The Warmest Romance Chapter 1303 -1304

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Chapter 1303

Morimori nodded, “maybe!”

At this time, sitting on the bed, Ziji looked a little ugly. He frowned and suddenly said, “I can speak. I’m not dumb!”

Sensen and Sasha are two curious babies. You ask me one by one, “then why don’t you say it?”

“Yes! We have just introduced ourselves. Now it’s your turn! “

Zi Ji Nuo lips, “I just don’t want to say…”

After a while, they even communicate with each other one by one.

Ruan Shishi stood aside, seeing the scene, could not help but raise his mouth.

As a matter of fact, she had thought before she came here with sensenshasha. Maybe for Ziji, there will be obstacles in communication with adults, but it’s not the same with children.

Unexpectedly, this is really an effective way.

Looking at the three little guys chatting in full swing, Ruan Shishi lifted her lips and quietly walked out of the room.

She gently closed the door, who knows a turn, suddenly found a small living room sofa sitting a person, a man.

Su Yucheng is sitting on the sofa with a leisurely attitude, cocking his legs and staring at her with a smile. “Unfortunately, today, Lao Yu is having a meeting outside to talk about the project, but he didn’t come over.”

Ruan Shishi gave him a cold look and said firmly, “I didn’t come here for him.”

She came for Ziji’s sake, which has nothing to do with Yu Yimo.

Su Yucheng smile, also did not continue to say anything, but changed the topic, “the last time in the hospital stabbed old monk, our people have found his trace, want to find out where he is, just a matter of time.”

Ruan Shishi’s eyes flashed slightly, and his expression eased a little. “It’s good to find him, just be careful that he is targeted by Yu Gubei’s people, and what’s the accident.”

Su Yucheng slightly, raised chin to indicate a way, “that inside of that small?”

Ruan Shi was puzzled, “what do you mean?”

Su Yucheng hands a stand, tone casual said, “can’t always let him stay in my home, don’t know people think I suddenly more illegitimate son.”

Ruan Shishi fell into silence, thought for a moment, and said in a soft voice, “if it’s not convenient for you to take him in there, then leave it to me.”

She can no longer make Ziji homeless. For a five or six-year-old child, one experience is enough.

Su Yucheng said with a smile, “OK, I’ll leave it to you. Maybe you can discuss with Lao Yu about how to arrange the problem of raising children.”

Listening to his tone, Ruan Shishi frowned. How could he listen to the words coming out of his mouth and change his taste?

She paused and said firmly, “no, I’ve made up my mind.”

With that, suddenly the door of the ward was pushed open. With a chirping noise, Sensen and Sara came out of the inner ward with Ziji.

Sensen danced and said excitedly, “Mom, we want to go out with Ziji!”

Ruan Shishi’s eyes fell on Ziji. Unexpectedly, he didn’t refuse.

Surprised and surprised, she asked with a smile, “where are you going?”

Sensen jumped and said, “just go to the small garden below. Didn’t we just pass by when we came up?”

Chapter 1304

One side of Sha Sha also echoed, “yes, mom, have you forgotten?”

Ruan Shishi said with a quick smile, “after listening to what you said, I suddenly remember. Let’s go! I’ll take you down! “


Sensen and Shasha jump happily. They take Ziji’s hand and walk out excitedly.

Ruan Shishi keeps up with her, but she turns her head and nods to Su Yucheng. Then she walks out of the room quickly.

To the small garden, a few children seem to be liberated nature, running noisy, happy smile.

Ruan Shishi sat on a bench beside him, looking at the scene, and his mouth rose.

Sure enough, the appeal between children is very strong. As long as Ziji is willing to go out and communicate with others, everything will not be a problem.

In the next few days, Ruan Shishi would lead Sensen and Shasha to visit Ziji in Furui private hospital every day. Ziji became more lively and cheerful, talked more and more, and became intimate with Ruan Shishi.

Even the doctor over there boasted that Ziji’s physical and mental recovery was good, and he did the corresponding examination, waiting for the results to come out.

In the afternoon, just as Ruan Shishi was going to pack up and take Sensen with her,

when Sasha left, a doctor came to inform her about the examination.

Ruan Shishi immediately put down her things and followed the doctor to the office.

Ruan Shishi looked at the opposite doctor with a serious face. Her forehead was sweating. “Doctor, is something new going on?”

“There is no new situation. I asked you to come here, that is to say, his recovery.”

With that, the doctor took out a test report and showed it to her.

Ruan Shishi reached out and took over the various special index numbers, confused. She only saw the normal and abnormal in the final comparison column.

From the beginning to the end, she was still a little unsure. She looked up in surprise and asked the doctor, “his body now No problem? “

The doctor nodded and said, “no, the last two psychological tests also show that everything is normal. We have observed for another two days, and there is no problem. You can be ready to leave the hospital.”

Hearing the word “discharge”, Ruan Shishi was both surprised and happy. The doctor could say the word “discharge” himself, which was basically certain that Ziji had no big problem.

It seems that these days, Sensen and Sasha have played an important role in enlightening Ziji and running around with her.

After inquiring about the doctor’s procedures for discharge, Ruan Shishi immediately went to do it, and then packed up and planned to leave.

Let Ziji put on the new clothes she bought for him in advance, and then began to pack up. Ziji stood by the bed, watching her busy, suddenly a little sad.

Aware that he was not in the right mood, Ruan Shishi stopped his action, turned to look at him and asked, “what’s the matter, Ziji? Is it uncomfortable? “

Ziji shook his head, lowered his head and refused to say a word.

Ruan then asked, “what’s the matter?”

Asked several times, Zi Ji just said, “where do I go after that?”

Ruan Shiwei was stunned and didn’t understand the meaning of his words.

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