The Warmest Romance Chapter 1225 -1226

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Chapter 1225

Lu Xiaoman is really afraid.

Standing beside Yu Yimo’s wheelchair, Ruan Shishi frowned at the woman on the rocks. She murmured, “Xiaoman is afraid of heights.”

She had known before that when they were young, they talked about everything, and she had mentioned it before her.

Yu Yimo, sitting in a wheelchair, smelled the words and moved his eyebrows. He looked at Ruan Shishi and said with a smile, “do you remember that five years ago?”

Ruan Shishi inhaled deeply, “what’s the matter?”

Yu Yimo didn’t speak. Instead, he turned to look at the sea. His eyes became more and more complicated.

Ruan Shi’s whole body was full of excitement, and he thought of it in an instant.

Five years ago, she made up her mind to leave because of that event. At that time, pregnant, she was tied to the steps of the water tower on the sea, and she was almost drowned when she watched the tide rise.

That memory, like a thunderbolt, hit her deeply, then the fear and despair suddenly swept back.

See her complexion suddenly white, close eyes, metaphor with silent tightly pursed lips, also silent did not speak.

That experience was also painful for him.

As Ruan said just now, Lu Xiaoman was afraid of heights, and he was afraid of the sea. He had deep-sea phobia. But at that time, for Ruan’s sake, he wanted to save people and had no choice but to go to the sea.

It’s time to settle the matter five years ago.

Just then, with a sharp brake sound coming from the coastal road, everyone’s eyes were attracted there.

A few cars stopped by the side of the road, and then a large number of black people came to this side.

Almost at the same time, all the people on this side of the car came down and quickly surrounded Yu Yimo and Ruan’s poems.

And a few people on the rocks over there were all ready. Everyone was extremely alert and nervous.

But this struggle, as if the arrow is on the string, is on the verge of attack.

There are about 20 people in Yugu’s north belt, standing in a row, far more than yuyimo’s people.

Yu Gubei approaches. At the moment when he sees Yu Yimo sitting in the wheelchair, his eyes suddenly smile a little more. He steps forward, looks at Yu Yimo, and sneers and says, “long time no see, big brother.”

Yu Yimo has a deep face and is unmoved by his false smile.

Yu Gubei smiles and looks at Ruan Shishi beside him. He looks at her and says hello to her. “Miss Ruan, I’ve met again. How can I accompany my elder brother this time? Where’s your husband, song yean? “

Yu Gu Bei is like a snake and scorpion. He is good at poking into people’s heart. Ruan Shishi frowns in disgust and doesn’t answer.

Seeing that no one paid attention to him, Yu Gu Bei touched his nose and said sarcastically, “what? What do you mean by calling me over and not talking to each other? “

At this time, the wind came, and with the girl’s voice, Gu Bei

Yu Gu Bei’s face sank when he saw several people on the reef.

Isn’t the woman with messy hair in the middle Lu Xiaoman?

His heart contracted quickly, and soon, the needle pricked anomaly dissipated quickly. His face returned to normal, but the smile from the corner of his eyes and eyebrows disappeared completely.

Chapter 1226

He looked back at Yu Yimo and said, “what? Threaten me? “

Yu Yimo finally said, “it’s just a tooth for a tooth.”

“I don’t know if you remember that five years ago.”

Yu Gubei has not much patience, he frowned, “which thing?”

Yu Yimo said, “the time when Ruan Shishi was tied to the lighthouse.”

Yu Gubei instantly recalled that he and Lord Luo colluded to do that. Originally, he thought that he could kill Yu Yimo. Unexpectedly, he lived so long.

This time again! As early as I knew, he should have solved him directly, leaving no future trouble!

“I always thought that Lord Luo did it by himself. I didn’t want to understand everything until I found out that you were a group.”

Yu Yimo said without hesitation, “only Yujia people know that I have deep-sea phobia, so that was your plan from the beginning!”

When Ruan Shishi heard the words “deep sea phobia”, he was suddenly stunned.

Yu Yimo has deep sea phobia? But what does this have to do with what happened five years ago?

Just then, Yu Gubei sneered, “but you didn’t die in the end? At that time, you jumped into the sea alone, just to save this woman. Later, you swam to the beach with her from the sea, but you didn’t die. I underestimated you. “

Ruan Shishi stood aside, shocked and speechless.

How is that possible? Did Yu Yimo save her at that time? But in her memory, he never appeared from the beginning to the end!

Yu Yimo sneered and suddenly said, “you always like to take advantage of others’ weakness, but do you know what Lu Xiaoman is afraid of?”

Without waiting for Gu Bei to speak, he continued, “she’s afraid of heights. She fell into the sea from the rocks. This height should be enough.”

Yu Gubei’s face turned white and he couldn’t speak for a moment. He turned his head and looked at the woman standing on the edge of the reef, feeling complicated.

He felt that he had never loved this woman. Even now, he was calm enough, but there was always a strange emotion in his body, which made him hesitate and upset.

A moment later, he turned his head, looked at Yu Yimo and said, “if you ask me to come here, it’s not just to let me see her fall into the sea.”

They are all utilitarian businessmen. No matter he or Yu Yimo, every step he takes has his own intention and idea. If he is just tit for tat, he doesn’t need to waste their time and energy.

At this time, Yu Yimo stopped beating around the Bush and said, “I want the shares of Yu’s group, all the shares.”

Yu Gubei’s nerves twitch violently. He first twists his eyebrows, then two seconds later, he suddenly laughs.

Then, he took a leisurely look at the woman on the reef and said with a sarcastic smile, “brother, I’m afraid you’ve made the wrong bet. That woman doesn’t matter much to me.”

Here, his voice is accurately and clearly transmitted through the microphone to brother Long’s mobile phone over there. Brother long holds his hands-free mobile phone in his left hand and pulls the rope tied to Lu Xiaoman in his right hand.

In other words, all the words Yu Gubei said over there can be heard clearly by them.

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