The Warmest Romance Chapter 1305 -1306

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Chapter 1305

Ziji said dejectedly, “that day I heard from Uncle Su that I couldn’t go to his home after I was discharged. I didn’t have a home, and there was no place to live after I was discharged…”

Ruan’s words made her sad. She frowned slightly, took a deep breath, raised her hand, rubbed his head, and said softly, “don’t worry, I won’t make you homeless.”

Even if others refuse to accept him, she will definitely give him a home.

At this time, sensenshasha on the other side also gathered around. They looked at Ziji’s tears in his eyes and couldn’t help asking, “Mom, why is Ziji crying?”

“He’s fine.” Ruan Shishi raised a smiling face, looked at Sen Sen and Sha Sha, and said in a soft voice, “I want to announce a good news. Today Ziji is discharged from hospital. From now on, he will return to his home in Xiqiao garden with us and live together.”

“Really?” Sen Sen asked excitedly

Ruan Shishi nodded seriously, “of course it’s true!”

With that, she looked down at Ziji, who happened to look up. His eyes twinkled with expectation and gratitude.

Ruan Shishi felt relieved. He raised his hand and rubbed his little head. Then he looked at Sensen and Shasha and said, “ziji should be a little bigger than you two. From now on, if people ask, you will say that he is your brother. Do you know?”

Sensen and Shasha respond with one voice, and then they surround Ziji intimately.

Looking at the scene, Ruan Shishi smiles. Suddenly she thinks of something. She immediately takes out her mobile phone and sends a message to Yu Yimo.

“Ziji has been able to leave the hospital. I will take him out of the hospital today. Before I find Wu en, I will take him with me.”

Although she doesn’t know if Su Yucheng has told Jiang Huanchen about the two people’s agreement, it’s necessary to tell him before she takes Ziji to leave.

After the text message was sent, the stone in Ruan’s heart disappeared.

She quickly packed up Ziji’s little luggage, and then left the hospital with three little guys.

On the car, before driving, Ruan Shishi looked at the mobile phone screen, empty, half a message.

I don’t know whether Yu Yimo didn’t see it or didn’t want to go back.

Ruan Shishi hesitated for a moment, and finally decided to leave her cell phone and drive away.

Who knows, as soon as she put down her mobile phone, the screen suddenly lit up, the familiar bell rang, and Ruan Shishi immediately picked up her mobile phone again and looked at the screen.

“Song ye’an” flickered on the screen, and Ruan shidun, then pressed the answer button.

Song yean’s voice said, “hello? Shishi, where are you? As soon as I come back, I’m the only one in the house. “

With a smile in his voice, he suddenly said half jokingly, “you have to come back soon. I’m afraid at home alone.”

Ruan Shishi smiles and her eyes fall on Ziji in the car. She inhales deeply. She thinks that song yean has not been informed about this yet. I wonder if she will make him angry if she acts first and then plays

Thinking about this, she heard song yean’s light laughter on the other end of the phone, “Shishi, when you come back, I have a good news to tell you.”

“Good news?” Ruan Shishi smiles, can’t help but raise his lips, “coincidentally, I also have good news to tell you.”

Chapter 1306

Song yean said with a smile, “well, I’m curious about your good news.”

Ruan Shishi laughed and said in a soft voice, “well, I won’t talk about it until I see you. I’m going to drive.”

After hanging up, she started the car and looked at the three little guys on the back seat. “OK, sit down. Let’s go home.”

More than 40 minutes later, the car arrived at xiqiaoyuan. Ruan Shishi stopped the car steadily at the gate, pushed the door open and got off, leading three little guys into the gate.

As soon as they entered the room, Ruan Shishi was telling them to change their shoes at the entrance, when footsteps came from the stairwell.

Then, song yean came with a smiling voice, “poetry, back?”

Wearing a white casual suit, he walked towards them with long legs. When his eyes touched Ziji, who was standing behind Ruan Shishi, he raised his eyebrows slightly. “This is…”

Ruan Shishi smiles at him and whispers, “this is the good news I want to tell you. From today on, Ziji is a new member of our family.”

The original smile on Song yean’s face slowly faded. At last, he stared at Ziji and looked at him again. He hooked his lips and said in a soft voice, “welcome.”

Originally Ziji was still afraid of the man in the family, but seeing that he was kind, smiling and not hostile to him, he relaxed a little.

Ruan Shishi looked down at him and introduced him in a low voice, “ziji, this is sensenshasha’s father. You can call him uncle.”

Ziji nodded, then looked at Song yean and called respectfully, “Hello uncle.”

Song yean’s smile deepened a little, but his mood was cold. He nodded gently, raised his hand, rubbed Ziji’s head, and said in a slow voice, “good boy, go and play with Sensen Shasha.”

When Ziji heard him say this, the tension in his heart disappeared completely. He nodded, laughed and caught up with Sensen and Shasha, and ran to one side to play.

As soon as Ziji left, song yean’s face was slightly cold. He forced his smile to look at Ruan Shishi and asked softly, “what’s the matter?”

Ruan Shishi laughed at him with some regret and explained in a low voice, “good night, I didn’t have time to tell you. It’s a bit sudden. If I don’t bring him back, I’m afraid he will have no place to go.”

Hearing the speech, song yean’s face suddenly became serious. “Poetry, this kind of thing, at least I should have the right to know.”

Without saying a word, she brought home a strange child. What is this? Sensenshasha was born to her, so he would not say, but what about this? Daren Qing, is he a tool man to raise children for others?

Seeing that song yean’s mood was not quite right, Ruan Shishi felt a little sorry, “yean, his situation is a bit complicated, and I can’t explain it clearly for a while, so I think it would be better to talk to you face to face…”

“But without informing me, I brought him back and said to let him live here from now on. Shishi, it’s very difficult for me to do that? I don’t know the origin of this child’s identity, I don’t know his personality. If you take him home like this and put him next to sensenshasha, what’s the matter? Who will take the responsibility? “

Although the man’s words are serious enough to be inhuman, every sentence is reasonable. Ruan Shishi bites his lower lip and doesn’t know what to say.

After a long time, she looked up at him and said in an objective and serious manner, “I must have made an investigation before I brought him back. He is kind-hearted and can play with Sensen Shasha, so there should be no problem. As for his identity…”

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