The Warmest Romance Chapter 1181 -1182

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Chapter 1181

She took a look at the time, bit her lip and inhaled deeply. “Let’s go down.”

Compared with the side of the mountain they just went up, there are more plants on the inside, and the plants and trees gradually meet with the mountain nearby, which is more unfathomable.

They continued to set out and kept walking down the mountain, but the road down the mountain was more difficult. Nevertheless, they did not stop.

I don’t know how long later, they had already come down to the mountain. Suddenly, Xiao Meng stopped, stared at a direction and asked, “there, it seems that there are some buildings.”

Hearing his voice, Ruan Shishi and brother long were stunned and looked over there.

If it is true, in the lush trees at the foot of the mountain, a corner of the building is exposed. The gray debris is not obvious. If it was not for Xiao Meng, she would not have noticed.

Next to dragon brother surprised, “this kind of valley will also have people living?”

It’s obviously inconvenient to live here. Although there are residents near the Castle Peak, most of them are in the flat area outside the mountain. In this way, it’s obvious to build a house in the mountain to hide from people.

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath and looked over there. “Let’s go and have a look.”

From their side of the terrain, although covered by the shadow of trees, but still can see that it is an old-fashioned house, look around, can see the place, it seems that there is only one.

No matter what is there, in short, they have to go and have a look. What if they find something new?

Yu group.

Song yean’s car stopped at the door. When he pushed the door to get off, he had put on a stiff suit. He walked directly through the door, walked to the front desk and said, “please contact your Mr. Yu. My name is song.”

The front desk hesitated, but looking at the man in front of her, she didn’t dare to refuse directly, so she had to answer and call the president.

Soon, the Secretary picked up, and when he heard that someone was looking for Yu Gubei, he said straightforwardly, “I’m sorry, now Yu is always in a meeting. Please come back next time.”

The secretary over there said it in a straight line. Through the receiver, song yean stood aside and heard it. He frowned slightly and happened to have a look of embarrassment at the front desk.

He said coldly, “call me and let me have a word with her.”

The front desk hesitated for a moment, and finally handed over the phone.

Here, song yean holds the receiver and says solemnly to the other end of the phone, “I’m song yean from Yunye technology. Today I came to see Mr. Yu because there’s something urgent and I can’t make an appointment. Please help me convey the original words to Mr. Yu. I’ll wait here for ten minutes. If Mr. Yu refuses to see me, I’ll leave directly after ten minutes. If it’s because of you The consequences of delay due to failure to reach the designated position shall be borne by the party. “

When he said this, the Secretary on the other end of the phone was covered. After a few seconds of silence, a soft voice came from the Secretary, “please wait a moment, I’ll convey it to Mr. Yu.”

With that, the phone hung up.

Song yean stood aside, frowning slightly, with some impatience in the corner of his eyes.

If yu Gubei knew that he was coming to see him, he would certainly agree to see him. There is no doubt about this.

Chapter 1182

Sure enough, within two minutes, the front desk phone rang, and then, after the front desk answered, hung up the phone and looked at him, “Mr. Song, you have conveyed to Mr. Yu, you can go up now.”

Song yean politely thanks and walks directly towards the elevator entrance.

Soon, he arrived at the first floor where the president’s office was located. As soon as the elevator door opened, he saw the Secretary standing outside to greet him. The Secretary led him directly to Yu Gubei’s office.

After a few steps, he felt the vibration of his mobile phone in his pocket. He picked it up and saw that it was the message from Xiao Si, with a few photos attached.

“They didn’t go to the castle peak temple, they went to the Castle Peak.”

“After climbing a mountain with him, our people found that they had entered a Buddhist temple in the mountains.”

“Originally, I thought it was abandoned, but I didn’t expect there were people living in it.”

“They went in and we stayed outside. To tell you the truth, I think this monastery is suspicious.”

These messages were sent to him at different times. Just now he was in a hurry and didn’t notice.

He opened the photo, and sure enough, he saw that the photo taken by Xiao Si was very comprehensive, from Ruan Shishi, who just got out of the car to prepare to go up the mountain, to the scene when they finally found that the Buddhist temple had gone in.

There is a Buddhist temple in the mountains of Qingshan

Song yean’s eyebrows are slightly picked, which is a little inconceivable.

Originally, she thought that Ruan Shishi and Yu Yimo would go to Castle Peak Temple if they wanted to find Yu Yimo’s whereabouts. However, they bypassed Castle Peak temple and went directly up the mountain. They also went to a Buddhist temple in the mountain. That is to say, Yu Yimo might be hidden in it!

Song yean’s heart moved and became more and more uneasy. He quickened his pace, followed his secretary, and followed him into the office of the president.

The Secretary buttoned the door and then pushed it open. Song yean went in and saw Yu Gubei sitting at his desk, turning over a dozen thick papers. Before he could speak, Yu Gubei looked up at him with a smile on his face and immediately told the Secretary to prepare tea.

Song yean directly refused in a cold voice, “no, I’ve come to see you. I have something important to say. I’ll leave after that.”

Seeing this, the smile on Yu Gubei’s face slowly receded. He waved to his secretary and didn’t say anything.

The secretary left the room and directly closed the door. For a moment, there were only two of them in the huge office, one standing and the other sitting. Their eyes met each other, and the two sides were in an invisible confrontation.

Song yean took the lead in breaking the silence and asked directly, “is Yu Yimo really dead?”

Yu Gu Bei’s brow slightly wrinkled. He paused for a second and said coldly, “President song suddenly came to me to ask me this?”

Song yean disagreed and said coldly, “I guess he’s not dead.”

This sentence, like a thunderbolt, suddenly exploded in Yu Gu Bei’s ear. His pupils dilated for a moment, and then pretended to be calm. Ironically, he said, “it was Mrs. song a few days ago, and now it’s Mr. Song himself. You and your wife are very interested in the life and death of my eldest brother.”

Hearing the speech, song yean’s face suddenly changed, and he was a little green with naked eyes. After a pause, he slowly regained his original look and took a deep breath. “I didn’t come here to argue with you. Today, I just came back from abroad and found that Ruan Shishi took several people to Qingshan. I sent people to follow him all the way, and finally found that they entered a Buddhist temple in the mountain. You say, Ruan Shishi If it were you, what would you think of? “

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