The Warmest Romance Chapter 1345 -1346

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Chapter 1345

Hearing the speech, Ruan Shishi gave a little meal, but he didn’t know what to say. Finally, he simply swallowed all the words to his mouth.

At this time, no matter what she said, song yean would not listen to her. Obviously, he was determined.

Originally, Ruan Shishi wanted to see if he could be persuaded, but he didn’t think he was so determined. Now, there is only one way left, which is to steal the Hukou book.

Only in this way can An’an and Du Yue first obtain the certificate, cook the raw rice, and then persuade their families to help them.

Ruan Shishi went to the drawer, put the marriage certificate back, and glanced at the corner of the brown red household register.

“Then I’ll go out first and take a bath first. You’re busy.”

She shook her neck from side to side, looking tired, and then walked out of the study.

Seeing that the door was tightly closed, song yean slowly regained his mind. He thought of something. He went to his desk, looked at the phone he had just hung up, and immediately raised his hand to call back.

Soon, there came Yu Gubei’s light laughter, “it seems that you are busy over there?”

Hearing that his tone was a bit of ridicule, song yean frowned and said coldly, “didn’t you say don’t call me casually?”

If he was not in the study just now and Ruan Shishi answered the phone for him, then everything would be over.

Yu Gubei said with disapproval, “what are you nervous about? I’ll call you. Of course, I have something to say. Besides, before we finished speaking just now, you hung up there. I’m not afraid that something might happen to you?”

Song yean hummed coldly, “what can happen to me?”

Yu Gubei deliberately meaningful said, “you have to be careful of your pillow, Ruan Shishi, she is not a simple role.”

Song yean frowned and said in a cold voice, “what do you want to do?”

Yu Gubei said with a light smile, “I just want to trouble you with some small things…”

The voice on the other end of the phone continued, while song yean widened his eyes, “do you want to do this? At the end of the day, it was Yu who lost money! “

Yu Gubei said coldly, “no, the biggest loss is not Yu Shi, but Yu Yimo, who leads Yu Shi group. Moreover, if Yu Shi has a problem, it’s good for you, isn’t it? Song yean, don’t pretend in front of me. “

Song yean’s brows tighten and he hasn’t said a word for a long time. He knows that once he helps Yu Gubei, he will become an accomplice. If yu Yimo finds something later, he can’t escape.

Just then, Yu Gubei’s voice came from the other end of the phone, as if his eyes could see his face through the wire and guess his mind. He asked coldly, “are you afraid?”

Song yean swallowed his saliva, and finally said, “what am I afraid of?”

“Ha ha ha, that’s good.” Yu Gubei’s laughter came from the other end of the phone, and some cautious people said, “to tell you the truth, this is the only way to deal with Yu Yimo once and for all. Now that his legs are not good and his defense is not sound, we can hit him right away!”

After a pause, he said, “are you sure you don’t?”

Song yean clenched his mobile phone, flashed all kinds of pictures in his mind, and finally suddenly stayed on Ruan Shishi’s smiling face.

Yu Gubei’s voice kept coming from the phone, “if you don’t get rid of Yu Yimo, Ruan’s heart will never belong to you.”

Chapter 1346

“Don’t worry, I will arrange this matter after the wedding ceremony between you and Ruan Shishi.”

These two words, like two sharp daggers, fiercely inserted into song yean’s heart. He suddenly woke up and asked, “how do you know that Shishi and I are going to have a wedding?”

Yu Gubei sneered, “I know much more than you think, so it’s better to be friends with me than enemies, don’t you think?”

When song yean heard the speech, his temple suddenly jumped. He bit his teeth and said coldly, “OK, I promise you, but you must not let others know our relationship, especially Ruan Shishi!”

“Don’t worry! I know that, brother

The next second, there was a click and the phone hung up.

Song yean is holding a mobile phone in his hand. He finds that a layer of sweat has come out of his palm. He takes a deep breath and slowly calms himself down.

Five minutes later, he regained his calm and immediately deleted his chat record. Then he changed Yu Gubei’s remarks to “company Xiaogu”, and then he sat in his chair for a long time.

What Yu Gubei said just now is really risky, but after taking risks, it can really solve Yu Yimo. This is not bad.

What Yu Gubei said just now is the most terrifying. If yu Yimo had been there all the time, Ruan Shishi’s heart would never have been open to him. In fact, he has always been very clear about this, but he just didn’t want to admit it.

Now, at last, the opportunity has come.

At the same time, Yu Gubei on the other end of the phone is standing in front of the window, leisurely feeding the parrot. His eyes are deep, his mind is deep, and he doesn’t know what he is thinking.

Finally, he raised his hand and patted off the bird food debris, then turned his head slightly to look at Shao Zhuo beside him, “is Ruan still investigating?


“to be exact, she and Yu Yimo are both investigating the USB flash drive. They suspect that Huo Chuan did it, so they are all focusing on investigating Huo Chuan’s whereabouts recently.”

Yu Gubei sneers, “a pile of waste.”

Said, he slowly picked up the next table on the mobile phone, edit a text message, to Ye Waner sent in the past, “rest assured, they can’t find, U disk in my hand.”

As soon as the short message was sent successfully, a phone call came. Yu Gu Bei glanced at the jumping notes on the mobile phone screen, pulled his lips, listened to the bell ring several times, and then pressed the answer button.

“Hello? Miss ye, what’s the matter? Do you miss me? “

Ye Wan’er’s voice over there is some forbearance, “since you got the U disk, give it to me.”

Yu Gubei said with a smile, “what’s the matter? It’s in my hand. Isn’t miss ye at ease? “

Ye Wan’er gritted her teeth, but she didn’t dare to talk to him. “It should have belonged to me.”

“But don’t forget, I solved this problem for you. I gave you a USB flash drive. If you don’t recognize my friend again, what can I do?”


“Don’t be angry, Miss Ye. Don’t worry. I’ll take good care of it. Moreover, our agreement has not been implemented yet. The final result will surely satisfy you.”

Yu Gu Bei’s voice fell, and ye Wan’er lost her voice.

After a while, Yu Gubei said with a smile, “by the way, I have good news for you. I’m afraid you don’t know that Ruan Shishi and song yean are going to hold a wedding in Jiangzhou.”

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