The Warmest Romance Chapter 1187 -1188

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Chapter 1187

Once he’s exposed, Yu Gubei will surely implicate the people who come to the temple!

Du Yue had already reacted and quickly pushed the wheelchair to push him towards the back door. This door leads directly to the outside of the temple, which is the back door of the temple and the back door of the small courtyard. From here, there is a path leading to the outside of the mountain. At this moment, Su Yucheng’s car is parked outside the mountain.

Yu Yimo was pushed out and frowned, “what should Abbot Zhenyuan do?”

Su Yucheng has rushed out of his bedroom, packing up Yu Yimo’s important things in a disorderly way, and catching up with him. When he heard him say so, he said hurriedly, “where can I manage these now?”

“And the grandson’s goal is you, not them! When we go, they’ll be OK! “

Su Yucheng hastily said a few words, immediately rushed to the front road.

But the mountain road was rugged, wet and slippery. The more Du pushed the wooden wheelchair, he couldn’t push it at all, and the speed slowed down.

Su Yu has a preconceived idea and tightens his brow. He says hurriedly, “this can’t do! They’re almost there

With that, he bent down, lifted Yu Yimo out of the wheelchair, turned his head and told Du Yue, “get rid of the wheelchair quickly. They can’t see that we’re going from here!”


The more quickly Du pushed the wheelchair into the nearby bush, determined that he couldn’t see it, he destroyed the wheel marks and footprints on the ground just now, which made him catch up quickly.

Yu Yimo can feel their anxiety and tension on Su Yucheng’s back. His hand is slowly clenched and clenched into a fist. But now, he is very weak. He can’t even escape on his own at the critical moment of life and death! It’s a drag!

A deep sense of powerlessness and regret surged into his heart. He clenched his teeth and closed his eyes in pain.

Bumping, gasping, rushing, those sounds, that urgency, like a magic spell, slowly expanded in his ears, and the sound grew louder and louder, and he almost collapsed.

I don’t know how long later, bumpy stop, ear heard a few urgent command sound, then, Su Yucheng put him down.

He opened his eyes and found that he had arrived. Su Yucheng put him on the car. Then Du Yue got on the car. The door was closed. Su Yucheng’s men started the car and the car body “whooshed!” All of a sudden jumped out.

All the way galloping, Yu Yimo looks out the window at the Castle Peak farther and farther away, and his heart aches a few times.

Now everything seems to be given by Yu Gubei!

He wrote down this account!

The car slowly drove up the main road, and all the people in the car were secretly relieved.

“Brother Cheng, what’s going on? How did Yu Gubei find out all of a sudden? “

Du Yue couldn’t help asking.

Su Yucheng sat in the front row of the co pilot, wiping sweat while secretly scolding, “that grandson does not know how to know, in short, today I came to find you, did not expect to meet him also came here, I took a shortcut to come first!”

Yu Yimo frowned, “how do you know they came to me? The temple is so hidden that they may just go to Castle Peak temple. “

Su Yu became a cool voice. “They have my eyeliner there. They sent me messages. I saw them late, and they brought a lot of people. I came over to see you today, but I didn’t bring anyone.”

Yu Yimo clenched his fist and didn’t speak for a long time.

Chapter 1188

Finally, he thought of something. He looked up and asked, “how do they know about the monastery?”

Qingshan temple is so hidden that he thought Yu Gubei could not find it anyway, but he didn’t expect

When he asked, everyone fell silent.

Now, no one knows how his place is exposed. It has been calm for more than a month, but today, suddenly something happened.

It’s really suspicious.

Yu Yimo twisted his eyebrows, lost in thought and didn’t speak for a long time.

Now, he doesn’t worry about anything else. What he worries about most is the people in the temple, abbot Zhenyuan, master Wuen, and the monks

On the other side, Castle Peak monastery.

Ruan Shishi made a detour in the Buddhist temple, but he didn’t find anything. When he went back, he winked at ah long and Xiao Meng, and then chatted with Abbot Zhenyuan. Then he began to leave.

“Abbot, it’s getting late. It’s time for us to leave. Thank you for your hospitality.”

Ruan Shishi’s hands were folded and bowed slightly to Abbot Zhenyuan.

The abbot smiles and says, “OK, I’ll let Ziji see you off.”

Then he waved and called Ziji.

Ruan Shishi looked at the little guy in front of him. He couldn’t move his eyes.

Ziji looked up at her, and her cheeks turned red again. He took them to the door and said, “follow me.”

Ruan Shishi was walking up with a smile. Unexpectedly, the hunchback monk came up to the abbot and said something in a low voice.

Ruan Shishi looked back and saw some tension on the Abbot’s gentle and smiling face. He twisted his eyebrows and then told the old monk what to do.

She was a little surprised when she saw the scene, but she didn’t say anything in the end. She just followed the little monk out of the temple.

Finally, after saying goodbye to the little monk, Ruan Shishi and Longge Xiaomeng left.

Without two steps, brother long quickly asked, “have you found anything?”

Ruan took a deep breath, shook his head and said, “No.”

At first, I was wondering if yu Yimo might be in this quiet Zen courtyard, but after looking around, there was nothing suspicious, except the small courtyard.

That small courtyard should be the place where ordinary people can’t get in and out of their Zen courtyard.

When Ruan Shishi said that, brother long and Xiao Meng didn’t speak again for a moment.

Hope again and again failed, such a thing, it is really a little uncomfortable.

Seeing their loss, Ruan Shishi gently comforted, “I left the contact information of the abbot. I plan to wait for us to go back and have a chat with him and ask him if he has found anything unexpected in the mountains for more than a month.”

Even though she said that, she was not sure. She insisted on coming to the mountains to find out whether it was right or wrong, just because of what Lord Luo said

Xiao Meng nodded, then looked at the gloomy sky, and said in a soft voice, “it’s still very cloudy. Let’s go quickly, and we’ll get along with other people.”

Ruan Shishi and Longge agreed.

Three people together, quickly leave, but did not find not far behind the trees, hiding a few people.

As soon as they left, the people behind the trees got up quickly and immediately surrounded the Buddhist temple.

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