The Warmest Romance Chapter 1321 -1322

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Chapter 1321

But she was still a step late, song yun’an fell to the ground, frowned tightly, and showed a painful expression on her face.

Ruan Shishi quickly came forward, squatted on the ground and held her, “An’an, are you ok?”

Today, she heard Du Yue say that there are many fractures in An’an’s body, which have not been fully recovered. Even if she walks too much, she may feel pain, let alone fall so hard!

Song yun’an couldn’t speak. He shook his head and couldn’t make a sound.

Song yean and Du Yue over there also responded and strode over and asked, “an an! How are you? “

As soon as Ruan Shishi looked up, he saw that they were surrounded with concern, while Sensen, Sasha and Ziji all stood not far away, looking at them with complicated faces.

Her heart a tight, immediately open a way, “Pa, Ma, you take Sen SA son Ji upstairs!”

Professor Ruan, Ms. Liu, immediately responded and quickly took the children away.

For a moment, there were only four of them left on the first floor.

Song yun’an sat on the ground for a long time, which slowly slowed down. Ruan Shishi slowly helped her up and let her sit on the sofa.

At this time, song yean and Du Yue stood on one side, and the atmosphere did not dare to go out.

Ruan Shishi immediately asked about An’an, “is there any scratch? Did you fall down? Let me have a look. “

Song yun’an shook his head, “a little pain, but nothing big.”

Hearing her saying this, Ruan Shishi was relieved. She looked up at Song yean and Du Yue over there. She felt a sense of annoyance in her heart. She bit her lip and said, “you’re such a big person. You can do it all the time. What’s the difference between you and those high school hairy boys?”

Song yean frowned and did not speak.

Ruan Shiqi’s not good, “or do you say you’ll be on top after a drink? The brain is not awake? Is it really good to do it in front of old people and children? “

There was another long silence.

Seeing that none of them spoke, Ruan Shishi’s anger dissipated a lot. She looked up at Du Yue and relaxed her tone. “Du Yue, it’s late. Take an an to the hospital for an examination, and then take her home.”

Du Yue nodded, “OK.”

On the other side, song yean’s face was a little ugly. He moved his lips to stop it, but he didn’t say anything.

Ruan Shishi glanced at Song yean, turned to song Yunan and said, “come on, ANN, I’ll take you out.”

Song yun’an nodded slightly, gave her a smile and said in a soft voice, “OK.”

Ruan Shishi holds song Yunan up and walks out with her. When she comes to the yard, she slows down, looks at An’an and Du Yue, and whispers, “don’t worry too much. It takes a little time for ye’an to accept you.”

Du Yue nodded and said seriously, “I understand.”

“That’s right.” Ruan Shishi suddenly thought of something, looked at Du Yue and asked, “do you know what happened when you came back?”

Du Yue hesitated for a moment and replied, “I know.”

Ruan shidun nodded and did not speak.

Song yun’an was curious and looked at her and asked, “what’s the matter? What is Yu Yimo doing

Ruan Shishi said with a smile, “nothing, just ask casually.”

Chapter 1322

The reason for this question is that Yu Yimo has promised her that as long as song Yunan recovers and goes back to Jiangzhou, he will give her the U-disk, which contains evidence of Ye Waner driving into a person, and the decision whether to give it to the police is in Song Yunan’s hands.

Send the two of them out of the gate, song yun’an says, “OK, go back. Let’s go back to have a rest and meet you another day.”


Ruan Shishi smiles and watches them get on the bus and leave, then turns back.

As soon as she got back to the hall on the first floor, she saw song yean sitting on the sofa with a goblet in her hand.

Ruan Shishi was slightly stunned. He quickly stepped forward and asked, “good night, it’s this time. What else do you drink?”

He had drunk a lot at the dinner table just now, and now he drinks again. Isn’t that why he wants to get drunk?

Song yean was indifferent and put the cup to his mouth. As soon as he took a sip, Ruan Shishi reached out and wanted to take the cup away. “Don’t drink it.”

When the cup was taken away, song yean frowned and finally had a reaction. He looked up at her.

Ruan Shishi just put the cup on the table, but suddenly her wrist was clenched. The next second, the man pulled her hard and directly sat her in his arms.

Ruan Shishi panicked, “good night…”

Song yean holds her shoulder in two hands, straightens her body, and makes her look at him. His eyes seem to be covered with water mist.

“Shishi, do you know why I don’t want to accept Du Yue?”

Ruan Shishi was stunned, “why…”

He moved his lips and said, “because of you, because of you…”

Ruan Shishi was shocked and his brain was blank.

Song yean doesn’t accept Du Yue and An’an together. How can it be because of her?

“Because Du Yue is Yu Yimo’s confidant, I can’t see anyone or anything related to Yu Yimo around you. I can’t accept it!”

He has a serious look, clear words, and a sense of sadness in his eyes, “Shishi, I just want to have you completely, that’s all…”

He said, suddenly turned over, directly pressed her on the sofa, the next second, his messy kiss fell on her cheek.

Ruan Shishi’s body tensed for a moment, dodged quickly, inhaled deeply and said, “good night, you’re drunk!”

“I don’t, Shishi, do you really don’t understand what I think of you all these years? I’ve been waiting for you for six years, Shishi, six years… “

Song yean said, his action suddenly became more powerful. He directly pressed Ruan Shishi’s hand against his chest on the sofa, and the other hand directly pulled her clothes on her chest.

Ruan Shishi was shocked and shuddered, “good night, don’t do that…”

But the man didn’t seem to understand her. His hand didn’t stop at all. He didn’t pull it off for a few times. At last, he just lifted up his clothes.

At that moment, for his touch, Ruan Shishi trembled all over, a feeling of discomfort, mind and resistance rose to her heart, so that she could not ignore.

Song yean whispered in her ear, “Shi Shi, I really love you, really…”

Ruan Shishi clenched her lower lip, broke free from his hand and pushed him away. She just wanted to get up from the sofa, but song yean held her hand again. Ruan Shishi was in a hurry, raised her hand and slapped him in the face.

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