The Warmest Romance Chapter 1255 -1256

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Chapter 1255

His words, like a sharp thorn, penetrated into Yu Yimo’s heart.

He frowned slightly and thought to himself.

It’s been a while since Yu Qingshan disappeared. He sent his men to the United States and found nothing.

So it seems that this person is hidden, otherwise, a person suddenly disappeared, no news, it is impossible.

“Send someone to look for it again.”

Based on his current understanding of Yu Gubei, if he wants to get something, he will do whatever he can, or even kill his relatives.

He didn’t dare to think about it. He could only think about it as much as possible and be on guard as much as possible.

Xiaomeng gets the order and immediately orders someone to look for it. For a moment, Yu Yimo and Ruan Shishi are left in the ward.

The atmosphere has cooled down again. Ruan Shishi has heard the conversation between Yu Yimo and Xiao Meng just now. Although she is not smart enough, she can probably guess that Yu Gubei is no longer the disabled Er Shao who used to be. He is an opponent and an enemy. She can’t be underestimated and is even more terrible.

Ruan Shishi looked at the man’s face, took a deep breath, and said in a soft voice, “it’s late, you don’t want to go back and have a rest.”

After all, his arm is injured now. He has shed a lot of blood today, and I think he is weak.

Yu Yimo turned his head and looked at her, “I can’t rest assured.”

Now he left Ruan Shishi alone, and he was not at ease.

Ruan Shishi’s heart was tight, and an inexplicable emotion came to her heart. She inhaled deeply, “but this Isn’t that right? “

She was scalded on her back. She had to take medicine again at night, take off clothes back and forth, and he was also injured. There was only one bed in the ward, so rest became a problem.

Yu Yimo frowned slightly and asked softly, “why not?”

Just then, a sound came from the door of the ward. It seemed that the voice of a nurse rang out, “yes, that’s right. This is Miss Ruan’s ward…”

Then, there was a slight knock on the door, accompanied by a kind of low smile of children.

Ruan Shishi’s body trembled, inexplicably nervous. At this moment, the door of the ward was slowly pushed open, and the sound of “daddada” footsteps came running gently. Sensen and Sasha held hands and ran into the ward.

Seeing Ruan Shishi on the bed, the two little guys immediately cried out with joy, “Mom!”

Then he rushed to the bedside regardless.

At the moment of seeing Sensen and Shasha, Ruan Shishi’s tears gushed out. She was excited and surprised. She quickly wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes and said incoherently, “you Why are you here? “

The little guy she was thinking of, little cute, suddenly appeared in front of her at this moment. Of course, she was surprised.

Sensenshasha ran to the bedside, took her hand and rubbed it intimately. One problem after another came out.

“Mom, where have you been these days? Why not go home? “

“Mom, are you sick? Why do you come to the hospital? “

“Mom, we miss you so much. Can you come home with us today?”


Listening to the two children’s words, Ruan’s heart was so soft that she almost had no time to answer their questions.

Chapter 1256

At this time, senshasha found Yu Yimo in the wheelchair.

Sha Sha exclaimed in surprise, “handsome uncle!”

Sen Sen also tilted his head and asked suspiciously, “Mom, why is uncle Shuai here?”

Ruan Shishi opened her mouth. Just when she didn’t know how to answer, another person came in from outside the ward.

Song yean came in from outside with a dream blue cake in both hands and a gentle smile on his face.

Ruan Shishi was stunned and looked at him step by step. He felt guilty, “good night…”

“The cake I made for you with two little guys. Do you like it?”

Song yean put the cake on the bedside table next to him. On the surface of the cake, a family of four is outlined with colored cream on the blue background. The picture is crooked, slightly childish, but full of childlike interest and reality.

Ruan Shishi’s nose was sour and his tears flowed out, “you How do you know I’m here? “

“Do you think I don’t care about you if I don’t call you and send messages?”

Song yean leaned over with a smile, raised her hand and gently wiped away the tears on her cheek. Her voice was much softer. “I’ve been paying attention to you all the time and never left.”

This scene, falling to one side, is particularly dazzling in Yu Yimo’s eyes.

At this moment, Yu Yimo feels as if he is an outsider of the family. He is in a very awkward position.

On the other side of the hospital bed, song yean gently stroked Ruan Shishi’s head and said in a soft voice, “I heard that you were in hospital. I wanted to come here immediately, but I thought you would like to see these two little guys more, so I planned to bring them to see you. I could have arrived in the afternoon, but it was because I had to tidy up my mood so as not to hurt people because I was angry, so I brought them They went to make you a cake, and then they came

With that, he looked up at Yu Yimo on the other side, with indifference and alienation at the bottom of his eyes.

What he said just now had a different purpose, which was obviously meant to be heard by Yu Yimo.

No matter what kind of injury Ruan Shishi suffered, it was absolutely Yu Yimo’s dereliction of duty. At the beginning, he took people away without any care. He didn’t know what method was used to let Ruan Shishi stay with her. Ruan Shishi’s admission to the hospital was naturally his negligence and dereliction of duty.

At the moment when Ruan Shishi entered the hospital, he tried to resist the impulse to rush over and beat Yu Yimo. He just calmed down and finally came up with such a move to beat Yu Yimo in the face.

Is there anything more direct than showing love with Ruan Shishi in front of him?

There, Yu Yimo’s eyes were slightly cold. Looking back at him, the atmosphere in the room suddenly became much colder.

Ruan Shishi took a cool breath and could not help holding out her hand. She gently pulled song yean and said in a soft voice, “my parents and they…”

Song yean looked back, raised a gentle smile at her and said in a soft voice, “don’t worry, I’m afraid they’re worried, so I didn’t tell them.”

Ruan Shishi heard that her heart had just settled down. She looked at the two little guys beside her. One heart seemed to drop slowly from hanging in mid air to the ground, which was much more stable.

Originally, she still felt that the pain behind her was unbearable, but at this moment, looking at the two little guys around her, she was both surprised and happy, and her heart was much more stable. All her troubles seemed to be forgotten at this moment, leaving only sweet and happy.

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