The Warmest Romance Chapter 1211 -1212

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Chapter 1211

Yu Yimo’s eyes sank and nodded, “I can promise you that.”

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, “OK, I’d like to stand on your side.”

Instead of remaining neutral and passively involved in this chaotic dispute, she should choose the camp from the beginning and be ready to fight for herself and her family.

She once thought about hiding, but it turns out that many things can’t be solved by hiding.

Suddenly, a man’s deep voice came from his ear, “from now on, you have to believe me completely.”

Ruan Shishi looked back, nodded to his dark and shining eyes and said, “OK, but you also have to believe me.”

This time they met again, both sides speculated and doubted each other, never really believed each other, but now, a strange adhesive appeared between them, slowly drawing them closer to each other.

Looking at the woman in front of her, Yu Yimo suddenly thought of something and said in a slow voice, “when this event is over and song Yunan recovers, I’ll give you all the evidence that ye Waner hit someone.”

“Well, I’ll give you the footage of the ninth Lord of Luo that I took at the castle peak temple, so we don’t owe each other any more.”

Hearing the words, Yu Yimo’s face softened a lot, and the corners of his lips rose unconsciously, “OK.”

For a moment, the misunderstanding between them seems to be washed away. They look at each other and smile. Everything that happened before is more and more indifferent.


At this time, a deliberate cough came from the side, which directly interrupted the eyes of the two people.

Then, a man with a smile came, “this midnight, do not sleep, play what garden tryst ah!”

Yu Yimo and Ruan Shishi go along with each other, and then they see Su Yucheng standing at the door with a half burnt cigarette between his fingers and staring at them with a kind of ambiguous smile on his face.

Ruan Shishi immediately understood the meaning of his words. She took a cold breath and felt embarrassed. She casually dropped a sentence, “I’ll go back to my room first.”

With that, she quickly stepped through the steps of the door, walked in beside Su Yucheng, and entered the door.

Seeing her leaving, Su Yucheng leaned against the pillar beside him, looked at Yu Yimo casually, and said with a smile, “don’t you still quarrel and make trouble during the day? Are you tired of seeing each other? Why do you become so affectionate and affectionate again at night? “

In the face of Yu Yimo’s white eyes, Su Yucheng turned a blind eye and joked, “what’s the trick, teach me!”

Yu Yimo simply ignored him, looked away at the bright moon in the sky and said coldly, “if you can’t sleep at night, you can go out for a few laps.”

With that, he drove the wheelchair and planned to leave.

“No, old Yu! I’ve got business! “

Su Yucheng quickly stood in front of him, looking a little serious. “I just received a message that Yu Gubei is going to sell several shops and land under Yu group. What do you think he wants to do?”

Hearing the words, Yu Yimo’s eyes were awe inspiring and hummed coldly, “he is sure that I am not dead now. He is afraid that I will come back, so he began to sell the real estate, because once I fight for Yu’s equity, he can hold very few things in his hands, and money is the only thing he can hold in his hands now.”

Chapter 1212

“What about our side?” Su Yucheng said solemnly, “I can see that those real estate sites are in the best position. It’s more cost-effective to hold them in hand. Whether it’s development or rental, it’s better than selling them. If he sells them, it’s Yu who will lose in the end.”

Hearing the speech, Yu Yimo frowned and didn’t speak for a long time.

A moment later, he raised his eyes and asked Su Yucheng, “is Yu Qingshan still without news?”


“It seems that something has happened to him.”

Before he met the plot, he couldn’t contact Yu Qingshan. I’m afraid that at that time, Yu Gubei’s father, who was far away from the country, had been controlled by Yu Gubei. Only in this way, Yu Qingshan would still not show up when such a disturbance happened to Yu family in Jiangzhou.

Su Yucheng asked, “what should we do now?”

The power has been taken away, the stock has been transferred, the head of the family has been controlled, and there is no news. It seems that this time, Yu Gubei has made every effort to fight against him.

After deducing all kinds of possibilities in his mind, he finally said in a deep voice, “anyway, the most urgent thing is to get grandma back first.”

Now that he’s empty handed, he’ll take out the cards Yu Gubei holds one by one.

The next day, after Yu Yimo returned to Jiangzhou, the first shot between him and Yu Gubei started.

Yu Gubei leisurely plays with the pen in his hand and listens to his staff report the latest quotation to him in the huge president’s office of Yu’s group.

“The row of shops at 307 Linjiang street in the North Center of the city has been continuously inquired for since last night. The unified quotation here is…”

After listening for a while, he raised his hand to stop and said in a low voice, “the rest don’t need to be quoted. As of this morning, we will choose the most suitable price among all interested parties. We will confirm it in the afternoon and prepare to sign the contract tomorrow.”

He was a little surprised. “In such a hurry, Mr. Yu, I’m afraid we can’t get the most favorable price for us…”

Yu Gu North picked pick eyebrows, disapproval of said, “it doesn’t matter, according to what I said to do.”

Even if his subordinates are full of doubts, but now the boss has confirmed that he has nothing to say, so he has to comply and then leave.

His hands left, and then Yu Gubei looked to Shao Zhuo and asked, “where did the old lady go today? Report it. “

“Today is the day of the old lady’s routine examination. I’ve sent someone to follow me. I’ll go to the hospital and go back to my old house after the examination.”

“Good.” Yu Gu beidun, and asked, “is there anything unusual?”

“Report to the old lady that everything is OK.”


Yu Gu Bei casually put down his pen, as if to himself, or to Shao Zhuo, “these days, we must be optimistic about the old lady, she is also a trump card.”

As long as you hold Mrs. Yu in your hand, he will be able to take more initiative in the future confrontation with Yu Yimo.

Although it’s true that the old lady is his own grandmother by blood, he didn’t like it because he was in Yu’s family when he was a teenager, and he didn’t grow up with the old lady since he was a child. Moreover, the old lady had an opinion on he Shuping, so he didn’t like it.

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