The Warmest Romance Chapter 1335 -1336

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Chapter 1335

“I haven’t had time to introduce you. This is my wife, Ruan Shishi. We have been married for several years.”

Every word he said was very clear. As soon as his voice fell, his face became more ugly.

Next to a few misters naturally heard, have been surprised to see Ruan poetry over, surprised not.

Unexpectedly, the beautiful young woman who suddenly appeared beside song yean turned out to be his wife? She never thought of her identity

Thinking and panicking, he subconsciously looked in the direction of Ruan Shishi, then moved his lips and said, “yes Sorry, I thought… “

“Why?” Ruan Shishi coldly interrupted her, “think I’m song yean’s lover, just like you?”

Si Si’s eyes widened in surprise, but he didn’t make a sound with his mouth open and shut because of his fault.

This is, song yean also said, “Mr. Chen, your woman owes my wife an apology.”

Mr. Chen responded and quickly looked at Sisi and cheered coldly, “don’t apologize! This mouth hasn’t said anything good all day! “

Sisi shivered all over, and the flame on her body was suddenly extinguished. She bit her lower lip, looked at Ruan Shishi and said, “yes I’m sorry

Mr. Chen said coldly, “no sincerity, come again!”

Thinking tears are almost falling down, the voice increased a few points, toward Ruan Shishi slightly bow, the voice increased a few points, “sorry!”

In this way, other people nearby also noticed that they were all staring at Chen Zonghe, with a sense of unknown emotion in their eyes.

Next to song yean, he looked at Ruan Shi and asked, “is this OK?”

Ruan took a deep breath and said in a soft voice, “that’s it.”

Then she took song yean’s arm and said softly, “I’m a little tired. Let’s go back.”

Song yean nodded, “OK.”

He just pulled her to leave, but suddenly thought of something, suddenly stopped, turned to Mr. Chen and said, “Oh yes, Mr. Chen, the project we talked about today, I changed my mind again. If I can cooperate with your company, I have to see again.”

With that, he took her and left without looking back.

On the way out of the golf cart, Ruan Shishi responded, “your cooperation with President Chen is so yellow?”

Song yean nodded and said, “well, I’m not willing to do this one.”

Ruan Shishi was surprised, “why? Isn’t it already settled? Isn’t that what makes the duck fly? “

Song yean suddenly turned his head and looked at her. He looked serious and said solemnly, “no matter how important the list is, it’s not as important as you.”

He slowed down and then said, “I can’t swallow it when I see you insulted by that woman.”

Suddenly, Ruan Shi’s heart softened, and a burst of moving appeared in his heart.

She sniffed, “good night…”

“Well, have you had enough just now?” Song yean smiles, “do you want to stop eating?”

Ruan Shishi raised his lips and said, “good.”

They looked at each other and laughed. They went back to the VIP restaurant upstairs and ordered another table.

Song yean cut the steak for her and put it in front of her. She said softly, “Shishi, do you want to have another wedding?”

Chapter 1336

Ruan Shishi was stunned, and his hand suddenly tightened, “what What do you mean

Song yean said anxiously, “before we got the certificate, didn’t we have a wedding? I think it’s necessary to do another one now. “

Ruan’s eyes drooped and his mind was a little complicated.

The man’s pleasant voice came slowly, “I don’t want you to be wronged any more, and I don’t want others to treat you as my lover. I want everyone to know that you are my wife of song yean.”

Ruan’s heart was filled with hesitation, and he didn’t know whether to agree or not.

There was a voice in her heart that wanted to agree, but another voice was trying to stop it. For a moment, she didn’t know how to choose.

At this time, she felt a chill inexplicably. As soon as she looked up, she saw a woman pushing a wheelchair from the side.

Inexplicable sense of familiarity is coming. From her point of view, she can only see the back of the woman. She just blocks the figure of the person in the wheelchair, but the wheelchair is a little familiar.

At this time, a low male voice sounded, “just sit here.”

“All right, listen to you.”

The woman smiles and pushes the man to their diagonal vacant seat. The wheelchair turns around and Ruan Shishi sees the man’s face clearly.

It’s really him! Yu Yimo!

What evil relationship does she have with him? She can still meet him here!

She raised her eyes and just as she was looking at him, Yu Yimo also looked at her. Her dark eyes were like gemstones, focused and bright, staring at her firmly

It seems that he has seen her for a long time.

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath and looked back at the woman’s face.

That woman, isn’t she the former actress Su Ling? They’re alone, aren’t they

Ruan Shishi’s impression of Su Ling still remains five years ago. At that time, she was a hot and popular actress. She had a close relationship with Yu Yimo and was much closer than others. Later, after she went abroad, she never heard of the name again.

After returning to China, the name “suling” is like a gust of wind. After it blows, there will be no trace. I didn’t expect that she would meet her again in this situation.

Now, I didn’t expect that she would still be with Yu Yimo. They seem to be closer than others. Now Yu Yimo has divorced ye Wan’er, and it’s normal for him to have other women around him. But for some reason, Ruan Shishi’s heart is empty and inexplicably uncomfortable.

Her eyes intentionally or unintentionally sweep the table of the opposite party. Obviously, Yu Yimo also saw her just now, but now, he looks at Su Ling sitting opposite, his face is gentle, his lips are up, and there is no one else in his eyes.

She sniffed, a burst of indescribable, unknown loss surged into her heart.

At this time, song yean suddenly called her name softly, “Shishi, what’s the matter with you?”

Ruan Shishi suddenly regained his consciousness, and quickly gave him a sorry smile and said softly, “it’s OK. I just thought about something…”

“Well.” Song yean nodded slightly and said softly, “what did you think of what I just said?”

Ruan Shishi didn’t fully respond, “ah? What’s the matter? “

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