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Chapter 589

“Where are you taking me to play?”

Amelia sat in the car, carefully asking him who was focused on driving.

“Choose! The mall or the market.”

Burton Liam turned his head slightly to look at Amelia, her eyes overflowing with brilliance.

“Bazaar?” Amelia’s big eyes filled with joy instantly overflowed.

“Liam, can you go to the market? Would you go? That kind of thing is only available in the suburbs!”

Burton Liam pursed his lips and smiled lightly, knowing that this little girl would like it.

“As long as you want to go, I’ll take you there!” Burton Liam looked like bamboo in his chest.

“Really? Then I want to go, I want to go!” Seriously, Amelia has never been to such a place.

Although she is not a real daughter, she has been living in a golden cage like a daughter.

As the car galloped all the way, Amelia passed her ears, messing up Amelia’s temples.

She tilted her head slightly, looking at his profile face that had been deeply buried in her heart, her unspeakable warmth and unspeakable happiness.

A warm current surged in her heart, and she even had the urge to cry.

Burton Liam felt her scorching gaze, and he couldn’t help but feel a burst of joy in his heart. The mature man still seemed to be charming to the little guy.

This feeling is so good!!!

The car stopped, but, obviously, the little guy who could see God didn’t feel it at all.

He tilted his head and looked at her with a teasing smile.

Raising his hand, he squeezed her straight little nose, “Hey! It’s going to be dark anymore! Can you still buy things?”

“En?” Amelia recovered in amazement, blinked, and complained that he was still like a nympho.

“Is it… here?”

Withdrawing her thoughts and looking forward, it turned out that the car had already reached the outskirts, and many stalls and shops were turning left at the intersection ahead.

“Wow! There are so many fun things here!” Amelia gleamed, opened the car door, and rushed to the market excitedly.

She completely forgets that there is a man behind her who has just been a nympho for a long time!

Burton Liam looked at her delighted little back, and the corners of his lips couldn’t help but raised a smile of delight.

Just look at her happy, inexplicably, his heart will follow her, happy and excited together…

That is a very happy feeling!!!

Amidst the shoulder-to-shoulder crowd, laughter and bargaining sounded endless.

Noisy and noisy, but full of ease and comfort that they have never experienced before…

She took his big hand, raised her small face, and looked at him excitedly and admiringly, “Liam, how did you know this place?”

Pretending to be mysterious, Burton Liam glanced at her triumphantly without answering.

She pouted, “Stingy!!”

How did she know that, to make her like it, he cheekily asked how many people up and down the company before he found this interesting place?

“Liam, there are kites here, come here!”

Amelia happily dragged Burton Liam’s big hand into the crowd.

“Shall we go flying a kite?” Amelia seriously picked a big butterfly-shaped kite and asked Burton Liam on the side expectantly.

“Good!” Burton Liam patted her little head gently.

“As long as you like it, everything is fine!”

“Great!” Amelia cheered excitedly, dragged him out of the crowd.

Soon, they found a large grass that was slightly flat.

The air in the suburbs is always so fresh, picturesque, and beautiful.


Amelia leaned on Burton Liam with her little head resting on his body, looking at the sky intoxicated, one after another kite flying in the breeze, she couldn’t help but sigh.

This kind of life is perfect to the extreme.

“What’s the matter? You like it very much?” Burton Liam underneath smiled and asked her who was intoxicated, probed his hand, and gently lifted her small body to bring her closer to himself.

“En…” Amelia nodded, following his movements, climbing up to his strong body.

“Burton Liam, will we live here when we are old in the future?” Amelia asked the man beside her expectantly.

“Okay!” Burton Liam answered almost without hesitation.

“When we are old, where do you want to go, I will go with you!”

As long as she is willing to let him follow, whether it is for the whole life or the next…

Or, the next life, the next life…life afterlife, he is willing to accompany her to the end!!!

Amelia smiled knowingly, tilted her head, and put a heavy kiss on Burton Liam’s face.

“Liam, I know you love me!”

The bushy sword eyebrows were slightly furrowed, his head tilted, staring at her in confusion.

“Don’t you doubt my feelings for you at first?”

Amelia smiled, sticking out her tongue, and burying her in his arms coquettishly.

“Why! Grandma said that you just fancy my figure, this face, and my youth!”

Burton Liam raised his eyebrows, teasing her, “Then you think you have a figure when you are fifteen?”

Amelia glanced at him, then glanced at her bumpy figure, curled her lips, “That should be considered a plastic talent!”

“Idiot!!” Burton Liam smiled helplessly and tightened her tightly.

“Little guy, let’s get married!” Burton Liam swears once again.

“Liam, I’m only eighteen years old…”

“En?” Burton Liam lowered his eyes and glanced at her.

His expression looked a little embarrassed.

He couldn’t bear it, “It seems that I acted too hastily!”

Burton Liam said, with a little sadness in his tone.

“No!” Burton Liam noticed that his expression was wrong, rolled over, and lay on his sturdy body.

She squeezed his nose playfully, “Idiot, I’m only eighteen years old, how can I marry you? Even if the wedding is held, we can’t get legal justice!”

“Are you worried about this?” Burton Liam’s gloomy pupil just brightened up a bit.

“Of course!” Amelia pouted, she still hoped to tie this man up sooner!

A man like this might be guarded by a group of women who are staring at him!

Besides, there is an old grandmother who looks like a wolf in the family, always thinking about going on a blind date with him!

He was accepted by her a day earlier, and she had settled her heart earlier!

Burton Liam’s delicate corners of lips couldn’t help but smile, “Little idiot, you don’t need to worry about this kind of thing! As long as you nod your head, your two words’ Amelia’ will appear in that little red book in good faith!”

“Really?” Amelia doubted but looked forward to it.

“Fool, we can go abroad to register for marriage! It’s not all the same!” Burton Liam fondly stroked her little head, really a clumsy little guy.

“Great!” Amelia got up from him, looking expectantly at Burton Liam.

“Then when shall we go?”

Liam looked at her teasingly, curled his lips, smiled evilly, “Why are you looking like you can’t wait!”

Perceiving his teasing color, Amelia’s eyes flashed as she watched him, “Wh…Where is it?”

Buried the excited little body into his chest, “Are people just looking forward to going abroad?”

Burton Liam just smiled and stopped teasing her, “When you have a holiday, we will go over, okay?”

“Doesn’t we have to wait two months?” So long!

Burton Liam couldn’t help but laugh, “Hey! You married me so early, so you are not afraid of your classmates making fun of you?”

Amelia tilted her head and looked at him in surprise, then snorted triumphantly, “My classmates will only envy me, okay? Idiot!”

To be able to marry an important husband, why should she worry about others laughing at herself! Besides, in her life, no strangers have ever participated, and she does not intend to let those strangers participate!

As long as she, the person she cares about, happiness is good!!!

“Little guy…” Burton Liam tilted his head and looked at her affectionately.

The big palm caressed her back lovingly, “You are so young and married to me. If you meet a better man than me in the future, will you regret it?”

Amelia blinked her big eyes and looked at him suspiciously.

Amelia wrinkled slightly, “Liam, will you make me regret it? Or…you have no confidence to treat me forever?”

When Amelia asked about the last sentence, she slammed his heart fiercely.

Some hurt…

Amelia’s eyes couldn’t help but darken a bit.

“Stupid!!” Burton Liam sat up, grabbed her petite body, and buried her in his arms, “Don’t think about it! You know what I’m talking about!”

“Then you are not allowed to think about it!!” Amelia probed her hand and squeezed his stiff nose badly.

“Liam, you can’t make me regret, have you heard!”

Amelia pretended to be fierce and stared at the man below her.

Burton Liam smiled, pulled down her restless little hand, and buried it in her warm palm, “Don’t worry, I will never make you regret it!”

This is his… a lifetime oath to her!!!

Sometimes, once some people appear, they are already doomed…


She seems that the days are getting busier.

Choose a wedding dress, choose a ring, and various invitations…

It turns out that there are still such cumbersome procedures in the early stage of a marriage.

The old lady’s face was not particularly attractive, but it was not particularly ugly either.

It’s just that when she is forced to accompany Amelia to try the wedding dress, she always has an expression of disgust, “Ugly!”

A simple word always drives Amelia crazy.

“I don’t want you to come here again! What annoying!” Amelia angrily took off her wedding dress, complaining in her mouth.

“Which nasty woman has been holding on to me and refused to let go!” The old lady looked at her aggrieved with contempt.

Amelia snorted in annoyance but was speechless.

As a result, the next time she picked the ring, she still did the same, dragging the old lady’s hand and refused to leave.

Helplessly, under the gaze of the compassionate eyes of the precious grandson, she still accompanies this grinning thing.

Time flies…

It seems that everything is done, but she only owes wind!

In a short period of less than a month, Amelia and Hazel had become good friends somehow.

Chapter 590

Moreover, she found that the relationship between Hazel and Mason seemed to be getting weirder and weirder!

Also, since Burton Lucas was taken away by the young girl last time, it seems that he never appeared again.

Thinking of this, she suddenly remembered that a few days ago, grandma asked Burton Liam about the whereabouts of the demon. Although everyone seemed peaceful on the surface, Amelia could feel that they were still faintly worried.

Probably they thought that Burton Lucas was deliberately confronting them so that Burton Liam didn’t mean to look for him. After all, whoever bowed his head first would lose!

“Hey! Sister Amelia, is this good-looking?” Amelia’s thoughts were drawn back quickly by a tender voice beside her.

Amelia was taken aback for a moment, and then came back to her senses.

Glancing at the little pajamas in her hand, nodding, “Well, not bad, it suits you!”

“What’s wrong? What do you think?” Hazel seemed to see Amelia’s absent-mindedness.

“En?” Amelia shook her head, “Little, do you remember the old man we met in the bar last time?”

Speaking of Burton Lucas, Amelia’s stomach was still uncontrollably evil.

“En?” Hazel frowned, thinking for a while, “Oh, that! What is he called Burton, I gave him to my brother as a male pet that day!”

Hazel said casually, and then she seemed to think of something.

“Hey! Sister Amelia, that man is amazing! My brother let him go! Do you know? For the first time, my brother let a man leave without getting tired of it! It’s incredible!!!”

Hazel’s immature face was full of emotion and wonder.

Amelia looked at her incredibly and was especially horrified by her words.

“Hazel…Hazel, you said you gave that man to your brother as a male pet?”

Amelia was really frightened, but she had to admit that this was a good way to vent her anger!!!

Let a man with a normal sexual orientation become another man’s favorite. May she ask, what else in this world can be more uncomfortable and disgusting than this kind of punishment!!!


She is curious, what kind of man can overcome such a demon without emotion at all!!!

“Yes! But, he seems to be very powerful… convinced my brother!” Hazel still sighed, as if she had lingering fears.

Amelia’s heart trembled slightly.

Inexplicably, for a second, there was a bad feeling!

Shaking her head, it seemed that she wanted to get rid of the absurd things in her mind.

She thinks too much about something she doesn’t have!

“Okay! Let’s not talk about the devil. I’m annoyed. Let’s go and see the clothes over there!” Amelia grabbed her little hand and walked to the underwear area over there.

This little girl ran away from home and forgot to bring her clothes. Today, she finally took the time to buy clothes and some daily necessities with her.

Hazel followed Amelia through the dazzling shopping mall…

Amelia looked at the familiar commodities, and for no reason, remembered herself like Hazel three years ago.

At that time, she challenged a kind of excitement that was not a normal person in such a mall almost every day.

She feels… very chic!!!

Thinking about it now, she’s so naive!

Fortunately, she met him in time! Met the man who will accompany her for a lifetime!!!

She laughed from the bottom of her heart.

Turning her head, staring aside, she still has a small look with tender Hazel.

“Hazel, are you in love with Adam Mason?” This question is very important! For her.

Because she wants to see Adam Mason happy!!!

Hazel raised her eyes slightly, her eyes a little confused, “Sister Amelia, is there your so-called love when you are fifteen?”

Amelia smiled faintly, “Yes, and it’s the truest and purest love!”

Just like her, to him…

Regarding Amelia’s words, Hazel seems to understand but not understand, but looking at Amelia’s pure smile, she can also clearly feel her happiness…

“Wow! What a beautiful corset…” Amelia exclaimed and withdrew her little thoughts on Hazel.

Hazel tilted her head slightly and looked over.

“Candy underwear?” Hazel glanced at the label on the bra and asked suspiciously.

What is this? Made of candy? Edible?

“Candy underwear?” This time it was Amelia’s horror.

Tilted her head, took the label on the side, and glanced at it.

Soon, her face blushed, and the clothes hung up in place.

“Miss, do you like it? This is the best-selling product in our store recently!” The salesperson introduced the product that Amelia had just taken with an enthusiastic expression on her face.

“No…no need…” Amelia shook her hand and hurriedly dragged Hazel to the other counter.

Suddenly, she recalled that stupid scene when she was a child…

Pulling the candy pajamas, yelling that the man would buy it for her, now that she thinks about it, there is indeed enough shame!

Hazel glanced suspiciously at Amelia, and then at the enthusiastic salesperson.

Just now, she vaguely saw the words on the label!

She pursed her lips, gave a wicked smile, and then followed Amelia to other places for shopping.

After a busy day, she finally bought everything.

Finally, Amelia and Hazel parted ways and went back to their own homes.

However, after Amelia left, Hazel went back to the mall again.

“Um, miss, please help me wrap this underwear! Thank you!!”

Not long after, a small figure smiled and emerged from the mall again.

This day…

She seems quiet.

The next day, Amelia dragged her grandma to choose their wedding photos!

Originally, he wanted to go together, but the little guy said that it was their women’s job to choose photos, and men didn’t need to bother.

She understood, she just felt that he was too busy, and she hoped that these things would not be passed through his hands.

What a fool!!!

She likes it, so he doesn’t bother with her, let her do what she wants to do alone!

And he, lying in the study, seriously began to review various company documents.

It’s almost noon…

“Ding Dong…Ding Dong…” The doorbell rang quickly.

He is not used to the habit of being disturbed on weekends.

He got up, glanced at the people downstairs faintly, and was stunned for a moment, somewhat surprised.

It seems to be a courier.

What? Whose package?

Suddenly remembered recently that little girl seems to always like to buy some accessories online, cheap clothes back…

He pursed his lips and smiled.

He doesn’t know what interesting little things the little guy bought this time.

Thinking of this, Burton Liam put the file in his hand and walked downstairs.

“Hello! Does Mr. Liam live here?” The courier politely asked Liam who opened the door and appeared.

“Yes, I am!” Liam nodded.

“Your package! Please sign for it!” The courier handed the package to him and handed a pen to him.

Burton Liam glanced suspiciously at the courier, puzzled, but still reached out and took the package in his hand.

Signed, enter the house.

It is probably his name that little guy wrote!

It’s just, very strange, she never seems to use his name to shop online!

Because they are usually not at home, usually little guy likes to use his grandma’s name to receive packages.

Well, it seems he is a bit strange today!

After hesitating for a long time, Burton Liam decided to open the package and take a look.


When Burton Liam opened the box, he was dumbfounded.

Shaking his fingers to pick up the post-it note on the seductive corset in the box.

It says a few lines:

My dear husband, I hope you will like the little gift I prepared for you!

Your most precious wife, Amelia

Candy underwear…

It is the style that the little guy dares to do!!!

This little guy…

Burton Liam only felt a wave of blood rushing to his forehead madly!

He feels terrible!!!

When they came back, it was time for dinner.

“We are back!” Amelia carried a large bag of things and drilled in.

Burton Liam poked his head out of the kitchen, with a wicked smile on his lips, “Did you buy something again? What about the photos? Does it look good?”

“Well, it’s good! I bought a very comfortable massage stick for my grandma without buying anything!” Amelia said and went into the kitchen.

“You are so troublesome! Who asked you to buy it, my old woman is still very tough now!!”

The old lady in the hall stiffly blocked Amelia’s kindness back!

Amelia smiled secretly in the kitchen, stuck out her tongue, bullied Burton Liam, whispering badly.

“She has already been happy in her heart, and now deliberately pretending to be unhappy here!”

“Haha! Old people are like this! You have rarely been so cheeky and dependent on grandma!”

Burton Liam couldn’t help but tease her.

Amelia raised her eyebrows, smiled wickedly, and clasped Burton Liam’s busy body, “People still want to rely on you, because you don’t have time for me to rely on!”

Amelia coquettishly rubbed his sturdy back restlessly.

Burton Liam, who was so busy with cooking, trembled slightly.

In an instant, his sturdy body suddenly stagnated, and in the next instant, he turned around, and his hot palms tightly clasped the restless woman behind him.

“Hey! Go to the hall obediently and wait for me to have dinner!”

He commanded her, the voice was a bit dumb that was uncontrollable.

The scorching heat in the eyes makes it difficult for Amelia to ignore it!

Amelia was slightly startled, then glanced at him, “What…what’s wrong?”

“Stupid!!” Burton Liam probed his hand and smashed her little head, “If you don’t want to be eaten by me, just get out!”

Amelia stuck out her tongue and smiled badly.

“That would be better at night!” She teased him deliberately and then fled the kitchen after speaking.

Liam smiled bitterly.

What a tormenting little fairy!

He doesn’t know why facing her, his energy seems to be always surplus!

He doesn’t know whether he should be regarded as happy or worried!!!

Soon, the food was ready, but Amelia suggested drinking.

Disregarding the enchanting cold light of the man opposite and the old lady beside him, she went to the bar to pick out a good bottle of red wine.

“Today’s wedding photos are beautiful, everyone celebrates!”

Amelia said with a smile on her face and was busy pouring wine for the other two elders with sullen faces.

“What’s there to celebrate? People have grown up like that, and I can’t see much in the photo!” The old lady ruthlessly dispelled her enthusiasm.

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