CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1599 – 1600

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Chapter 1599

Tina held the phone, speechless.

She didn’t know what to say, and she suddenly lost her voice, unable to speak.

Peter stood there obviously.

A few minutes ago, he and a woman walked out from this restaurant talking and laughing, and he sent the woman away.

At this time, he stood on the side of the road to answer her phone.

When she asked him where he was, the smile on his face didn’t even diminish, let alone the guilty conscience caused by deceiving her.

Absolutely not.

She didn’t even know that Peter would lie to her without changing his face.

“Why don’t you speak?” Peter’s voice rang on the phone.

Tina looked at Peter from a distance, and finally there was a slight change in the expression on his face, with a little doubt, he should be wondering why she didn’t speak.


What are you talking about?

Tina was afraid that when he opened his mouth, she was asking where he was, who he was with, and why he lied to her…

And what kind of answer will she get after asking these questions?

Back then, Peter left her behind. It wasn’t that she didn’t ask him the reason, or that she didn’t ask him for the answer.

But did he give her the answer?

Nothing from beginning to end.

She thought that after all these years of separation and torment with each other for so many years, they are no longer the same.

She should try to trust him again.

However, only now did she realize that no matter how many years have passed, the things that have not changed will not change.

Or maybe, many things have long been concluded.

She looked forward to a different ending between her and Peter.

But now it seems that between them, there is only one ending from the beginning.

“never mind.”

Tina’s voice was very soft, so light that it quickly dissipated in the wind and disappeared completely without a trace.

Peter probably heard the wind on her side and asked, “Are you still outside?”

“You continue to work overtime, don’t worry about me.” The calm tone sounded, be more sensible and considerate, be more considerate and…

Peter asked: “What’s wrong?”

She has to admit that Peter really knew her, and there was something wrong with her tone, which he could quickly detect.

“You need to control it!” Tina snorted coldly.

This is like her usual.

In front of him, she is always very tempered, and rarely is she obedient.

Peter was relieved because of this: “I will be back soon, don’t miss me too much.”

“Dreaming, who miss you, go away!”

After she finished speaking, she hung up.

She did not leave immediately, she still stood still looking at him.

She found that after Peter answered the phone, the smile on his face no longer existed. He sighed, and after putting away the phone, he stooped into the car.

So when calling her, is the smile in the voice pretending to be?

Perfunct her?

As soon as Peter got in the car, he drove away.

After his car disappeared from view, Tina was still standing in the dark.

Before long, Cody came out.

“Cody.” Tina walked out of the dark.

Cody didn’t expect Tina to be there, and said in surprise, “Tina? You haven’t left yet?”

“I can’t help you with money, but I can help you from other places.” Tina said.

Cody was startled: “What do you mean?”

He asked like this, not because he really didn’t understand the meaning in her words, but he was not sure if it meant what he thought.

Although Tina is an actor, she is also in the flow.

In this era, traffic can be realized.

Chapter 1600

Tina is another group of actresses with the most commercial value in the entertainment industry today.

To put it more straightforwardly, it is extremely monetizable.

Although Cody is an outsider, he also knows how many brand merchants are looking for Tina’s endorsement, advertising and promotion.

If she can help him, although he can’t fill the hole in the company at once, he can also relieve his urgent need.

“It’s what you understand. It’s too late today. I’ll talk tomorrow.” Tina’s tone was very firm.

Cody didn’t know why she suddenly changed her attitude. He was surprised at the same time, but he nodded in response, “Okay.”

He is almost at the end of his way. At this time, he has no reason to give up such an opportunity.


Tina returned home, it was already twelve o’clock.

After taking a shower, a dozen unread WeChat messages were displayed on the phone.

Ten of them were sent by Stephanie, and a few were sent by Peter.

Tina first read the message from Stephanie.

“Ms. Tina, are you home?”

“Why don’t you reply?”

“My cousin just called to ask me.”

“Squeak? What did you do…”

“Eh…do you think this pajama looks good?”


At first, Stephanie was still asking her if she had gone home, but after that, she started to post something else.

“Back, this pajama is not for you.”

After returning to Stephanie’s text, Tina went to see what Peter had sent.

“go home now.”

“Would you like supper?”

The display was posted half an hour ago, and it should be almost home by now.

Tina didn’t reply, put the phone aside, and got directly into the bed.

Her heart is chaotic, but very calm.

Calmly, she had long felt that there would be such a day, and it finally came.

It was only now that Tina realized that she had such a pessimistic attitude towards the relationship between herself and Peter.

When deciding to be with Peter again, she thought, try again, maybe everything is different, if she doesn’t try, she will regret it.

In the current situation, there was a voice in her mind telling her: Look, it’s still the result.

This gave her an unspeakable sense of calmness.

She doesn’t seem to be sad, she thought it should be the result.

Tina thought this way, and fell asleep unconsciously.

When she woke up again, she was awakened by heat.

Behind her, there was a chest firmly against her, the man’s arms were wrapped around her waist, and he was breathing smoothly in her ears.

The whole person was immersed in the familiar breath.

Her body was more adapted to the feeling of being embraced by this man than her heart, and she was very relaxed.

Tina reached out to check the time on the phone beside the bed.

It is already three o’clock in the morning.

When this happened, she could still sleep, and even Peter did not wake her up when he came back.

She didn’t make much movement with her mobile phone, but the man behind her was still awake.

Peter tightened his arms slightly, and dropped a fragile k!ss on the back of her white neck, with the tiredness of waking up in voice: “How come you woke up.”

Feeling sleepy and heavy, as if to sleep at any time.

Tina didn’t make any movement, only asked him aloud, “Are you going to work overtime recently?”

“Yes, there are a lot of activities in the middle of the year, and a few projects are also stuck, and I need to organize a few meals… But don’t worry about your studio, I will let Rubin come to help…”

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