The Warmest Romance Chapter 1205 -1206

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Chapter 1205

The dining room is on the first floor, and the kitchen is semi open. When Ruan Shishi walks by, he can see that a big dinner is ready on the marble table.

Nutritious porridge, saury fish, fried vegetables, crab roe tofu and other dishes are all delicately cooked, which makes people have a good appetite.

Ruan Shishi could not help but picked up the chopsticks. Just after a few mouthfuls, he heard a voice coming from the side.

The voice came from the direction of the stairway. When Ruan Shishi looked back, he saw some familiar faces. Yu Yimo was sitting in a wheelchair. Xiao Meng was pushing him behind him, while brother long was standing aside, reporting to him in a low voice.

Seems to feel her eyes, three people almost coincidentally looked at her, when brother long and Xiaomeng see her, can’t help but stare big eyes, face flashed surprise.

Xiaomeng couldn’t help blurting out, “sister Shi, why are you here…”

He wanted to ask, but suddenly he thought of Yu Yimo beside him. He stopped talking and looked at the man in the wheelchair, but he didn’t speak any more.

Ruan Shishi smiles at brother long and Xiao Meng. Then she looks at Yu Yimo’s cold poker face. The smile on her face suddenly becomes stiff. She glances at him and then moves her eyes away, as if she didn’t see him at all.

Yu Yimo naturally saw her eyes. He frowned and didn’t say anything. After a pause, he told brother long and Xiao Meng, “let’s go out and talk about the rest.”

Xiao Meng immediately pushed the wheelchair and pushed him into the yard.

Thinking of the scene where they said hello to Ruan Shishi just now, Yu Yimo raised his eyebrows and said, “are you familiar with her?”

Xiao Meng said quickly, “don’t you know, Mr. Yu? Recently, we have been following sister Shi to find your whereabouts. “

The Dragon elder brother nodded, “thanks to Ruan, otherwise we would be like headless flies and have no way to start.”

After listening to their praise of Ruan’s poems, Yu Yimo was dubious.

Did this woman really bother to find him when he disappeared?

Even if he didn’t completely believe it, a trace of joy appeared in his heart. He said in a low voice, “let’s hear it.”

He would like to hear how she went to find him when he disappeared?

Xiaomeng didn’t think much about it, and told her the whole story. “At first, I learned that sister Shi had been secretly protecting her since she came back from abroad. Then, once, she met Miss ye in the hospital, and they had a dispute…”

Listening to what happened behind the rockery in the hospital between Ruan Shishi and ye Wan’er, Yu Yimo wring his brows unconsciously.

Unexpectedly, ye Wan’er is more ruthless than he imagined. If he hadn’t heard from Xiao Meng himself, he would never have believed

Xiao Meng just met with Ruan Shishi and confessed his identity at first, until later they agreed to go to Yu Yimo together. All the things were told in detail as far as possible.

When they went to look for clues together later, brother long could not help but say, “in fact, the one time Xiao Ruan impressed me most was in Qingshan temple. None of us expected to meet Lord Luo that time…”

Hearing that he mentioned Lord Luo, Yu Yimo immediately thought of what she said when she met Ruan Shishi today. It turned out that she had really met Lord Luo

Chapter 1206

After a pause, he asked, “what was the situation at that time?”

Dragon brother vividly describes what happened at that time. Yu Yimo listens and his heart goes up and down with the development of things.

Unexpectedly, this woman’s courage was so great. Under the circumstances at that time, she was able to keep calm and self-supporting in the face of danger, which made him a little impressed.

It seems that the girl who was once in a panic has disappeared, and now Ruan’s poetry, mind and mentality have all stepped up to a higher level, which makes him feel happy inexplicably.

Finally, I heard brother long talking about their going to the Castle Peak to find him. Yu Yimo’s eyebrows were slightly tightened, and his heart was full of strange things.

If brother long and Xiao Meng really said that, it was only by chance that they went to Qingshan temple that day, and they didn’t know that he was in the temple at all, but why did Yu Gubei find him immediately after that?

No matter from which clue, Yu Gubei always followed Ruan Shishi to find the Zen house. Ruan Shishi didn’t know he was in the Zen house, but why was he so sure of his whereabouts?

The clues of these things seem to be blocked in a dead end and can’t be solved.

Yu Yimo has a headache. He listens to the words of brother long and Xiao Meng, but he has no idea.

“Yu Zong.”

After hearing brother Long’s call, Yu Yimo came back to his senses. Brother long asked, “what do we do next?”

Yu Yimo nodded and said sternly, “according to what I said, don’t let Yu Gubei be aware of any disturbance, to ensure her safety.”

Brother long and Xiao Meng all agree with each other, “understand!”

Yu Yimo nodded slightly, “OK, you go and get ready.”

Watching them leave, Yu Yimo stays in the yard for a while, then controls the wheelchair to turn around.

This time, it was the first shot he and Yu Gubei fired. He absolutely did not allow himself to have a soft spot in Yu Gubei’s mobile phone, so from the beginning, he had to take the initiative in his own hands.

He drives his wheelchair to the house. After entering the hall, he subconsciously looks towards the restaurant. Ruan Shishi is still eating and turns a blind eye to him.

The aunt next to him said, “Mr. Yu, dinner is ready. Please have some.”

Hearing the speech, Yu Yimo glanced at a dinner specially prepared for him on the table next to Ruan Shishi, hesitated for a moment, nodded and said, “OK.”

As soon as he got close to the other side, he suddenly put down his chopsticks, stood up and said with a smile to his aunt, “aunt, I’ve finished eating. It’s delicious.”

After politely saying these words, she turned around and walked away directly. Her eyes passed him without stopping.

Yu Yimo is slightly stunned. She glances up at the porridge she hasn’t finished yet on the table and frowns slightly.

Ruan Shishi didn’t want to share a room with him and have dinner together!

Suddenly, a nameless fire surged into my heart.

Unexpectedly, she would not even eat with herself.

Even if the bottom of his heart is full of anger, in the end, he still suppresses the anger, says nothing and eats dinner in silence.

I don’t know why now the relationship between him and Ruan Shishi is stiff and alienated. At first, they misunderstood each other, but now they gradually untie each other, but they are tired of each other. No one is willing to bow or soften the needle to Mai mang.

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