The Warmest Romance Chapter 1317 -1318

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Chapter 1317

Ruan Shishi thought of something and asked, “by the way, ANN, are you already in China?”

“How do you know?” Song yun’an’s surprised voice said, “did your brother tell you that?”

Without waiting for Ruan’s reply, song yun’an muttered with emotion, “originally, he said he would give you a surprise. It’s good to do this, but nothing can be done!”

Ruan Shishi chuckled, “he didn’t tell me. You wronged him. First tell me where you are now? I’ll come to you right now. “

Song yun’an said with a smile, “no! I’m on my way to xiqiaoyuan. In less than half an hour, you can see me alive! “

Listening to her saying this, Ruan Shishi was both surprised and happy, “have you really come?”

“Of course Song yun’an laughs, “it’s Du Yue who accompanies me. Are you not welcome?”

“Why? Come on, I’ll call Sensen and Sasha

She added a few words excitedly, hung up the phone in a hurry, and then immediately went to the children’s room to call sensenshasha.

Originally, the two little guys were still in a daze and refused to get up. However, when they heard that the little aunt was coming, they were all excited and sober, and got up from the bed.

After pulling the kids up, she hurried downstairs and prepared some fruit snacks. As soon as she put them on the table, she heard the doorbell ringing.

She had no time to put on her coat and went out in slippers. When she got to the yard, she already saw song yun’an and Du Yue outside the iron gate.

The woman is wearing a long windbreaker and her hair is languid on her shoulders. She has no makeup and her face is a little pale, but her smile is still bright. When she sees her, song Yunan immediately points her toes and waves to her.

As soon as Ruan’s nose was sour, his tears blurred his vision.

Now, song yun’an, who is able to see a lively life, suddenly disappears the big stone that has been blocking her heart.

She trotted to the door and opened the iron door. Without waiting for song yun’an to open her mouth, she had already opened her arms to embrace her.

Song yun’an seems to be thinner than before. Ruan Shishi’s arms around her feel empty.

Ruan Shishi buries her face on her shoulder and sobs softly, “An’an, I miss you very much, really…”

Seeing her like this, song yun’an’s eyes turned red instantly. She held out her hand and patted her back. She said in a relaxed tone, “I’m back!”

At this time, the original burst of chirp, Sensen and Sasha like two out of the cage of the birds, quickly ran towards them.

Song yun’an reached out and patted Ruan Shishi on the shoulder, and said with a smile, “OK, OK, there’s no need to be so sentimental between us, right? Let the little guys see, don’t you want to laugh to death? “

Ruan Shishi broke her tears into a smile and immediately released her. She looked at her with anger and smile. “After sleeping for so long, her mouth is still so smart. OK, song yun’an!”

Song yun’an did not blush at all, “that’s not true. Who am I?”

They look at each other with a smile. When they come back, Sensen and Sasha have already run over. They rush directly to song Yunan’s leg, hug her and call, “little aunt! Little aunt, you are back at last

Chapter 1318

“Little aunt, I miss you so much!”

The two little guys’ mouths seemed to be smeared with honey. Now they speak without any ambiguity. Suddenly, the atmosphere is joyful and joyful.

Looking at their lively fighting, Ruan Shishi couldn’t help but lift her lips. She inadvertently raised her eyes and saw Du Yue beside her. She lowered her voice and said, “Du Yue, thank you for taking care of An’an these days.”

After a run abroad, Du Yue also lost a lap, and his skin became darker, but more masculine. He shook his head at Ruan Shishi with a smile, “this is what I should do. Speaking of it, I should thank you.”

If Ruan Shishi didn’t ask him to go abroad to accompany song yun’an, I’m afraid the relationship between him and An’an would be over now.

Ruan Shishi shook his head with a smile and said with a smile, “what are you doing with me? let’s go! Let’s go in and talk. “

Song yun’an agreed excitedly, “good!”

With that, she took Sensen and Sasha by the left and right and walked into the room.

Looking at her back, Ruan Shishi suddenly thought of something and asked Du Yue, “how is her body recovering?”

“Basically, it’s all right. The blood stasis in the brain has been surgically cleaned, but the place where the body is fractured still needs to be raised again. Although there is no abnormality now, once you walk too much and overwork, you may have some pain in your legs. In addition, the doctor says that everything else is the same as before.”

Ruan Shishi immediately nodded and looked up at An’an, who was playing with the children. Her heart softened a little.

Even if song yun’an doesn’t say it, she knows that during this period, she must have suffered a lot, experienced a lot of difficulties, but now she still smiles brightly, as if nothing had happened.

Before long, Ms. Liu and Professor Ruan came back. As soon as they saw song yun’an, they immediately burst into laughter and made an enthusiastic fuss. Ms. Liu was even more happy and went to the kitchen to prepare dinner, while Professor Ruan and Du Yue had a chat.

A few children are running and making trouble inside, while Ruan Shishi and song Yunan are sitting on the sofa. Only then can they have time to chat with their friends.

Song yun’an looked at the child, slightly raised his chin, and asked, “Shishi, who is that cute little girl?”

Her chin pointed in the direction of the past. It was Ziji.

Ruan Shishi hesitated for a moment and said softly, “it’s a long story. It’s all about your time abroad. I don’t know how to talk about it…”

Song yun’an winked at her with interest! Anyway, there’s more time! “

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, his eyes sank down, and said in a soft voice, “this has to start from the fact that I accompany you to go abroad for treatment…”

Ruan Shishi started from the beginning, until Ms. Liu prepared the dinner, she just finished.

After listening to the long and tortuous story, song yun’an’s complexion was somewhat complicated. She took a long breath and sighed, “I didn’t expect that so many things have happened in this period of time…”

Ruan Shishi sighed softly, “well, just like making a movie, I can’t imagine what the next plot will be.”

Song yun’an took her hand, comforted her and said, “you can’t blame you for this. In the final analysis, it’s all the evils created by Yu Yimo.”

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