The Warmest Romance Chapter 1227 -1228

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Chapter 1227

When Lu Xiaoman heard Yu Gubei’s words, his body suddenly stiffened, his eyes widened and his whole body trembled.

She suddenly clenched her white and dry lips and looked at the figure of the man over there. Her heart seemed to have been pierced by countless blood holes. It was hard to suppress the pain.

Tears like a broken line of beads general slide, she shook her head a little stupefied, mouth murmured, “impossible Absolutely impossible… “

In those days and nights of warmth, his infinite tenderness and care for her, the promises he held her hand and said personally, and the love words he covered her ear in those lingering spring nights, at this moment, these memories surged towards her.

She can’t be unimportant to Yu Gubei!

But at this time, the voice on the other side of the phone continued to come. She clearly heard Yu Gubei say with a smile, “brother, do you think I will give up all of Yu’s shares for an insignificant woman?”

He pauses, then says, “it’s impossible. There’s no need to do this deal.”

Just then, Yu Yimo’s voice rang out, “you don’t care about her, she will die.”

Yu Gubei said with a smile, “whatever you want.”

These two words, like a mountain, pressed on Lu Xiaoman’s heart and crushed all her hopes and expectations.

She closed her eyes painfully, leaving two lines of clear tears. Finally, she clenched her teeth, reopened her eyes, looked at Yu Gubei’s direction, and suddenly cried out, “Yu Gubei, I’m wrong!”

It seemed that all her strength had been exhausted, and the voice was enough for people to hear.

Yu Gu Bei suddenly stares at Du Yue’s mobile phone. He suddenly reacts and looks at the rocks.

The woman’s thin figure suddenly bumped away from the people beside her, and the straight sea jumped over. At the moment when she jumped off the reef, Yu Gu Bei’s pupil suddenly enlarged, trembled all over and blurted out, “no!”

His heart seemed to be suddenly clenched by something. He was trampled and trampled hard. Even his heart, liver, spleen and lung hurt violently. He gasped heavily. A layer of cold sweat came out of his back. His legs were getting close to the rocks uncontrollably.

He was not the only one who was scared. Ruan Shishi was also shaking all over and his legs were weak.

Yu Yimo frowns and looks over there.

Did Lu Xiaoman jump like this? All this, obviously not in his plan!

“Lu Xiaoman!”

Yu Gubei’s face turned pale and bloodless. He gritted his teeth and read out the three words. He stepped faster and faster on his feet.

On the other side, Ruan Shishi’s body trembled slightly. Somehow, her nose was sour and her tears welled up.

Just then, with the noise coming from the reef, everyone here was shocked and exclaimed. Ruan Shishi turned his head and looked over there.

The people there were very confused. She couldn’t hear what they were saying, but she vaguely saw a figure close to the reef, like lying on the reef. On the other side, connected with a thin figure, she was tottering on the edge of the reef.

Ruan Shishi was shocked, and then heard someone whispering, “that woman didn’t fall down! I’m held by brother long! “

Chapter 1228

Sure enough, the woman hanging on the edge of the reef is Lu Xiaoman! Originally, those men are now holding brother long for fear that he will be dragged down. Under the reef, there are rolling and turbulent waves. The waves hit the rock wall, and the wind mixed with the waves is fierce and fierce.

At this time, all the people in Yugu north are moving towards the other side. Obviously, he also finds Lu Xiaoman hanging on the edge of the reef.

Yu Yimo twists his brows, perceives that the situation has changed, and immediately instructs Du Yue.

Don’t know what Yu Yimo said to him, Du Yue’s face dignified, raised his feet and quickly walked over there, Ruan Shishi heart tight, quickly turned to ask Yu Yimo, “what do you want to do?”

Now, Lu Xiaoman is a chess piece in Yu Yimo’s hand, a chess piece that suppresses Yu Gubei. The sudden accident just now makes everyone startled, but also exposes Yu Gubei’s sincerity.

What he said just now is not important. It’s all lies. From the moment when Lu Xiaoman jumped off the reef, Yu Gubei’s reaction has proved that he lost.

If Lu Xiaoman really jumps down, things will turn for the better. But now, she is still in the hands of Yu Yimo. As long as Lu Xiaoman is there, Yu Yimo will force Yu Gubei to lower her head and delegate power.

Yu Yimo twisted her eyebrows and did not speak. Her eyes were fixed on her. After a moment, she said, “don’t be soft hearted, Ruan Shishi.”

At the beginning, Yu Gubei repeatedly attacked them, but he didn’t feel soft when he used his means. Yu Gubei set a trap for him, but he didn’t feel soft when he broke his legs. Yu Gubei didn’t feel soft when he killed the abbot of Zhenyuan in Qingshan temple. Now, it’s his turn, and he certainly can’t feel soft.

Ruan Shishi’s heart was tense. She looked at Yu Yimo’s firm expression and knew that she could not persuade him, so she quickly followed Du Yue to the rocks.

Even though Lu Xiaoman has done so many things to her, she doesn’t want to see the tragedy staged in front of her eyes at this moment.

She followed Du Yue quickly, but she didn’t expect to be surrounded by several people nearby before she got on the reef. With a big eye, she recognized Yu Yimo and said angrily, “what do you want to do?”

“Miss Ruan, I’ve offended you.”

Several people surrounded her one after another, stretched out their copper arms and iron arms, but did not let her go on. Ruan Shishi turned her head and saw Yu Yimo looking at her side from a distance.

Ruan Shishi was angry. “What do you want to do?”

One of the men next to him bowed his head slightly and said, “Mr. Yu has ordered us to protect you. If you go on the rocks, there are all Yu Gu’s people over there. The situation is out of control.”

Ruan’s poems are instantly clear.

It turns out that Yu Yimo means this. He is afraid that she will be held by Yu Gubei’s people and become his handle, just like Lu Xiaoman.

Ruan Shishi takes a weak breath and looks up at the nearby reef. Over there, Yu Gubei has led all his subordinates to stand at one end of the reef. Close to the edge, brother long has pulled Lu Xiaoman up. He stands in a row with the other two subordinates and confronts Yu Gubei silently.

In terms of the number of people, at this moment, Longge and Yu Gubei are definitely not rivals of Yu Gubei. However, the trump card is on their side, and Yu Gubei does not dare to act rashly.

At this time, Du Yue had already stepped on the rocks. He strided to Lu Xiaoman and confirmed that she was all right. Then he turned to Yu Gubei and said, “Er Shao, if you want to take someone away, you can sign this share transfer.”

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