an appointment for you in his side.”

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