The Warmest Romance Chapter 1217 -1218

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Chapter 1217

He moved his lips and said, “you are a woman. What kind of wine do you drink?”

What he said just now clearly meant this. Unexpectedly, it was interpreted by her as what kind of wine to drink.

Ruan Shishi inhaled deeply. She always felt depressed when she saw her grandmother in her bedroom just now. She suddenly thought of her parents and her children. She felt inexplicably uncomfortable.

Most of the real family members are like this. They really care for their loved ones. Just now I saw an old lady doing Needling Treatment in her bedroom. Her mood is really hard to control. When I went downstairs and saw them drinking, I couldn’t help but want a drink.

Ruan Shishi looked down at their wine glass and said, “you’ve all drunk. How can I not drink it?”

Yu Yimo said coldly, “we are us, you are you.”

His tone was a little overbearing. Su Yucheng, who was sitting on the opposite side, forced himself to smile. Finally, he could not bear it any more. He said, “OK, Lao Yu, you are just like the daughter-in-law. You flirt in front of me. My eyes hurt.”

With that, he glanced at the hand of Ruan Shishi that Yu Yimo still held.

Ruan Shishi and Yu Yimo also react. They look at each other quickly and draw their hands back quickly.

Yu Yimo’s face flashed a trace of embarrassment. He raised his hand, picked up a bottle of juice beside him and put it on the table. Then he looked up at Su Yucheng with a serious face and said, “tell me what you’ve heard about the shops and real estate over there. Does Yu Gubei have any new instructions…”

Before he finished his words, a man with a panic look came out of the door. He saw Yu Yimo and immediately said, “General Yu, something’s wrong with that woman…”

He wanted to say it, but he suddenly noticed Su Yucheng’s expression next to him. He stopped his voice and took a defensive look at Ruan Shishi. His voice became smaller and smaller.

Yu Yimo frowned slightly and said coldly, “it doesn’t matter. Go on.”

“That woman seems to want to commit suicide and bite her tongue, but fortunately, her brothers found out early and nothing happened, but she is very strong…”

Hearing the speech, Yu Yimo’s face became more and more gloomy.

Ruan Shishi sat aside, listening to the report of his subordinates, and unconsciously frowned.

Women? What woman?

Why hasn’t she heard of any women involved in this?

Without waiting for her to ask questions, Su Yucheng, who was sitting opposite, had taken the lead to stand up, “Lao Yu, it’s nothing. I’ll go and have a look.”

With that, he walked out with the man.

Ruan Shishi felt a little uneasy. After a few seconds of silence, he raised his eyes to Yu Yimo and asked, “the woman in their mouth Who is it? “

Yu Yimo heard the speech and said in a light voice, “it should be Yu Gubei’s woman. I think she should know something when she follows grandma this time, so she was arrested.”

With that, he picked up the mobile phone on the table, called out a picture and handed it to Ruan Shishi, “that’s her.”

After only one look, Ruan Shishi was stunned. Her brain was blank for a moment. Then she reached out and picked up her mobile phone and looked at it carefully.

Chapter 1218

It turns out that It’s her!

Seeing Ruan’s strange reaction, Yu Yimo frowned slightly and asked, “do you know him?”

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath and bit her lip. “Well, it’s a friend of mine.”


In an instant, Yu Yimo’s brow tightened, and a trace of precaution flashed through his eyes.

How could it be her friend?

Ruan Shishi inhaled deeply, and several thoughts flashed through her mind. She turned her head slightly, looked at Yu Yimo hesitantly, and suddenly asked, “can I see her?”

After thinking for a moment, Yu Yimo’s lips moved and said, “OK.”

This woman knows Ruan Shishi and is still a friend, which is even more insidious. Maybe Gu Bei is not interested in Lu Xiaoman, but in her relationship with Ruan Shishi.

He and Ruan Shishi went out of the door together, bypassed the small garden and went to the garage. The garage door was wide open. There were two luxury cars that Su Yucheng used to drive. In addition, there was a side door beside the garage.

One of his men was guarding the door. When he saw Yu Yimo, he immediately bowed respectfully to say hello.

Yu Yimo asked, “is Su Yucheng down there?”

The man nodded, “yes.”

Yu Yimo nodded slightly when he heard the speech, then let his hands push the wheelchair and bring Ruan Shishi into the door.

When the door opened, it turned out to be a slow slope with dim vision and narrow space. It was obviously a basement.

Ruan Shishi followed him and walked down slowly. Then he heard the woman’s horrible groan in the basement.

When they arrived at the door, Ruan Shishi saw that in a dark, damp room, Lu Xiaoman was tied to the post, her hands were hanging on the wooden railings, her toes were touching the ground, her clothes were wet, with several bloodstains.

It’s not the first time that Ruan Shishi has seen such a scene, but when her good friend is tied by the rope, she can’t accept the visual and psychological impact for a while.

Su Yucheng didn’t expect that Ruan Shishi would follow him. He frowned impatiently, looked at Yu Yimo and asked, “Lao Yu, what are you doing?”

Yu Yimo took a look at Ruan Shishi, who was frozen in place. He hesitated for a moment, then coldly told Su Yucheng, “let’s go out first and let them talk by themselves.”

Although Su Yucheng was surprised, he could see the expression of Ruan Shishi and guess something. With a gesture, he withdrew all his subordinates from the room, and then he also withdrew.

After the door closed, he lit a cigarette, looked at Yu Yimo and asked, “old Yu, what’s the matter?”

Yu Yimo said lightly, “Ruan Shishi and Lu Xiaoman know each other. I wonder if yu Gubei is using her.”

Just a word, Su Yucheng instantly understood, his face was serious for a few minutes, stopped for a few seconds, then stepped forward, pushed Yu Yimo into the next room, and said, “let’s see if this is what you think.”

Next to the room to be much broader and brighter, but also placed a computer, which is displayed on the small grid monitoring screen.

That is the monitoring room of this villa. All corners are under monitoring. There are no dead corners, including inside and outside.

Naturally, you can see the little dark room nearby.

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