The Warmest Romance Chapter 1213 -1214

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Chapter 1213

He had known for a long time that Yu Yimo was the only one Yu family’s offspring that the old lady recognized, so he had no feelings for her.

However, what he did on the surface was not leaking, and he was impeccable in treating the old lady with filial piety, so that people could not find any fault. What he did was to hold the old lady’s trump card.

Maybe for Yu Yimo, Yu Qingshan is not as important as the old lady.

When Yu Gu Bei thought about it, he suddenly felt a little uneasy. He raised his hand and gently buttoned the desk with his fingers. Then he said, “by the way, today the old lady will go to the hospital for routine examination, and let Lu Xiaoman go with her.”

Shao Zhuo nodded.

At the gate of the hospital, every few tens of meters, there is a car, and the people on the car are ready.

Brother long was in the car facing the gate. He raised his hand and asked in a low voice, “where’s the target?”

“The target moves through the hall towards the door.”

“Two bodyguards, a servant and a woman.”

“Their car was parked at the door, two bodyguards were waiting by the car, and there was a driver.”


Listening to the report from the earphone, brother long was absorbed in it. He suddenly noticed something strange in the information just reported. He quickly asked, “who are the two bodyguards, a servant and a woman beside the target?”

“The picture has been sent. Please check it.”

With the sound of “Ding”, brother long opens the picture of the computer next to him, and a picture appears on the screen.

Seeing the woman in the photo, brother Long’s eyes flashed a little surprised. Soon, he turned to Xiao Meng and asked, “is this the woman?”

Xiaomeng looked over here, only one eye, immediately nodded to confirm, “it’s her! The woman who got off the Yugu north bus in the surveillance is her! “

To be sure, brother long sneered, “I didn’t expect that they would come together today. It happened that we could kill two birds with one stone.”

With that, he immediately pressed the earphone and gave instructions to the people who were distributed all over the place. “Finally, once again, our primary goal today is to take the old lady of Yu’s family, followed by the woman in white, with us!”

Soon, the target is getting closer to the door. With brother Long’s order, all his subordinates act and surround the car at the door with a very fast speed.

The scene was in chaos. Seeing this posture, people around them screamed and ran away. The people in Yugu north were surrounded by a group of people before they could react. Before they had time to fight, they were already corona by electric rods.

The old lady looked at the sudden appearance of a group of people in black, terrified, at this time, the leader of the men in black had already reported the secret, “grandma, it’s August 15 again!”

Hearing this, the old lady was shocked and confused. She was surrounded by several people and sent to the car, but she didn’t struggle.

That is what Yu Yimo said to her when she was a child. Every August 15 is the day that Yu Yimo looks forward to most, because on that day, the whole family will get together

On the other hand, Lu Xiaoman didn’t expect that such a thing would happen suddenly. She watched her subordinates fall one by one, and before she could resist, she suddenly felt a numbness in her back shoulder. An electric current penetrated into her body, making her body soft, and the whole person fainted to the ground.

Chapter 1214

Then, she was put up by two people, dragged directly to the car not far away, and left.

Yu Gubei is in a meeting in the meeting room of Yu’s group.

Suddenly, the door “bang!” Shao Zhuo changed his usual silence and calmness. With some anxiety, he went to Yugu’s north side and said something.

At that moment, Yu Gu Bei’s face turned pale, and the pen in his hand suddenly fell off his palm A sound fell on the table, surprised to meet the others have looked at their side.

Two seconds later, Yu Gubei no longer hesitated. He stood up and walked out with a big stride. His eyebrows were locked tightly, and he twisted into a Sichuan character. He asked deeply, “have you sent someone to chase him?”

Shao Zhuocheng was terrified, “I went, but I was dumped.”


Yu Gu North step suddenly stopped, face terrible to frighten, seems to be still not Jieqi, he clenched his fist, gritted his teeth way, “a group of waste!”

From his body exudes a heavy deterrent, he changed the old friendly face, for the first time some emotions difficult to control.

“In any case, send someone to keep looking! Be sure to find his hiding place! ” He forced his emotions and said in a cold voice, “if you can’t find it, come back and be punished yourself!”

Leaving this sentence behind, he walked forward and strode away.

Originally, he was holding the trump card of the old lady in his hand. He wanted to wait until the most appropriate time to carry it out to serve as Shangfang’s sword. But he didn’t expect that in the morning, he would lose his wife and lose his army!

When he angrily returned to the villa, and waited for more than two hours, a few competent men came with disheartened faces. They drooped their heads and were in a low mood. When they looked at their expressions, they could already guess the answer.

Sure enough, the man at the head hung his head and said, “Mr. Yu, we didn’t find it.”

Yu Gu North brow tightening, “no brow?”

The man shook his head and answered truthfully, “no, we lost them completely. After a big circle, we checked the surveillance, but we didn’t find their whereabouts.”

“How many cars can disappear out of thin air?”

Yu Gubei was furious and livid. He clenched his fist slightly. When he looked at the men again, he was impatient. He raised his eyes, looked at Shao Zhuo and said in a cold voice, “take them down and let them try new drugs.”

Those who are useless to him, he never stays.

Jiangzhou city is a secluded rich residential area. One of the villas is located in the southeast corner, hidden in the forest greening, which is very inconspicuous.

A black low-key car drove to the door of the villa. The car slowly stopped. Soon, brother long and Xiao Meng came down from the top. Brother long went around to the car, opened the door and asked the old man to come down.

Old lady Yu has experienced such a scene. Even though she has heard from brother long that they are Yu Yimo’s people in the car, she is still frightened. She is still in a panic all the way.

When the door opened, she looked at some strange houses outside and hesitated to come down. Just then, the iron door was pushed open and a fresh and familiar face appeared in her sight.

Suddenly, the old lady was surprised, her eyes were moist, and she got out of the car quickly, “poetry!”

“Grandma Ruan Shishi came up to hold her, and when she saw her, her nose was sour, and her tears almost fell.

The old lady looked at her uncertainly, “is this true? Elmer, is he really waiting for me? “

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