The Warmest Romance Chapter 1155 -1156

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Chapter 1155

Ye Zeyu hesitated and looked at ye Fengpeng’s face in a twinkling of an eye. Seeing that he nodded slightly, he quickly agreed, “well, the doctor Yu always knows must be trustworthy! That’s the trouble. “

There came the voice of Yu Gu Bei with a smile, “what’s the trouble? They’re all friends. “

When he said this, it was like wearing a high hat on ye Fengpeng and ye Zeyu. They were immediately flattered and their faces flashed with joy.

Ye Zeyu repeatedly said, “yes, yes, they are all friends.”

“Let’s make an appointment for tomorrow. My doctor friend is on duty in the people’s hospital. He is on the day shift tomorrow.”

“Well, that’s settled!”

Both sides quickly reached an agreement, and then, ye Zeyu hung up the phone, turned to look at ye Fengpeng, and said with a smile, “Dad, do you hear me? Just now Yu Gubei said, “we are friends!”

Now, Yu Gubei has become the chief executive of Yu group from the disabled Er Shao who had no rights before. People in line in Jiangzhou city want to cooperate with him. Now, Yu Gubei says that they are friends, so they are naturally excited and proud.

As the saying goes, it’s good to enjoy the cool under the big tree. Before, they tried their best to marry ye Wan’er to Yu Yimo, so that ye could hold Yu’s group’s thigh and climb up. Later, when that happened, ye Wan’er and Yu Yimo divorced, and they immediately changed their support. Now they’ve been through a lot.

All of a sudden, ye Zeyu thought of something, and his face and smile were stiff. “What if Wan’er had no problem at all?”

Ye Fengpeng picked an eyebrow and said, “what does that matter? All in all, we have to take this opportunity to thank Yu Gubei for coming and going. It’s also a good time to have a good relationship! “

Ye Zeyu nodded and agreed, “yes, Dad, you’re right!”

In a word, it doesn’t matter whether ye Wan’er is healthy or not. They just want to use more power in Jiangzhou business district to make ye’s family bigger and bigger!

In the eyes of businessmen, interests always come first.

Three years ago, ye Fengpeng was able to marry Ye Waner out in order to get along with Yu Yimo. Now, he can flatter Yu Gubei by saying that his daughter has mental problems.

In his eyes, ye Wan’er has always been a commodity that can be valued and used, that’s all.

The next day, it was only an hour before ye Waner was sent to the people’s hospital to see a doctor. Ye Fengpeng stepped upstairs, led by a servant, to the door and pushed it open.

When ye Wan’er comes to her bedroom, she is still tied up. Her hair is messy and her face is pale. People are not like people and ghosts are not like ghosts.

See her this appearance, ye Fengpeng can’t help but frown, cold voice command side servant, “give her change clothes, comb hair, wait for meeting car arrangement is good, directly take her to the hospital.”

The servant immediately nodded and agreed.

Ye Wan’er raises her eyes and looks at Ye Feng Peng. Her voice says weakly, “Dad, I’m wrong. Can you help me find brother mo…”

Hearing what she said, ye Fengpeng’s face was suddenly gloomy. He was so angry that he swung his sleeve, turned around and walked out of the door, coldly dropped four words, “stubborn!”

At this time, she still fell into Yu Yimo’s pit and couldn’t climb up. She was really hopeless! Now in front of the interests of the family, she is still thinking about the love of children. It’s really mud that can’t support the wall!

Chapter 1156

Originally, he wanted to accompany her to the hospital, but he didn’t expect to see her. He immediately gave up his mind. He went to the door and coughed a few times. Then he looked at his subordinates and said in a cold voice, “wait a moment, you take her to the hospital, take care of her, and bring her back after the examination. The examination results will be taken back together.”

His hands immediately nodded, “yes.”

After all this, he walked away.

Soon, ye Wan’er is ready to go directly to Jiangzhou City People’s hospital with her maid and ye Fengpeng’s escort.

Half an hour ago.

Ruan Shishi had already arrived at the people’s Hospital, she explained the situation to the relevant personnel, and was waiting.

After meeting with the old lady yesterday, the old lady gave her several people to help her find Yu Yimo’s whereabouts. She also told her the time and place of the last time she saw Du Yue. She asked her to look up the clues by the way.

What she originally learned was that Du Yue had appeared in the people’s hospital half a month ago and was photographed by the surveillance camera. She didn’t know what happened later. She followed his trace to find out that people were like evaporation in the world and could never be found again.

This is what the old lady didn’t find when she went along. After Ruan Shishi learned from her subordinates, she wanted to see the last scene of Du Yue and see if she could find any clues.

She was thinking that when the door opened, a woman in a nurse’s uniform came in and looked at her and said, “originally, our monitoring was to be cleared every seven days, but last time someone came to see it, we were afraid that this kind of thing would involve some important cases, so we made a backup. You come with me.”

As soon as Ruan Shishi heard it, he immediately nodded and followed the nurse.

As she walked into the central control room of the hospital, she could not help but take a deep breath when she saw that there were monitoring screens on the two walls of the whole big room.

The monitoring of the whole hospital is here. The nurse who led the way went to the computer, said to the staff, then nodded to Ruan Shishi and left.

When the staff learned of her intention, they took out a small U disk from the drawer, inserted it into the computer and called out the picture.

Soon, a picture appeared on the computer screen. It was on the elevator. There were several people in it. The door of the elevator was about to close. At this moment, a person suddenly came up.

He was wearing a medical suit and had long hair on his forehead. Because he didn’t take care of it, he covered his eyes disorderly. Even so, Ruan Shishi recognized that the man was Du Yue!

Soon, the video ended, and then another picture appeared on the screen. In the hall of the hospital, Du Yue bowed his head slightly and walked forward in a hurry. It seemed that he was being chased. Before he took a few steps, he turned back and looked back in a panic, and then quickened his pace

After reading several surveillance pictures of Du Yue, Ruan Shishi was lost in thought and didn’t speak for a long time.

Now, there are only two valid pieces of information she can get. One is that Du Yue is wearing a hospital uniform, which means that he may be injured and hospitalized in the hospital. Second, from the monitoring screen on the screen, it seems that someone is chasing him, and he seems to be running away from those people.

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