The Warmest Romance Chapter 1319 -1320

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Chapter 1319

Ruan Shishi chuckled bitterly, then shook his head and said, “it’s my fault, and I don’t want to push it to others.”

Then she turned to song yun’an and changed the topic. “OK, it’s time to talk about you. Tell me, what do you think when you wake up and see Du Yue in front of you for the first time?”

Song yun’an blushed and said, “what else can I feel?”

Ruan Shishi chuckled and hit her with her shoulder, “come on! Tell me, how are you two getting along these days? “

Song yun’an said casually, “just like that…”

But unconsciously, her cheeks were red.

She raised her eyes and took a quick look at Du Yue, who was sitting on the other side talking with Professor Ruan. Her face was like a red iron plate, red and hot.

Aware of her small actions and emotions, Ruan Shishi raised her mouth, lowered her voice and joked with a smile on purpose, “An’an, how come I haven’t seen such a small woman like you before? When it comes to Du Yue, you look red. Is there something you’re hiding from me? “

“Where is it?” Song yun’an quickly denied, raised his hand and patted Ruan Shishi gently, “I just came back, you tease me like this, Ruan Shishi, you are not so kind!”

Between their bickering, Ms. Liu’s voice came from the direction of the kitchen.

She came out of the kitchen with a bowl of soup, “OK, OK, six dishes and one soup are all ready! Come on, get ready to eat! “

The kids immediately cheered and ran to wash their hands. Several adults on their side also stood up and walked towards the dining table.

A table of people just sat down, the direction of the door came a man with a smile, “you started early, or I came late?”

Song yean is dressed in a white suit. He is very handsome. He is walking towards here with a faint smile.

Professor Ruan was so happy that he said with a smile, “son-in-law song, you are late! Come on, three penalties

“Well, you’ve already told me, do I dare to refuse?”

Song yean walked quickly, picked up a clean glass, poured a glass of red wine, raised his glass to the crowd, and said in a soft voice, “today, I’m late. I’ll punish myself. Excuse me.”

Then he drank the wine directly.

Song yean put down his cup and glanced over Ruan Shishi and song Yunan. Finally, he swept over Du Yue. When he saw him, his face changed obviously.

Due to the presence of a large family nearby, song yean was inconvenient to attack. He just suppressed his unhappiness and sat down beside Ruan Shishi.

The whole meal is harmonious. Men can’t help fighting for wine, while women watch jokes and amuse children. The atmosphere of the whole meal is very good and ends perfectly.

After the dinner, Ms. Liu goes to prepare fruit. Ruan Shishi and song Yunan sit on the sofa and continue to chat.

Maybe he wanted to understand. Song Yunan suddenly took Ruan Shishi by the hand and said, “actually, there’s something I didn’t have time to tell you…”

“What’s the matter?” Ruan Shishi looked at her with a smile on her face, “is it a major event in her life?”

As soon as her voice fell, song yun’an stretched out her right hand in her pocket. She spread out her five fingers and shook them in front of Ruan Shishi. Suddenly, Ruan Shishi’s eyes widened.

Chapter 1320

On the ring finger of song yun’an’s right hand, there is a shining ring with silver light.

She looked at Song yun’an with her mouth wide open in disbelief, “you and Du Yue…”

Are you going to get married?

Without waiting for her to finish, song yun’an nodded sweetly, showing her little woman posture.

Ruan Shishi couldn’t help but lift her lips and poked her side waist with her fingers! It’s so deep, I don’t want to tell you! “

“I told you that!” Song yun’an called for injustice, and then said mysteriously, “but don’t tell anyone about it. I didn’t even tell my brother about it.”

Ruan Shishi winked at her with a smile, “don’t worry! I understand

They are looking at each other and laughing. Suddenly, a man’s quarreling voice comes from the direction of the balcony. With a question that suddenly raises the volume, everyone in the living room is slightly stunned and looks at each other.

It happened that Ms. Liu came with the fruit tray, heard the voice and asked, “what’s the matter?”

She glanced around, suddenly surprised, “is it song’s son-in-law and Du Yue…”

Before Ms. Liu’s words were finished, Ruan Shishi and song Yunan got up and walked quickly towards the balcony.

Sure enough, as soon as they got to the balcony door, they saw song yean and Du Yue on the balcony. Song yean’s hand was holding Du Yue’s collar, while Du Yue was holding his wrist. They were fighting silently.

Song yun’an was shocked, “brother! Du Yue! What are you doing? “

But in the blink of an eye, two people ran to the balcony, did not say a few words, this is about to start, this is like what words!

Song yun’an quickly stepped forward to pull them apart, but unexpectedly, song ye’an said to her in a cold voice, “An’an, get out of the way!”

Du Yue also turned his head and looked at her. He wanted to be calm. He said word by word, “this is between me and your brother. Don’t get involved.”

Song yun’an burst into tears, “I don’t know! What do you want to do? “

Seeing that the situation was not optimistic, Ruan Shishi hurriedly went to song yean’s side and said in a low voice, “yean, don’t do this. We have something to say!”

Song yean fixed his eyes on Du Yue and said, “as I said, I can’t accept you as my brother-in-law, so you should give up the idea and leave my sister as soon as possible!”

Song yun’an is a little worried and angry, “brother, what are you talking about?”

Du Yue’s face was serious and his cold eyes looked back at Song yean. He moved his lips and said firmly, “I believe she will never change in this life…”

Before he finished his words, song yean’s face suddenly turned cold. He suddenly stretched out his fist and hit Du Yue’s face.

Everyone around him took a cool breath, but song yun’an rushed up and stood in front of Du Yue and said to song ye’an, “brother, what do you want to do?”

“Ann, get out of the way!”

Song yean is angry, and his strength can’t be controlled. Inadvertently, he pushes song Yunan out.

Song yun’an was thin. He pushed him so hard that his body was like a swinging leaf, and he planted it directly.

Seeing that song yun’an turned to one side, Ruan Shishi was the first to react and rushed up, “An’an!”

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